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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter K are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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James Edgar Kalp (M: 43) Gerald John Kamppi (M: 50) Andrew Seongmin Kang (M: 34)
Philip Wesley Kaso (M: 49) James Bradley Kauffman (M: 29) Karl Channing Kauffman (M: 50)
James Bradley Kauffman (M: 29) Dustin Ray Kausky (M: 26) Thomas Steven Kays (M: 63)
Eva Denise Kazelman (F: 47) James Thomas Kearns (M: 30) Richard Todd Kearns (M: 48)
Richard Todd Kearns (M: 48) Thomas David Keaton (M: 41) Walter Clyde Keck (M: 49)
Robert Donald Keefe (M: 42) Robert Donald Keefe (M: 42) James Marshall Keefer (M: 34)
Richard A Keefer (M: 69) Richard A Keefer (M: 69) Robert Donald Keeffe (M: 42)
Quentin Nicholas Keen (M: 32) Quentin Nicholas Keen (M: 32) Jerry Lee Keen (M: 56)
Timothy Leander Keene (M: 51) Brandyn Dayle Keener (M: 23) Brandyn Dale Keener (M: 23)
Dennis Dale Keener (M: 50) Jack Lyndon Keener (M: 54) William Arthur Keener (M: 56)
Dennis Dale Keener (M: 50) Jack Lyndon Keener (M: 54) Benjamin Franklin Keeney (M: 63)
David Alex Keeney (M: 35) Michael Anthony Keeney (M: 33) Benjamin Franklin Keeney (M: 63)
John Edward Keeney (M: 64) Mark Conway Keeny (M: 50) Mindy Faye Keesecker (F: 41)
Mindy Faye Keesecker (F: 41) Jeremy Shull Keil (M: 35) Jeremy Shull Keil (M: 35)
Charles William Keith (M: 71) Harold Dwayne Keith (M: 54) Leonard David Keith (M: 59)
Leonard David Keith (M: 59) Jennifer Gale Harless Keith (F: 56) Charles William Keith (M: 71)
Kevin Lee Kelican (M: 50) Kevin Lee Kelican (M: 50) Walker Leon Keller (M: 57)
Gary Wayne Keller (M: 55) James Edward Keller (M: 46) Jimmy William Keller (M: 51)
John Claude Keller (M: 89) Timothy James Keller (M: 27) Walker Leon Keller (M: 57)
James William Keller (M: 51) Thomas Eugene Kelly (M: 62) Thomas Eugene Kelly (M: 62)
Randy S Kelly (M: 63) Michael Victor Kemp (M: 53) Michael Kemp (M: 53)
Gary Hackler Kendall (M: 58) Gary Hackler Kendall (M: 58) Tiffany Dawn Kenezuroff (F: 37)
Archie Russell Kennedy (M: 70) Brian Edward Kennedy (M: 34) Jason Allen Kennedy (M: 36)
Rocky Kennedy (M: 58) Thomas Leon Kennedy (M: 38) Archie Russell Kennedy (M: 70)
Thomas Leon Kennedy (M: 38) Brian Edward Kennedy (M: 34) Pamela Sue Kennedy (F: 42)
Archie Russell Kennedy (M: 70) Thomas Leon Kennedy (M: 38) Bobby L Kent (M: 40)
Bobby Lee Kent (M: 40) Michael W Keplinger (M: 41) Leon Edward Kerby (M: 25)
Adam Lee Kern (M: 32) Amanda Dawn Kerns (F: 33) Charles Lee Kerns (M: 63)
Christopher Jason Kerns (M: 34) Christopher Jason Kerns (M: 34) Michelle Lynn Kerns (F: 40)
Robert Lewis Kerns (M: 37) Robert Lewis Kerns (M: 37) Charles Lee Kerns (M: 63)
John M Kesler (M: 74) Richard Lee Kesling (M: 58) Richard Lee Kesling (M: 58)
Bradley Edison Kesner (M: 35) Bradley E Kesner (M: 35) Samuel Ray Kesterson (M: 38)
