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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter C are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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Christopher Thomas Cadle (M: 28) Joseph Cagle (M: 29) Charlene Caldwell (F: 35)
David Wayne Caldwell (M: 52) Charlene Caldwell (F: 35) David W Caldwell (M: 52)
Gary Lynn Cale (M: 41) Robert Glenn Cale (M: 38) Gary Lynn Cale (M: 41)
Robert Glenn Cale (M: 38) James Robert Cales (M: 32) Eden S Calhoun (M: 38)
Michael L Calhoun (M: 47) Eden Spencer Calhoun (M: 38) Jeffrey Scott Call (M: 44)
Kenneth Dale Call (M: 41) Philip Earl Call (M: 43) Phillip Earl Call (M: 43)
Kenneth Dale Call (M: 41) Donald Lee Call (M: 63) Donald Lee Call (M: 63)
Philip Earl Call (M: 43) Jeffrey H Callison (M: 48) Donald Merwin Calmbacher (M: 33)
Donald M Calmbacher (M: 33) Allen Cole Calvert (M: 28) Coldan Daniel Calvert (M: 34)
Coldan D Calvert (M: 34) Scott Dale Cameron (M: 38) Loretta Sue Campbell (F: 48)
Shaun T Campbell (M: 33) Shaun Timothy Campbell (M: 32) Frank Scott Campbell (M: 52)
Chester Campbell (M: 61) Shaun Timothy Campbell (U: N/A) Jerry Lee Campbell (M: 43)
Ronald Delane Canfield (M: 47) Ronald Delane Canfield (M: 47) Roger Lee Canter (M: 69)
Charles Edward Canterbury (M: 48) Clarence Franklin Canterbury (M: 60) Marques Allen Canterbury (M: 37)
Winston Charl Canterbury (M: 60) Marques Allen Canterbury (M: 37) Clarence F Canterbury (M: 60)
Charles Edward Canterbury (M: 48) James Franklin Cantley (M: 44) Todd Cantley (M: 35)
Todd Edward Cantley (M: 35) Todd Edward Cantley (M: 35) Terry Franklin Cantrell (M: 53)
Joseph Cantrell Jr (M: 43) Matt A Capelety (M: 25) James L Capito (M: 63)
Daniel Scott Carder (M: 35) Robert Wallace Carder (M: 38) William Grant Carder (M: 50)
Daniel Scott Carder (M: 35) William Grant Carder (M: 50) Robert Wallace Carder (M: 38)
Joe Carico (M: 60) Gary Wardell Carley (M: 49) David Anthony Carney (M: 35)
Joshua Levi Caroll (M: 27) Fay Leroy Carpenter (M: 72) Henrietta Carpenter (F: 49)
Louis Gene Carpenter (M: 45) Michael Allen Carpenter (M: 59) Paul Franklin Carpenter (M: 63)
Robert Scott Carpenter (M: 42) Roger Blaine Carpenter (M: 45) Michael Allen Carpenter (M: 59)
Fay Leroy Carpenter (M: 72) Paul Franklin Carpenter (M: 63) Louis Gene Carpenter (M: 45)
James Edward Carpenter (M: 31) James Joseph Carpenter (M: 75) James Joseph Carpenter Jr (M: 75)
David Matthew Carr (M: 34) Harold Lee Carr (M: 51) Homer David Carr (M: 63)
James Benjamin Carr (M: 65) Robert William Carr (M: 45) Robert William Carr (M: 45)
Allen Craig Carr (M: 41) Harry Carr (M: 69) Harold Lee Daniels Carr (M: 51)
David Matthew Carr (M: 34) Allen Craig Carr (M: 41) Claude Edgar Carroll (M: 53)
Jerry Dewayne Carroll (M: 65) Stanley Ray Carroll (M: 37) Terry L Carroll (M: 29)
William Patrick Carroll (M: 62) Stanley Ray Carroll (M: 37) William Patrick Carroll (M: 62)
Claude Edgar Carroll (M: 53) Stanley Ray Carroll (M: 37) Earl Nicholas Carson (M: 57)
Andre Avery Carter (M: 48) Anthony Dwane Carter (M: 56) Gregory L Carter (M: 27)
