Sex Offender Profile Directory : Utah : B

All sex offender data currently in our database from Utah whose last name begins with the letter B are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Utah sex offender information.

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Joshua Lee Baalman (M: 27) William H Babbell (M: 55) Randall David Babcock (M: 46)
Scott Wade Baber (M: 42) Scott Wade Baber (M: 42) Christian Earl Babington (M: 37)
Christian Earl Babington (M: 37) Mark Anthony Baca (M: 50) Matthew Lucas Baca (M: 34)
Michael Anthony Baca (M: 30) Milton Shawn Bachman (M: 45) Milton Shawn Bachman (M: 45)
Miguel Angel Bacilio (M: 47) Kyle B Back (M: 51) Steven Ashley Backus (M: 34)
Steven Ashley Backus (M: 37) Chauncey Duane Bacon (M: 30) Juan Manol Baeza (M: 31)
Bryce Laron Bagley (M: 42) Bryce Laron Bagley (M: 42) Francis Valentino Bagnato (M: 79)
Francis Valentino Bagnato (M: 82) Barton Jason Bagnes (M: 35) Barton Lewis Bagnes (M: 35)
Rodney Leroy Bagshaw (M: 34) John Kee Bahe (M: 60) Concepcion Bahena (M: 54)
Concepcion Bahena (M: 54) Brandon L Bahr (M: 37) Chris Allan Bailey (M: 42)
Ronald Duane Bailey (M: 45) Walter Russell Bailey (M: 84) William Bailey (M: 64)
Cory Bailey (M: 50) William Bailey (M: 64) Eric Justin Baim (M: 28)
Eric Justin Baim (M: 31) Richard Edwin Bain (M: 75) Mark Andrew Bainter (M: 37)
Mark Andrew Bainter (M: 37) Mark Andrew Bainter (M: 37) Mark Andrew Bainter (M: 37)
Christian Paul Bair (M: 31) Robert David Bair (M: 54) Curtis Dennis Bair (M: 44)
Christian Paul Bair (M: 31) Dale Jay Baird (M: 49) Danuel Earl Baird (M: 30)
Leslie Kaye Baird (F: 48) Danuel Earl Baird (M: 30) Leslie Kaye Baird (F: 48)
Brad Linn Baker (M: 47) David Alan Baker (M: 51) Gregory John Baker (M: 48)
Jeffrey Don Baker (M: 28) Jerry Denver Baker (M: 45) Joseph Baker (M: 32)
Lance Nelden Baker (M: 42) Mark Joseph Baker (M: 50) Matthew Scott Baker (M: 32)
Michael Lloyd Baker (M: 42) Patrick A Baker (M: 45) Paul Louie Baker (M: 41)
Rebekah Baker (F: 49) Robert Roy Baker (M: 54) Robert Lee Baker (M: 66)
Robert Lee Baker (M: 66) Gregory John Baker (M: 48) Jeffrey Don Baker (M: 28)
Rebekah Baker (F: 49) Colin Ray Baker (M: 52) Allen Brad Baker (M: 57)
Lance Nelden Baker (M: 42) Joseph Baker (M: 32) Micheal Alan Baker (M: 57)
David Woodruff Bakker (M: 30) Dale Raymond Balder (M: 32) Dale Raymond Balder (M: 32)
Lynn Earl Baldwin (M: 52) Richard Earl Baldwin (M: 56) Timothy Allen Baldwin (M: 43)
Lynn Earl Baldwin (M: 52) Richard Earl Baldwin (M: 56) Scott John Bale (M: 38)
Dennis Bruce Ball (M: 46) Dennis John Ball (M: 50) Howard Eugene Ball (M: 57)
Jeffrey William Ball (M: 29) Scott Allen Ball (M: 39) Scott Michael Ball (M: 33)
Steven Floyd Ball (M: 58) Steven Floyd Ball (M: 58) David Jay Ballard (M: 31)
