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All sex offender data currently in our database from Utah whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Utah sex offender information.

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Patrick Robert Nacey (M: 57) Amos Ernest Nacki (M: 47) Amos Ernest Nacki (M: 47)
Thomas Edward Nager (M: 49) Thomas Edward Nager (M: 49) Alan Michael Naisbitt (M: 42)
Edward Najera (M: 64) Marco Antonio Najera (M: 30) Richard Anthony Najera (M: 46)
Joshua P Nakai (M: 24) Travis Nakaidinae (M: 40) Darlene Kamealoha Nakapalau (F: 60)
Darlene Kamealoha Nakapalau (F: 60) Scott Nielsen Nalder (M: 60) Scott Nielsen Nalder (M: 60)
Harvey James Napper (M: 27) Harvey James Napper (M: 27) Brian James Nash (M: 36)
Matthew Alan Nash (M: 36) Tyrell Glen Nash (M: 31) Tyrell Glen Nash (M: 31)
Matthew Alan Nash (M: 39) Brian James Nash (M: 36) Alex Pilpapil Navales (M: 35)
Alex Pilpapil Navales (M: 35) Wendell Navanick (M: 40) Alfred Bedolla Navarro (M: 32)
Jose Alfredo Navarro (M: 51) Samuel Navarro (M: 34) Samuel Navarro (M: 34)
Edgar Ghermon Navarro-Moreno (M: 30) Randy Thomas Naves (M: 53) Joshua P Navrestad (M: 32)
Adam Ray Nay (M: 34) Craig A Nay (M: 62) Eric Richard Nay (M: 24)
Jerry Allen Nay (M: 44) Jerry Allen Nay (M: 44) Adam Ray Nay (M: 34)
Troy Lewis Naylor (M: 47) Justin Nazzise (M: 40) Eric Todd Neagle (M: 50)
Eric Todd Neagle (M: 50) Jake Michael Neal (M: 24) Sherman John Neal (M: 44)
Earl Marvin Neale (M: 45) Earl Marvin Neale (M: 45) Loren Greeley Nebeker (M: 57)
David A Neel (M: 64) Jason Thomas Neelands (M: 42) David Carson Neeley (M: 55)
John Leroy Neely (M: 69) Linda Richins Nef (F: 49) Sheila Kaye Neff (F: 36)
John B Neff (M: 67) John B Neff (M: 64) Dennis K Neil (M: 57)
Brandon David Neilsen (M: 33) Brandon David Neilsen (M: 33) Dale E Neilson (M: 53)
Erik Mark Neilson (M: 31) Nikolas Watkins Neilson (M: 30) Tony K Neilson (M: 50)
Erik Mark Neilson (M: 32) Dale E Neilson (M: 53) Mark Nephi Neilson (M: 49)
Nikolas Watkins Neilson (M: 30) Michael Paul Nelder (M: 29) Michael Paul Nelder (M: 29)
Amy Kaye Nelson (F: 31) Blaine H Nelson (M: 58) Brent Nelson (M: 40)
Cameron Marion Nelson (M: 35) Cory A Nelson (M: 36) Howard Bradly Nelson (M: 46)
Irvin Tom Nelson (M: 58) Jeffrey Tor Nelson (M: 47) John Quinn Nelson (M: 48)
Kenneth Earl Nelson (M: 56) Martin Chris Nelson (M: 48) Nathan David Nelson (M: 35)
Nathan Eugene Nelson (M: 48) Paul Deal Nelson (M: 35) Richard Don Nelson (M: 48)
Ronald Craig Nelson (M: 58) Russell Nelson (M: 79) Ryan Robert Nelson (M: 30)
William J Nelson (M: 69) Nathan David Nelson (M: 35) William J Nelson (M: 69)
