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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter M are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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Johnny Ray Mabe (M: 60) Johnny Ray Mabe (M: 60) Marvin William Mack (M: 29)
Amanda Dawn Mackey (F: 29) Amanda Dawn Mackey (F: 29) John Stanford Maddy (M: 38)
Adam Joel Madison (M: 32) Adam Joel Madison (M: 32) David W Madsen (M: 35)
David William Madsen (M: 35) James Edward Magers (M: 47) James Edward Magers (M: 47)
Paul Neil Maginnis (M: 66) Paul Neil Maginnis (M: 66) Wade Allen Main (M: 49)
Wade Allen Main (M: 49) Raphael George Mair (M: 54) John Armik Malay (M: 28)
Jamie Lee Malcomb (M: 34) Jamie Lee Malcomb (M: 34) Charles Atlas Malick (M: 55)
Charles Atlas Malick (M: 55) Alahundro Mikey Mallo (M: 26) Harry Isaac Mallory (M: 52)
Herbert Lee Mallow (M: 65) Herbert L Mallow (M: 65) James Alfred Mann (M: 44)
Billy Lee Manning (M: 34) Richard J Mansuetto (M: 70) Herbert M Marcinik (M: 66)
Homer Allen Marcum (M: 41) Thomas Jefferson Marcum (M: 68) Willard Marcum (M: 62)
Willard Marcum (M: 62) Thomas Jefferson Marcum (M: 68) Luther Keith Marcum (M: 44)
Luther Keith Marcum (M: 44) James Kevin Marcum (M: 48) Erin Lee Markle (F: 43)
Norman William Marks (M: 48) John Robert Marling (M: 41) John Robert Marling (M: 41)
Michael Ray Marsh (M: 48) Ronnie Andrew Marsh (M: 58) Ronnie Andrew Marsh (M: 58)
Brian Lee Marshall (M: 33) Donald Walker Marshall (M: 78) Jackson George Marshall (M: 79)
Ronald Gay Marshall (M: 60) Donald Walker Marshall (M: 78) Jackson George Marshall (M: 79)
Brian Lee Martin (M: 45) David Alan Martin (M: 45) David Neal Martin (M: 42)
Elmer Ray Martin (M: 43) Fredrick Lee Martin (M: 56) Joseph Marshall Martin (M: 25)
Kenneth Gerald Martin (M: 36) Lucky Freddy Don Martin (M: 60) Melvin Joseph Martin (M: 73)
Patrick Edward Martin (M: 34) Richard Leroy Martin (M: 59) Robert Loren Martin (M: 67)
Ronald Lee Martin (M: 59) Tommy Lee Martin (M: 42) Geraldine Laverne Martin (F: 41)
Robert Loren Martin (M: 67) David Alan Martin (M: 45) Richard Bradley Martin (M: 44)
Ronald Lee Martin (M: 59) Richard Leroy Martin (M: 59) Elmer Ray Martin (M: 43)
Jesse A Martin (M: 34) Brian Lee Martin (M: 45) Kenneth Gerald Martin (M: 36)
Patrick Edward Martin (M: 34) John Stevenson Martin (M: 43) Melvin Martin (M: 73)
Lucky Freddy Martin (M: 60) Richard Bradley Martin (M: 44) Jonathan Roger Martin (M: 33)
Lucky Freddydon Martin (M: 60) Nicholas Edward Maruca (M: 63) Richard Lee Marvin (M: 54)
Jimmie Roger Mason (M: 53) Ronald Eugene Mason (M: 42) Terry Allan Mason (M: 58)
Jimmie Roger Mason (M: 53) Terry Allan Mason (M: 58) Debra Ann Massey (F: 48)
Randy Louis Massey (M: 51) Bradley James Massey (M: 24) Shannon James Masters (M: 39)
Shannon James Masters (M: 39) Hulbert B Masters (M: 79) Hulbert Brooks Masters (M: 79)
Paul Daniel Mathena (M: 52) Paul Daniel Mathena (M: 52) Bernard Haven Matheney (M: 68)
James Anthony Matheny (M: 41) Oliver Wayne Matheny (M: 38) Oliver Wayne Matheny (M: 38)
