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All sex offender data currently in our database from Utah whose last name begins with the letter V are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Utah sex offender information.

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Sefesi Keolalani Vaaivaka (M: 26) Sefesi Keolalani Vaaivaka (M: 26) Dennis Charles Vadnais (M: 63)
Todd Richard Vail (M: 47) Feinga Floau Vaitohi (M: 39) Antonio Valdez (M: 32)
Derek Gilbert Valdez (M: 44) Eddie Manuel Valdez (M: 26) Edwin Baltazar Valdez (M: 38)
Eric Jason Valdez (M: 37) Jerry Ramon Valdez (M: 28) Joe Orlando Valdez (M: 28)
Jose Luis Valdez (M: 32) Kelly Santos Valdez (M: 47) Kory John Valdez (M: 29)
Kristien Albert Valdez (M: 22) Leonard A Valdez (M: 41) Ross Jose Valdez (M: 35)
Sergio Antonio Valdez (M: 23) Terry Lee Valdez (M: 48) Toby Valdez (M: 57)
Vincent Edward Valdez (M: 41) Kelly Santos Valdez (M: 47) Joe Orlando Valdez (M: 28)
Jerry Ramon Valdez (M: 28) Vincent Edward Valdez (M: 41) Sergio Antonio Valdez (M: 23)
Ramiro Valdez-Angel (M: 26) Herminio Andres Valdivia-Chavez (M: 22) Francisco Javier Valdovinos (M: 26)
Luciano Valdovinos-Pimentel (M: 26) Cesar Valencia (M: 31) Gustavo Valencia-Garcia (M: 59)
Ronald Raymond Valentine (M: 52) Ronald Raymond Valentine (M: 52) Jose Luis Valenzuela (M: 39)
Tom Valerio (M: 38) Tom Valerio (M: 38) Lynn Joseph Valladolid (M: 61)
Mario Valladolid (M: 32) Pedro Vallejo-Romo (M: 30) David Paul Vallejos (M: 31)
David Paul Vallejos (M: 34) Andrew Don Valles (M: 35) Andrew Don Valles (M: 35)
Leland Quinton Vallette (M: 60) Billy Jack Vanausdal (M: 34) William Bryce Vanausdal (M: 54)
Randall Vanbeuge (M: 49) Randall Vanbeuge (M: 49) Anthony Keith Vance (M: 26)
David Michael Vance (M: 36) David Michael Vance (M: 36) Dawayne Edward Vancleave (M: 56)
Stephen M Vandam (M: 62) Nicholas Monroe Vandamme (M: 23) Trent Duane Vandebrake (M: 41)
Brian Kay Vandevanter (M: 34) Jimmy Lee Vandver (M: 38) Larry Vandyke (M: 68)
Larry Vandyke (M: 68) Neil A. Vankeizerswaard (M: 52) Neil Vankeizerswaard (M: 55)
Timothy Lee Vankralingen (M: 39) Brandon Noel Vanlitsenborgh (M: 27) Larry Wolf Vanmeer (M: 52)
Robert Stevenson Vanmeer (M: 44) Tanner Keith Vanmeeteren (M: 24) Jarrett Lee Vann (M: 38)
Johnny Eugene Vanorder (M: 43) Johnny Eugene Vanorder (M: 43) Kevin Michael Vanoy (M: 25)
Alva Jay Vanwagoner (M: 82) Alva Jay Vanwagoner (M: 82) James A Vanweerd (M: 41)
Milford Jay Vanweerd (M: 35) Jerimy Alan Vanzyl (M: 42) Sjors Corstianna Vanzyverden (M: 37)
Paul David Vara (M: 32) Reymundo Vara-Robles (M: 40) Charles E Varble (M: 83)
Sebastian Varela (M: 33) Christopher Matthew Vargas (M: 23) Jose Sacramento Vargas (M: 30)
Miguel Pablo Vargas (M: 27) Jose A Vargas (M: 30) Ramon Alberto Vargas (M: 29)
Michael Donald Varle (M: 57) Douglas Lyle Varner (M: 50) Doug Lyle Varner (M: 50)
Edgar N Varner (M: 63) Richard Douglas Varney (M: 54) Thomas Brent Varney (M: 55)
Richard Douglas Varney (M: 54) Joshua Alan Varney (M: 26) Ralph Varoz (M: 37)
Raphael Varoz (M: 37) Cesar Gabriel Vasques-Camacho (M: 26) Bennie Ray Vasquez (M: 44)
Erica Vasquez (F: 28) Joseph Lewis Vasquez (M: 44) Martin Parades Vasquez (M: 26)
Nicholas John Vasquez (M: 31) Peter Anthony Vasquez (M: 68) Aron Jose Vasquez (M: 78)