Jeffrey Tor Nelson (M: 47) Nathan Eugene Nelson (M: 48) Richard L Nelson (M: 47)
Richard Don Nelson (M: 48) Irvin Tom Nelson (M: 58) Joseph Bryant Nelson (M: 52)
Cory A Nelson (M: 36) Russell Nelson (M: 79) Martin Chris Nelson (M: 48)
Ronald Craig Nelson (M: 58) Howard Bradly Nelson (M: 46) Amy Kaye Nelson (F: 31)
Gary L Nelson (M: 51) Earnest Nelson (M: 47) Robert Lee Nicholas Nelson (M: 23)
James Boyd Nesbit (M: 56) Marlon Rex Nettik (M: 49) George Anthony Netto (M: 51)
Alfred J Neufeld (M: 38) Reginaldo A Neumann (M: 66) Mark Charles Neumeier (M: 27)
Mark Charles Neumeier (M: 30) Lance Wilder Neuwirth (M: 45) Lance Wilder Neuwirth (M: 42)
Brian Nicholas Neve (M: 33) Shane Thomas Newbauer (M: 21) Kendall Wade Newburn (M: 54)
Jeff Ryan Newell (M: 33) Mark Douglas Newey (M: 54) Mark Douglas Newey (M: 54)
Dale Edward Newland (M: 28) Craig Smith Newman (M: 33) Edwin Todd Newman (M: 51)
Edwin Todd Newman (M: 51) Kelly Lamont Newman (M: 49) Kirk Darryl Newman (M: 40)
Lyle Vearl Newman (M: 36) Richard Carroll Newman (M: 39) Robert Newman (M: 42)
Tom Wayne Newman (M: 45) Lyle Vearl Newman (M: 36) Craig Smith Newman (M: 33)
Kelly Lamont Newman (M: 49) Richard Carroll Newman (M: 39) Kirk Darryl Newman (M: 40)
Stephen Ray Newman (M: 57) Tom Wayne Newman (M: 45) Nathaniel Keith Newsom (M: 24)
Chris Michael Newsome (M: 39) Michael Newsome (M: 66) Chris Michael Newsome (M: 39)
Michael Newsome (M: 68) Jason Aaron Newton (M: 37) Joshua J Newton (M: 27)
Wallace Smith Newton (M: 84) Joshua J Newton (M: 27) Jason Aaron Newton (M: 37)
Blake Aaron Nez (M: 36) Blake Aaron Nez (M: 36) Mal Andy Ngoy (M: 37)
Mal Andy Ngoy (M: 37) Bao-Vuong Duc Nguyen (M: 28) Dung Van Nguyen (M: 43)
Phong T Nguyen (M: 49) Bao-Vuong Duc Nguyen (M: 28) Dung Van Nguyen (M: 43)
Paul Jason Nichol (M: 35) Paul Jason Nichol (M: 35) Cory Edward Nicholl (M: 37)
Cory Edward Nicholl (M: 37) Brian Addison Nichols (M: 22) Jarrod Preston Nichols (M: 36)
Ricky G Nichols (M: 57) Francis Everett Nichols (M: 67) Ricky G Nichols (M: 57)
Francis Everett Nichols (M: 64) Dustin Lee Nichols (M: 26) Frank Nicholson (M: 51)
Adam Lind Nicoll (M: 34) Adam Lind Nicoll (M: 34) Bryce M Nielsen (M: 27)
Clint Jeffery Nielsen (M: 33) Cody Lynn Nielsen (M: 40) Darin Chase Nielsen (M: 37)
David A Nielsen (M: 53) David Shumway Nielsen (M: 43) James G Nielsen (M: 34)
Johnathan Jewel Nielsen (M: 27) Mark Evans Nielsen (M: 56) Michael Gary Nielsen (M: 50)
Samuel B Nielsen (M: 41) William Paul Nielsen (M: 30) Clint Jeffery Nielsen (M: 33)
Gregg T Nielsen (M: 66) James G Nielsen (M: 34) Howard James Nielsen (M: 47)
David A Nielsen (M: 56) Samuel B Nielsen (M: 41) Bryce M Nielsen (M: 27)
