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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter G are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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Douglas Wayne Galford (M: 45) Theodore Ocurran Galford (M: 63) Douglas Wayne Galford (M: 45)
Theodore Ocurran Galford (M: 63) Frank Paul Galiano (M: 54) John Noel Gallager (M: 55)
Victoria Lynn Gallagher (F: 50) Victoria Lynn Gallagher (F: 50) John Richard Gallant (M: 75)
John Richard Gallant (M: 75) Julius L Gallaway (M: 43) Tommy Oakley Gallion (M: 52)
Charles Edward Galloway (M: 60) Don Garfield Galloway (M: 44) Julius Leroy Galloway (M: 43)
Floyd Victor Galloway (M: 54) Charles Edward Galloway (M: 60) Don Garfield Galloway (M: 44)
Floyd Victor Galloway (M: 54) Jose Galvez (M: 37) Sheila Genice Gamble (F: 54)
Sheila G Gamble (F: 54) Dean Eugene Gamble (M: 55) Dean Eugene Gamble (M: 55)
Brian Keith Gandee (M: 56) Gabriel Rapheal Garcia (M: 39) Juan Carlos Garcia (M: 36)
Samuel Leon Garcia (M: 41) Miguel Angel Garcia-Hernandez (M: 31) Charles Edward Gard (M: 63)
Thomas Gardner (M: 52) Glenn Earl Garretson (M: 62) Christopher W Garretson (M: 34)
Glenn Earl Garretson (M: 62) Joseph Allen Garrett (M: 48) Robert Collidge Garrison (M: 87)
Robert Collidge Garrison (M: 87) Apolinar Garza (M: 48) Apolinar Garza (M: 48)
Daniel Edward Gatewood (M: 43) William Nathaniel Gatewood (M: 49) William N Gatewood (M: 49)
Daniel Edward Gatewood (M: 43) Dean Robert Gatherum (M: 61) Ricky Lee Gauze (M: 33)
Richard Curtis Gay (M: 39) Richard Curtis Gay (M: 39) Stephen Allen Gayhart (M: 60)
Stephen Allen Gayhart (M: 60) Stephen Allen Gayhart (M: 60) John Michael Geary (M: 44)
John Michael Geary (M: 44) Grover Gerald Geho (M: 77) Grover G Geho (M: 77)
Norman Leon Geipe (M: 29) Adam Moore Gellner (M: 34) Adam Moore Gellner (M: 34)
Jay J Gentner (M: 35) Charles D George (M: 38) Donald Ray George (M: 79)
Donald Ray George (M: 79) James W George (M: 50) Betty Lou-Dalton German-Osborne (F: 51)
Daryl Ritchie Gesford (M: 36) Darryl Richie Gesford (M: 36) Earl R Gibbs (M: 69)
Carmel Wayne Gibson (M: 60) Charlee Gibson (M: 64) Christopher Michael Gibson (M: 35)
Clarence Gibson (M: 83) Clyde Dale Gibson (M: 28) Glenn Ray Gibson (M: 63)
James Wellington Gibson (M: 49) John Venton Gibson (M: 26) Randy Dwayne Gibson (M: 38)
Robert Lee Gibson (M: 46) Robert Harold Gibson (M: 64) Terry Mitchell Gibson (M: 31)
William Kight Gibson (M: 76) William M Gibson (M: 34) Randy Dewayne Gibson (M: 38)
Robert H Gibson (M: 64) Christopher M Gibson (M: 35) Glen Ray Gibson (M: 63)
Pamela Jo Dye Gibson (F: 53) William K Gibson (M: 76) Carmel Wayne Gibson (M: 60)
Charlee Gibson (M: 64) Robert Lee Gibson (M: 46) Terry M Gibson (M: 31)
Paul Leroy Gibson (M: 53) John Venton Gibson (M: 26) Robert Harold Gibson (M: 64)
Carmel Wayne Gibson (M: 60) Clarence Gibson Jr (M: 83) Gregory Carl Gilbert (M: 53)
