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All sex offender data currently in our database from Virginia whose last name begins with the letter V are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Virginia sex offender information.

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Derick Anthony Vaden (M: 32) Timothy John Valaike (M: 47) Mario Edwin Jr Valdez (M: 40)
Robert Augustine Valdez (M: 48) Mario Roberto Valdez (M: 32) Shawn Samuel Valdez (M: 41)
Douglas Vlademir Valdez-Grande (M: 33) Jose Margarito Valdez-Herrera (M: 40) Ronald Estuardo Valencia (M: 33)
Santos Hombe Sanchez Valencia (M: 33) James Donald Valentin (M: 50) Martin Layne Valentine (M: 51)
Julius H Valentine (M: 56) William Ardies Valentine (M: 53) Nathaniel Valentine (M: 75)
David Wayne Valentine (M: 56) Andre Valentine (M: 43) Donta Antwan Valentine (M: 29)
Richard B Valentine (M: 33) Juan Jose Valenzuela (M: 41) Jose Valenzuela-Lopez (M: 32)
Santos E Valiente-Rabanales (M: 39) Richard Marvin Valk (M: 38) Jose A Valladares (M: 37)
Antonio Lopez Valladarez (M: 47) Moises Angel Lopez Valle (M: 39) Walter Adolfo Valle (U: N/A)
Roly Vallejos (M: 21) Juan Luis Valqui (M: 61) Steven Valsamis (M: 69)
Jonathan Van (M: 40) Dante A Van Dunk (M: 36) Ronald Eugene Van Patten (M: 36)
Anthony Ray Vance (M: 21) Billy Gene Vance (M: 68) Charles Lee Vance (M: 31)
Herman Lee Vance (M: 74) Robert Carl Vance (M: 49) Roy Darnell Vance (M: 51)
Tom Haney Vance (M: 38) William Darrell Vance (M: 63) David R Vance (M: 41)
Irving W Vance (M: 29) Christopher John Vance (M: 37) James Earl Vance (M: 50)
Herbert Michael Vance (M: 44) James Brian Vancleef (M: 35) Joshua Adam Vancleve (M: 24)
Christopher M Vanclief (M: 32) Dawn R Vandamme (F: 41) Steven Paul Vanderjagt (M: 56)
Robin W Vanderwall (M: 37) Douglas Anthony Vandiver (M: 47) Thomas C Vandiver (M: 31)
Harry W Vandross (M: 43) Joseph Richard Vandyke (M: 34) Joseph Richard Vandyke (M: 33)
Cheng Vang (M: 27) Matthew David Vanginhoven (M: 32) Matthew David Vanhouten (M: 31)
George Robert Vanhoy (M: 67) Buddy Wayne Vanhuss (M: 51) Eric Michael Vann (M: 31)
Errick Lionel Vann (M: 33) Howard Lamont Vann (M: 41) Earl T Vannaten (M: 48)
Lewis John Vannatter (M: 50) Anthony Keith Vanover (M: 30) Daniel Matthew Vanover (M: 25)
Robert Ray Vanover (M: 52) John George Vanriper (M: 46) Jeffrey Scott Vanslyke (M: 51)
John Alfred Vanterpool (M: 33) John A Vanterpool (M: 34) Shane Michael Vanvalkenburg (M: 36)
Joseph Charles Vanvalkenburgh (M: 45) Kevin Dean Vanvleet (M: 39) Lucas Vanvooren (M: 18)
David Vanwormer (M: 34) Franklin Josue Alfaro Varela (M: 26) Miguel Angel Vargas (M: 41)
Marcial R Vargas (M: 40) Edwin Vargas-Flores (M: 26) Richard Louis Varish (M: 75)
Richard Louis Varish (M: 75) Norman Dean Varner (M: 61) Carter Glen Varney (M: 28)
Manuel Leon Vasquez (M: 65) Manuel Jesus Vasquez (M: 48) Rene A Vasquez (M: 28)
Ruben Vasquez (M: 58) Jose Vasquez (M: 34) Hector Vasquez (M: 29)
Maricio Adalberto Vasquez (M: 26) Leonel Alexander Vasquez (M: 21) Carlos Alberto Vasquez-Torres (M: 22)
James Richard Vass (M: 46) Frances Ann Vassi (F: 53) James Donald Vaughan (M: 55)
James Louis Vaughan (M: 50) Nelson Jerome Vaughan (M: 47) Shelton A Vaughan (M: 39)
Stuart Wayne Vaughan (M: 49) Tracy Kevin Vaughan (M: 45) Wayne Edwin Vaughan (M: 46)
William Brann Vaughan (M: 49) Yahmon Demone Vaughan (M: 34) Ronnie A Vaughan (M: 38)
Marcus Levell Vaughan (M: 42) Christopher C Vaughan (M: 57) Steven Louis Vaughan (M: 64)
Michael Andre Vaughan (M: 44) Shelton Antonio Vaughan (M: 39) Steven Louis Vaughan (M: 64)
Curtis Lee Vaughan (M: 49) Byron Elliott Vaughn (M: 26) Chad Aaron Vaughn (M: 39)
Christopher Lee Vaughn (M: 40) Jessie Hale Vaughn (M: 23) Kristy Lynn Vaughn (F: 29)
Robert Wayne Vaughn (M: 46) James Wesley Vaughn (M: 35) Stuart Bernard Vaughn (M: 53)
Carsby J Vaughn (M: 47) Richard A Vaughn (M: 49) James William Vaughn (M: 59)
