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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter L are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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John David Ladd (M: 39) Lodis James Lafferty (M: 45) Timothy Don Lafferty (M: 30)
Timothy Don Lafferty (M: 30) Lodis James Lafferty (M: 45) Charles Edward Lafity (M: 62)
Franklin Jay Laird (M: 46) Franklin Jay Laird (M: 46) Ronald Douglas Lake (M: 41)
Lonnie Lynn Lake (M: 55) Ronald Douglas Lake (M: 41) Paul Andrew Lamar (M: 61)
Christopher Wilson Lamb (M: 38) Dorsey Lambert (M: 69) Lonnie Dale Lambert (M: 45)
Roger Dale Lambert (M: 35) Lonnie Dale Lambert (M: 45) Roger Dale Lambert (M: 35)
John Henry Lambert (M: 31) Dorsey Lambert (M: 69) Barry Lee Lamp (M: 64)
Bobby Dean Lamp (M: 50) Michael D Lamp (M: 35) Bobby Dean Lamp (M: 50)
Barry Lee Lamp (M: 64) Dennis L Lancaster (M: 40) Patrick Smith Lancaster (M: 46)
Dennis L Lancaster (M: 40) Patrick Smith Lancaster (M: 46) Matthew Ray Landers (M: 24)
Melvin Lee Landman (M: 46) Phillip Landmeier (M: 59) Phillip Christian Landmeir (M: 59)
Danny Edward Lane (M: 50) David Dexter Lane (M: 58) Hubert Wayne Lane (M: 54)
Stoney Lane (M: 59) Stoney Allen Lane (M: 59) Wayne Anthony Lane (M: 38)
David Dexter Lane (M: 58) Herbert Wayne Lane (M: 54) Stoney Allen Lane (M: 59)
Stoney Allen Lane (M: 59) Charles Anthony Langhorn (M: 54) Charles Langhorn (M: 54)
Eugene Adrian Langley (M: 40) Eugene Adrian Langley (M: 41) Eugene Adrian Langley (M: 41)
Daniel Wayne Lanham (M: 62) David Glen Lanham (M: 50) Ernest Martin Lanham (M: 51)
Michael Ray Lanham (M: 62) Michael Ofa Lanham (M: 38) Earnest Lanham (M: 51)
Michael Ray Lanham (M: 62) Michael Ofa Lanham (M: 38) Ernest Martin Lanham (M: 51)
William Dexter Lansberry (M: 68) Richard Randel Larabee (M: 46) Richard Randel Larabee (M: 46)
James Norman Larabee (M: 68) Jerry Allen Larch (M: 48) Steven Lance Larew (M: 41)
Steven Lance Larew (M: 41) Gregory William Largent (M: 32) Gregory William Largent (M: 32)
Anthony R Larrison (M: 30) Gary Eugene Larson (M: 76) Purcell Anthony Lash (M: 37)
Larry Brian Lathrop (M: 42) William Clay Lattanzia (M: 56) George Michael Lattea (M: 60)
William Heath Lattea (M: 38) George M Lattea (M: 60) Gregory Mark Laughlin (M: 53)
Homer Joseph Laughlin (M: 47) Homer Joseph Laughlin (M: 47) Larry Richard Lavancher (M: 44)
Larry Richard Lavancher (M: 44) Larry Arnold Law (M: 32) Jimmy Dewayne Lawrence (M: 37)
Eric Todd Lawrence (M: 39) Eric Todd Lawrence (M: 39) Joseph Edward Laws (M: 47)
Joseph Edward Laws (M: 47) Alfred Eugene Lawson (M: 70) Carroll G Lawson (M: 85)
Clint Ramsey Lawson (M: 46) Clyde Mason Lawson (M: 54) Donald Martin Lawson (M: 34)
William Walton Lawson (M: 46) Clint Ramsey Lawson (M: 46) James Hampton Lawson (M: 32)
John Franklin Lawson (M: 43) Donald Martin Lawson (M: 34) Clint Ramsey Lawson (M: 46)
James Edward Laxton (M: 51) James Edward Laxton (M: 51) Edward Leroy Layne (M: 44)
Edward Leroy Layne (M: 44) Jonathan Douglas Layne (M: 53) Sonny Ray Layne (M: 57)
Jonathan Douglas Layne (M: 53) Richard C Layne (M: 56) Charles Albert Layton (M: 65)