James Corbert Mathews (M: 30) Javier Pete Matias (M: 42) Phillip Roscoe Matthews (M: 44)
Phillip Roscoe Matthews (M: 44) Brian Keith Matthews (M: 50) Brian Matthews (M: 48)
Brian Keith Matthews (M: 50) Jeffrey Michael Mattocks (M: 45) Jack Martin Mauk (M: 68)
John Martin Mauk (M: 68) James Paul Maul (M: 68) James Paul Maul (M: 68)
John Michael Maus (M: 46) John Michael Maus (M: 46) Isaiah Maxie (M: 62)
Isaiah Maxie (M: 62) Gene Larry Maxwell (M: 64) Gene Larry Maxwell (M: 64)
Bruce Allen May (M: 50) Daniel Lee May (M: 41) Gary Lee May (M: 36)
Randy David May (M: 31) Danny Lee May (M: 41) Gary Lee May (M: 36)
Randy David May (M: 31) Danny Joe Mayes (M: 38) Ronald Anthony Mayes (M: 47)
Danny Joe Mayes (M: 38) Michael Wade Mayfield (M: 62) Michael Wade Mayfield (M: 62)
James William Mayhew (M: 57) James W Mayhew (M: 57) John Edward Mayhone (M: 81)
John E Mayhone (M: 81) James Lee Mayhorn (M: 27) Kevin Andrew Mayhugh (M: 46)
Kevin Andrew Mayhugh (M: 46) Christopher Jude Mayle (M: 42) Christopher Jude Mayle (M: 42)
Clarence Gilson Mayle (M: 58) Christopher Jude Mayle (M: 42) Charles A Maynard (M: 38)
Charles Allen Maynard (M: 38) Stephen Andrew Maynor (M: 43) Stephen A Maynor (M: 43)
Ryan Whitney Mays (M: 34) Ryan Whitney Mays (M: 34) Mark O Mays (M: 55)
Earl Ray Mcabee (M: 36) Terry Lynn Mcalarney (M: 54) James A Mcalary (M: 23)
James A Mcalary (M: 23) Michael P Mccabe (M: 31) Michael Paul Mccabe (M: 31)
Michael Paul Mccabe (M: 31) William Wesley Mccallister (M: 53) Phillip Roy Mccallister (M: 49)
Gerald Richard Mccallum (M: 63) Gerald Richard Mccallum (M: 63) Mark Anthony Mccann (M: 45)
Mark Mccann (M: 45) George Allen Mccartney (M: 55) Wesley Ray Steven Mccartney (M: 24)
Dale Eugene Mccarty (M: 43) Franklin Ray Mccauley (M: 55) Leo George Mccauley (M: 53)
Michael Lane Mccauley (M: 42) Michael Lane Mccauley (M: 42) Franklin Ray Mccauley (M: 55)
Lawrence Delong Mccave (M: 72) Lawrence Delong Mccave (M: 72) Ramona Carol Mcclanahan (F: 54)
Ramona Carol Mcclanahan (F: 54) Dewey Don Mcclannahan (M: 41) Dewey Don Mcclannahan (M: 41)
Mark James Mcclelland (M: 51) William Benton Mcclelland (M: 44) Mark James Mcclelland (M: 51)
Martin Mccloud (M: 35) Jonathan Michael Mcclung (M: 60) Leonard Adam Mcclung (M: 64)
Leonard A Mcclung (M: 64) James Warren Mcclure (M: 65) Jeffrey Adam Mcclure (M: 51)
Joel Malcolm Mcclure (M: 52) Christopher Mcclure (M: 44) Joel M Mcclure (M: 52)
Christopher N Mcclure (M: 44) Timothy Scott Mccollam (F: 38) Timothy Mccollam (M: 38)
Kevin Paul Mccollum (M: 45) Joseph John Mccomas (M: 35) Rush Dale Mccomas (M: 43)
Joseph John Mccomas (M: 35) Rush Dale Mccomas (M: 43) Zackery Ishmeal Mccombs (M: 23)
Joseph Singleton Mccord (M: 49) Tracy Alvin Mccord (M: 48) Joseph Singleton Mccord (M: 49)
Alan Keith Mccormick (M: 58) Arthur Wayne Mccormick (M: 63) Hoy Herbert Mccormick (M: 74)
Jeremy Wayne Mccormick (M: 35) Michael Scott Mccormick (M: 42) Douglas L Mccormick (M: 70)
Alan Keith Mccormick (M: 58) Hoy Herbert Mccormick (M: 74) Jeremy Wayne Mccormick (M: 35)