Thomas Maurice Vaughn (M: 31) Andrew Obie Vaughn (M: 49) Anthony Wadell Vaughn (M: 31)
Bobby Gene Vaughn (M: 50) Kelvin E Vaughn (M: 52) Michael Vaughns (M: 52)
Douglas Linwood Vaught (M: 65) Mitchell Frank Vaught (M: 52) Timothy Claude Vaught (M: 57)
Francisco Vazquez (M: 48) Carlos Vazquez (M: 22) Rigoberto Vazquez-Acosta (M: 32)
Jose J Vega (M: 37) Transito Melgar Vega (M: 44) Leonel Vega-Perez (M: 36)
Ludwig Wolfgang Velarde-Ruiz (M: 37) Daniel Johnston Velasco (M: 33) Javier Amilear Velasquez (M: 24)
Bernabe Velasquez (M: 29) Franklin Adolfo Velasquez-Juarez (M: 38) Jose Cristino Velasquez-Lopez (M: 34)
Eduardo Velazquez (M: 34) Israel Velez (M: 45) Marco Antonio Velez-Jimenez (M: 36)
Terry Wayne Velliquette (M: 53) Michael Jay Velos (M: 44) Clarence C Venable (M: 26)
James Paul Venable (M: 50) John Samuel Venable (M: 49) Ryan Lee Venable (M: 39)
Clarence Thurston Vencill (M: 61) Jodi Lee Vencill (F: 39) Paul Venery (M: 70)
Anthony Venetti (M: 34) Larry Gene Veney (M: 52) Yahshau Yahjori Veney (M: 27)
Jeremy Evan Venskoske (M: 23) John Edward Venskoske (M: 51) Santos E Ventura-Mata (M: 31)
Mario Leoncio Vera (M: 63) Andres Ramos Vera (M: 20) Lauce Jacinto Zambrano Vera (M: 20)
Edward Thomas Verell (M: 63) James Julian Veres (M: 27) Alder Vergaray-Arista (M: 36)
Jeremy Daniel Vergason (M: 32) Robert Beale Verlander (M: 59) Thad Edward Vermillion (M: 50)
James Robert Vernon (M: 26) Nicholas O Vernon (M: 34) David Whitield Verser (M: 54)
Dale Patrick Versher (M: 54) William David Vess (M: 57) David Earl Vessels (M: 51)
Bradley Douglas Vest (M: 33) Judy Anne Vest (F: 47) Oscar James Vest (M: 58)
Theodore P Veth (M: 81) Charles Raymond Vette (M: 74) Marcel John Vezina (M: 44)
Charles Richard Via (M: 39) Harold Owen Via (M: 71) James Edward Via (M: 23)
Stephen Dale Via (M: 38) Richard Alen Via (M: 60) Todd Lee Via (M: 51)
Eldridge Franklin Via (M: 50) Gerald Keith Via (M: 53) Steven Arthur Viar (M: 62)
Ruby Maxine Viar (F: 38) Jerry Lee Viars (M: 46) Charles E Viars (M: 28)
Francisco Chan Vicente (M: 27) Adam Michael Vick (M: 25) Larry Darnell Vick (M: 44)
Dennis A Vick (M: 54) Bobby Vick (M: 79) Victor E Vick (M: 46)
Dennis Antonio Vick (M: 29) Fennell Vick (M: 72) David Allen Vickers (M: 40)
Daniel Vidal (M: 32) Fredy A Vides (M: 49) Jaime E Vides (M: 41)
Eric Mitchell Viens (M: 29) William B Vier (M: 50) Noe Salomon Viera-Lazo (M: 30)
Brandon James Vierra (M: 24) Stephen Wynn Vigar (M: 56) Joseph Phillip Viggiano (M: 47)
Alex Judex Vigil (M: 27) Jose R Vigil (M: 41) David Vigil (M: 47)
Eric D Vigor (M: 28) Eric Daniel Vigor (M: 28) Luis Enriquez Vilchis (M: 42)
Cesar Villa (M: 51) Manuel Alfred Villa (M: 38) German Villacorte (M: 36)
Mario Villagomez (M: 45) Wilfredo Enrriques Villalobos (M: 46) Ramon Villaltalizama (M: 40)
Ricardo Farmer Villanueva (M: 41) Ever Omar Villanueva (M: 28) Angelo Sinatra Villardi (M: 52)
Silvio T Villarejo (M: 60) Oscar A Villarreal (M: 46) Jhony Omar Villatoro (M: 23)
Jose R Villatoro-Garcia (M: 44) William Ricardo Villeda-Ardon (M: 27) Donald Lloyd Vincent (M: 58)
Michael Stuart Vincent (M: 47) Albert Lee Vincent (M: 79) Jimmy Ray Vincil (M: 34)
Darrell Deshawn Vines (M: 38) Larry Paul Vines (M: 50) Richard A Vines (M: 58)
William L Vines (M: 37) Clayton Vines (M: 48) Pernell Lee Viney (M: 46)
Braxton W Vinson (M: 43) Norman Justice Vint (M: 54) Angela Marie Vintes (F: 51)
Derek Wayne Vipperman (M: 31) Michael Andrew Viveiros (M: 42) John R Voegtly (M: 60)
Jason Douglas Vogel (M: 34) Paul Patrick Vogel (M: 24) Jason Douglas Vogel (M: 34)
Trevin Donte Void (M: 28) Jason Robert Voigt (M: 33) Matthew Wayne Voit (M: 48)
Theodore Charles Volek (M: 29) Frederick Allen Vollmer (M: 53) Robert Lawrence Vose (M: 63)
Michael Evans Vosper (M: 68) Herbert Lee Voss (M: 50) Jonathan Philip Vowles (M: 41)
Joshua Andrew Vrabel (M: 34) Minh Quang Vu (M: 47) Minh Quang Vu (M: 48)
Petar Vuckovic (M: 64) William Thomas Vuk (M: 32)

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