Edit Ramos Vasquez (M: 45) Nicholas John Vasquez (M: 31) Martin Parades Vasquez (M: 26)
Eduardo Vasquez (M: 46) Ben David Vasquez (M: 44) Santiago Vasquez-Hernandez (M: 46)
Thomas Jordan Vaughan (M: 73) Thomasj Vaughan (M: 77) Yahmon Vaughan (M: 34)
Charles Edward Vaughn (M: 38) Raymond Harvey Vaughn (M: 25) Charles Edward Vaughn (M: 38)
Mauro Vazquez (M: 38) Miguel Angel Vazquez (M: 32) Yasmani Magana Vazquez (M: 28)
Yasmani Magana Vazquez (M: 31) Juan Hector Vazquez (M: 26) Edilberto Vazquez-Penaloza (M: 30)
Jorge Vazquez-Zavala (M: 43) Danny Lynn Veenendaal (M: 63) Mario Vega (M: 48)
Mario Vega (M: 48) Eduardo Vega-Juarez (M: 25) Karl Richard Vehlow (M: 46)
Alex Velasquez (M: 28) Frank Velasquez (M: 43) Jose Velasquez (M: 20)
Christian Velasquez (M: 35) Frank Velasquez (M: 46) Jose Alfredo Velazquez (M: 42)
Richard Velez (M: 32) Richard Velez (M: 35) Peter Veltman (M: 44)
Sergio Venega (M: 42) Julio Cesar Venegas (M: 25) Michael Adam Venesky (M: 49)
Frank Allen Venet (M: 32) Arturo P Ventura (M: 32) Josue Israel Ventura (M: 39)
Augusto Javie Verastegui (M: 38) James E Verde (M: 43) Alex Verikokidis (M: 63)
Alex Verikokidis (M: 63) Roberto Jaime Vernal (M: 46) Mark E Vernon (M: 43)
Mark E Vernon (M: 43) Jason Scott Vernor (M: 31) Jason Scott Vernor (M: 31)
Christopher Scott Versey (M: 29) Christopher Scott Versey (M: 29) Rodney Arthur Vessey (M: 44)
Steven Wayne Viator (M: 30) Steven Wayne Viator (M: 30) Robin Dale Vice (M: 56)
Eugenio Tapia Vichi (M: 36) Christopher Edward Vick (M: 32) Christopher Edward Vick (M: 32)
Lynden Sparhawk Vickery (M: 68) Lynden Sparhawk Vickery (M: 68) Karl David Vidrine (M: 57)
Oscar Vidrio-Ramirez (M: 27) Brian Viehweger (M: 40) Brian Viehweger (M: 40)
Samuel J Vieira (M: 42) Gary Clayton Viens (M: 33) Kenny Fred Vieregge (M: 55)
Kenny Fred Vieregge (M: 55) Andy Leon Vigil (M: 41) Augustine Scott Vigil (M: 30)
Joseph Andrew Vigil (M: 33) Marcus Manuel Vigil (M: 31) Stacy Lynn Vigil (F: 37)
Marcus Vigil (M: 31) Stacy Lynn Vigil (F: 34) Paul Raymond Vigil (M: 61)
Nick Villa (M: 58) Nick Villa (M: 58) Jorge Antonio Villacan (M: 50)
Michael Joe Villanueva (M: 32) Miguel Lopez Villanueva (M: 43) Carlos A Villanueva-Madrid (M: 55)
Efrain Medina Villarreal (M: 39) Dan Allen Villiard (M: 51) Armando Villicana (M: 35)
Michael Richard Vincelette (M: 57) Michael Richa Vincelette (M: 57) Gary Lee Vincent (M: 43)
Gary Lee Vincent (M: 40) Matthew Alvin Vine (M: 29) Rusty Lee Vine (M: 37)
Cody Michael Vining (M: 28) Cody Michael Vining (M: 28) William Lee Vinson (M: 24)
Roy Allen Vinzant (M: 48) Roy Allen Vinzant (M: 48) Bradley S Visser (M: 33)
Shawn Vo (M: 37) Shawn Vo (M: 37) Roydavid Francis Voeller (M: 58)
Roydavid Francis Voeller (M: 58) Howard Oliver Voeltz (M: 57) Richard Allen Vogeler (M: 48)
John Franklin Vogt (M: 50) Robert Earl Vogt (M: 49) Robert Wilhelm Voigt (M: 68)
Carl Dean Lanakila Volden (M: 51) Kenneth W Volker (M: 51) Christopher Ron Volzer (M: 31)
Corey Evan Vonberg (M: 46) Corey Evan Vonberg (M: 46) Joseph Bryan Vonbrimer (M: 48)
Joseph Bryan Vonbrimer (M: 50) Lawrence Thoma Vonderahe (M: 38) Lamont D Voorheis (M: 41)
Lamont D Voorheis (M: 41) Rustan L Vore (M: 31) Robert Stephen Vosper (M: 60)
Robert Stephen Vosper (M: 60) Monty Voss (M: 43) Jonathon M Vredeveld (M: 40)
Kerby Lee Vuong (M: 35)

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