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All sex offender data currently in our database from Virginia whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Virginia sex offender information.

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Joshua Behrouz Nabatkhorian (M: 54) Ian Martin Nachreiner (M: 26) Simon Edward Nadeau (M: 34)
Christopher A Nadeau (M: 24) Dyllan Otto Naecker (M: 28) Terri L Nagel (F: 51)
Pedro Pablo Najarro (M: 30) Carlos Russell Najarro (M: 23) Jeremy Luke Nance (M: 31)
William Ray Nance (M: 47) Jeremy L Nance (M: 26) Mark Anthony Napier (M: 52)
Mark Anthony Napier (M: 52) Walter R Napier (M: 43) Charles Wesley Napper (M: 45)
Ray Nardella (M: 85) Christopher Lee Narragon (M: 33) James Nathan Nartowicz (M: 52)
William Leonard Nase (M: 61) Allen Dewayne Nash (M: 36) David Franklin Nash (M: 26)
James Butort Nash (M: 57) Raymond Nash (M: 50) Joseph M Nash (M: 25)
Jeffery Alexander Nash (M: 40) Matthew R Nash (M: 26) Edward G Nassef (M: 59)
Geovani Nataren (M: 18) Carl A Natter (M: 67) Donald Eugene Van Natter (M: 69)
Patrick Joseph Naughton (M: 37) Christopher Cody Nauman (M: 26) Luis A Navarrete (M: 36)
Jose Alcides Navarrette (M: 63) Marco Alfonso Navarro (M: 41) Thomas William Navarro (M: 41)
Yoni Edwin Navarro (M: 34) Andrew Edwin Nave (M: 58) Carl Roderick Nave (M: 35)
Ira Jeffrey Nave (M: 23) John Edgar Naylor (M: 40) Rashawn Donte Nazzare (M: 25)
Bwana M Nduma (M: 53) Charlie Williams Neal (M: 60) Dion Maurice Neal (M: 33)
Eric Landon Neal (M: 24) Shannon Maria O Neal (F: 39) Yatame Shacora Neal (F: 27)
Richard Neal (M: 39) Ronald Keith Neal (M: 58) Howard F Neal (M: 58)
James W Neal (M: 44) Bannister Dale Neal (M: 51) Cameron Alexander Neal (M: 20)
William Curtis Neal (M: 41) Kelvin Lamont Neal (M: 41) Kevin Leslie Neale (M: 37)
Alvin Carneal Neblett (M: 38) Chad Chandler Neblett (M: 33) Mark Aaron Nebolsky (M: 47)
Johnathan David Neece (M: 35) Columbus Odile Neece (M: 46) Jeffrey Eugene Neel (M: 50)
Rufus Ezra Neeley (M: 63) Albert J Neeley (M: 54) David Paul Neely (M: 59)
Danny Richard Neering (M: 55) Steven Paul Nees (M: 40) Boyd C Neff (M: 66)
Eddie Arnold Neice (M: 57) William Douglas Neice (M: 30) Kristian P Neidig (M: 33)
Dwane Lee Neil (M: 24) David Ray Neill (M: 37) David Glenn Nelen (M: 58)
Terrell Jermaine Nellum (M: 23) Douglas Wayne Nelms (M: 55) Kevin B Nelms (M: 52)
Eric Andrew Nelsen (M: 30) Andrew Joel Nelson (M: 29) David Scott Nelson (M: 47)
Douglas Scott Nelson (M: 47) Eugene Nelson (M: 54) George Martin Nelson (M: 58)
Harry Grant Nelson (M: 33) Mark Anthony Nelson (M: 30) Mark Reid Nelson (M: 48)
Nicholas Edward Nelson (M: 30) Robert William Nelson (M: 46) Rodney Shaun Alan Nelson (M: 27)
Ryan Michael Nelson (M: 28) Donald Nelson (M: 63) George Nelson (M: 50)
James Ronelle Nelson (M: 43) James E Nelson (M: 59) John B Nelson (M: 74)
Isaac Demond Nelson (M: 33) David Allen Nelson (M: 22) Joe Nathan Nelson (M: 35)
Kevin Lorenzo Nelson (M: 43) Nino Martinez Nelson (M: 43) Robert Allen Nelson (M: 32)