Grover Franklin Carter (M: 49) James Henry Carter (M: 43) James H Carter (M: 43)
Jerry Dewayne Carter (M: 44) Mark Anthony Carter (M: 40) Robert Homer Carter (M: 77)
William Allen Carter (M: 39) Andre Avery Carter (M: 48) Mark Anthony Carter (M: 40)
Grover Franklin Carter (M: 49) Jerry Dewayne Carter (M: 44) Joshua Ray Carver (M: 27)
Kenneth Mckinnley Carver (M: 51) Freddie Dean Carver (M: 63) Robert James Casey (M: 54)
Eric Justin Cash (M: 31) Eric J Cash (M: 31) Eric Justin Cash (M: 31)
Elmer Randall Castle (M: 52) Casey Garrett Casto (M: 27) Gary Lee Casto (M: 63)
Jamie Andre Casto (M: 37) Jeremiah Mitchell Casto (M: 27) John Martin Casto (M: 52)
Leslie Scott Casto (M: 51) Paul Edward Casto (M: 69) Jamie A Casto (M: 37)
Leslie Scott Casto (M: 51) John Martin Casto (M: 52) Carmen Joseph Casuccio (M: 84)
Carmen J Casuccio (M: 84) Jamie Nathan Cathers (M: 36) Travis Michael Catsonis (M: 34)
Willis Green Caudill (M: 41) Willis Green Caudill (M: 41) Willis Green Caudill (M: 41)
Danny Lee Cecil (M: 57) Jerry Carlton Chaffee (M: 39) Jerry Carlton Chaffee (M: 39)
Herbert Delmas Chaffin (M: 38) Wallace Randall Chafin (M: 57) Charles L Chambers (M: 46)
Cameron Douglas Chambliss (M: 40) Cameron D Chambliss (M: 40) Rodney Chancy (M: 37)
Rodney L Chancy (M: 37) Timothy J Chandler (M: 24) Daniel Chaney (M: 52)
Daniel Chaney (M: 52) Henry Lee Chapman (M: 31) Joseph Chapman (M: 28)
Randall Austin Chapman (M: 51) Timothy David Chapman (M: 34) Travis Dale Chapman (M: 32)
Randall Auston Chapman (M: 51) Henry Lee Chapman (M: 31) Allen Charles (M: 53)
Robert Leroy Charles (M: 59) Edward Charlton (M: 46) Joshua Curtis Charlton (M: 33)
Edward Charlton (M: 46) Joseph Lawrence Chellis (M: 34) Chad Eric Cheuvront (M: 37)
Chad Eric Cheuvront (M: 37) Russell Lee Chewning (M: 63) James T Childress (M: 49)
James Thomas Childress (M: 49) James Thomas Childress (M: 49) Charles R Chisholm (M: 73)
Jesse Alexander Chisler (M: 52) John Paul Chisler (M: 69) Jesse Alexander Chisler (M: 52)
John Paul Chisler (M: 69) George Lee Chittenden (M: 28) George Lee Chittenden (M: 28)
Charles Franklin Chittum (M: 54) Charles F Chittum (M: 54) Cornellis Delanta Christian (M: 45)
Jamane Shawn Christian (M: 27) James Grayton Christian (M: 57) Ronald Lee Christian (M: 54)
Ronald Lee Christian (M: 54) Jamaine Shawn Christian (M: 27) Robert Allen Christiansen (M: 62)
Robert Allen Christiansen (M: 62) William Ray Church (M: 72) William Ray Church (M: 72)
Robert Ray Church (M: 69) Robert Ray Church (M: 69) David John Cicalese (M: 31)
Jose Louis Cintron (M: 62) Jerry James St Clair (M: 58) Clinton Ray Clark (M: 56)
George Robert Clark (M: 33) Gregory S Clark (M: 49) Michael Douglas Clark (M: 40)
Shawn Richard Clark (M: 40) Wesley Everette Clark (M: 26) Greg S Clark (M: 49)
George Robert Clark (M: 33) Clinton Ray Clark (M: 56) Shawn Richard Clark (M: 40)
Roland Kester Clarkson (M: 64) Roland Kester Clarkson (M: 64) Shawn Delane Clay (M: 36)
Theresa Lynn Claypoole (F: 59) Michael Wayne Claywell (M: 61) Michael W Claywell (M: 61)
Wayne Scott Clemens (M: 33) William Gale Clemens (M: 57) Wayne Scott Clemens (M: 33)