Jerry Marshall Mccormick (M: 61) Arthur W Mccormick (M: 63) Clarence Wade Mccourt (M: 56)
Keith Odell Mccourt (M: 43) William Hayward Mccourt (M: 37) Jeremy Odell Mccoy (M: 29)
Thomas A Mccoy (M: 69) William Berl Mccoy (M: 51) Thomas Allen Mccoy (M: 69)
Ronnie David Mccraw (M: 56) Allen Clay Mccroskey (M: 55) Allen C Mccroskey (M: 55)
Carl Mccullough (M: 85) Franklin Mccune (M: 55) Ralph Edward Mccune (M: 49)
Ralph Edward Mccune (M: 49) Franklin Eugene Mccune (M: 55) Trisha Ann Mccurdy (F: 48)
Trisha Ann Mccurdy (F: 48) Clifford Bruce Mcdaniel (M: 54) David Wayne Mcdaniel (M: 47)
Delila Shawn Mcdaniel (F: 46) Penny Lynn Mcdaniel (F: 49) Penny Lynn Mcdaniel (F: 49)
David E Mcdaniel (M: 49) Kenneth W Mcdaniel (M: 85) Adam D Mcdiffitt (M: 23)
Harry Franklin Mcdole (M: 76) Christopher Todd Mcdonald (M: 30) Edward Scott Mcdonald (M: 49)
Gurmel Lymann Mcdonald (M: 25) John Wesley Mcdonald (M: 59) John Wesley Mcdonald (M: 59)
Steven C Mcdonald (M: 32) Scott Douglas Mcdonough (M: 48) Richard Lee Mcelfresh (M: 53)
Claude James Mcelroy (M: 31) Larry Arthur Mcfarland (M: 42) Larry Arthur Mcfarland (M: 46)
Kenneth Paul Mcgaha (M: 61) Kenneth Paul Mcgaha (M: 61) Timothy Scott Mcgee (M: 52)
David Bryan Mcgee (M: 48) Steven T Mcghee (M: 34) Steven Travis Mcghee (M: 34)
Christopher Wade Mcginnis (M: 28) Christopher Wade Mcginnis (M: 28) Ronnie Mcgraw (M: 56)
Brent Phillip Mcgucken (M: 53) Brent P Mcgucken (M: 53) Timothy Allen Mcie (M: 28)
Timothy Allen Mcie (M: 28) Timothy Allen Mcie (M: 28) Donald David Mcintosh (M: 59)
Rex Anderson Mcintosh (M: 66) Rex Anderson Mcintosh (M: 66) Donald David Mcintosh (M: 59)
Kenneth E Mcintyre (M: 47) Jesse Carlie Mckaughn (M: 47) Brian James Mckinney (M: 32)
Joseph Lawrence Mckinney (M: 54) James Allen Mckinney (M: 56) William H Mckinney (M: 24)
Jesse C Mckinney (M: 34) William Kenneth Mcknight (M: 63) Fred James Mclain (M: 39)
Fred James Mclain (M: 39) Fred James Mclain (M: 39) Michael Blair Mclaughlin (M: 42)
David Franklin Mclaughlin (M: 60) David Franklin Mclaughlin (M: 60) Martin Mcloud (M: 35)
Scott Alan Mcmahan (M: 51) Scott Allen Mcmahan (M: 51) Don Murray Mcmanus (M: 50)
Daniel R Mcmasters (M: 33) Robert Harold Mcmasters (M: 53) Daniel Roy Mcmasters (M: 33)
Daniel Roy Mcmasters (M: 33) Daniel Jesse Mcmillan (M: 37) Allen Vincent Mcmillen (M: 67)
Roger Lee Mcmillen (M: 63) Roger Lee Mcmillen (M: 63) Patrick Henry Mcmillion (M: 55)
Louis David Mcmullen (M: 66) Ralph Dale Mcmullen (M: 49) Ralph Dale Mcmullen (M: 49)
Louis David Mcmullen (M: 66) Carl Fay Mcnear (M: 34) Carl Fay Mcnear (M: 34)
Gary Mcneel (M: 21) Johnny Ira Mcneely (M: 56) Robert Lee Mcneely (M: 44)
Robert Lee Mcneely (M: 44) Johnny Ira Mcneely (M: 56) Richard Mcnemar (M: 47)
Richard Frank Mcnemar (M: 62) Richard Allen Mcnemar (M: 47) Richard Frank Mcnemar (M: 62)
Mark Thomas Mcnulty (M: 52) Ronald Mcpherson (M: 64) Jesse Leroy Mcqueen (M: 22)
Michael Paul Mcwhorter (M: 33) Michael Paul Mcwhorter (M: 33) John Clifford Meachem (M: 55)
John Clifford Meachem (M: 55) John Clifford Meachem (M: 55) Andrew Gregory Meadows (M: 29)
