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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter P are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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Brian Richard Pack (M: 43) James Samuel Pack (M: 42) James Wallace Samuel Pack (M: 42)
Marcos Gabriel Pagan (M: 25) Kenneth Raymond Page (M: 66) Kenneth Raymond Page (M: 66)
Bill Dwight Palmer (M: 62) Buddy Hamilton Palmer (M: 37) Christopher Michael Palmer (M: 39)
Garry Palmer (M: 42) Garry Lee Palmer (M: 43) Robert Allen Palmer (M: 57)
Christopher Michael Palmer (M: 39) Buddy H Palmer (M: 37) Robert Allen Palmer (M: 57)
William Bill Dwight Palmer (M: 62) Jessie Lee Palmer (M: 53) Charles William Pancake (M: 63)
Floyd Raymond Pancoast (M: 71) Floyd Raymond Pancoast (M: 71) Shannon Charles Pannell (M: 38)
Shannon Charles Pannell (M: 38) David Wayne Pannuty (M: 53) David Wayne Pannuty (M: 53)
Clifford Paul Pargen (M: 49) Garland Ray Parker (M: 25) Randall Allen Parker (M: 56)
Raymond Edward Parker (M: 53) Randall Allen Parker (M: 56) Raymond E Parker (M: 53)
Wayne Edward Parlaman (M: 58) David Lynn Parrill (M: 58) David Lynn Parrill (M: 58)
Ransom James Parris (M: 69) Bjorn Rockhold Parrish (M: 34) Franklin Farrell Parrish (M: 69)
Franklin Farrell Parrish (M: 69) Joel Andrew Stuart Parry (M: 44) Joel Andrew Parry (M: 44)
Christopher Lee Parsons (M: 40) Daniel Staehlin Parsons (M: 61) Daniel Adam Parsons (M: 28)
Derek Allen Parsons (M: 50) Earl Thomas Parsons (M: 25) George Scott Parsons (M: 28)
Harry Curtis Parsons (M: 42) Henry Curt Parsons (M: 77) James Calvin Parsons (M: 49)
Terry Allen Parsons (M: 46) James Calvin Parsons (M: 49) Henry C Parsons (M: 77)
Daniel Staehlin Parsons (M: 61) Derek Allen Parsons (M: 50) Harry Curtis Parsons (M: 42)
Daniel Adam Parsons (M: 28) James Donald Parton (M: 64) Sean Phillip Patrick (M: 34)
Bret Elbert Patterson (M: 34) Charles Edward Patterson (M: 45) Charles Edward Patterson (M: 46)
James Clyde Patterson (M: 55) Shawn Patrick Patterson (M: 34) Shawn Patrick Patterson (M: 34)
Bret Elbert Patterson (M: 34) Donald Wayne Patterson (M: 38) Shawn Patrick Patterson (M: 34)
James Clyde Patterson (M: 55) Alisha Dawn Hammond Patterson (F: 30) Matthew James Patton (M: 27)
Matthew James Patton (M: 28) Perry Marcle Patton (M: 34) Randall Eugene Paugh (M: 50)
Randle Eugene Paugh (M: 50) Larry W Paul (M: 42) Larry Jackson Pauley (M: 62)
Larry Wayne Pauley (M: 65) Robert Eugene Pauley (M: 72) Ronnie Eugene Pauley (M: 44)
Richard Dennis Paxton (M: 38) Harrison William Payne (M: 67) James Paul Payne (M: 61)
John William Payne (M: 44) John Wilson Payne (M: 65) Johnnie Edgel Payne (M: 69)
Joshua Eugene Payne (M: 23) Kenneth N Payne (M: 86) Kevin Lamar Payne (M: 35)
James Steven Payne (M: 43) Harrison William Payne (M: 67) Kenneth N Payne (M: 86)
Ernest Garland Paynter (M: 65) Ernest Garland Paynter (M: 65) Mark Steven Payton (M: 57)
Timothy Allen Payton (M: 48) Mark Steven Payton (M: 57) Myrick E Peacock (M: 46)
James Robert Pearson (M: 46) Timothy Lee Pearson (M: 44) James Robert Pearson (M: 46)
Timothy Lee Pearson (M: 44) David Jason Pechinak (M: 32) Matthew Scott Pecjak (M: 24)
Matthew S Pecjak (M: 25) James Andrew Peck (M: 33) John Alan Peck (M: 41)