Jeremy Jacob Ballard (M: 35) Isaac Lee Ballesteros (M: 27) James Edwin Ballou (M: 59)
James Edwin Ballou (M: 59) Jon David Balogh (M: 39) Doug Balzly (M: 63)
Benjamin A Bandfield (M: 19) Geri Lee Bane (F: 46) Gregory Eugene Bane (M: 49)
Robert Leroy Bane (M: 50) Robert Leroy Bane (M: 50) Geri Lee Bane (F: 46)
Nathan David Bangerter (M: 34) Nathan David Bangerter (M: 34) Cody C Bankhead (M: 33)
Cody C Bankhead (M: 33) Douglas Jerome Banks (M: 64) Lee Ernest Banks (M: 48)
Nicholas Vaughn Banner (M: 53) Travis James Banner (M: 23) Nicholas Vaughn Banner (M: 56)
Oleg Barabash (M: 33) Andrew Scott Barben (M: 35) Andrew Scott Barben (M: 37)
James Barber (M: 47) Justin Dean Barber (M: 33) Kory Don Barber (M: 30)
Ramey Clyde Barbieri (M: 39) Ramey Clyde Barbieri (M: 39) Vincent Ellsworth Barborka (M: 59)
Vincent Ellsworth Barborka (M: 59) Joseph Benjamin Barbre (M: 31) John Richard Barela (M: 54)
John Lyle Barfuss (M: 49) Reed Christian Barfuss (M: 43) Jason Charles Barfuss (M: 32)
Joseph Lee Barfuss (M: 49) Chad David Barker (M: 43) John Earl Barker (M: 68)
Michael Bud Barker (M: 30) David Boss Barlow (M: 38) Haven Roy Barlow (M: 68)
Jeffery Lee Barlow (M: 28) Lyman Kalmar Barlow (M: 49) Lyman Kalmar Barlow (M: 49)
Haven Roy Barlow (M: 68) Nicholas Kurtis Barnard (M: 29) Don E Barnes (M: 41)
Geoffrey L Barnes (M: 27) Mark Dewayne Barnes (M: 43) Geoffrey L Barnes (M: 27)
Eric Lynn Barnett (M: 40) Mitchell Glen Barnett (M: 32) Eric Lynn Barnett (M: 40)
Daniel P Barnett (M: 51) David James Barney (M: 36) Doug Leslie Barney (M: 63)
Elmo Dwaine Barney (M: 73) Garth Dalmain Barney (M: 44) Ivan D Barney (M: 61)
Joshua Brett Barney (M: 32) Richard Dennis Barney (M: 50) Sherwin Ray Barney (M: 59)
Richard Kent Barney (M: 39) Elmo Dwayne Barney (M: 73) Joshua Brett Barney (M: 32)
David James Barney (M: 36) Ivan D Barney (M: 63) Richard Dennis Barney (M: 50)
Sherwin Ray Barney (M: 59) Daniel Joseph Barnhurst (M: 27) Glenard J Barnum (M: 35)
Lionel Lamar Barnwell (M: 41) Lionel Lamar Barnwell (M: 41) Dan P Baron (M: 60)
Dan P Baron (M: 61) Kristopher Michael Barr (M: 29) Barton Andrew Barras (M: 47)
Margarito Cortez Barrera (M: 29) Sixto A Barrera (M: 84) Brandon Doyle Barrett (M: 29)
John David Barrett (M: 38) Kevin Leander Barrett (M: 49) Michael Wayne Barrett (M: 65)
Wesley Aaron Barrett (M: 27) Lee Arthur Barringer (M: 37) Lee Arthur Barringer (M: 37)
Aaron Camargo Barron (M: 36) Randall Keith Barron (M: 48) Randall Keith Barron (M: 48)
Jose Carlos Barroso (M: 28) Dale William Barrows (M: 53) Dale William Barrows (M: 53)
Mark Jason Barrus (M: 43) Michael Ray Barry (M: 46) Penni Barry (F: 38)
Kelly Dewit Bart (M: 37) Devon Keith Bartchy (M: 28) Anthony Earl Bartells (M: 43)