Edward Allen Layton (M: 53) Edward Allen Layton (M: 53) Edward Paul Lazarowitz (M: 54)
David Walter Lazzell (M: 56) Joseph Craig Leach (M: 47) Joseph Craig Leach (M: 47)
David Allen Leadbetter (M: 51) David Allen Leadbetter (M: 51) David Allen Leadbetter (M: 51)
Stephen Lee Leadingham (M: 27) Bill George Leary (M: 58) Billy George Leary (M: 58)
Jonathan C Leasure (M: 30) Rodney Elden Leasure (M: 45) Rodney Elden Leasure (M: 45)
Roy Edward Leasure (M: 66) Rodney Elden Leasure (M: 45) Roy Edward Leasure (M: 66)
Spencer Lee (M: 50) Eston Leroy Lee (M: 71) Norman Benjamin Lee (M: 52)
Robert Evon Lee (M: 64) Robert E Lee (M: 64) Eston Leroy Lee (M: 71)
Norman Benjamin Lee (M: 52) Steven Lee Leek (M: 45) Steven Lee Leek (M: 45)
Samuel Aubrey Leep (M: 44) Samuel Aubrey Leep (M: 44) Charles William Leeson (M: 60)
Toby Steward Legassey (M: 37) Garry Lee Legeer (M: 63) Gary Lee Legeer (M: 62)
Charles Bernard Legg (M: 58) Ronald Peter Legg (M: 66) Bonnie Christine Leggett (F: 61)
Reginald Robert Leggett (M: 41) Reginald Leggett (M: 41) Reginald Robert Leggett (M: 41)
Reginald Robert Leggett (M: 41) Dennis Joe Legrand (M: 33) Kristin Kathleen Leichliter (F: 30)
Billy James Lemasters (M: 83) Larry Leroy Lemasters (M: 52) David Leroy Lemasters (M: 55)
Raymond Edward Lemasters (M: 65) Delbert Gamedez Lemley (M: 40) Delbert Gamedez Lemley (M: 40)
Bernard Eugene Lemon (M: 61) Robert Eugene Lemon (M: 39) Scott Dale Lemon (M: 43)
Scott Dale Lemon (M: 43) Bernard Eugene Lemon (M: 61) Robert E Lemon (M: 39)
Keir Michael Lennon (M: 43) Joseph John Lentz (M: 48) Steven Lynn Leonard (M: 50)
David Lester (M: 51) Garth Vance Lester (M: 54) Garth Vance Lester (M: 54)
Larry Shawn Lester (M: 38) Robert Lee Lester (M: 24) Tina Marie Lester (F: 41)
David Lester (M: 51) Garth Vance Lester (M: 54) Larry Shawn Lester (M: 38)
Dennie Ray Lester (M: 36) Denny Ray Lester (M: 37) Timothy Wayne Lester (M: 28)
Tina Marie Lester-Wall (F: 41) Douglas Ivan E Letteer (M: 44) Douglas Ivan Ernest Letteer (M: 44)
Douglas Ivane Letteer (M: 44) Barbara Ann Lewis (F: 36) Billy Ray Lewis (M: 42)
Brian Marshall Lewis (M: 38) Donald Arless Lewis (M: 71) Eugenia Lee Lewis (F: 46)
James Russell Lewis (M: 47) James Robert Lewis (M: 41) Johnny Allen Lewis (M: 36)
Joseph Clarence Lewis (M: 75) Rex Lee Lewis (M: 57) Roger Lee Lewis (M: 34)
Samuel Everson Lewis (M: 62) Thomas Luther Lewis (M: 74) Eugenia Lee Lewis (F: 46)
Donald Arless Lewis (M: 71) Roger Lee Lewis (M: 34) Billy Ray Lewis (M: 42)
Thomas Lewis (M: 74) Stephen Edward Lewis (M: 31) Brian Keith Lheureux (M: 42)
Jason Matthew Libertini (M: 34) Justin Kail Liedy (M: 33) Jeremy Allen Light (M: 30)
Jeremy Allen Light (M: 30) Robert Harold Likens (M: 73) Robert H Likens (M: 73)
Francis R Liller (M: 49) Francis Raymond Liller (M: 52) Francis Raymond Liller (M: 52)
Diana Lynn Lilley (F: 38) Charles Woodrow Lilly (M: 40) Chester Robert Lilly (M: 25)
Elby Franklin Lilly (M: 47) Greg Murphy Lilly (M: 37) James Elmer Lilly (M: 55)
Michael Edward Lilly (M: 39) Charles Woodrow Lilly (M: 40) Charles Woodrow Lilly (M: 40)
Ampless Ray Lilly (M: 39) Larry Cline Lilly (M: 64) Sean Paul Lindsley (M: 53)