Rodney Nelson (M: 27) Brian Gregory Nemeth (M: 35) Enel Nerestant (M: 31)
Raven Bluehaze Neria (F: 29) Reginald E Nesbit (M: 48) Richard Alan Nesselrodt (M: 36)
William J Nestel (M: 42) Christopher Allen Nester (M: 35) Kevin John Nester (M: 34)
Bernard E Nester (M: 67) James Author Nestor (M: 35) Jaquan Anthony Nettingham (M: 19)
Timothy Franklin Neuman (M: 45) Ronald Eugene Neupert (M: 76) Joel Raynard Nevels (M: 32)
Jonathan David Nevens (M: 42) Earl Alfonso Neverson (M: 53) Frank Neville (M: 49)
Frederick Walter Nevitt (M: 36) Frederick Walter Nevitt (M: 36) Justin Newberger (M: 21)
Barry Lee Newberry (M: 60) Stuart Wayne Newberry (M: 66) Jay Bradley Newbert (M: 49)
Rufus Clark Newbill (M: 64) Elijah Tivon Newbold-Davis (M: 21) Phillip Wayne Newbourne (M: 49)
Guido Ringeisen Newbrough (M: 52) Derrick Lee Newby (M: 50) George R Newby (M: 49)
Ghwana Latrece Newby (M: 40) Melvin M Newby (M: 40) Kelly Leon Newby (M: 47)
Raleigh Lee Newby (M: 51) Thomas A Newby (M: 39) Carl Austin Newcomb (M: 43)
Mark Steven Newell (M: 38) Robert W Newell (M: 63) Donald Lee Newhart (M: 28)
Curtis Newkirk (M: 48) Charles Thomas Newlun (M: 40) Dwayne Trevor Newman (M: 51)
Jevon Darnell Newman (M: 33) Leroy Henry Newman (M: 37) Oliver Orlando Newman (M: 46)
Oliver Orlando Newman (M: 46) Paul David Newman (M: 45) Paul David Newman (M: 42)
Richard Dean Newman (M: 45) Robert Lee Newman (M: 38) Samuel Mark Newman (M: 55)
William Elton Newman (M: 76) Benjamin C Newman (M: 46) Thomas Lee Newman (M: 65)
Daniel Wayne Newman (M: 31) Herbert Russell Newman (M: 72) Timothy Gerard Newman (M: 55)
Michael Troy Newnam (M: 50) James Douglas Newport (M: 39) Robert Grant Newsom (M: 45)
Randy Newsome (M: 42) Kevin Marquez Newsome (M: 22) Darris Altony Newsome (M: 53)
Evan Andrew Newsome (M: 23) Donald Wayne Newton (M: 62) John Frederick Newton (M: 58)
Mark David Newton (M: 53) Roger Corey Newton (M: 33) Rosemarie Potter Newton (F: 56)
David W Newton (M: 35) Jay Ashley Newton (M: 35) Eric Samuel Newton (M: 31)
Furman Wayne Newton (M: 66) Jerome Newton (M: 48) Chi K Ngo (M: 64)
David Ducthana Nguyen (M: 29) Dung Quoc Nguyen (M: 42) Hung Ngoc Nguyen (M: 37)
Khoa Kim Nguyen (M: 46) Luong Van Nguyen (M: 41) Mien Van Nguyen (M: 44)
Peter Tuan Nguyen (M: 43) Tan Thanh Nguyen (M: 61) Dien T Nguyen (M: 40)
Tuan Nguyen (M: 46) Anh Tuan Nguyen (M: 30) Su Van Nguyen (M: 41)
Hung Ngoc Nguyen (M: 53) William Anthony Nibblett (M: 46) Lawerence O Nibblins (M: 27)
Obediah Junior Niblett (M: 58) Roger Odell Niblett (M: 30) Adam C Nicely (M: 28)
Donna Fay Nicely (F: 49) Scott Lowell Nicholas (M: 60) Keith Lamont Nicholas (M: 41)
Ardon E Nichols (M: 39) Arnett Desha Nichols (M: 24) Franklin M Nichols (M: 41)
Kenneth Terrell Nichols (M: 33) Kevon L Nichols (M: 27) Robert Lee Nichols (M: 75)
Raymond Earl Nichols (M: 53) Phillip S Nichols (M: 47) Rodney E Nichols (M: 60)
Rodney Steven Nichols (M: 42) Bobby Dewayne Nicholson (M: 24) Lester Gene Nicholson (M: 52)
Ronnie Ray Nicholson (M: 54) Jermaine A Nicholson (M: 30) Byron Lee Nicholson (M: 46)