King Hairm Gilbert (M: 85) Tammy Lynn Gilbert (F: 39) Hairm King Gilbert (M: 85)
Tammy Lynn Gilbert (F: 39) Charles Richard Gill (M: 34) David Alan Gill (M: 52)
Jackie Lee Gill (M: 47) Jackie L Gill (M: 47) David Alan Gill (M: 52)
Charles Richard Gill (M: 34) Jack Lee Gillenwater (M: 77) Bacil Ray Gilles (M: 79)
Vinton Edward Gillespie (M: 32) David Roy Gilley (M: 24) David Ray Gilley (M: 23)
Dewey Dwayne Gilley (M: 46) Dewey Dewayne Gilley (M: 46) Carl Williams Gillian (M: 64)
Kyle R Gillis (M: 51) Kyle Raymond Gillis (M: 54) Kyle Raymond Gillis (M: 54)
Paul Berthold Gillispie (M: 52) Robert Lee Gillispie (M: 36) Paul Berthold Gillispie (M: 52)
Robert Lee Gillispie (M: 36) Marc Alan Gillman (M: 46) Marc Alan Gillman (M: 46)
Phillip Anthony Gilman (M: 43) Phillip Anthony Gilman (M: 43) Phillip Anthony Gilman (M: 43)
Roger Wesley Gilmore (M: 28) Roger Dale Gilpin (M: 29) Roger Dale Gilpin (M: 29)
Brother Ginevan (M: 77) James W Gipson (M: 49) Dareld Glenn Gittings (M: 48)
Ricky Lee Gladden (M: 49) William Benton Gladden (M: 61) William Benton Gladden (M: 58)
Ricky Lee Gladden (M: 49) William Benton Gladden (M: 58) Dennis Richard Gladhill (M: 64)
Dennis Gladhill (M: 65) Andrew Milton Gladwell (M: 39) Larry Wayne Gladwell (M: 48)
Andrew Milton Gladwell (M: 39) Larry Wayne Gladwell (M: 48) Richard Lee Glass (M: 52)
Richard Lee Glass (M: 52) Paul Richard Glass (M: 75) Donald Ray Glendening (M: 57)
Donald Ray Glendening (M: 57) Demetrious Glenn (M: 37) Joseph Addison Glenn (M: 45)
Russell Shelton Glenn (M: 45) Russell S Glenn (M: 45) Joseph Addison Glenn (M: 45)
Anthony Michael Glessner (M: 28) Anthony Michael Glessner (M: 28) Arthur K Glover (M: 50)
Arthur Kenneth Glover (M: 50) Jason Wayne Glover (M: 32) Matthew Dale Glover (M: 25)
Roger Dale Glover (M: 61) Arthur Kenneth Glover (M: 50) Robert A. Goddard (M: 76)
James Earl Godfrey (M: 46) Terron Iion Godfrey (M: 27) Brian Keith Goff (M: 25)
Shawn Eugene Goff (M: 37) Shawn Eugene Goff (M: 37) Fred Lee Goings (M: 31)
Romalee Curtis Goins (M: 30) Romalee Curtis Goins (M: 30) Stanley Gaven Golden (M: 46)
Stanley Gavin Golden (M: 46) Leslie Thomas Goldie (M: 54) Leslie Thomas Goldie (M: 54)
Robert Edward Gomer (M: 37) Robert Gomez (M: 55) Cheyenne Charles Gonzales (M: 38)
Ernesto Gerardo Gonzalez (M: 38) Pedro Gonzalez (M: 28) Angel Gonzalez Jr (M: 37)
James Steven Gonzin (M: 52) James Stephen Gonzin (M: 52) Peter L Gooch (M: 50)
Peter Lawrence Gooch (M: 51) Charles Franklin Goodall (M: 59) Charles F Goodall (M: 59)
Jackie James Goodman (M: 30) Jackie James Goodman (M: 30) James Michael Goodman (M: 25)
Glenn Elbert Goodman Jr (M: 27) Todd Howard Goodnight (M: 33) Todd Howard Goodnight (M: 33)
Troy Lee Goodson (M: 54) Troy Lee Goodson (M: 54) Danny Lee Goodwin (M: 33)
James Russell Goodwin (M: 37) James Russell Goodwin (M: 37) Joseph James Gootee (M: 49)
Fred William Gorbey (M: 54) Earl Paul Gorby (M: 75) Earl Paul Gorby (M: 75)
