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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter D are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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Frank Charles Dabler (M: 46) Frank Charles Dabler (M: 46) Richard Allan Dahlberg (M: 57)
Marc David Dailey (M: 56) William Geoffrey Dailey (M: 39) William Geoffrey Dailey (M: 39)
Marc David Dailey (M: 56) Rodney Gene Dalrymple (M: 56) Rodney Gene Dalrymple (M: 56)
Betty Lou Dalton (F: 51) Burgess Ray Dalton (M: 40) James Roger Dalton (M: 44)
Burgess Ray Dalton (M: 40) James Roger Dalton (M: 44) Fred Lee Damron (M: 57)
Johnnie Dale Damron (M: 52) Patrick Dale Damron (M: 29) Fred Lee Damron (M: 57)
Patrick Dale Damron (M: 29) Harold Lee Dancy (M: 44) Harold Lee Dancy (M: 44)
Daniel Edward Dangelo (M: 40) Daniel Edward Dangelo (M: 40) Pamela Sue Daniel (F: 42)
Pamela Sue Daniel (F: 42) Charles Norman Daniel (M: 39) Louis Edward Daniels (M: 61)
Steven Lee Daniels (M: 25) David Eugene Danks (M: 52) David Eugene Danks (M: 52)
Larry William Darby (M: 42) Larry William Darby (M: 42) John Osler Darnell (M: 21)
Robert Eugene Darrah (M: 47) Robert Eugene Darrah (M: 46) Robert Eugene Darrah (M: 47)
Steven Lee Darst (M: 35) Steven L Darst (M: 35) Jerry B. James Daugherty (M: 49)
Matthew Marshall Daugherty (M: 45) Jerry Berthal James Daugherty (M: 49) Joseph Devon Daugherty (M: 46)
Matthew Marshall Daugherty (M: 45) Joseph Devon Daughtery (M: 46) Alden L Davidson (M: 76)
Billy Joe Davidson (M: 30) Dana Jackson Davidson (M: 29) Alden Lawrence Davidson (M: 76)
Dana Jackson Davidson (M: 29) Brian Allen Davis (M: 49) Brian Keith Davis (M: 32)
Charles Michael Davis (M: 49) Cindy Dawn Davis (F: 42) Dallas Ray Davis (M: 38)
Danny Joe Davis (M: 54) Eddie L Davis (M: 64) Edward Leon Davis (M: 28)
Elbert Johnathan Davis (M: 36) Frederick Edward Davis (M: 69) Fredrick Randolph Davis (M: 64)
Gary Wayne Davis (M: 36) Glen Denean Davis (M: 62) Gregg Edward Davis (M: 35)
Herbert Harold Davis (M: 85) James E Davis (M: 61) James Alan Davis (M: 56)
James William Davis (M: 60) James Christophe Davis (M: 46) James Estle Davis (M: 61)
James Michael Davis (M: 49) Jamie Ryan Davis (M: 39) Jeffrey Carson Davis (M: 50)
Jennifer Gale Davis (F: 56) Marvin Ray Davis (M: 38) Paul William Davis (M: 40)
Russ Alan Davis (M: 52) Shane Robert Davis (M: 43) Theodore John Davis (M: 40)
Thomas David Davis (M: 59) Timothy Lynne Davis (M: 51) William Ray Davis (M: 74)
Brian Allen Davis (M: 49) Cindy Dawn Davis (F: 42) Theodore John Davis (M: 40)
Brian Keith Davis (M: 32) Gary Wayne Davis (M: 36) Shane Robert Davis (M: 45)
Glen Denean Davis (M: 62) Elbert Johnathan Davis (M: 36) Russ Alan Davis (M: 52)
William Ray Davis (M: 74) Dallas Ray Davis (M: 38) Marvin Ray Davis (M: 38)