Anthony Earl Bartells (M: 43) Forrest A Barth (M: 26) Rhyan Doug Bartholomew (M: 30)
Rhyan Doug Bartholomew (M: 30) Edward Bruce Bartholomew (M: 64) Colton Armstrong Bartlett (M: 26)
Steve Bartlett (M: 42) Robert David Bartlett (M: 64) Reed Jay Bartlome (M: 63)
Richard Barton (M: 45) Terry Bryce Barton (M: 43) Terry Jeremias Basada (M: 21)
Stacey Bascom (M: 56) Charles Adam Bascomb (M: 31) Joshua Levi Basford (M: 22)
Daniel Andrew Basham (M: 36) James Aaron Basham (M: 33) James Aaron Basham (M: 33)
David Oliver Basinger (M: 45) Damien Garrison Baskerville (M: 34) Damien Garrison Baskerville (M: 34)
Justin Warren Bass (M: 30) Adam G Bass (M: 33) Mitchell Thomas Bassett (M: 50)
Ted R Bassett (M: 48) Ted Robert Bassett (M: 49) Sonny Ray Basso (M: 35)
Sonny Ray Basso (M: 35) Wayne Frank Bastemeyer (M: 56) Randy L Bastian (M: 54)
Randy L Bastian (M: 54) Russell Ernest Bastian (M: 67) Fred Gary Batchelor (M: 62)
Fred Gary Batchelor (M: 62) Douglas Alan Batchler (M: 48) Doug Bateman (M: 94)
Roger Bateman (M: 62) Larry Steven Bates (M: 32) Matthew Morrison Bates (M: 27)
Randy Lee Bates (M: 52) Randy Lee Bates (M: 55) Roger Bates (M: 24)
Vincent Sebastian Batres (M: 37) Vincent Sebastian Batres (M: 37) Timothy Sean Batton (M: 40)
Mitch Shane Batty (M: 28) Nikole Luck Batty (F: 41) Mitch Shane Batty (M: 28)
Jefferson Spencer Baty (M: 57) Jefferson Spencer Baty (M: 57) Eric Bauer (M: 43)
Richard Wilson Bauer (M: 44) Samuel Clayton Bauer (M: 20) Troy Douglas Bauer (M: 45)
Eric Bauer (M: 46) Richard Wilson Bauer (M: 44) Christopher Daniel Baugh (M: 37)
Robert Lincoln Baugh (M: 42) Christopher Daniel Baugh (M: 37) Robert L Baugh (M: 42)
Jason Clarence Baum (M: 29) William Baum (M: 45) Steven A Bauman (M: 51)
Shane Allen Baumgart (M: 35) Hyrum T Baumgartner (M: 36) Virgilio Jeronimo Bautista (M: 31)
Virgilio Jeronimo Bautista (M: 34) Paul William Bawden (M: 41) David J Baxter (M: 57)
David Perry Baxter (M: 30) Johnathan Wayne Baxter (M: 36) David J Baxter (M: 57)
Darrell Glen Baxter (M: 61) Daniel Kirby Bay (M: 45) Alex William Du Bay (M: 22)
Bobby Joe Paul Bayer (M: 35) Karl Edwin Bayman (M: 33) Karl Edwin Bayman (M: 36)
Bradley Gerald Beach (M: 48) Gregory Lee Beach (M: 50) Alex Robert Beacham (M: 29)
James Michael Beacham (M: 30) Alex Robert Beacham (M: 29) James Michael Beacham (M: 30)
Derrell Dee Beagley (M: 41) Derrell Dee Beagley (M: 41) Eric Andrew Beal (M: 36)
Richard Darl Beal (M: 35) David Andrew Bean (M: 32) David Tane Beane (M: 41)
John D Bear (M: 45) Arden Neil Beard (M: 63) Richard Lee Beard (M: 52)
Arden Neil Beard (M: 63) Danny Charles Beard (M: 57) James Charles Beard (M: 43)
Coty D Beardall (M: 31) Coty D Beardall (M: 33) Harold D Bearden (M: 87)