William Paul Nielsen (M: 30) Paul Jay Nielsen (M: 64) David Shumway Nielsen (M: 43)
Paul Jay Nielsen (M: 61) Brent W Nielson (M: 64) Gerald L Nielson (M: 28)
Jeffrey Paul Nielson (M: 50) John Christian Nielson (M: 40) Lee Ben Nielson (M: 21)
Mark R Nielson (M: 51) Rex A Nielson (M: 58) Steven Murray Nielson (M: 23)
Tanner Michael Nielson (M: 27) Jeffrey Paul Nielson (M: 50) John Christian Nielson (M: 40)
Tanner Michael Nielson (M: 27) Tracy J Nielson (M: 51) Gerald L Nielson (M: 28)
Preston G Nielson (M: 29) Brent W Nielson (M: 64) Phillip C Nielson (M: 37)
Adam David Nieman (M: 34) Adam David Nieman (M: 34) Renae Coleman Nieman (F: 42)
Todd Charles Niemann (M: 48) Timothy E Nieser (M: 46) Timothy E Nieser (M: 46)
Ryan Michael Nieto (M: 32) Ryan M Nieto (M: 32) Samuel Shawn Nigh (M: 29)
Jeena Charell Nilson (F: 55) Jimmy Mitchell Nilson (M: 46) Jimmy Mitchell Nilson (M: 46)
Floyd Lee Nipper (M: 55) Floyd Lee Nipper (M: 58) Stephanie Nix (F: 37)
Johnathon Damion Nixon (M: 27) Patrick Jay Nixon (M: 26) Richard Bryan Nixon (M: 50)
William Conrad Nixon (M: 56) Richard Bryan Nixon (M: 50) Ricklen Nobis (M: 64)
Ricklen Nobis (M: 64) Michael Brown Noble (M: 71) Randall George Noble (M: 34)
Roger Lynn Noble (M: 44) Roger C Noble (M: 44) Tapia Nohe (M: 29)
Tapia Nohe (M: 32) John Howard Nokes (M: 48) Robert Douglas Nomann (M: 58)
Bounta Mitchell Nomichith (M: 31) Osman Mohammad Noor (M: 34) James Scott Noorda (M: 36)
Ronald Burt Noorda (M: 49) Jeffery Lynn Noorda (M: 38) Preston Samuel Noriega (M: 30)
Preston Noriega (M: 30) Gary Lee Norman (M: 44) Lance Darrin Norman (M: 54)
Lonnie David Norman (M: 49) Lance Darrin Norman (M: 54) Jerry M Norrel (M: 79)
Joshua Lee Norris (M: 30) Todd James North (M: 29) Todd James North (M: 29)
Don Robert Northington (M: 59) Justin A Northington (M: 37) Alvin Henry Northrup (M: 52)
Ernest Northway (M: 70) Bryce Ellison Norton (M: 31) Lamar J Norton (M: 65)
Randy Mark Norton (M: 48) Richard Harry Norton (M: 50) Raymond A Norton (M: 69)
Lamar J Norton (M: 65) Randy Mark Norton (M: 48) Chad C Norton (M: 40)
Terry Paul Nosack (M: 32) Ty B Noyes (M: 35) Joseph Jesus Nunez (M: 63)
Adam Idrees Day El Nur (M: 49) Edward Ray Nutt (M: 50) Steven David Nuttal (M: 57)
Ben Earl Nuttall (M: 76) Daniel Owen Nuttall (M: 47) Steven Andrew Nuzzo (M: 29)
Steven Andrew Nuzzo (M: 29) Brandon Jo Nygard (M: 29) Brandon Jo Nygard (M: 29)
James Nyland (M: 52) James Nyland (M: 55) John Steven Nyman (M: 22)
Lars Peter Nyman (M: 63) Wayne Rex Nyman (M: 41) Jesse Lynn Nyquist (M: 54)
Richard Craig Nytch (M: 23)

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