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All sex offender data currently in our database from Virginia whose last name begins with the letter O are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Virginia sex offender information.

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Richard Paul O'Brian (M: 75) Stephen Voorhees Oakes (M: 55) Timothy Dwayne Oakes (M: 46)
Curtis Charlet Oakley (M: 36) Dustin Todd Oakley (M: 28) Gary Duane Oakley (M: 53)
Gary Duane Oakley (M: 53) Montel Morrell Oakley (M: 35) Troy Lamont Oakley (M: 37)
Garry Laquan Oates (M: 26) Steven Olufemi Obajolu (M: 20) Raymond Herbert Obannion (M: 32)
Kwaku Obeng (M: 53) David Allen Obenshain (M: 34) Chad Anthony Ober (M: 33)
Bruce Linwood Oberg (M: 70) Scott Anthony Oberlander (M: 48) Gary L Oberlin (M: 63)
Michael Scott Oberry (M: 28) Gil Ordiales Obordo (M: 52) John Henry Oboyle (M: 53)
Concepcion Obregon-Salinas (M: 54) Michael Andrew Obremski (M: 58) William David Obrian (M: 51)
James Richard Obrien (M: 66) Edward Obrien (M: 70) Patrick Kevin Obrien (M: 33)
Walter Kane Obst (M: 36) Roosevelt Occenac (M: 47) Ryan Deane Oconnell (M: 26)
Larry Oconner (M: 34) Ryan Patrick Oconnor (M: 26) Lemuel Cecil Octave (M: 21)
Randall Blane Odell (M: 63) Shawn Michael Odell (M: 33) Lauren T Odell (F: 43)
James Oden (M: 62) William Gavin Oden (M: 42) Reese Wayne Odle (M: 43)
Thomas Allen Odom (M: 26) Alex Eugene Odom (M: 56) Derrick Lee Odom (M: 42)
Jessie J Odom (M: 63) Daniel Joseph Odonnell (M: 33) William David Odum (M: 33)
Shawn Leroy Offer (M: 28) Daniel Edward Offield (M: 32) Terry Ofori (M: 29)
James Gordon Ogarra (M: 52) Alfreddie Ogburn (M: 51) Douglas E Ogburn (M: 37)
Vincent Mark Ogburn (M: 51) Robert Cecil Ogden (M: 77) Femi Ashley Oginni (M: 26)
Christopher Eugene Ogle (M: 48) John J Ogrady (M: 64) Keith Harold Ogren (M: 57)
Javier Americano Ojeda (M: 27) Joseph E Okoh (M: 45) Anthony Ikem Okolo (M: 51)
Avery D Okray (M: 41) Paul Olah (M: 85) Charles Joseph Olah (M: 69)
Kareem A Olajuwon (M: 49) Mansour Olapour (M: 58) Juan Pablo Olbera (M: 45)
Augustin Olbera-Aguilera (M: 55) Juan P Olberta (M: 26) Michael N Old (M: 28)
Monterrio Jamal Olds (M: 21) Clifton E Olds (M: 33) James Lamont Olds (M: 41)
Marshall B Olds (M: 51) Clifton Edward Olds (M: 32) Walter Louis Oley (M: 51)
Dewey Wayne Olinger (M: 63) Jerry Willis Olinger (M: 53) Robert H Olinger (M: 49)
Ralph Harold Oliphint (M: 48) Leonel Oliva (M: 33) Abel Rufino Oliva-Alegria (M: 46)
Alexis E Olivares (M: 25) Silvio Francisco Olivari (M: 60) Blake Bradley Oliver (M: 25)
Chris Davell Oliver (M: 20) Derek Scott Oliver (M: 39) Derrick Lamont Oliver (M: 31)
Douglas Mcarthur Oliver (M: 23) James David Oliver (M: 29) Joel Edward Oliver (M: 74)
John Lewis Oliver (M: 47) John Terry Oliver (M: 44) Joseph Dean Oliver (M: 60)
Lewis Carrel Oliver (M: 75) Mark Wayne Oliver (M: 50) Rachel Alana Oliver (F: 24)
Shawn Douglas Oliver (M: 29) William Ray Oliver (M: 23) Dan Lavell Oliver (M: 52)
Rickey Carnell Oliver (M: 58) Stephen Leonard Oliver (M: 70) Charlie Jefferson Oliver (M: 68)
George Raymond Oliver (M: 41) Stanley Germiah Oliver (M: 20) Stanley Leon Oliver (M: 70)
Adrian Olivia-Flores (M: 40) Henry Christian Olsen (M: 73) Eric Thompson Olsen (M: 57)
Charles Kevin Olson (M: 48) Paula Nancy Olson (F: 53) Joseph N Olvera (M: 46)
Jesse Talmadge Oneal (M: 21) Shannon Maria Oneal (F: 39) Walter Parker Oneal (M: 74)
Charles Creath Oneal (M: 76) Adam Kyle Oneal (M: 27) Trinia Kay Oneal (F: 36)
Elden Wayne Oneil (M: 48) John Oneil (M: 53) Kenneth J Oneil (M: 63)