George Beasley (M: 50) James Carter Beason (M: 68) James Carter Beason (M: 68)
Christopher Timothy Beath (M: 34) Christopher Timothy Beath (M: 34) Jackie Lynn Beatie (F: 44)
Jackie Lynn Beatie (F: 47) Richard Clifton Beaumont (M: 34) Ted Lynn Beaver (M: 44)
Ted Lynn Beaver (M: 44) Ben Max Beaver (M: 67) Dale Anthony Beba (M: 50)
Gabriel Becerra (M: 62) Gabriel Becerra (M: 65) Arielle Marie Beck (F: 33)
Benjamin Dean Beck (M: 32) Eric Jon Beck (M: 51) Larry Barton Beck (M: 49)
Thayne Allen Beck (M: 30) Benjamin Dean Beck (M: 32) Thayne Allen Beck (M: 30)
William Thomas Beckendorf (M: 33) Gary Walker Beckes (M: 23) James Edward Beckham (M: 64)
James Edward Beckham (M: 64) Barde Howard Beckstead (M: 75) Darwin Charles Beckstead (M: 64)
Ira Courtney Beckstead (M: 32) Lucas R Beckstead (M: 29) Lynn Roy Beckstead (M: 43)
Lucas R Beckstead (M: 29) Ira Courtney Beckstead (M: 32) Kenneth Dean Beckstrand (M: 51)
Kenneth Dean Beckstrand (M: 47) Heber A Beckstrom (M: 83) Anthony Troy Beckwith (M: 44)
Anthony Troy Beckwith (M: 44) Blake Scott Bedient (M: 48) Blake Scott Bedient (M: 48)
Martin Clyde Bee (M: 28) Roy Douglas Beecher (M: 43) Roy Douglas Beecher (M: 43)
Robert Alvin Beeler (M: 67) Wesley Paul Beene (M: 34) Curtis Begay (M: 27)
Eckerson Begay (M: 33) Edward Begay (M: 53) Jonah Issac Begay (M: 36)
Leland Begay (M: 32) Marvin Begay (M: 38) Nelson R Begay (M: 51)
Sylvestor Pete Begay (M: 38) Sylvester Begay (M: 38) Edward Begay (M: 53)
Curtis Begay (M: 27) Jeremy Andrew Behling (M: 36) Jeremy Andrew Behling (M: 36)
Stacy Lynn Behrmann (F: 40) Benjamin Carlos Behunin (M: 42) Marvin Reed Beineke (M: 64)
Robert Paul Belka (M: 46) Robert Paul Belka (M: 46) Brian Lynn Bell (M: 43)
James Edward Bell (M: 50) Justin Roy Bell (M: 26) Kaylan Jay Bell (M: 25)
Larry Dewayne Bell (M: 30) Warren Bryan Bell (M: 27) James Edward Bell (M: 50)
Warren Bryan Bell (M: 27) Justin Roy Bell (M: 26) Brian Lynn Bell (M: 43)
Joel Bell (M: 27) Trey James Bellomy (M: 29) Armando Beltran (M: 48)
Scott H Beltran (M: 40) Hal Odes Bemis (M: 82) John Harry Bemis (M: 54)
John Harry Bemis (M: 54) Berenger Benally (M: 39) Johnson Benally (M: 51)
George Yazzie Benally (M: 49) Johnson Benally (M: 51) James Warren Bender (M: 58)
Timothy Todd Benedict (M: 41) Eliseu Daniel Benedito (M: 43) Bruce Leanord Benjamin (M: 57)
Bruce Leanord Benjamin (M: 63) Richard Bennet (M: 72) Brendt Thomas Bennett (M: 50)
Brody G Bennett (M: 21) David Deeroyce Bennett (M: 56) Gregory Bennett (M: 43)
Lanny E Bennett (M: 55) Richard Bennett (M: 72) Stan Christian Bennett (M: 33)
Stan Christian Bennett (M: 33) Gregory Bennett (M: 43) Brendt Thomas Bennett (M: 50)
Casey Lynn Bennion (M: 43) Eric Robert Bennion (M: 25) Casey Lynn Bennion (M: 46)
