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All sex offender data currently in our database from Washington whose last name begins with the letter E are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Washington sex offender information.

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Daniel Lee Eades (M: 59) Mathew Donald Eads (M: 21) Robert Joseph Eagle (M: 59)
Lester Thomas Ealy (M: 49) Lester Thomas Ealy (M: 47) Gerry Edward Eardley (M: 66)
Gerry Edward Eardley (M: 65) Mario James Earl (M: 31) Richard Roy Earl (M: 51)
Stephen Anthony Earl (M: 42) Robert David Earll (M: 48) William Frank Earls (M: 53)
Andrew Ernest Earp (M: 34) Kenny Ray Easley (M: 28) Eric Gilbert Eason (M: 34)
Grant Thomas Eason (M: 23) Michael Eason (M: 35) Pamela Kim Eastland (F: 51)
Matthew C Eastman (M: 23) Matthew C Eastman (M: 22) Saul David Eatmon (M: 37)
Dale Edwin Eaton (M: 51) Billy M Eaton (M: 46) Dale E Eaton (M: 47)
Jeffrey Scott Eaton (M: 46) Nathaniel N Ebanks (M: 26) James C Ebeling (M: 36)
Eric David Ebert (M: 21) Brent Teed Ebinger (M: 67) Christopher Michael Ebner (M: 37)
Caleb D Eccles (M: 29) Larry Lee Eche (M: 56) Edward Ray Echols (M: 57)
Harold Jacob Echtinaw (M: 59) Johnathyn Alexander Eckhardt (M: 19) Arthur Edward Eckhart (M: 64)
Floydale Lamont Eckles (M: 34) Arlen Tad Eckley (M: 40) Nelson Roy Eddy (M: 76)
Philip Eugene Eddy (M: 31) Nelson R Eddy (M: 73) Randolph Ernest Edenshaw (M: 35)
Ringo Rodriques Edenso (M: 34) Leonardo Socito Eder (M: 57) James Joseph Eder (M: 59)
Tyson Earl Edgbert (M: 33) Tyson E Edgbert (M: 30) Steven Reid Edick (M: 51)
Pablo Pedro Edilberto (M: 28) Micheal Foster Edinger (M: 52) Ronald Cleo Edison (M: 65)
Michael Wayne Edlefsen (M: 41) Nathan Garrett Edlin (M: 29) Scott Edward Edson (M: 31)
Towner Joe Edward Iii (M: 33) Nicholas Edward Peter (M: 53) Albert John Edwards (M: 92)
Brian Thomas Edwards (M: 28) Brian L Edwards (M: 41) Brian Patrick Edwards (M: 34)
Christopher W Edwards (M: 34) Claudell Edwards (M: 62) Corey Harold Edwards (M: 32)
Craig Alan Edwards (M: 54) Douglas Jon Edwards (M: 54) Gary Ellis Edwards (M: 21)
Gervais Stuart Edwards (M: 28) Jerry L Edwards (M: 59) Ralph Lynn Edwards (M: 68)
Rydel Glen Edwards (M: 56) Thon Jay Edwards (M: 51) Vincent Theodore Edwards (M: 48)
Jerry Edwards (M: 49) Shilo Lynn Edwards (M: 32) Thon Jay Edwards (M: 48)
Gary Wayene Edwards (M: 52) Kurtis S Edwards (M: 20) James Brent Edwardson (M: 33)
Ryan Daniel Effinger (M: 30) Michael John Egan (M: 59) Todd Jeffrey Eggebraten (M: 38)
Willum Brae Eggleston (M: 15) David Carson Ehli (M: 43) Stephen Gilbert Ehmann (M: 37)
Roger Eugene Ehrler (M: 39) Joseph E Ehrs (M: 67) Tuff Rodney Eichner (M: 16)
Scott Mikel Eisenbeis (M: 29) Steven Clarence Eisenbise (M: 53) Stephen Wayne Eisenshank (M: 65)
Mark Lane Eklund (M: 48) Mark Lane Eklund (M: 48) Sadrud-Din Ibn El-Amin (M: 41)
Adolph B Elde (M: N/A) Anthony Michael Elder (M: 35) Lawrence Howard Elder (M: 61)
Robert Bradley Elder (M: 54) Timothy L Elder (M: 32) Danny Ray Eldhardt (M: 41)
Steve K Eldridge (M: 35) Robert Marvin Eledge (M: 63) Terry Lee Elf (M: 64)
John Richard Elgin (M: 61) Eric Blaine Eliason (M: 47) Joseph Albert Eliason (M: 26)
Timothy Gregg Elie (M: 47) Brad Austin Elkins (M: 24) Daryle Lee Elkins (M: 26)
Gerald Robert Elkins (M: 76) Joshua Allen Elkins (M: 32) Patrick Michael Elkins (M: 45)
Eric Christian Elkins Jr (M: 18) Sean Steven Ellefson (M: 33) Virgil Glenn Ellery (M: 49)
Mark Ellickson (M: 33) Joseph G Ellinger (M: 93) Charles William Elliott (M: 43)
Evan Stacy Elliott (M: 42) Keith Wayne Elliott (M: 80) Mike Lee Elliott (M: 25)
Olin Landon Elliott (M: 47) Robert Leonard Elliott (M: 40) Robert L Elliott (M: 34)
Olin L Elliott (M: 45) Michael Lee Elliott (M: 24) Raymond Allan Elliott (M: 34)
Brent Michael Ellis (M: 34) Brian Jay Ellis (M: 46) Charles William Ellis (M: 26)
