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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter F are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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Rebecca Lynn Fabrizio (F: 36) Rebecca Lynn Fabrizio (F: 36) James William Fadley (M: 33)
James William Fadley (M: 33) Michael Wayne Fain (M: 27) Michael Anthony Fairfax (M: 50)
Denise Michelle Falk (F: 39) Harry Lee Falls (M: 57) Harry Lee Falls (M: 57)
Johnny Ray Fancher (M: 57) Leta Cox Farley (F: 47) Mark Cornelius Farley (M: 29)
Randall Lee Farley (M: 56) Richard Lee Farley (M: 55) Roger Dale Farley (M: 64)
Tiffany Marie Farley (F: 35) Roger D Farley (M: 64) Tiffany Marie Farley (F: 35)
Leta Jean Farley (F: 47) Randall Lee Farley (M: 56) Arnie Ray Farley (M: 66)
Bobby Dorsey Farmer (M: 43) Daniel Earl Farmer (M: 42) Dewayne Keith Farmer (M: 37)
William Edward Farmer (M: 27) Dewayne Keith Farmer (M: 37) Donald A Farnsworth (M: 47)
Kenneth Wayne Farrabee (M: 41) Kenneth Wayne Farrabee (M: 41) Jessica Dawn Farrell (F: 33)
George Anthony Farrell Jr (M: 44) Dale Allen Farris (M: 25) Tommy Farris (M: 48)
Thomas Egnor Farris (M: 48) William Harry Farson (M: 60) Gerald Franklin Fauver (M: 47)
Gerald Franklin Fauver (M: 48) James Stewart Fazenbaker (M: 61) Ray Thomas Fazenbaker (M: 64)
Ray Thomas Fazenbaker (M: 64) David Lee Feamster (M: 60) Wilford Mike Feather (M: 58)
Wilford Mike Feather (M: 58) David Eugene Felekey (M: 24) David Eugene Felekey (M: 23)
Victor Antonio Feliciano (M: 39) Victor Antonio Feliciano (M: 39) Patrick Edward Fender (M: 57)
Wayne Monroe Fenwick (M: 59) Wayne Monroe Fenwick (M: 59) Billy Joe Ferguson (M: 58)
Donald Wayne Ferguson (M: 72) Donald Wayne Ferguson (M: 72) Gregory Allen Ferguson (M: 48)
Mark Anthony Ferguson (M: 49) Frank Leonard Ferguson (M: 53) Gregory Allan Ferguson (M: 48)
Donald Wayne Ferguson (M: 72) Mark Anthony Ferguson (M: 49) Frank Leonard Ferguson (M: 53)
Michael E Fernandez (M: 46) Michael Edward Fernandez (M: 49) Larry Dencil Ferrebee (M: 66)
Sean Ray Ferrebee (M: 42) Shawn Ray Ferrebee (M: 42) Larry Dencil Ferrebee (M: 66)
Calvin L Ferrell (M: 56) Christopher Blair Ferrell (M: 37) David Troy Ferrell (M: 39)
Gary Paul Ferrell (M: 54) Gary Paul Ferrell (M: 54) Calvin Lee Ferrell (M: 56)
Jerry Lee Fetty (M: 70) Jerry Lee Fetty (M: 70) Charles J Fiber (M: 35)
Billy Gay Fields (M: 49) Jeffrey Lynn Fields (M: 38) Johnny Carlos Fields (M: 60)
Larry Dale Fields (M: 31) Ralph Clinton Fields (M: 61) Robert Gray Fields (M: 35)
Stewart Lee Fields (M: 59) Terry Ray Fields (M: 35) Jeffrey Lynn Fields (M: 38)
Larry Dale Fields (M: 31) Terry Ray Fields (M: 35) Billy Gay Fields (M: 49)
John C Fields (M: 36) Stewart Lee Fields (M: 59) Larry Dale Fields (M: 31)
James Russell Fincham (M: 66) Nathaniel Andrew Fink (M: 26) Adam Finley (M: 43)
Daryl Thornton Finley (M: 33) Adam Finley (M: 43) Charles George Fischer (M: 37)
Dennis Scott Fisher (M: 52) Gary Lee Fisher (M: 49) Howard Junior Fisher (M: 63)
John M Fisher (M: 46) Thomas Jefferson Fisher (M: 39) Thomas Jefferson Fisher (M: 39)
Larry Alton Fisher (M: 52) Dennis Scott Fisher (M: 52) Howard Junior Fisher (M: 63)
Larry Allen Fisher (M: 52) Thomas Jefferson Fisher (M: 39) Joshua Stanley Fitzgerald (M: 29)
Jerry Lee Fitzhugh (M: 65) Jerry Lee Fitzhugh (M: 65) Martin Dale Fitzpatrick (M: 53)
Elmer Lee Fitzwater (M: 30) Phillip Michael Fitzwater (M: 68) Phillip M Fitzwater (M: 68)
Elmer Lee Fitzwater (M: 30) Bruce Anthony Flack (M: 54) Leonard Leroy Flack (M: 58)
Leonard Leroy Flack (M: 58) Glen Edward Fladung (M: 46) Glen Edward Fladung (M: 46)