Andy Julius Benns (M: 39) Gail Allen Benroth (M: 69) Gail Allen Benroth (M: 69)
Benjamin Thor Benson (M: 30) George Ryan Benson (M: 35) John Charles Benson (M: 40)
George Ryan Benson (M: 35) Benjamin Thor Benson (M: 30) Jerry Wayne Bentley (M: 51)
Wayne Bentley (M: 51) Patrick Carl Benton (M: 53) Christopher Thomas Benton (M: 46)
John Gale Bergen (M: 50) Karl Lloyd Bergen (M: 90) Karl Bergen (M: 90)
Blake Clair Bergeson (M: 25) Wayne Jay Bergeson (M: 59) Wayne Peter Bergshoeff (M: 53)
Herman Bernal (M: 47) Joel Gilberto Bernal (M: 46) Jose Luis Bernal (M: 44)
Joel Gilberto Bernal (M: 46) Herman Bernal (M: 47) Jose Luis Bernal (M: 44)
Norman Ray Bernard (M: 60) Edward Hubert Bernardin (M: 73) Joseph W Bernards (M: 44)
Lynn Jeffrey Bernhard (M: 64) Lynn Bernhard (M: 64) Todd Lynn Bernhisel (M: 46)
David James Berry (M: 33) Kevin Ray Berry (M: 42) Raymond Andrew Berry (M: 38)
David James Berry (M: 33) Raymond Andrew Berry (M: 35) Michael Jay Bertola (M: 53)
William N Besendorfer (M: 55) Kalman Besenyei (M: 52) Kalman Besenyei (M: 54)
David Lee Bessette (M: 34) Joel Christopher Best (M: 38) Joel Christopher Best (M: 38)
Jose Antonio Betancourt (M: 67) Timothy Betha (M: 52) Curtis Charles Betsuie (M: 36)
Curtis Charles Betsuie (M: 36) Kristian Nielsen Bettencourt (M: 52) Garrett James Betterley (M: 33)
Russell Wayne Betts (M: 33) Jared Brett Bezzant (M: 35) Gurpreet Singh Bhatia (M: 39)
John J Bias (M: 31) John J Bias (M: 31) Jeffrey Michael Bieber (M: 54)
Jeffrey Bieber (M: 54) Vernon Richard Biebinger (M: 35) Vernon Richard Biebinger (M: 35)
Scott Daniel Biery (M: 30) Scott Daniel Biery (M: 30) Christopher James Bigelow (M: 26)
Sterling Tyler Biggs (M: 26) Robert S Bigler (M: 42) Silas John Bigler (M: 35)
Edward Grant Bigman (M: 32) Michael Anthony Bilansky (M: 46) Blossom Rosanna Billie (F: 35)
Blossom Rosanna Billie (F: 35) Michael E Billings (M: 40) Douglas Cannon Bills (M: 41)
John Mark Bills (M: 57) Terry Ray Bills (M: 53) John Mark Bills (M: 57)
Ricky Billsie (M: 47) Andrew Wilson Bingham (M: 23) Dennis Jay Bingham (M: 65)
Douglas Eugene Bingham (M: 33) Eric Scott Bingham (M: 25) Everett Theodore Bingham (M: 42)
Robert William Bingham (M: 49) Steven Dale Bingham (M: 64) Douglas Eugene Bingham (M: 33)
Jerry Grant Bingham (M: 47) Duot Bior (M: 32) Troy Kay Birch (M: 48)
Mark Alan Birch (M: 56) Troy Kay Birch (M: 48) Timothy Guy Birch (M: 33)
Casey Russell Bird (M: 28) Dale R Bird (M: 64) John Adam Bird (M: 33)
John Thomas Bird (M: 51) Mathew Mark Bird (M: 36) Michael Ray Bird (M: 54)
Paul William Bird (M: 45) Phillip W Bird (M: 51) Robert James Bird (M: 39)
Robert Chester Bird (M: 23) Timothy Scott Bird (M: 43) Robert James Bird (M: 42)