Frederick Randolph Davis (M: 64) Paul William Davis (M: 40) Darrell Edward Davis (M: 33)
Edward Leon Davis (M: 28) James Michael Davis (M: 49) Gerald Wayne Davis (M: 53)
Gary Wayne Davis (M: 36) Thomas J Davis (M: 65) Bobby Joe Dawson (M: 41)
Clarence E Dawson (M: 40) David Michael Dawson (M: 52) Donald D Dawson (M: 71)
Herbert Samuel Dawson (M: 34) Danny Keith Dawson (M: 61) David Michael Dawson (M: 52)
Herbert S Dawson (M: 34) Bobby Joe Dawson (M: 41) Clarence Eugene Dawson (M: 40)
Bryan Wayne Day (M: 43) Robert Eugene Day (M: 57) Thomas Macarthur Deal (M: 69)
Thomas Macarthur Deal (M: 69) Arthur Franklin Dean (M: 59) Charles David Dean (M: 34)
Eugene R Dean (M: 36) Larry Lynn Dean (M: 58) Phillip Cameron Dean (M: 39)
Ricky William Dean (M: 56) Larry L Dean (M: 58) Scott Chrisswell Dean (M: 41)
Bernard Jamaal Dean (M: 38) Ricky Louis Dean (M: 59) Eugene R Dean (M: 36)
Jason Mckinley Deaner (M: 32) Jason Mckinley Deaner (M: 32) Dale Wayne Debarr (M: 38)
Daniel Francis Debiase (M: 57) Andrew Neal Debolt (M: 29) Samuel John Debolt (M: 38)
Tracy Allen Decato (M: 48) Forest Clem Decker (M: 72) Joshua Wade Decker (M: 30)
David Wayne Deel (M: 68) Christopher Jason Deem (M: 26) Christopher J Deem (M: 26)
Michael Scott Deetz (M: 43) Michael Scott Deetz (M: 43) Charles Daniel Defebbo (M: 71)
Alan Henry Degarmo (M: 61) Gary Ray Delaney (M: 46) Bruce Allen Dellman (M: 27)
Adam Michael Dempsey (M: 28) William Lee Dempsey (M: 78) William Lee Dempsey (M: 78)
Karl Bryan Denais (M: 53) John Luther Dennis (M: 54) Kevin Lee Dennis (M: 43)
Wayne Edward Dennis (M: 47) John Luther Dennis (M: 54) Joshua Allen Dent (M: 25)
Scottie R Dent (M: 50) James Carroll Depriest (M: 35) Glen Harold Depue (M: 75)
Glen Harold Depue (M: 75) Charles Homer Derby (M: 29) Eddie Wilbur Derrick (M: 50)
Johnny Allen Derrix (M: 23) Danny Ray Deskins (M: 47) Danny Ray Deskins (M: 47)
Michael Christopher Desmond (M: 20) Paul David Detamore (M: 68) Paul D Detamore (M: 68)
Eric A Dewitt (M: 31) Eric Allen Dewitt (M: 31) David Dale Dewitt (M: 53)
William Henry Dews (M: 73) William Henry Dews (M: 73) Dennis E Diamond (M: 60)
Pablo Banuelos Diaz (M: 55) Nichole Lynn Dibacco (F: 30) Angela Marie Dibble (F: 39)
Angela Marie Dibble (F: 39) Ryan Keith Dick (M: 28) Tonya Jean Dickens (F: 36)
Tonya Jean Dickens (F: 36) Dale Fred Dickerson (M: 55) Gary Lee Dickerson (M: 65)
Roland Bishop Dickison (M: 54) Roland Bishop Dickison (M: 54) Robb James Dieringer (M: 55)
Samuel L Dierolf (M: 65) Samuel Lee Dierolf (M: 65) Keith Allen Dilley (M: 32)
Andrew C Dillon (M: 56) Richard Kellen Dillon (M: 31) Carl W Dillow (M: 31)
Gary Wayne Dillow (M: 40) Gary Wayne Dillow (M: 39) John Hamilton Dillow (M: 27)
Carl Dillow (M: 31) Carl W Dillow (M: 31) Richard Rodney Dilsworth (M: 49)