Charles Bell Ellis (M: 39) David Norman Ellis (M: 64) Derek Lee Ellis (M: 27)
Derrick A Ellis (M: 33) Jerry Bruce Ellis (M: 72) Julianne Zell Ellis (F: 26)
Lonnie Dewayne Ellis (M: 38) Marcus David Ellis (M: 34) William Ray Ellis (M: 32)
Tysen Lee Ellis (M: 25) Marcus D Ellis (M: 31) Charles Bell Ellis (M: 39)
Ronald Glynn Ellis (M: 48) Wayne Enoch Ellis Ii (M: 47) Benjamin Robert Ellis-Swanson (M: 21)
Robert Russel Ellison (M: 29) Damon Jason Elmendoff (M: 32) Brian Lamont Elmore (M: 33)
Robert Scott Elmore (M: 42) Michael Curtis Elrod (M: 28) Krista Pearl Elston (F: 28)
Lawrence Jerry Elward (M: 62) Lawrence J Elward (M: 59) James Nolan Elwell (M: 27)
Donevan Lamont Emanuel (M: 36) Ladorian Carlos Emanuel (M: 39) Eric Brian Embom (M: 41)
Eric Embom (M: 44) Randall James Emerson (M: 24) Kenneth Roland Emery (M: 36)
Ralph Harvey Emler (M: 46) Brian James Emmons (M: 32) Justin Lee Emmons (M: 26)
David Lee Emory (M: 34) Travis Allen Empey (M: 29) Michael John Emry (M: 41)
Frank Patrick Emwright (M: 62) David Henry Endres (M: 28) David H Endres (M: 25)
Levi Orvil Engblom (M: 27) Jamie Michael Engel (M: 35) Sorren James Engel (M: 33)
Darwin Lee Engelking (M: 53) Darwin Lee Engelking (M: 54) Juan Angel England (M: 51)
Joshua Franz England (M: 31) Paul Allen Engle (M: 69) Paul A Engle (M: 66)
Brian Keith English (M: 48) Brian K English (M: 47) Chad Daryll Enochs (M: 33)
Chad Daryl Enochs (M: 29) Michael Scott Enos (M: 32) Paul Martin Enos (M: 34)
Gerald Duaine Enquist (M: 58) Ian Jezreel Enriquez (M: 34) Robert U.L. Ensign (M: 23)
Robert U Ensign (M: 20) Timothy Orran Entler (M: 24) Christopher Jorden Entler (M: 25)
Sean Thomas Enyeart (M: 28) Virgil Hale Epp (M: 47) Raymond C Eppel (M: 63)
Joshua Clint Epperson (M: 32) Robert James Epps (M: 67) William J Erb (M: 57)
William Joseph Erb (M: 59) Gary Nelson Erdman (M: 45) Gary N Erdman (M: 42)
William Arthur Erdt (M: 63) Matthew Hermen Erichsen (M: 52) Aaron Douglas Erickson (M: 46)
Daniel Robert Erickson (M: 23) Michael Lee Erickson (M: 42) Eric Lee Erickson (M: 33)
Brian Eugene Erickson (M: 34) Dewayne Bill Erickson (M: 26) Steven Ira Ermey Jr (M: 41)
Arnold Patrick Ermine (M: 62) Arnold P Ermine (M: 59) Bradley Vincent Ersland (M: 20)
Gary Ray Ervig (M: 49) Gary Ray Ervig (M: 46) Gary Ray Ervig Jr (U: 50)
Billy Mack Ervin (M: 53) Sean Wallace Ervin (M: 41) Sean Michael Ervin (M: 27)
Michael Jacob Erwin (M: 34) Eliceo Ignacio Escalante (M: 38) Brandon Michael Escarcega (M: 27)
John A Escobedo (M: 44) Manuel Escobedo (M: 48) Lonnie Qvohn Eskridge (M: 20)
Abel Gutierrez Espindola (M: 35) Edgardo Antonio Espinosa (M: 31) Ricardo Louis Espinosa (M: 33)
Francisco Valdovinos Espinoza (M: 18) Ramon Espinoza (M: 19) Ramone Espinoza (M: 21)
Jesus Espitia (M: 36) Jorge Carillo Esquivel (M: 45) Steven Paul Estabrook (M: 40)
Lyle Estabrook (M: 66) Donald Emery Estes (M: 59) Chad Steven Estrada (M: 29)
Michael Andrew Estrada (M: 21) Mason Maurice Eubanks (M: 20) Hopeann Kiunuck Evan (F: 34)
Charles T Evanoff (M: 40) Derrick Robert Evans (M: 21) James Leroy Evans (M: 48)
James Brian Evans (M: 48) Jeffery Robert Evans (M: 24) Jeremie Scott Evans (M: 29)
Nathan T Evans (M: 29) Nathan David Evans (M: 24) Robert Williams Evans (M: 21)
Tyler J Evans (M: 36) Wesley Allen Evans (M: 22) William Dee Evans (M: 67)
Marvin Wayne Evans (M: 45) Robert S Evans (M: 58) Bryan Patrick Evans (M: 22)
Jeffery Johannes Evenson (M: 41) Thomas R Evenson (M: 46) Robert Edward Everett (M: 54)
Robert Edward Everett (M: 54) David Michael Everhart (M: 25) Andrew James Evert (M: 27)
Andrew Nicholas Evich (M: 64) Andrew N Evich (M: 61) Tom Douglas Evje (M: 28)
Robert Josh Ewald (M: 23) Ronnie Douglas Ewert (M: 49) Lloyd Ray Ewing (M: 49)
Peter Mitchell Ewing (M: 55) Bruce Wayne Eytchison (M: 46) Larry Darnell Ezell (M: 48)
Reed Davis Ezra (M: 44)

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