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All sex offender data currently in our database from Utah whose last name begins with the letter E are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Utah sex offender information.

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Joshua Eades (M: 34) Joshua Eades (M: 34) Benton Roland Eagar (M: 65)
Derek James Walking Eagle (M: 32) Derek James Walking Eagle (M: 32) Charles Michael Earle (M: 71)
Robert Yancy Earle (M: 43) Ronald Dale Easthope (M: 66) Donald Lee Eastman (M: 73)
Randall Lee Eastman (M: 33) Donald Lee Eastman (M: 73) Randall Lee Eastman (M: 36)
Matthew Ryan Eastwood (M: 25) Eric William Eatmon (M: 39) Alan Wade Eaton (M: 51)
Justin Lynn Eberle (M: 31) Justin Lynn Eberle (M: 31) Anthony Burdett Echols (M: 61)
Adam Lee Eckard (M: 27) Ronald Lambertu Eckhardt (M: 55) Donald Gilbert Eckland (M: 74)
Donald Gilbert Eckland (M: 74) Joshua R Edborg (M: 35) Dianna Dawn Eddens (F: 28)
Dennis James Eddy (M: 40) Daniel Ray Eden (M: 44) Daniel Ray Eden (M: 47)
John Phillip Eder (M: 49) John Phillip Eder (M: 49) Ches Cord Edrington (M: 51)
Ches Cord Edrington (M: 48) Brian Keith Edwards (M: 47) Gary Brent Edwards (M: 63)
James E Edwards (M: 40) Steven Carl Edwards (M: 37) Thomas M Edwards (M: 52)
Thomas M Edwards (M: 52) Steven Carl Edwards (M: 40) Michael W Edwards (M: 44)
Michael W Edwards (M: 41) David William Edwards (M: 34) Michael David Egbert (M: 51)
Michael David Egbert (M: 51) Kevin Browning Egginton (M: 34) Michael John Eggli (M: 27)
Lanny Joe Eglen (M: 56) Lanny Joe Eglen (M: 56) Jacob Marc Ehle (M: 24)
Robert Ehlers (M: 38) Robert Ehlers (M: 40) Jeffery Allen Ehling (M: 50)
Daniel Matthew Eicher (M: 52) Christopher Elric Eike (M: 24) Christopher Roy Einer (M: 37)
Christopher Roy Einer (M: 37) Charles Willi Eisenhauer (M: 64) Charles Willi Eisenhauer (M: 64)
Brian Lynn Ekblad (M: 28) Joseph Leonard Ekker (M: 29) Kenneth Albert Ekker (M: 43)
Joseph Leonard Ekker (M: 32) Anthony Clay Ekman (M: 26) Anthony Clay Ekman (M: 26)
Christopher David Ekstrom (M: 27) Tyson Lamont Ekstrom (M: 31) Rick Charles Elam (M: 52)
Steven Lorenzo Elder (M: 51) Howard William Elder (M: 44) Brandon Lee Elder (M: 27)
Joseph Craig Eldredge (M: 56) Jerry Eldridge (M: 71) Robert Leroy Ele (M: 59)
Robert Leroy Ele (M: 59) Frank Lawrence Eleo (M: 56) Russell Bruce Eliason (M: 50)
Juan Luis Elizondo (M: 50) Randy James Elizondo (M: 58) Randy James Elizondo (M: 61)
John Mcarthur Spotted Elk (M: 41) Kenneth Robert Elkins (M: 56) Paul Le Monte Ellertson (M: 80)
Kevin Giles Ellett (M: 45) Dwight Scott Ellifritz (M: 33) Ivan Duane Ellifritz (M: 72)
Troy Lee Ellington (M: 40) Troy Lee Ellington (M: 40) Marc Robert Elliot (M: 25)
Cody Riley Elliott (M: 38) David Keith Elliott (M: 60) David Jack Elliott (M: 72)
Joel Eugene Elliott (M: 69) Cody Riley Elliott (M: 38) Joel Eugene Elliott (M: 69)
David Jack Elliott (M: 74) Christopher G Ellis (M: 25) Clayborn Roy Ellis (M: 56)
Clayborn Roy Ellis (M: 56) Dean Franklin Ellis (M: 83) Doyle Franklin Ellis (M: 69)
Jason Marshall Ellis (M: 34) Keith Andrew Ellis (M: 57) Kenneth Duane Ellis (M: 53)
Michael Anthony Ellis (M: 26) Michael Anthony Ellis (M: 26) Clayborn Roy Ellis (M: 56)
Keith Andrew Ellis (M: 57) Kenneth Duane Ellis (M: 53) Doyle Franklin Ellis (M: 69)
Jason Marshall Ellis (M: 34) Dallin Ellis (M: 21) James Preston Ellison (M: 64)
Ross Elmo Ellison (M: 58) Daniel Wayne Elliston (M: 56) John A Elliston (M: 58)
