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All sex offender data currently in our database from Utah whose last name begins with the letter O are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Utah sex offender information.

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Arvid Oakley (M: 68) Christopher L Oaks (M: 31) Gary Lee Oaks (M: 51)
Travis M Oaks (M: 36) Gary Lee Oaks (M: 51) Christopher L Oaks (M: 31)
Travis M Oaks (M: 36) Joseph Spencer Oates (M: 31) Jesus R Obispo (M: 36)
John Douglas Obrien (M: 48) Patrick Michael Obrien (M: 61) Sean Michael Obrien (M: 40)
John Douglas Obrien (M: 51) Patrick Michael Obrien (M: 61) Gary Ray Obryan (M: 54)
James Michael Obryant (M: 50) Antonio Luis Montes De Oca (M: 41) Elloyd Herman Ocana (M: 47)
Eloy Herman Ocana (M: 47) Jorge Luis Ocasio (M: 21) Felipe Ochoa (M: 40)
Tony Ochoa (M: 34) Ronald Ochoa (M: 42) Ronald Oscar Ochoa-Torres (M: 42)
Daniel Fred Ochsenhirt (M: 45) Daniel Fred Ochsenhirt (M: 48) Tyrell Lee Oconner (M: 30)
Roy M Oconner (M: 64) Dustin Michael Oconnor (M: 35) Michael Earl Oconnor (M: 46)
Kim Odekirk (M: 55) Charles J Odorizzi (M: 41) Thomas John Offerman (M: 43)
Shawn Marion Offret (M: 41) Shawn Marion Offret (M: 44) Glen Edward Ogden (M: 54)
Joshua Daniel Ogden (M: 35) Kimberly Ogden (F: 33) William Boyd Ogden (M: 49)
Joshua Daniel Ogden (M: 35) William Boyd Ogden (M: 49) Kimberly Ogden (F: 36)
Kevin R Ohanrahan (M: 51) James Charles Ohara (M: 28) Larry D Ohara (M: 47)
William Joseph Ohara (M: 59) Kent Allen Okelberry (M: 50) Paul Robert Okelberry (M: 30)
Paul Robert Okelberry (M: 30) Kent Allen Okelberry (M: 50) Ray Lynn Okerlund (M: 40)
Ray Lynn Okerlund (M: 40) Mario Arbelaez Olartez (M: 53) Raymond Oldman (M: 55)
Arthur Lee Olds (M: 50) Michael Anthony Olds (M: 40) Michael Anthony Olds (M: 40)
Arthur Lee Olds (M: 50) Jason Paul Olds (M: 39) Thomas Michael Oleary (M: 47)
Thomas Michael Oleary (M: 47) Casey James Olesen (M: 48) Gerald Allan Olin (M: 44)
Jerry Olin (M: 76) Jacob Thomas Oliphant (M: 32) Thomas Lynn Oliphant (M: 57)
Jacob Thomas Oliphant (M: 32) Thomas Lynn Oliphant (M: 57) John M Oliva (M: 52)
Jimmy Joe Olivares (M: 28) Danny Olivarez (M: 39) Carlos Anthony Olivas (M: 53)
Carlos Anthony Olivas (M: 56) Darrell Henry Oliver (M: 22) Gary Dee Oliver (M: 62)
Gilbert Norman Oliver (M: 53) Gary D Oliver (M: 62) James Michael Oliver (M: 49)
Tyler Kent Ollerich (M: 24) Tyler Kent Ollerich (M: 24) James Taylor Ollett (M: 54)
James Taylor Ollett (M: 57) Carlos Arturo Olmedo (M: 29) Michael R Olorenshaw (M: 54)
Billie Scott Olsen (M: 49) Brandon Jay Olsen (M: 36) Brett Allan Olsen (M: 31)
Craig Olsen (M: 43) Daren Marvin Olsen (M: 38) David Joseph Olsen (M: 63)
Gideon Evan Olsen (M: 58) Harold William Olsen (M: 39) Jon W Olsen (M: 49)
Kelly George Olsen (M: 55) Nicholas Tracy Olsen (M: 30) Scott Kemp Olsen (M: 60)
Terrence Francesco Olsen (M: 39) Theron Craig Olsen (M: 65) Vincent Michael Olsen (M: 23)
Gideon Evan Olsen (M: 58) Terrence Francesco Olsen (M: 39) Fredrick George Olsen (M: 65)
Darren Marvin Olsen (M: 38) Gregory Jack Olsen (M: 62) Theron Craig Olsen (M: 65)
Brandon Jay Olsen (M: 36) Billie Scott Olsen (M: 49) Brett Allan Olsen (M: 31)
Kelly George Olsen (M: 55) Elvis Zachary Olsen (M: 22) Andreas Riis Olsen (M: 31)
Andrew Carver Olsen (M: 33) Daniel James Olson (M: 38) David Gordon Olson (M: 45)
Jason Michael Olson (M: 26) Jimmie Joe Olson (M: 24) Kenneth Leon Olson (M: 83)