Autumn Marie Meadows (F: 31) Bobby Gene Meadows (M: 28) Carolyn Chianne Meadows (F: 36)
Christopher Allan Meadows (M: 55) David Paul Meadows (M: 61) Earl Issac Meadows (M: 62)
Everett Lee Meadows (M: 47) James Edward Meadows (M: 64) Jerry Lee Meadows (M: 66)
Larry Wayne Meadows (M: 60) Stephen Dale Meadows (M: 42) Terry Lane Meadows (M: 52)
Timothy Andrew Meadows (M: 52) Timothy Andrew Meadows (M: 52) Larry Wayne Meadows (M: 60)
Issac Earl Meadows (M: 62) David Paul Meadows (M: 61) Terry Lane Meadows (M: 52)
Bobby Gene Meadows (M: 28) Daniel Wayne Means (M: 72) Daniel W Means (M: 72)
Darcy Dale Meddings (M: 54) Darcy Dale Meddings (M: 54) Christopher Michael Meeks (M: 36)
Doyle David Meeks (M: 57) Doyle David Meeks (M: 57) Karl Russell Meeks (M: 36)
Karl Russell Meeks Jr (M: 36) Catherine Marie Bush Stone Mefford (F: 43) Joshua L Mehaffie (M: 31)
William August Mendoza (M: 47) Daniel Victor Mendoza (M: 57) Daniel Victor Mendoza (M: 57)
Charles Andrew Menefee (M: 40) Roy Hunter Menefee (M: 69) Charles Andrew Menefee (M: 40)
Gary Lynn Meng (M: 52) Luis Antonio Mercado (M: 52) Samuel Eugene Mercer (M: 56)
Eddie Alan Merinar (M: 40) Eddie Allen Merinar (M: 40) Eric Stephen Merrifield (M: 33)
Eric Stephen Merrifield (M: 33) Eric Stephen Merrifield (U: 33) Lloyd Gene Merritt (M: 49)
Harvey Warren Messenger (M: 41) Karl J Messenger (M: 56) Karl Jerome Messenger (M: 56)
Harvey Warren Messenger (M: 41) Karl Jerome Messenger (M: 56) Linda Gail Messer (F: 52)
Clayton Russell Messinger (M: 79) Bernard Haven Metheney (M: 68) David Marshall Metz (M: 48)
David Brian Metz (M: 48) Dennis Paul Metz (M: 56) James David Metz (M: 69)
David Brian Metz (M: 48) Dennis Paul Metz (M: 56) Darryl Wayne Meyer (M: 48)
Robert Michael Meyer (M: 41) Robert Michael Meyer (M: 41) James Allen Michael (M: 45)
Steven Daniel Michonski (M: 51) Perry Samuel Mick (M: 63) Perry Samuel Mick (M: 63)
Donald Ray Midkiff (M: 46) Donald Ray Midkiff (M: 46) Jonathan Chase Milam (M: 27)
Michael Lee Milam (M: 44) Nathan Edward Milam (M: 37) Michael Lee Milam (M: 44)
Robert E Milburn (M: 23) Robert E Milburn Ii (M: 23) Alec Cannon Miles (M: 58)
Bryan Rex Miller (M: 46) Charles Lawrence Miller (M: 44) Charles Ronnie Miller (M: 63)
Christopher M Miller (M: 39) Christopher Scott Miller (M: 50) Clarence Edward Miller (M: 37)
David Allen Miller (M: 52) David Ronald Miller (M: 57) David Patrick Miller (M: 36)
David Allen Miller (M: 52) Earl Thomas Miller (M: 84) Edward Ray Miller (M: 62)
Edward Roy Miller (M: 51) Edward Howard Miller (M: 43) Frank Edward Miller (M: 38)
Gregory D Miller (M: 46) Gregory Dean Miller (M: 46) Harold Lidnald Miller (M: 74)
Howard A Miller (M: 56) James Ralph Miller (M: 56) Jesse Jermaine Miller (M: 40)
John Lee Miller (M: 38) John Thomas Miller (M: 34) Marcus Don Miller (M: 50)
Martha Ann Miller (F: 50) Raymond William Miller (M: 34) Richard Allen Miller (M: 53)
Ricky Wayne Miller (M: 52) Ricky Duane Otho Miller (M: 32) Rodney Keith Miller (M: 55)
Thomas Allen Miller (M: 36) William Albert Miller (M: 72) William Allen Miller (M: 80)