Larry Eugene Peck (M: 56) Michael Scott Peck (M: 48) Michael Scott Peck (M: 48)
Eric Hamilton Peet (M: 44) Erik Hamilton Peet (M: 44) William Michael Pegg (M: 47)
Frank Herman Peggs (M: 71) Clifford Douglas Pelfrey (M: 29) Larry Edward Pelfrey (M: 60)
Jay Dee Pelley (M: 48) Jay Dee Pelley (M: 48) Roger Lee Pemberton (M: 64)
Roger Lee Pemberton (M: 64) Christopher Pence (M: 42) Christopher Garreth Pence (M: 42)
Shannon D Pence (F: 32) Shannon D Pence (F: 32) Christopher Garreth Pence (M: 42)
Bruce Richard Penley (M: 39) Bruce R Penley (M: 39) Bobby Eugene Pennington (M: 66)
Gary Blake Pennington (M: 44) Jerry Lee Pennington (M: 55) Richard Allen Pennington (M: 58)
Ricky Ray Pennington (M: 48) Bobby Eugene Pennington (M: 66) Richard Allen Pennington (M: 58)
Jerry Lee Pennington (M: 55) Gary Blake Pennington (M: 44) Anthony Allen Pennington (M: 23)
Johnny Myron Peoples (M: 48) Daniel Eric Perdue (M: 43) Herbert Eugene Perdue (M: 49)
Edward Lee Perine (M: 53) Edward Lee Perine (M: 53) Bill Keith Perrine (M: 64)
Craig Randall Perrine (M: 34) James David Perrine (M: 54) Billy K Perrine (M: 64)
James David Perrine (M: 54) Craig Randal Perrine (M: 34) Christopher Perry (M: 44)
Roy William Perry (M: 26) Thomas Randall Perry (M: 46) Wayne M Perry (M: 45)
Vicki Carole Perry (F: 59) Thomas Randall Perry (M: 46) Elwood Perry Jr (M: 43)
Edward Allen Persinger (M: 32) Leonard L Persinger (M: 38) Edward Allen Persinger (M: 32)
Christopher Pery (M: 45) Stanley Wayne Peterman (M: 40) Stanley Wayne Peterman (M: 40)
Michael Lee Peters (M: 70) Michael Lee Peters (M: 70) Ronald Gene Petitt (M: 74)
Ronald Gene Petitt (M: 74) Ernie Lee Petrackis (M: 52) Earnie Lee Petrackis (M: 52)
Jeffrey Alan Pettrey (M: 40) Jeffrey Alan Pettrey (M: 40) Richard Lee Pettrey Jr (M: 31)
Robert Edward Pettry (M: 32) Robert Edward Pettry (M: 32) Charles Colin Petty (M: 30)
Charles Colin Petty (M: 30) Max Adrien Jean Philippe (M: 51) Jesse Ray Philips (M: 45)
Barry Taylor Phillips (M: 52) Benjamin Lloyd Phillips (M: 47) Bobby Earl Phillips (M: 56)
David Paul Phillips (M: 56) Ellen Mary Phillips (F: 40) James Earnest Phillips (M: 58)
Leo Michael Phillips (M: 42) Orlan Richard Phillips (M: 55) Robert Thomas Phillips (M: 63)
Tracy Lamont Phillips (M: 42) Kevin Michael Phillips (M: 41) Orlan R Phillips (M: 55)
Bobby Earl Phillips (M: 56) Bret Alan Phillips (M: 42) Robert Thomas Phillips (M: 63)
Tommy Lee Phillips (M: 45) Kevin Michael Phillips (M: 41) Tommy Lee Phillips (M: 45)
Brian Scott Phillips (M: 41) Orlan Richard Phillips (M: 55) Christopher Allen Phipps (M: 42)
Earl Rowland Pickering (M: 48) Earl Rowland Pickering (M: 48) Earl R Pickering (M: 48)
Franklin Pierce (M: 81) Jack W Pierce (M: 66) Tommy Russell Pierce (M: 28)
Tommy Russell Pierce (M: 28) Neil Roger Piercy (M: 57) Neil Roger Piercy (M: 57)
Charles Richard Pifer (M: 64) Robert Lee Pigott (M: 46) Charles Allen Pilkington (M: 31)
Matthew Michael Piotrowski (M: 63) Matthew Piotrowski (M: 63) Brady J Piper (M: 34)
Randy L Pippenger (M: 59) Charles Mcelroy Pittman (M: 53) Douglas Alan Pittman (M: 29)
Charles Mcelroy Pittman (M: 53) Larry Alfred Pitzer (M: 57) Larry Alfred Pitzer (M: 57)
Dwain B Pizzino (M: 61) Dwain Burton Pizzino (M: 61) David Lee Plaugher (M: 49)
Deborah Ann Plumley (F: 57) Michael Paul Plumley (M: 28) Terry Lee Plumley (M: 43)