Kenneth Allanthom Gorby (M: 34) Nicholas Tony Gordon (M: 32) Nicholas Tony Gordon (M: 32)
William Dwight Gorman (M: 44) James Earl Gorum (M: 42) Grace Marie Gose (F: 38)
Lawrence Milton Gould (M: 79) Robert Eugene Gower (M: 67) Elizabeth Ann Graham (F: 29)
Heath Michael Graham (M: 39) Heath M Graham (M: 39) Justin D Graham (M: 29)
Richard Lee Graham (M: 37) Richard Lee Graham (M: 37) Justin Dean Graham (M: 29)
Justin Dean Graham (U: 30) Frank Larry Graham Jr (M: 28) Domingo Diaz Graley (M: 37)
James Leroy Graley (M: 46) Domingo Diaz Graley (M: 37) James Leroy Graley (M: 46)
Robert Lewis Grandel (M: 61) Theodore Eric Grandinette (M: 52) Theodore Eric Grandinette (M: 52)
Bennie Grant (M: 52) Kathy Ann Grapes (F: 44) Kathy Ann Grapes (F: 44)
Kevin Eric Gratias (M: 48) Carson Lynn Gray (M: 41) Shawn Casey Gray (M: 26)
Steven Thomas Gray (M: 29) Michael Gene Graybill (M: 40) William Joseph Greaser (M: 41)
William Joseph Greaser (M: 41) Gail Dean Greathouse (M: 61) Roy Dale Greathouse (M: 49)
Shannon David Greathouse (M: 37) William R Greaver (M: 68) William R Greaver (M: 68)
Randy Allen Grebe (M: 57) Randy Allen Grebe (M: 57) Joseph Andrew Green (M: 32)
Joseph Andrew Green (M: 32) Noah Loyal Fr. Green (M: 63) Ray Allen Green (M: 33)
William Edward Green (M: 38) Noah Loyal Green (M: 63) Ray Allen Green (M: 33)
Carl Wayne Green (M: 33) Noah Loyalfr Green (M: 63) Todd Emerick Greene (M: 62)
Todd Emerick Greene (M: 62) David Greer (M: 39) Gary Dean Gregg (M: 77)
Gary Dean Gregg (M: 77) Michael Allen Gregory (M: 44) Worthey Jeanious Gregory (M: 57)
Michael Allen Gregory (M: 44) Worthey J Gregory (M: 57) Christopher Ervin Gribble (M: 47)
Richard Neal Griffin (M: 45) William Coda Griffin (M: 40) Richard Neal Griffin (M: 45)
Ronald D Griffin (M: 37) William Coda Griffin (M: 40) Ronald Shawn Griffith (M: 34)
Virgil Wayne Griffith (M: 68) Chad Alan Grimes (M: 39) Charles Kenton Grimes (M: 41)
Edna Carla Grimm (F: 60) Edna C Grimm (F: 60) Skilo D Grisby (M: 30)
Skilo Derrell Grisby (M: 30) Joseph Terrance Grondin (M: 56) Douglas Allen Grose (M: 52)
Larry Edward Grose (M: 65) Douglas Allen Grose (M: 52) Stanley William Grove (M: 62)
Jerry Lee Grove (M: 40) James Arthur Groves (M: 45) Timothy L Grubb (M: 44)
Timothy L Grubb (M: 44) Robert Jeffery Grubba (M: 46) Roger R Guest (M: 44)
Roger Ray Guest (M: 44) Roger Ray Guest (M: 44) Alfred Leroy Guiette (M: 57)
Clark Thomas Gump (M: 62) Clark Thomas Gump (M: 62) Gary Matthew Gunderson (M: 29)
Gary Matthew Gunderson (M: 29) Acie Gunnoe (M: 67) Robert Leroy Gunsallus (M: 66)
John Wilbert Gurzick (M: 65) John Wilbert Gurzick (M: 65) John Wilbert Gurzick (M: 65)
Richard G Gusovius (M: 45) Richard George Gusovius (M: 44) Richard G Gusovius (M: 45)
Charles Barry Guthrie (M: 54) Darrell Lee Guthrie (M: 42) Charles Barry Guthrie (M: 54)
Denver Kyle Gwinn (M: 44) Denver Kyle Gwinn (M: 44) Quentin Daniel Gyier (M: 43)
Quentin Daniel Gyier (M: 43)

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