Edward Howard Miller (M: 43) Charles Lawrence Miller (M: 44) Earl Thomas Miller (M: 84)
Jessie Jermaine Miller (M: 40) Edward Ray Miller (M: 62) Bryan Rex Miller (M: 46)
Raymond William Miller (M: 34) Martha Ann Miller (F: 50) Ricky Miller (M: 52)
Gregory Dean Miller (M: 46) David Ronald Miller (M: 57) Edward R Miller (M: 51)
Brian Keith Miller (M: 48) Christopher Scott Miller (M: 50) Howard Anderson Miller (M: 56)
John Lee Miller (M: 38) Richard Allen Miller (M: 53) William Albert Miller (M: 72)
Rodney Keith Miller (M: 55) Brian Keith Miller (M: 48) Raymond Jay Miller (M: 30)
Travis Wayne Miller (M: 36) James Thomas Miller (M: 44) Rodney Scott Miller (M: 27)
Clyde Lee Mills (M: 49) Emil Gene Mills (M: 52) Joseph Alice Mills (M: 35)
Justin K Mills (M: 38) Keith Howard Mills (M: 37) Lloyd Mills (M: 67)
Ray Mills (M: 59) Shariff Damon Mills (M: 37) Ray Mills (M: 59)
Keith Howard Mills (M: 37) Lloyd Mills (M: 67) Clyde Lee Mills (M: 49)
Justin Kirk Mills (M: 38) Emil Gene Mills (M: 52) Joseph Alice Mills (M: 35)
Lloyd Mills (M: 67) Ronald S Mims (M: 33) Stephanie J Mineard (F: 31)
Ronnie Eugene Mines (M: 59) Ronnie Eugene Mines (M: 59) Alan Stewart Mirayes (M: 33)
Gregory Odell Mitchell (M: 53) John Karl Mitchell (M: 57) Victor Eugene Mitchell (M: 26)
Willard Mitchell (M: 71) Victor Eugene Mitchell (M: 26) Marino Orlando Mitchell (M: 40)
Aaron Lee Mitter (M: 47) Aaron Lee Mitter (M: 47) David Harley Moats (M: 67)
Delmar Francis Moats (M: 71) Robert William Moats (M: 44) Delmar Francis Moats (M: 71)
David Harley Moats (M: 67) Gabriel Mobley (M: 74) Tony L Mobley (M: 49)
Gary John Moffa (M: 63) Surinder Mohan (M: 54) Clyde Raymond Moler (M: 66)
Clyde Raymond Moler (M: 66) Jeffrey Scott Molnar (M: 55) Jeffrey Scott Molnar (M: 55)
Delila S Monday (F: 46) Kevin Joe Monday (M: 45) Kevin J Monday (M: 45)
Leonard Edward Monday (M: 61) Leonard Edward Monday (M: 61) Kevin Joe Monday (M: 45)
Herbert Lee Monk (M: 58) Annie Alice Montgomery (F: 51) John Paul Montgomery (M: 55)
Joseph Wesley Montgomery (M: 54) Perry Lee Montgomery (M: 63) Perry Lee Montgomery (M: 63)
John Paul Montgomery (M: 55) Annie Alice Montgomery (F: 51) Kyle Lowell Moon (M: 48)
Sean Robert Mooney (M: 29) Arley Ray Moore (M: 79) Arnold Keith Moore (M: 48)
Charles Emerson Moore (M: 27) Charles Albert Moore (M: 34) David Wayne Moore (M: 35)
Gary Luther Moore (M: 25) Gary Luther Moore (M: 24) Jonathan Willliam Moore (M: 33)
Mark Allen Moore (M: 50) Patrick Glen Moore (M: 44) Patrick Lynn Moore (M: 24)
Patrick Lynn Moore (M: 25) Phillip Edward Moore (M: 33) Robert Enoch Moore (M: 70)
Rodney Dale Moore (M: 40) Samuel Martin Moore (M: 49) Thomas Homer Moore (M: 71)
David Wayne Moore (M: 35) Mark Allen Moore (M: 50) Charles Albert Moore (M: 34)
Rodney Dale Moore (M: 40) Arley Ray Moore (M: 79) Arnold Keith Moore (M: 48)
Samuel Martin Moore (M: 49) Charles E Moore (M: 27) Jonathan W Moore (M: 33)
Marcus Vonkeith Moore (M: 40) George David Moore (M: 22) Larry Lee Moran (M: 42)