Mark Allen Olson (M: 40) Daniel James Olson (M: 38) Blaine A Olson (M: 60)
Blaine A Olson (M: 57) Marjie S Oneil (F: 64) Donald Lloyd Oneil (M: 63)
Sean Oneill (M: 29) Sean Oneill (M: 29) Juan Onorato (M: 41)
Gregorio Ortega Ontiveros (M: 38) Douglas Todd Openshaw (M: 44) Tyler Michael Openshaw (M: 29)
Douglas Todd Openshaw (M: 47) Tyler Michael Openshaw (M: 29) Jason Carl Opheikens (M: 36)
Steven H Opheikens (M: 40) Steven H Opheikens (M: 40) Jason Carl Opheikens (M: 36)
Joel Anthony Oppenheimer (M: 66) Mario Raul Ordonez (M: 54) Mark Patrick Oreilly (M: 45)
Mark Patrick Oreilly (M: 45) Jacobo Gonzales Orellana (M: 23) Oscar Arnulfo Orellana (M: 27)
Cameron Jeffrey Orgill (M: 33) Eric Robert Orozco (M: 36) Jesus Vega Orozco (M: 26)
Mario Arturo Orozco (M: 41) Andrew Lance Orr (M: 24) Michael Alfred Orr (M: 30)
Paul David Orr (M: 41) Michael Alfred Orr (M: 33) Joey Leo Ortega (M: 33)
Julio Cesar Ortega (M: 24) Raul Lozano Ortega (M: 36) Robert L Ortega (M: 62)
Roberto Craig Ortega (M: 29) Raul Lozano Ortega (M: 36) Joey Leo Ortega (M: 33)
Robert L Ortega (M: 62) David Ortiz (M: 31) Eduardo Serrano Ortiz (M: 30)
Kyle Steven Ortiz (M: 53) Roman C Ortiz (M: 64) Dave Christopher Ortiz (M: 63)
Luis Ortiz (M: 47) Kyle Steven Ortiz (M: 53) Raymond C Ortiz (M: 64)
Eduardo Serrano Ortiz (M: 30) Roberto Ortiz-Diaz (M: 27) Raul Ortiz-Prudencio (M: 31)
Leonel Ortiz-Reza (M: 30) Leonel Ortiz-Reza (M: 33) Thomas John Orton (M: 66)
Brett Leonard Orton (M: 37) Daniel Owen Orullian (M: 35) Kim Vern Orullian (M: 31)
Daniel Owen Orullian (M: 35) Marilyn Kim Orullian (F: 53) Kim Vern Orullian (M: 31)
Christopher Osako (M: 45) Nolan Dwight Osborn (M: 64) David Allen Osborn (M: 42)
Jeffrey Scott Osborne (M: 51) Jeffrey Scott Osborne (M: 51) Robert Eugene Osborne (M: 40)
William Theodore Oscarson (M: 63) William Theodore Oscarson (M: 66) David Arthur Osmundsen (M: 32)
Jeffrey Tyler Osness (M: 34) Jeffrey Tyler Osness (M: 37) Heman Osorio-Beltran (M: 46)
Sharon Nathail Osteen (F: 45) Sharon Nathail Osteen (F: 45) Robert Eugene Osterloh (M: 47)
Donald Channing Oswill (M: 44) Donald Channing Oswill (M: 44) Glenn Allen Ott (M: 51)
Glenn Allen Ott (M: 51) Curtis Alan Otterson (M: 46) Daryl Kirk Otterson (M: 51)
Karl Otterson (M: 47) Curtis Alan Otterson (M: 48) Arik Ronald Ottesen (M: 33)
Larry J Otteson (M: 68) Larry J Otteson (M: 68) Charles Ottley (M: 59)
Jay Douglas Ottley (M: 49) Charles Ottley (M: 59) Jay Douglas Ottley (M: 49)
Carl Roy Ottman (M: 32) Andrew Tyler Ottoson (M: 26) Malaythong Oudomvilay (M: 48)
Didier Fernando Ovalle (M: 29) Benjamin Thorto Overdiek (M: 38) Doug G Overduyn (M: 46)
Doug G Overduyn (M: 49) Christopher Overson (M: 51) Robert William Overson (M: 37)
Robert James Overstreet (M: 54) Robert James Overstreet (M: 54) Stanley Dean Overstreet (M: 64)
Stanley Dean Overstreet (M: 64) Todd Oveson (M: 50) Justin Lavon Oviatt (M: 39)
Danny Robert Owen (M: 50) Danny Robert Owen (M: 50) David C Owen (M: 54)
James Owens (M: 35) Jonathan Lyle Owens (M: 59) Kurtis Wayne Owens (M: 48)
Lloyd Max Owens (M: 94) Phillip John Owens (M: 60) William Casey Owens (M: 33)
Phillip John Owens (M: 60) James Owens (M: 38) Bruce L Owens (M: 70)
Jason Andrew Owens (M: 42) Justin Ray Owens (M: 26) Robert Lawrence Owings (M: 72)
Michael White Owl (M: 39) Kelly J Oyler (M: 44) Kelly J Oyler (M: 44)

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