William Gale Clemens (M: 57) Teddy Gene Clemens (M: 34) Harry Edward Cleveland (M: 54)
Harry Edward Cleveland (M: 54) David Lowell Clevenger (M: 49) David Lowell Clevenger (M: 49)
Jerry Ray Cline (M: 53) Lucky Cline (M: 59) Manuel Lark Cline (M: 58)
Ronald Dale Cline (M: 60) Stephen Roy Cline (M: 36) Sterling Nmn Cline (M: 59)
Tracy E Cline (M: 54) William Daniel Cline (M: 50) William Douglas Cline (M: 35)
William Douglas Cline (M: 35) Sterling Cline (M: 59) Jerry Ray Cline (M: 53)
Russell Lee Clinton (M: 41) Gayle Effie Clough (F: 40) Timothy Matthew Clough (M: 45)
Verlin A Clower (M: 30) James Roy Clowser (M: 38) James Hubert Clutter (M: 48)
James Hubert Clutter (M: 48) Paul Ray Coal (M: 45) Don Windell Coates (M: 68)
Joshua Lee Cochran (M: 27) Joshua Lee Cochran (M: 27) David W Cochran Jr (M: 33)
Richard Lee Coe (M: 54) Arthur Allen Coffman (M: 53) Charles Edwin Coffman (M: 43)
Walter Eugene Coffman (M: 51) Anthony Eugene Cogar (M: 49) Curtis Edward Cogar (M: 45)
Harold Blake Cogar (M: 53) Harold Blake Cogar (M: 53) Anthony Eugene Cogar (M: 49)
Curtis Edward Cogar (M: 45) James Anthony Cohen (M: 36) James Anthony Cohen (M: 36)
Joseph Leonard Colbird (M: 44) Joseph Leonard Colbird (M: 44) Austin S Cole (M: 24)
Billy Lee Cole (M: 70) Billy Lee Cole (M: 69) Craig R Cole (M: 24)
David Allen Cole (M: 47) Edgar Jerome Cole (M: 69) David Allen Cole (M: 47)
Paul Ray Cole (M: 45) Cecil Leon Coleman (M: 40) Charles Tim Coleman (M: 54)
Douglas Franklin Coleman (M: 30) Johnny Michael Coleman (M: 62) Joseph Craig Coleman (M: 44)
Ralph Frank Coleman (M: 72) Terrence Wilson Coleman (M: 60) William Harold Coleman (M: 42)
William H Coleman (M: 42) Joseph Craig Coleman (M: 44) Douglas Franklin Coleman (M: 30)
William Harold Coleman (M: 42) Albert Jenkins Coley (M: 36) Albert Jenkins Coley (M: 36)
Albert Jenkins Coley (M: 36) Robert Addison Collar (M: 40) Robert Addison Collar (M: 40)
William Edward Colley (M: 64) William Edward Colley (M: 64) Herbert Collier (M: 48)
Christopher Dewayne Collins (M: 32) Edward Bruce Collins (M: 55) Eugene Orwin Collins (M: 70)
Jerry Michael Collins (M: 63) Jesse Roger Collins (M: 56) Justin Eugene Collins (M: 28)
Orville Collins (M: 72) Patrick Shawn Collins (M: 27) Paul Mack Collins (M: 73)
Roy Bruce Collins (M: 26) Timothy Andrew Collins (M: 37) Tonya Michelle Collins (F: 32)
Paul Mack Collins (M: 73) Eugene Owrin Collins (M: 70) Tonya Michille Shreve Collins (F: 32)
Christopher D Collins (M: 32) Patrick Shawn Collins (M: 27) Roger Allen Collins (M: 61)
Christopher Dewayne Collins (M: 32) Edward Bruce Collins (M: 55) Alicia Renee Collis (F: 30)
Alicia Renee Collis (F: 30) Steven Joseph Colunio (M: 32) Sean Lee Colvin (M: 27)
Danny Ray Combs (M: 30) Michael David Combs (M: 33) Michael David Combs (M: 33)
Elbert Andrew Comer (M: 57) Elbert Andrew Comer (M: 57) Kenneth Ray Comer (M: 59)
Elbert Andrew Comer (M: 57) Ricky Eugene Compton (M: 57) Ricky E Compton (M: 58)
Brian Allen Conley (M: 35) Jeffrey Allen Conley (M: 47) Jonathan A Conley (M: 28)
Joshua Wayne Conley (M: 28) Paul Wayne Conley (M: 55) Richard Earl Conley (M: 74)