Tony Nicholson (M: 47) David Lorenzo Nicholson (M: 51) Mark L Nicholson (M: 48)
Woodrow Wilson Nicholson (M: 73) Robert Nickelson (M: 57) Daniel Arnold Nickerson (M: 53)
Devon Anthony Nickerson (M: 22) Eric Christopher Nickle (M: 41) Rondalph Hilly Nidiffer (M: 78)
Harry Nie (M: 50) Lindon Stuart Niedermayer (M: 64) John Walter Niehaus (M: 67)
Kalen Joseph Nielsen (M: 40) Kalen Joseph Nielsen (M: 39) Michael Edward Nielsen (M: 22)
Julio Rodolfu Nieves (M: 29) Brannon D Nilles (M: 47) John Garland Nissley (M: 54)
Thomas A Nivert (M: 67) Henry Xavier Nix (M: 49) Michael Jermaine Nixon (M: 28)
Christopher Noakes (M: 43) Jeffrey Allen Noaks (M: 46) Carmine Anthony Nobile (M: 76)
Romero Anthony Noble (M: 32) Rudolph Noble (M: 56) Antonio Demon Noble (M: 23)
Joseph Walter Nobrega (M: 49) Trayveannia Lasha Nocentelli (F: 41) Clayton Lee Noel (M: 65)
Eric C Noel (M: 36) Eric Craig Noel (M: 37) Robert Lee Noel (M: 53)
Wayne Robert Noel (M: 53) Joseph Noel (M: 43) Deirdre Rae Noggle (F: 38)
James C Noggle (M: 60) Reil Staana Nogra (M: 56) Anthony Lee Nokes (M: 33)
Eugene Nolan (M: 26) Lester Luz Nolasco (M: 44) Wil Alfredo Nolasco-Reyes (M: 32)
Jack Edward Nolde (M: 58) Richard Seeley Noles (M: 26) Keith Richard Noll (M: 33)
Gregory Lyndon Nooner (M: 32) Douglas Ray Noonkester (M: 54) William Benjamin Norales (M: 61)
John William Nored (M: 46) Martin Edward Norfleet (M: 50) Randy Bernard Norfleet (M: 48)
Job Edward Norfleet (M: 43) Anthony Lawrence Norfleet (M: 56) Calvin Andrew Norman (M: 49)
Carrington Corey Norman (M: 22) Harley Wayne Norman (M: 55) Harley Norman (M: 55)
Terry Anthony Norman (M: 22) Andre Haose Norman (M: 29) Richard J Norman (M: 47)
James Lee Norman (M: 54) Herbert Theophilus Norman (M: 19) Anthony Dellmore Norris (M: 28)
Emerson Warren Norris (M: 35) George Langston Norris (M: 80) Gregg William Norris (M: 48)
James Cecil Norris (M: 81) Juan A Norris (M: 24) Michael Hunter Norris (M: 34)
Michael Hunter Norris (M: 35) Robert Nelson Norris (M: 72) Edward H Norris (M: 64)
Dale E Norris (M: 53) John T Norris (M: 47) Christopher Allen Norris (M: 32)
Eric Allen Norris (M: 41) Michael Dale Norrod (M: 31) Robert Wayne Northam (M: 56)
Ruth Ann Northam (F: 48) Harley R Norton (M: 62) David Allen Norvell (M: 60)
Albert E Norwood (M: 43) David A Novak (M: 52) Robert Nowell (M: 30)
James Gary Nowlin (M: 56) Larry Leon Nowlin (M: 49) Paul Edward Nowlin (M: 47)
Trigg Marcus Nowlin (M: 22) Mark S Nowosatko (M: 39) Mark Scott Nowosatko (M: 38)
Thomas Daniel Nuckles (M: 54) Jimmie Edward Nuckoles (M: 51) Stephen Clay Nuckoles (M: 34)
John Thomas Nuckols (M: 87) John Larry Nunamaker (M: 65) Carlos M Nunez (M: 53)
Luis Manuel Nunez (M: 30) Ernesto Nunez (M: 68) Archie Elwood Nunley (M: 71)
Bobby Ray Nunley (M: 67) Kenneth Eugene Nunley (M: 48) Travis Eugene Nunley (M: 27)
Lester William Nunley (M: 48) David G Nunley (M: 32) Robert Lee Nunn (M: 25)
Sina M Nuon (M: 27) Roland C Nutt (M: 37) Jonathan Daniel Nylen (M: 25)

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