Edward Wayne Ellsworth (M: 56) Samuel Lynn Ellsworth (M: 36) Samuel Lynn Ellsworth (M: 36)
Bruce Hyde Elm (M: 77) Bruce Hyde Elm (M: 77) Ronald James Elman (M: 37)
John Brian Elmer (M: 30) John Bryan Elmer (M: 33) Mark Steven Elting (M: 53)
Joshua Ryan Emery (M: 33) Josh Ryan Emery (M: 33) Royce Charles Emett (M: 32)
Taylor Vaughn Empey (M: 22) David Wesley Endicott (M: 65) Chris England (M: 69)
Shane Royal England (M: 39) Mark Anthony England (M: 52) Shane Royal England (M: 39)
Ellis Lavar Engle (M: 75) Joseph Atwood Engle (M: 47) Ellis Lavar Engle (M: 75)
Matthew Jay English (M: 30) Matthew Jay English (M: 30) Randall Kae Enman (M: 46)
Randall Kae Enman (M: 46) David Lester Enns (M: 50) David Lester Enns (M: 50)
Shawn D Enos (M: 55) Ben Enriquez (M: 57) Miguel Enriquez (M: 56)
Samuel T Enriquez (M: 35) Ben Enriquez (M: 60) Samuel T Enriquez (M: 35)
Miguel Enriquez (M: 56) David Edward Epling (M: 38) Sheldon J Erekson (M: 63)
Michael Dean Erhart (M: 48) Robert Charles Ericksen (M: 43) David Erickson (M: 49)
Earl Troy Erickson (M: 41) Nordel Jazon Erickson (M: 32) Shaun Wallace Erickson (M: 46)
Robert Charles Erickson (M: 43) Shaun Wallace Erickson (M: 46) Nordel Jazon Erickson (M: 35)
Nickolas Jon Erickson (M: 40) Shilo Q Erickson (M: 33) Dennis Wade Eriksson (M: 70)
Kyle Benjamin Erskine (M: 28) William A Erskine (M: 46) Guauaquin Erussard (M: 27)
Robert E Erwin (M: 75) Yancarlos Bayori Escalante (M: 26) Cindy Lou Escalante (F: 51)
Sergio Escamilla-Hernandez (M: 36) Rafael Ernesto Escobar(Perez) (M: 40) Arnold Escobedo (M: 56)
Manuel Steven Escoto (M: 21) Leonard Gail Eskelson (M: 44) Leonard Gail Eskelson (M: 44)
German Espana (M: 41) Guillermo Bernal Esparza (M: 29) Aaron Humberto Espinosa (M: 27)
Manuel Lucero Espinosa (M: 80) Manuel Lucero Espinoza (M: 80) Lynn K Esplin (M: 63)
Lynn K Esplin (M: 63) Juan Manuel Esquede-Perez (M: 36) Abraham Esquivel (M: 21)
Wilton Terrance Essex (M: 55) Newton Collier Estes (M: 87) Ivan Alejandre Estrada (M: 24)
Jose Estrada (M: 45) Ramon Cruz Estrada (M: 59) Rodolfo Estrada (M: 45)
Nicolas Duran Estrada-Duran (M: 25) Iakopo Eteuati (M: 30) Marcel Etsitty (M: 24)
Martin R Etsitty (M: 45) Martin Russell Etsitty (M: 45) Thomas Stanley Eva (M: 73)
Barnaby Nephi Evans (M: 34) Christopher Roy Evans (M: 41) Danny Lloyd Evans (M: 43)
David Jason Evans (M: 32) David M Evans (M: 32) Jacob Adam Evans (M: 32)
Jay Martin Evans (M: 51) Jeremy Evans (M: 23) Jeremy D Evans (M: 35)
Mark Anthony Evans (M: 45) Marvin Wayne Evans (M: 50) Paul Lynn Evans (M: 49)
Phillip Eric Evans (M: 40) Quent Sam Evans (M: 46) Raleigh Maurice Evans (M: 43)
Marvin Wayne Evans (M: 49) Barnaby Nephi Evans (M: 34) Paul Lynn Evans (M: 49)
Christopher Roy Evans (M: 41) Karen Rose Evans (F: 38) David Jason Evans (M: 32)
Danny Evans (M: 43) Phillip Eric Evans (M: 40) Jacob Adam Evans (M: 35)
Richard K Evans (M: 58) John Ernest Everett (M: 85) John Michael Everett (M: 27)
Richard Audie Everett (M: 55) Ernest Armond Everett (M: 58) John Ernest Everett (M: 85)
Seth Robert Everingham (M: 31) Stephan Everingham (M: 30) Seth Robert Everingham (M: 31)
Jordon William Everley (M: 25) Jordon William Everley (M: 25) Brandon Evershed (M: 38)
Ike Everson (M: 61) Richard Lee Ewell (M: 63) Steven Lane Ewell (M: 40)
Ronald Charles Eye (M: 45) Ronald Charles Eye (M: 45) Steven Richard Eyre (M: 45)

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