Paul William Bird (M: 45) Duane Stuart Bird (M: 35) Richard Allen Birdsall (M: 68)
Christopher William Birks (M: 49) Lee Boyd Birks (M: 44) Christopher Willia Birks (M: 52)
Lee Calvin Birky (M: 36) Douglas Dean Bishop (M: 52) Joseph Christopher Bishop (M: 27)
Douglas Dean Bishop (M: 52) Joseph Christopher Bishop (M: 27) Cynthia Alice Bitsuie-Jones (F: 42)
Gregory Keith Bivens (M: 52) William Bivens (M: 49) Fredrick Joseph Bixenmann (M: 62)
Norbert Dale Bixler (M: 77) Eric Bjarnson (M: 64) Eric Bjarnson (M: 64)
Jeremy D Bjelde (M: 32) Jeremy D Bjelde (M: 32) Brandyn Wayd Black (M: 47)
David William Black (M: 24) Gared Donald Black (M: 24) John Kelly Black (M: 54)
Robert Gene Black (M: 45) Terry R Black (M: 38) Thomas G Black (M: 62)
Darryl Nicol Black (M: 63) John Kelly Black (M: 54) Brandyn Wade Black (M: 47)
Michael Alan Black (M: 33) Nicholas Ashby Black (M: 31) Robert Gene Black (M: 45)
Terry R Black (M: 38) Richard James Black (M: 59) Mark Raymond Black (M: 56)
Russell J Black (M: 45) Andrew Todd Blackburn (M: 35) Brent Blackburn (M: 48)
Brent Blackburn (M: 48) Brandon Joseph Blackett (M: 28) Jimmy D Blackett (M: 79)
Ambree Blackner (F: 33) David Michael Blackner (M: 48) David Michael Blackner (M: 48)
Preston Miles Blackwater (M: 24) Ronald Blackwater (M: 43) Preston Miles Blackwater (M: 24)
Ray Lynn Blackwell (M: 37) Kain Blackwing (M: 43) Chris Allan Blaha (M: 37)
Charles Dean Blair (M: 46) Don Glen Blair (M: 55) Larry Roland Blair (M: 39)
Michael Dwayne Blair (M: 50) Richard Don Blair (M: 43) Chris Allen Blair (M: 56)
John W Blair (M: 66) Michael Dwayne Blair (M: 50) Don Glen Blair (M: 55)
Larry Roland Blair (M: 39) Larry Rolland Blair (M: 39) Barry J. Blake (M: 59)
Damond T Blake (M: 46) Jesse Russell Blake (M: 23) Randall Jay Blake (M: 54)
Shaun Duane Blake (M: 44) Thomas Edward Blake (M: 63) Damond T Blake (M: 46)
Thomas Edward Blake (M: 63) Randall Jay Blake (M: 57) Stephen Lee Blake (M: 36)
Donald Mark Blanchard (M: 52) Peter W Blanchard (M: 49) Raymond Reid Blanchard (M: 79)
Raymond Blanchard (M: 79) Peter W Blanchard (M: 49) Kevin Ramey Blanke (M: 58)
Gary Lee Blankenship (M: 56) Gary Lee Blankenship (M: 56) Gary Lee Blankenship (M: 56)
Jason Blanton (M: 22) Jason Todd Blanton (M: 22) Tyler Kenn Blauer (M: 23)
Arthur James Blauvelt (M: 34) Arthur James Blauvelt (M: 37) Brandon Shane Blevins (M: 28)
Brandon S Blevins (M: 31) Toby Tyler Blodgett (M: 31) Toby Tyler Blodgett (M: 31)
Michael Eugene Bloom (M: 46) Jeffrey Allen Blue (M: 32) Jeffrey Allen Blue (M: 32)
Anthony Paul Bluemel (M: 27) Tammy Bluemel (F: 42) Ferosa Bluff (F: 40)
James Rolan Bluhm (M: 33) Melissa Irene Bly (F: 33) Jed Blythe (M: 20)
David Lee Boatwright (M: 42) Jeremy Bobeda (M: 38) Michael Alan Bobillot (M: 26)