Kaihain Chanse Onge (M: 21) Angelos Laquawania Opie (M: 32) David Paul Oquinn (M: 42)
Lawrence Orankit (M: 61) Bruce Gary Ordway (M: 60) Eric Sarvelio Orellana (M: 21)
Gibson Olman Orellana (M: 38) Elder Orellana-Pineda (M: 33) Rodolfo Orellanaromero (M: 61)
Robert Gerald Orfield (M: 53) Jason Thomas Orlando (M: 33) Dennis L Orlikowski (M: 53)
Dennis Lee Orlikowski (M: 53) Willis Ornes (M: 60) Dennis Carlton Orork (M: 48)
Edward Orourke (M: 72) Johnnie Mack Orr (M: 52) William Joseph Orren (M: 65)
Carlos Jose Ortega (M: 39) Jason Ortega (M: 37) Alfred Ortiz (M: 83)
Jose Luis Ortiz (M: 35) Luis Alonzo Ortiz (M: 41) Ralph Thomas Ortiz (M: 25)
Robert Ortiz (M: 40) Tomas Charles Ortiz (M: 37) Luis Antonio Ortiz (M: 38)
Sebastian Ortiz (M: 44) Luis Miguel Ortiz-Vazquez (M: 26) Kenneth Lynwood Orvin (M: 62)
Fredrick Eugene Orwig (M: 42) David E Osborn (M: 53) Andrew Robert Osborne (M: 23)
Carson Osborne (M: 68) Joseph Earl Osborne (M: 49) Joseph Richard Osborne (M: 21)
Kenneth Dewayne Osborne (M: 35) Thomas Lee Osborne (M: 26) Tyriq Jamel Osborne (M: 26)
Darry W Osborne (M: 64) Curtis Jack Osborne (M: 76) Christopher Wayne Osborne (M: 41)
Frank E Osborne (M: 27) John Daniel Osborne (M: 29) Nathan Osborne (M: 20)
Nathaniel Joseph Osborne (M: 20) Larae Denise Osborne-Hilton (F: 44) Daniel Preston Osbourne (M: 27)
Carl Lee Osby (M: 42) Argil Junior Oscar (M: 75) Gregory Frank Oshel (M: 50)
Peter Stanley Osick (M: 60) Antonio Osoria Pacheco (M: 57) Juan Osorio (M: 52)
Juan Antonio Osorio (M: 52) Walter Ulises Osorto (M: 30) Juan Carlos Osorto (M: 35)
Danny Gene Otey (M: 63) Rodney Nathaniel Otey (M: 44) Charlie R Otey (M: 64)
Jay Edward Ott (M: 30) Carlos M Outen (M: 41) Cecil Lamont Outlaw (M: 34)
Jason Alexander Outlaw (M: 35) Bryant Connell Outlaw (M: 38) Ben Outlawed (M: 33)
Richard Scott Outten (M: 30) Richard S Outten (M: 30) Charles Richard Overby (M: 27)
Scott W Overby (M: 44) Robert Lee Overcash (M: 49) Charles Lee Overman (M: 77)
Martell Lee Overman (M: 48) Bennie Dale Overstreet (M: 28) Clinton Davis Overstreet (M: 38)
Dale Glenn Overstreet (M: 53) David Michael Overstreet (M: 37) Jordan Scott Overstreet (M: 29)
Quad Sentee Overstreet (M: 35) Toney Lane Overstreet (M: 45) Jesse Edward Overstreet (M: 55)
Charles Eddie Overton (M: 29) Tommy Randall Overton (M: 62) Tyione Alphoniso Overton (M: 32)
Chad Edward Ovitt (M: 33) John Michael Owen (M: 31) Robert Duke Owen (M: 51)
Thomas Wayne Owen (M: 60) Carl Christopher Owens (M: 42) Cecil Ray Owens (M: 55)
Charles Owens (M: 46) Charles Melvin Owens (M: 68) Coleman Wayne Owens (M: 50)
Delmer Gleen Owens (M: 49) Dewayne Jemal Owens (M: 20) James Allen Owens (M: 41)
John Albert Owens (M: 49) Johnny Allen Owens (M: 55) Justin Michael Owens (M: 24)
Larry William Owens (M: 54) Larry Owens (M: 55) Larry Wayne Owens (M: 68)
Michael Edward Owens (M: 48) Orlando Owens (M: 41) Rashawn Durrell Owens (M: 19)
Raymond Marshall Owens (M: 36) Robert Clifton Owens (M: 34) Gene Stephen Owens (M: 34)
David Allen Owens (M: 60) Jerry A Owens (M: 57) Diogenes Lee Owens (M: 51)
Anthony Jawain Owens (M: 47) Richard E Owens (M: 65) Marvin S Owens (M: 41)
Christopher Robin Owens (M: 36) Harold Austin Owens (M: 28) Jeffrey Michael Owens (M: 23)
Jesse Owens (M: 54) Jonathan D Owens (M: 28) Marvin Trevel Owens (M: 33)
Pierre Deshaun Owens (M: 26) Feliz Charles Owino (M: 45) Christopher Todd Ownby (M: 43)
John Wesley Ownby (M: 48) William Oxendine (M: 46) Stephen Wayde Oxenford (M: 27)
Walter Dean Oxford (M: 61) Jose Antonio Oyosa (M: 43) Richard Lee Ozmar (M: 30)

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