Samuel Ray Kesterson (M: 38) Samuel Ray Kesterson (M: 38) Alfred Rinehardt Ketelsen (M: 39)
Terry Lynn Ketterman (M: 54) James Douglas Key (M: 35) Gary Lynn Keys (M: 33)
Rickey Earl Keys (M: 42) Sant Subagh Singh Khalsa (M: 62) Sant Subagh Khalsa (M: 62)
Santsubagh Singh Khalsa (M: 62) Matthew Tyler Kiburz (M: 31) Matthew Tyler Kiburz (M: 31)
Daniel Hobert Kidd (M: 29) Jonathan Lee Kidd (M: 50) Jonathan L Kidd (M: 50)
Jason Ray Kilgour (M: 38) Connie Sue Kimble (F: 42) John Albert Kimble (M: 80)
Mark Anthony Kimble (M: 39) Roger Miles Kimble (M: 49) Mark Anthony Kimble (M: 39)
David Lee Kincaid (M: 63) Dencil Dale Kincaid (M: 39) Thomas Eric Kincaid (M: 53)
Virgil Leslie Kincaid (M: 67) Dencil Dale Kincaid (M: 39) Dencil Dale Kincaid (M: 39)
Elijah Hillard Kinder (M: 59) Gary Herbert King (M: 69) Gilbert Owen King (M: 63)
Joey Michael King (M: 32) Joseph Michael King (M: 50) Michael Scott King (M: 45)
Paul Monroe King (M: 56) Paul Arthur King (M: 55) Robert Allen King (M: 58)
Timothy John King (M: 47) Wayne Eugene King (M: 39) Paul Monroe King (M: 56)
Joey Michael King (M: 32) Eugene King (M: 40) Robert Allen King (M: 58)
Gary Herbert King (M: 69) Paul A King (M: 55) Eugene King (M: 40)
Paul Arthur King (M: 55) Robert Allen Kinser (M: 36) Theodore James Kirby (M: 58)
Theodore James Kirby (M: 58) Joseph Charles Kiriewsky (M: 31) Joseph Charles Kiriewsky (M: 31)
Fred Leslie Kirk (M: 42) Joseph Leon Kirk (M: 29) Joseph Leon Kirk (M: 29)
Glenn Allan Kirkpatrick (M: 56) Glenn Allen Kirkpatrick (M: 56) James John Kirksey (M: 29)
Lestor Lee Kisamore (M: 68) Michael Todd Kish (M: 43) Michael Todd Kish-Judy (M: 43)
Larry Stephen Kisner (M: 53) Randy Clark Kisner (M: 60) Randy Clark Kisner (M: 60)
Kevin Kyle Kittle (M: 53) William Lee Kittle (M: 37) William Lee Kittle (M: 37)
Kevin Kyle Kittle (M: 53) Mary Longwell Klug (F: 47) Charles Patrick Knapp (M: 34)
Charles Patrick Knapp (M: 34) Harold Dean Knight (M: 67) Jerry Miles Knight (M: 82)
William Thomas Knight (M: 32) Anthony Dequan Knight (M: 28) Edward Jerry Miles Knight (M: 82)
William Knight (M: 32) Harold Dean Knight (M: 67) William Thomas Knight (M: 32)
William A Knotts (M: 59) William Allen Knotts (M: 59) William A Knotts (M: 59)
Steven Darrell Knox (M: 32) Richard William Koehlerschmidt (M: 44) Richard William Koehlerschmidt (M: 44)
Michael Raymond Kohout (M: 28) Michael Amos Koon (M: 35) Michael Amos Koon (M: 35)
Steven Patrick Kotzin (M: 36) Steven Patrick Kotzin (M: 36) Harold J Kowalsky (M: 57)
Albert Paul Kramer (M: 70) Matthew Thomas Kronenburg (M: 24) Carol Lee Koon Kroskey (F: 61)
Brian Christopher Krouse (M: 47) Brian Krouse (M: 47) Corey Joseph Kucera (M: 25)
Milan D Kukich (M: 47) Milan David Kukich (M: 47) Jeffrey Lynn Kuykendall (M: 51)
Jeffrey L Kuykendall (M: 51)

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