Michael Alan Bobillot (M: 26) Thomas Mathew Bockheim (M: 46) Thomas Mathew Bockheim (M: 46)
Barry John Bodily (M: 67) Brandon Scott Bodily (M: 26) Ferrin Kay Bodily (M: 68)
Gordon Brent Bodily (M: 63) Loy Robert Bodily (M: 65) Mark David Bodily (M: 33)
Loy Robert Bodily (M: 65) Gordon Bodily (M: 63) Barry John Bodily (M: 67)
Ferrin Kay Bodily (M: 68) Avery Dean Bodwell (M: 22) Fredrick Karl Boehm (M: 64)
Daniel Ralph Boender (M: 42) Daniel Ralph Boender (M: 42) Steven Virgil Bogart (M: 26)
John Deloy Bogdin (M: 36) John Deloy Bogdin (M: 36) Fitzgerald Earl Boggess (M: 43)
Steven Bohman (M: 33) Steve Bohman (M: 33) Larry Warren Boice (M: 65)
Jaim Ray Bojanski (M: 30) Jaim Bojanski (M: 33) Robert T Bolan (M: 41)
Jamey Mccuan Bolerjack (F: 37) Thomas Boley (M: 50) David K Bolin (M: 36)
Jacob Mut Bolith (M: 35) Andrew Stratton Bollard (M: 40) Jared James Bollinger (M: 39)
Stuart S Bolton (M: 32) Stuart Bolton (M: 32) Eugene Watson Bond (M: 46)
Lloyd Wayne Bond (M: 69) Perry Jay Bond (M: 55) Joseph Floyd Boney (M: 67)
Santiago Luis Boney (M: 33) James Luis Boney (M: 33) Daniel Bonilla (M: 34)
Denis Bonilla (M: 38) Daniel Sloan Bonito (M: 26) Daniel Sloan Bonito (M: 26)
Anthony Joeseph Bonomini (M: 42) Anthony Joeseph Bonomini (M: 42) Bruce Duanne Bonta (M: 59)
Bruce Duanne Bonta (M: 59) Bob Lee Boog (M: 57) Bob Lee Boog (M: 57)
Leon Melvin Boone (M: 42) Timothy Allen Boone (M: 55) Jacob Terry Booth (M: 41)
John Leroy Booth (M: 39) Wendell Gene Booth (M: 67) Joshua Allen Boothe (M: 23)
Troy David Boren (M: 37) Dee Boren (M: 71) Khamseng Boriboun (M: 49)
Khamseng Boriboun (M: 49) Anthony David Borrowman (M: 39) Scott William Borrowman (M: 44)
Anthony David Borrowman (M: 39) Glen Douglas Borst (M: 53) Glen Douglas Borst (M: 53)
Devan Keith Bosch (M: 34) Devan Keith Bosch (M: 34) Clark Lane Bosen (M: 56)
Don Larry Bosen (M: 58) Don Larry Bosen (M: 58) William Kevin Bosley (M: 27)
Orval Clay Boss (M: 49) Robert Wesley Bosserman (M: 30) Darryl Kenneth Bossert (M: 50)
Darryl Kenneth Bossert (M: 50) John Bosshardt (M: 76) John Bosshardt (M: 76)
Patrick Franklin Bostian (M: 68) Bradley Keith Boswell (M: 44) Bradley Keith Boswell (M: 44)
Michael Bedford Bosworth (M: 54) Alvin Marion Botts (M: 47) Glenn Allen Bouck (M: 45)
Ray W Bouck (M: 79) Ray W Bouck (M: 79) Alexander R Boulton (M: 95)
Georlin Sampson Bounds (M: 31) Manuel Bow (M: 65) Jarred Bowcutt (M: 40)
Jason Marc Bowden (M: 40) Kent J Bowden (M: 55) Lee C Bowden (M: 62)
Kent J Bowden (M: 55) Jimmy John Bowdish (M: 23) Brent P Bowen (M: 62)
David L Bowen (M: 86) Derrick Paul Bowen (M: 28) Douglas R Bowen (M: 59)
Jason Lee Bowen (M: 32) Derrick Paul Bowen (M: 28) Douglas R Bowen (M: 62)
David L Bowen (M: 88) Jason Lee Bowen (M: 35) Steven Trevor Bowen (M: 34)