Richard Rodney Dilsworth (M: 49) Christopher Michael Dingess (M: 38) Rodney Kint Dixon (M: 57)
Jason Lee Dixon (M: 29) Michael J Dixon (M: 49) Shannon Monty Dixon (M: 40)
Shannon Monty Dixon (M: 40) Jason Dixon (M: 29) Michael John Dixon (M: 49)
Gary Ray Dobbins (M: 32) Joseph Monroe Dobbins (M: 24) Gary Ray Dobbins (M: 32)
Bobby Dale Dodd (M: 49) Howard William Dodd (M: 45) Bobby D Dodd (M: 49)
James Gilbert Dodge (M: 49) James Gilbert Dodge (M: 49) James Gilbert Dodge (M: 49)
John B Doe (M: 112) Daniel Paul Doerr (M: 32) Christopher Lee Dohm (M: 29)
Bobby Ray Dolan (M: 61) Michael Joseph Dolan (M: 39) Bobby Ray Dolin (M: 61)
Christopher Thomas Domonski (M: 49) Edward Paul Donaldson (M: 50) Edward Paul Donaldson (M: 50)
Jason Lee Donham (M: 37) Brittany R Donivan (F: 24) Edward Lee Donley (M: 43)
Teddy Ervin Donohew (M: 71) Thomas J Donohoe (M: 76) Thomas J Donohoe (M: 76)
Eli Doran (M: 32) Eli J Doran (M: 32) James Edward Dornan (M: 29)
James Edward Dornan (M: 29) James Edward Dornsife (M: 62) James Edward Dornsife (M: 62)
David Love Dorsey (M: 47) Michael Anthony Dorsey (M: 46) Michael Anthony Dorsey (M: 49)
Franklin Eugene Dotson (M: 44) Anthony J Double (M: 24) Harold Lloyd Douglas (M: 36)
Dwaine Richard Douglas (M: 44) Nathan Harper Dove (M: 44) Thomas David Dove (M: 47)
Nathan Harper Dove (M: 44) James Edward Dowell (M: 51) Paul Wesley Downey (M: 42)
Paul Wesley Downey (M: 42) Chad Earl Downs (M: 39) Chris Shane Drake (M: 39)
James Gregory Drake (M: 26) James Gregory Drake (M: 26) James Gregory Drake (M: 26)
Pamela Ann Draper (F: 42) Ronald Lynn Drennan (M: 56) Timothy Alan Drennen (M: 47)
Robert Lee Drown (M: 32) Darlene Dudley (F: 62) Stephen Craig Dugan (M: 54)
Stephen Craig Dugan (M: 54) James Daniel Duke (M: 43) Robert James Duke (M: 60)
Robert James Duke (M: 60) Stanley Eugene Dulaney (M: 75) Gary Ray Dulaney (M: 46)
Greg Alan Duley (M: 33) Greg Alen Duley (M: 33) Frankie C Dulyea (M: 29)
John William Dunbar (M: 54) William Henry Dunbar Ii (M: 25) James Walter Duncan (M: 65)
Raymond Allen Duncan (M: 53) Robert Lon Duncan (M: 46) Raymond A Duncan (M: 53)
James Walter Duncan (M: 65) Brian Mitchell Dunlap (M: 46) Raymond Cecil Dunn (M: 42)
Raymond Cecil Dunn (M: 42) Robert Matthew Dunn (M: 48) Ronald Eugene Dunn (M: 56)
Steven Mark Dunn (M: 41) Mark Steven Dunn (M: 41) Robert Matthew Dunn (M: 48)
Michael Dennis Dunn (M: 51) Ronald Eugene Dunn (M: 56) Ronald Dunn (M: 56)
Deke Edmond Duraso (M: 41) Cory Dean Durflinger (M: 29) Cory D Durflinger (M: 29)
Joseph Scott Durrette (M: 31) Floyd Wayne Durst (M: 40) Floyd Wayne Durst (M: 40)
Floyd W Durst (M: 40) Christian Paul Dutton (M: 53) Christian Paul Dutton (M: 53)
Christian Paul Dutton (M: 53) Pamela Jo Dye (F: 53) Roger Allen Dyer (M: 50)
Frank Phillip Dziomba (M: 70)

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