Samuel Lee Lineberg (M: 46) Samuel Lee Lineburg (M: 46) Timothy Lee Linenberger (M: 35)
David Woodrow Lininger (M: 71) Kenneth Ray Linkous (M: 42) Jonathan Michael Linville (M: 25)
Daniel Zane Lipps (M: 28) Daniel Zane Lipps (M: 28) Arnold Alfred Lipscomb (M: 56)
Virgil Elwood Lipscomb (M: 53) Adam Scott Lipsky (M: 28) David Albert Liston (M: 41)
Joel M Little (M: 36) Joel Michael Little (M: 36) Allen Lee Littlejohn (M: 41)
Allen Lee Littlejohn (M: 41) Roice Lee Littleton (M: 66) Roice Lee Littleton (M: 66)
Kenneth Keith Litzinger (M: 61) Michael Anthony Lloyd (M: 40) Michael Anthony Lloyd (M: 40)
Tracey Allen Loar (M: 49) Adam Eugene Lockard (M: 52) Donald Gib Lockard (M: 76)
Adam Eugene Lockard (M: 52) Donald Franklin Locke (M: 56) Teresa Anne Locke (F: 43)
Donald Franklin Locke (M: 56) Teresa Anne Locke-Connell (F: 43) Larry Eugene Lockhart (M: 32)
Ernie Jay Lockhart (M: 46) Larry Eugene Lockhart (M: 32) Larry Eugene Lockhart (M: 32)
Bromley Lee Lockhart (M: 66) Gerald Walter Lofthouse (M: 59) Gerald Walter Lofthouse (M: 59)
Erin Lee Lofthouse (F: 43) James Robert Logan (M: 62) James Robert Logan (M: 62)
Carlton Kurt Long (M: 60) Clayton Charles Long (M: 47) Eric Douglas Long (M: 42)
John David Long (M: 40) Johnny Long (M: 61) Michael Lynn Long (M: 34)
Bernard Francis Long (M: 62) Danny Lee Long (M: 33) Eric Douglas Long (M: 42)
Michael Lynn Long (M: 34) John David Long (M: 40) Kathy Darlene Long (F: 56)
Bernard F Long (M: 63) Charles Woodrow Longerbeam (M: 40) Phillip Brian Longerbeam (M: 32)
Phillip Brian Longerbeam (M: 32) Mary Lou Longwell (F: 47) Kyle Patrick Lopez (M: 40)
Samuel Robert Loretta (M: 45) Samuel Robert Loretta (M: 45) Robert Eugene Loss (M: 71)
Robert E Loss (M: 71) Cedric C Loston (M: 32) Peter Lotempio (M: 60)
Peter Lotempio (M: 60) Peter Paul Lotempio (M: 60) Paul Eugene Lott (M: 59)
Paul Edward Lott (M: 59) Michael C Loudermilk (M: 39) Michael Curtis Loudermilk (M: 39)
Glen Michael Love (M: 39) Angela Gail Lowe (F: 37) Charles Donald Lowe (M: 62)
Jeffrey Alan Lowe (M: 53) Robert Matthew Lowe (M: 24) Jeffrey Alan Lowe (M: 53)
Carlos Clifford Lowe (M: 56) William Franklin Lower (M: 61) John Henry Lowery (M: 41)
Kenneth Fulton Lowman (M: 38) Eric Leslie Lowther (M: 40) Ronald E Lowther (M: 30)
Eric Leslie Lowther (M: 40) Ronald Earl Lowther (M: 30) Ray Donald Loy (M: 44)
Roy James Loyd (M: 45) Charles William Lucas (M: 40) Charles William Lucas (M: 40)
Donald Ray Lucas (M: 60) James Marlin Lucas (M: 33) Jason Samual Lucas (M: 32)
Terry Lee Lucas (M: 41) Donald Ray Lucas (M: 60) Terry Lee Lucas (M: 41)
James Arnold Lucas (M: 75) James Marlin Lucas (M: 33) Jason Samuel Lucas (M: 32)
David Warren Lucas (M: 59) Tyrone Tito Lucas (M: 32) Clair Edgar Luckabaugh (M: 64)
Clair Edgar Luckabaugh (M: 64) Timothy Jay Lunghi (M: 51) Timothy J Lunghi (M: 51)
Sammie Lee Lusk (M: 35) Charles W Lynch (M: 47) Charles Wilbur Lynch (M: 44)
Denver Neal Lynch (M: 74) James Roger Lynch (M: 66) Marvin Gay Lynch (M: 64)
Robert Rector Lynch (M: 66) Todd Allen Lynch (M: 36) Martin Gay Lynch (M: 64)
Denver Neal Lynch (M: 74) Gary Lynn Lyon (M: 53) Jason Allen Lyons (M: 30)
Jason Allen Lyons (M: 30)

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