Rickey Lee Conley (M: 56) Brian Allen Conley (M: 35) Richard Conley (M: 74)
Richard Burl Conley (M: 74) Michael Paul Conn (M: 37) Michael Paul Conn (M: 37)
Lloyd Wallace Conner (M: 64) Lloyd Wallace Conner (M: 64) Robert Alan Connolly (M: 62)
Robert Connolly (M: 62) Robert Alan Connolly (M: 62) David Lynn Conolley (M: 53)
David Lynn Conolley (M: 53) David Lynn Conolley (M: 53) Adam Lee Conrad (M: 35)
Glen Edward Conrad (M: 81) Adam Lee Conrad (M: 35) Donald Charles Conway (M: 49)
Donald C Conway (M: 49) Earl Lee Conway (M: 44) Chad Eric Cook (M: 40)
Chad Eric Cook (M: 40) Charles Lacy Cook (M: 61) Christopher Tyson Cook (M: 29)
Jeffery Lee Cook (M: 44) Justin Brannon Cook (M: 32) Leroy Cook (M: 60)
Michael Lee Cook (M: 45) Paul Jason Cook (M: 39) Paul Allen Cook (M: 55)
Tyree Andre Cook (M: 60) Charles Lacy Cook (M: 61) Leroy Cook (M: 60)
Tyree Andre Cook (M: 60) Paul Jason Cook (M: 39) Michael Lee Cook (M: 45)
Polly Ruth Coon (F: 40) William Eric Coontz (M: 45) William Eric Coontz (M: 45)
Charles Ray Cooper (M: 43) Dallas Obrien Cooper (M: 43) Juanita Jo Cooper (F: 55)
Kenneth Hugh Cooper (M: 55) Kenneth Lee Cooper (M: 45) Shaun Dean Cooper (M: 33)
Juanita Jo Cooper (F: 55) John Douglas Cooper (M: 65) Keith Oneil Cooper (M: 51)
Kenneth Hugh Cooper (M: 55) Shawn Dean Cooper (M: 33) Jody Andrew Copenhaver (M: 47)
Jody Andrew Copenhaver (M: 47) William Frank Coplan (M: 27) Robert Lee Copley (M: 44)
William James Copley (M: 50) Thomas Lee Copley (M: 52) William James Copley (M: 50)
Robert Lee Copley (M: 44) Richard Henry Corbin (M: 35) William D Corbin (M: 46)
Richard Henry Corbin (M: 35) William Dane Corbin (M: 46) William Dana Corbin (M: 46)
Andrea Juanita Cork (F: 28) Howard Dean Cork (M: 69) Howard Dean Cork (M: 69)
Robert Eugene Corley (M: 58) Robert Eugene Corley (M: 58) Todd J Corley (M: 44)
Brian Edward Cornell (M: 48) Matthew James Cornell (M: 28) Roger Allen Cornell (M: 52)
Collis R Cornell (M: 59) Roger Allen Cornell (M: 52) Matthew Thomas Cornett (M: 29)
Robert Riley Cornett (M: 40) Robert Riley Cornett (M: 40) Carlos Tyrone Cosby (M: 43)
Gerald David Cosner (M: 41) Jennifer Sue Cosner (F: 40) Keith Olen Cosner (M: 46)
Aaron Depue Cottle (M: 74) Aaron D Cottle (M: 74) Benjamin William Cottrel (M: 29)
Dusten Shawn Cottrell (M: 34) Mondy Priest Cottrell (M: 38) Nolan Larry Cottrell (M: 66)
Ronald Lee Cottrell (M: 45) Mondy Priest Cottrell (M: 38) Dustin Shawn Cottrell (M: 34)
Benjamin William Cottrell (M: 29) Jerry Lee Cottrill (M: 47) Solomon Nathaniel Cottrill (M: 26)
Jerry Lee Cottrill (M: 47) Russell H Coubert (M: 42) Gary Wayne Couch (M: 49)
William Arthur Coulson (M: 59) William Arthur Coulson (M: 59) Dessie Lloyd Coulter (M: 46)
Gary Neil Coulter (M: 67) Larry Gail Courtney (M: 37) William Joseph Courtney (M: 31)
William Joseph Courtney (M: 31) Larry Gail Courtney (M: 37) Jan L Courts (M: 53)
Jan Leeglen Courts (M: 53) William Lee Couture (M: 28) Aaron Daniel Covey (M: 34)
Kelly Guy Covey (F: 35) Aaron Daniel Covey (M: 34) Billy Joe Cowans (M: 54)
Billy Joe Cowans (M: 54) Jay Dee Cowart (M: 51) Jay Dee Cowart (M: 51)