Gary Lee Flanagan (M: 64) Gary Lee Flanagan (M: 64) William A Fleischer (M: 54)
Edward Gordon Fleming (M: 60) Marcus Collins Fleming (M: 37) Rex Curtis Fleming (M: 54)
Rex C Fleming (M: 54) Marcus C Fleming (M: 37) John L Fletcher (M: 63)
Marvin Lewis Fletcher (M: 68) Marvin Lewis Fletcher (M: 68) Maurice W Fletcher (M: 59)
Hamilton K Fletcher (M: 44) Eric J Flitcroft (M: 48) Michael Charles Florio (M: 72)
William Harrison Flowers (M: 63) William Harris Flowers (M: 63) Clemmie Newton Floyd (M: 40)
Wayman Ellis Floyd (M: 29) Clemmie Newton Floyd (M: 40) Susan Marie Floyd (F: 44)
Wayman Ellis Floyd (M: 29) Susan Marie Floyd (F: 44) Wayman Ellis Floyd (M: 29)
Barry L Fluharty (M: 68) Barry L Fluharty (M: 68) Earl Delbert Flynn (M: 85)
Michael Charles Flynn (M: 60) Earl Delbert Flynn (M: 85) Tony Allen Foltz (M: 50)
Tony Allen Foltz (M: 51) James Arthur Ford (M: 47) James Arthur Ford (M: 47)
Charles Edward Ford (M: 30) Luther Mark Ford (M: 37) James A Ford (M: 47)
James Robert Ford (M: 51) James Robert Ford Jr (M: 51) Derick Paul Fore (M: 39)
Mervin Todd Forloine (M: 45) Mervin Todd Forloine (M: 45) Brian Lee Forrester (M: 37)
Randy Eugene Forrester (M: 46) Randy Eugene Forrester (M: 46) Roger Lee Fortney (M: 56)
Walter Ray Fortney (M: 57) Walter Ray Fortney (M: 57) Roger Lee Fortney Sr (M: 56)
Paul Fineas Fortson (M: 49) Paul F Fortson (M: 49) Carlin Neal Foster (M: 41)
William Travis Foster (M: 33) John Dale Foster (M: 37) John Foster (M: 37)
Carlin Neal Foster (M: 41) Lawrence D Foster (M: 51) Michael Ray Fought (M: 45)
Michael Ray Fought (M: 45) Earl Wayne Foulks (M: 58) Earl Foulks (M: 51)
Harold Edward Fout (M: 46) Harold Edward Fout (M: 46) Tommy Joe Fouty (M: 38)
Tommy J Fouty (M: 38) Edward Randolph Fowler (M: 65) George Lewis Fowler (M: 44)
Keith Alan Fowler (M: 45) George Lewis Fowler (M: 44) Robert A Fowler (M: 52)
Keith Alan Fowler (M: 45) Robert Allen Fowler (M: 52) Charles Marshall Fox (M: 60)
Franklin Leo Fox (M: 49) Michael Wayne Fox (M: 52) Terrance P Fox (M: 58)
Terrance Paul Fox (M: 58) Michael Wayne Fox (M: 52) Charles Marshall Fox (M: 60)
Terrance Paul Fox Jr (M: 58) James Edward Frame (M: 60) John Frances (M: 78)
Jeremiah Lee Francis (M: 31) Keith A Francis (M: 30) Landrew Scott Francis (M: 25)
Jeremiah Francis (M: 31) Ricky Joe Frashure (M: 40) Daniel Elsworth Frazier (M: 65)
Lewis Brian Frazier (M: 38) Raymond Lee Frazier (M: 40) Raymond Lee Frazier (M: 40)
Daniel Elsworth Frazier (M: 65) Joseph Russell Frazier (M: 40) Joseph Russell Frazier (M: 40)
Raymond Lee Frazier (M: 40) James William Freeman (M: 42) Jamie David Freeman (M: 37)
James William Freeman (M: 42) Jamie David Freeman (M: 37) James William Freeman (M: 42)
Gerald Allen Freshwater (M: 47) Vernon Lee Freshwater (M: 53) Gerald A Freshwater (M: 47)
William Harold Friary (M: 43) William Friary (M: 43) William H Friary (M: 43)
Gary Wayne Friend (M: 46) James Ray Friend (M: 66) Gary Wayne Friend (M: 46)
Eric Wayne Friend (M: 47) Daniel A Frohnhofer (M: 41) Timothy Allan Frost (M: 47)
Donald James Fry (M: 30) Donald James Fry (M: 30) Dustin Whitney Frye (M: 23)
Leroy William Frye (M: 62) Samuel D Frye (M: 53) Michael Joe Frye (M: 65)
Phillip James Frye (M: 49) James Luther Frymyer (M: 43) James Luther Frymyer (M: 43)
James Luther Frymyer (M: 43) Tanya Louise Fuit (F: 32) Tanya Louise Fuit (F: 32)
Wade Allen Fulks (M: 48) David Alan Full (M: 47) Frank Edward Fulmer (M: 55)
David Joseph Funkhouser (M: 36) Kevin Michael Funt (M: 32) Joe Fuston (M: 66)

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