William Edward Plumley (M: 63) William Edward Plumley (M: 63) Terry Lee Plumley (M: 43)
Michael Paul Plumley (M: 28) David Neal Plumley (M: 51) Joseph Roy Plybon (M: 27)
Danny Lee Plymale (M: 33) Amy Marie Podolski (F: 28) David Allen Poe (M: 52)
David Steven Pogue (M: 38) Donald Douglass Poindexter (M: 57) Francis Harris Poling (M: 67)
James Russell Poling (M: 55) Richard Lawson Poling (M: 54) Robert Nicholson Poling (M: 72)
William Dale Poling (M: 44) James Russell Poling (M: 55) Robert Nicholson Poling (M: 72)
Steven Allen Poling (M: 23) Coy Lee Pollard (M: 26) Coy Lee Pollard (M: 26)
Michael R Pontier (M: 37) Michael Robert Pontier (M: 37) Charles William Poole (M: 60)
Jeffrey Scott Poole (M: 44) Charles Calvin Poole (M: 44) Charles Raymond Poore (M: 65)
Doyle Wayne Pope (M: 61) Delbert Lee Porter (M: 49) Evelyn A Porter (F: 51)
Jonathan Lee Porter (M: 33) Vann Robert Porter (M: 49) Robert Van Porter (M: 49)
Vann Robert Porter (M: 49) Matthew Alan Portmess (M: 28) Matthew Alan Portmess (M: 28)
David Lee Posey (M: 54) Shane D Posey (M: 38) William Clyde Posey (M: 78)
William Clyde Posey (M: 78) Leman Walton Post (M: 63) Thren Potter (M: 64)
Thren Potter (M: 64) Bradley Joe Powell (M: 36) Michael Thomas Powell (M: 23)
Richard L Powell (M: 52) Richard Ray Powell (M: 59) Thomas Joseph Powell (M: 53)
Thomas Joseph Powell (M: 53) Bradley Powell (M: 36) Kenneth Ray Powell (M: 52)
Bobby Lee Powell Sr (M: 67) Henry Jerome Powers (M: 34) Gregory Allen Prather (M: 54)
Clarence Overly Pratt (M: 64) Robbie Joe Pratt (M: 36) Robert Lee Pratt (M: 41)
Robert Lee Pratt (M: 41) Joshua Allen Pressley (M: 26) Christopher Lee Preston (M: 33)
Howard Cleveland Prevost (M: 87) Christopher Lee Price (M: 35) Danny Lee Price (M: 57)
George Price (M: 55) James Clinton Price (M: 78) Michael Lawrence Price (M: 55)
Danny Lee Price (M: 57) James Clinton Price (M: 78) Christopher Lee Price (M: 35)
George Price (M: 55) Patrick Lamont Price (M: 30) George Price (M: 55)
Thomas Jeffrey Price (M: 46) Charles Lee Pridemore (M: 40) Joe Lee Pridemore (M: 65)
Paul Beckham Pridemore (M: 43) Paul Beckham Pridemore (M: 43) Sewell Eli Priest (M: 25)
William R Prince (M: 25) James Howard Prins (M: 63) Carl Melvin Pritt (M: 55)
Dirk Leon Pritt (M: 50) Dirk Leon Pritt (M: 50) Carl Melvin Pritt (M: 55)
Anthony Shane Proctor (M: 26) Anthony Shane Proctor (M: 26) Donald W Proffitt (M: 42)
Bucky Joe Proffitt (M: 59) James G Propes (M: 30) Earl Franklin Propst (M: 51)
Harry Ray Province (M: 54) Roger Lee Province (M: 59) Harry Ray Province (M: 54)
Roger Lee Province (M: 59) Jerry Clark Pruitt (M: 60) Kenneth Allen Puckett (M: 51)
Kenneth Allen Puckett (M: 51) Carl William Puffenbarger (M: 72) Lee Earlin Puffenbarger (M: 59)
Carl William Puffenbarger (M: 72) Earlin Lee Puffenbarger (M: 59) James Robert Pugh (M: 90)
Jonathan Albert Pugh (M: 42) Frederick Dwight Pullens (M: 51) Frederick D Pullens (M: 51)
Robert Gordon Pumphrey (M: 28) Sylvia Opal Pumphrey (F: 50) Sylvia Opal Pumphrey (F: 50)
Lynda Lee Purdy (F: 52) Lynda Lee Purdy (F: 52) Jeremy Allen Purinton (M: 26)
Ricardo Tangalin Putiyon (M: 78) Van Martin Putnam (M: 73) Michael Dwayne Pyatt (M: 39)
Roger A Pyles (M: 40) Royal Thomas Pyles (M: 46) Royal Thomas Pyles (M: 46)

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