Timothy Wayne Cowger (M: 45) Benjamin Franklin Cox (M: 56) Brandon Larue Cox (M: 31)
Earl Walter Cox (M: 38) James Claude Cox (M: 65) Jeffrey Alan Cox (M: 57)
John Columbus Cox (M: 71) Robert Edward Cox (M: 54) Ronald James Cox (M: 75)
James Claude Cox (M: 65) Robert Edward Cox (M: 54) James William Cox (M: 56)
Jeffrey Alan Cox (M: 57) Benjamin F Cox (M: 56) John Robert Crabtree (M: 29)
William Atkinson Cracraft (M: 49) William A Cracraft (M: 49) Arnold Okey Craft (M: 45)
Brian Carl Craig (M: 41) Ronald Eugene Crank (M: 46) Ronald Eugene Crank (M: 46)
Can Mahmet Crawford (M: 35) Michael Dale Crawford (M: 41) Michael Dale Crawford (M: 41)
John Mehmet Crawford (M: 35) Antonio F Crawley (M: 47) Antonio Fernando Crawley (M: 47)
Albert Odell Cremeans (M: 49) David Allen Cremeans (M: 51) David Allen Cremeans (M: 51)
Jeffrey Scott Crihfield (M: 41) Jeffrey S Crihfield (M: 41) Dennis Ray Crilow (M: 66)
Richard Allen Crim (M: 60) Joseph Scott Crist (M: 44) Joseph Scott Crist (M: 44)
Vernon Nicholas Critchley (M: 34) Vernon Nicholas Critchley (M: 34) John William Crites (M: 34)
Julius Douglas Crites (M: 33) Kenneth Lee Crites (M: 77) Norris Junior Crites (M: 78)
Kenneth Lee Crites (M: 77) Norris Junior Crites (M: 78) John William Crites (M: 34)
Julius Douglas Crites (M: 33) Woodrow Crockett (M: 75) Woodrow Crockett (M: 75)
Ralph P Croff (M: 38) Ned Shaver Crouch (M: 45) Jesse Hicks Crouse (M: 42)
Jesse Hicks Crouse (M: 42) Rex Alan Crowder (M: 61) Owen Berr Crowe (M: 29)
Telford G Cruikshank (M: 46) Telford G Cruikshank Jr (M: 46) Alan Dean Crum (M: 53)
Jimmy Dan Crumby (M: 35) Charles Eugene Crumit (M: 59) Charles Eugene Crumit (M: 59)
William Lee Crupe (M: 46) William Lee Crupe (M: 46) Linwood Junior Cuffee (M: 44)
Linwood Cuffee (M: 44) Adam Donahue Cullen (M: 36) David Jason Cullen (M: 32)
Joseph Lee Culp (M: 42) Danny Dale Cummings (M: 58) Danny Dale Cummings (M: 58)
Billy Gene Cunningham (M: 34) Dale Shannon Cunningham (M: 33) Gary Oliver Cunningham (M: 61)
Gary Marden Cunningham (M: 70) Leroy G Cunningham (M: 62) Michael Edward Cunningham (M: 40)
Thomas Bernard Cunningham (M: 71) William Roger Cunningham (M: 42) Zachary Scott Cunningham (M: 23)
Billy Gene Cunningham (M: 34) Michael Edward Cunningham (M: 40) William Roger Cunningham (M: 42)
John Talbert Curnutte (M: 65) John Talbert Curnutte (M: 65) Arnold Truman Currence (M: 66)
Brock Allen Currence (M: 35) Kevin Earl Currence (M: 42) Arnold Truman Currence (M: 66)
Carl Bruce Currie (M: 57) Carl Bruce Currie (M: 57) Charles Curry (M: 74)
Jack Darrell Curtis (M: 72) James Vincent Curtis (M: 38) Lonnie Lynn Curtis (M: 55)
Rick Woofter Curtis (M: 54) James Vincent Curtis (M: 38) Jack Darrell Curtis (M: 72)
Angelia Darlene Cutcher (F: 56) Ricky Ricardo Cuthbertson (M: 42) Albert R Cutlip (M: 47)
Benjamin Charles Cutlip (M: 34) Bobby Joe Cutlip (M: 39) Albert R Cutlip (M: 47)
Dana Lee Cutright (M: 50) Floyd Gale Cutright (M: 53) Jimmy Waitman Cutright (M: 61)
Johnnie Lee Cutright (M: 57) Floyd Gale Cutright (M: 53) James Waitman Cutright (M: 61)
Terry Eugene Cutwright (M: 42)

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