Larry Lee Moran (M: 42) Garner Lee Moreland (M: 43) Clifford Paul Morgan (M: 70)
Edward Lee Morgan (M: 77) Gary Lynn Morgan (M: 68) Timothy Ray Morgan (M: 36)
William Paul Morgan (M: 33) Robert Lee Morgan (M: 53) Edward Lee Morgan (M: 77)
William Paul Morgan (M: 33) Edward Lee Morgan (M: 77) Warren Keith Morley (M: 31)
Jonathan Andrew Morlock (M: 27) Allen Joseph Morris (M: 55) Bernard L Morris (M: 47)
Harold Morris (M: 40) Robert Lee Morris (M: 42) Robert Eugene Morris (M: 41)
Steven Lee Morris (M: 49) Allen Joseph Morris (M: 55) Robert E Morris (M: 35)
Steven Lee Morris (M: 49) Malcolm M Morris (M: 49) Robert Lee Morris (M: 42)
Robert Eugene Morris (M: 35) Dale Ray Morrison (M: 52) Dennis James Morrison (M: 56)
Mitchel Gerald Morrison (M: 29) Dennis James Morrison (M: 56) Dale Ray Morrison (M: 52)
Kenneth Scott Morrison (M: 42) Kendell Shade Mose (M: 46) Carl Leslie Moses (M: 77)
Carl Leslie Moses (M: 77) Melvin Timothy Mosley (M: 48) Melvin Timothy Mosley (M: 48)
Christopher Scott Moss (M: 37) Teddy Lewis Moss (M: 76) Christopher Scott Moss (M: 37)
Teddy Lewis Moss (M: 76) Michael Ferdon Motley (M: 49) Wayne Alexander Motley (M: 35)
David Lewis Moton (M: 27) Robert Lewis Motto (M: 58) Harlos Mounts (M: 68)
Harlos Mounts (M: 68) Jonathan Mounts (M: 26) Kenneth Ray Mowdy (M: 34)
Roger Glenn Mullens (M: 36) Roger G Mullens (M: 37) Mathew B Mullens (M: 24)
John Von Mullins (M: 35) Bradley Neal Mullins (M: 44) Christopher Adam Mullins (M: 25)
Curtis Lee Mullins (M: 24) John Thomas Mullins (M: 52) Mackie Mcglothen Mullins (M: 70)
Ray Alfred Mullins (M: 36) Robert Shannon Mullins (M: 43) Steven Mark Mullins (M: 57)
Steven Mark Mullins (M: 57) Robert Glenn Mullins (M: 52) Mackie Mcglothen Mullins (M: 70)
John Thomas Mullins (M: 52) Bradley N Mullins (M: 44) Robert Shannon Mullins (M: 43)
Robert Glenn Mullins (M: 52) Nabert Mcdonald Mullins (M: 74) Clyde Mullins (M: 47)
Frank Lee Mulneix (M: 50) Lloyd Woodrow Mundell (M: 48) William Charles Mundell (M: 37)
Lloyd W Mundell (M: 48) William Charles Mundell (M: 37) Bryan C Murphy (M: 21)
Diane Lynn Murphy (F: 48) Mark William Ha Murphy (M: 54) Tony E Murphy (M: 41)
William Terry Murphy (M: 35) Mark W Murphy (M: 54) Mark Williamha Murphy (M: 54)
Duane Edward Murphy (M: 47) William Terry Murphy Jr (M: 35) Harvey Edward Murray (M: 40)
Harvey E Murray (M: 40) Fredrick Anthony Murrock (M: 72) Fredrick Anthony Murrock (M: 72)
Joseph Andrew Muscalli (M: 46) Rocco Muto (M: 84) Rocco Mutto (M: 84)
John David Myer (M: 58) John David Myer (M: 58) Bret Alexander Myers (M: 53)
Charles Edward Myers (M: 65) David Oliver Myers (M: 49) Donald Wayne Myers (M: 39)
James Wetzel Myers (M: 82) Joey Dee Myers (M: 53) Lawrence Henry Myers (M: 69)
Robert Ray Myers (M: 46) Stanley Melvin Myers (M: 61) William Mansfield Myers (M: 45)
Donald Wayne Myers (M: 39) Charles E Myers (M: 65) James W Myers (M: 82)
Gary Wayne Myers (M: 53) Lawrence H Myers (M: 69) William M Myers (M: 45)
Gary Wayne Myers (M: 53) William Mansfield Myers (M: 45) David O Myers (M: 50)

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