Brent P Bowen (M: 62) George Brent Bowerbank (M: 59) Jack Earl Bowers (M: 63)
Leland John Bowers (M: 29) Scott C Bowers (M: 56) Timothy Bowers (M: 55)
Valynne Asay Bowers (F: 43) Timothy Bowers (M: 55) William Ray Bowker (M: 30)
Dane John Bowler (M: 30) Jared Bruce Bowler (M: 32) Steven James Bowles (M: 34)
Steven James Bowles (M: 34) Larry F Bowling (M: 48) Larry F Bowling (M: 48)
Larry F Bowling (M: 48) Deena Leeann Bowman (F: 34) Felice Kaye Bowman (F: 28)
Daren Lyn Bowman (M: 44) Deena Leeann Bowman (F: 34) Carl Deston Bowthorpe (M: 73)
Milan Mack Boyce (M: 50) Daniel James Boyd (M: 33) Joshua William Boyd (M: 28)
Tyrone Tashiek Boyd (M: 33) Taje Ashley Boyden (M: 36) Taje Ashley Boyden (M: 36)
Christopher A Boyer (M: 32) Ronald Erick Boyer (M: 42) Robert Lee Boyer (M: 25)
Jerry R Boyer (M: 57) Dan Preston Boyle (M: 69) Dan Preston Boyle (M: 69)
Jason Brent Boynton (M: 28) Tyson R Boyter (M: 29) Tyson R Boyter (M: 29)
Anthony Wayne Bracket (M: 56) Anthony Wayne Bracket (M: 56) Don Lawrence Bradfield (M: 68)
Thomas Robert Bradfield (M: 44) Andrew Lee Bradford (M: 50) Andrew Lee Bradford (M: 53)
Donald Eugene Bradley (M: 46) Matthew Edwin Bradley (M: 35) Michael Joseph Bradley (M: 42)
Milton Selmer Bradley (M: 50) Richard Albert Bradley (M: 63) Michael Joseph Bradley (M: 42)
Matthew Edwin Bradley (M: 35) Haldane Christopher Bradshaw (M: 27) Kenneth Bradshaw (M: 43)
Haldane Christopher Bradshaw (M: 27) Kenneth Bradshaw (M: 43) Dale Lee Bradshaw (M: 65)
Bryan Michael Brady (M: 28) John Kay Brady (M: 52) John Brady (M: 46)
Robert Edward Brady (M: 36) Scott Quinten Brady (M: 58) Shaun Brady (M: 45)
Vaughn Lavere Brady (M: 61) Bryan Michael Brady (M: 28) Charles Tyrone Brady (M: 37)
John Kay Brady (M: 52) Scott Quinten Brady (M: 58) Vaughn Lavere Brady (M: 61)
Charles Tyrone Brady (M: 34) Matthew Benjamin Brady (M: 51) Rodney Russell Brafford (M: 58)
Troy Darrin Bragg (M: 45) Troy Darrin Bragg (M: 45) Scott K Brailsford (M: 32)
Jarom Joel Braithwaite (M: 33) Michael Robert Braithwaite (M: 29) Michael Robert Braithwaite (M: 29)
Jonathan Grant Braman (M: 33) Clarence Shedwood Branch (M: 47) Erin Platt Branch (M: 31)
Shawn Christopher Branch (M: 24) Erin Platt Branch (M: 31) Greer Allan Brand (M: 47)
Greer Allan Brand (M: 47) Aaron Trent Brandley (M: 46) Clinton David Brandon (M: 27)
William David Brandon (M: 47) John Stuart Branham (M: 37) John Stuart Branham (M: 42)
James Christian Brannan (M: 34) Shane W Brannon (M: 48) Gary Edward Brannon (M: 38)
Keith Edward Brant (M: 37) Keith Edward Brant (M: 37) Walter Eugene Brantzeg (M: 48)
Walter Eugene Brantzeg (M: 48) Benjamin August Brauer (M: 30) Benjamin August Brauer (M: 30)
William John Braun (M: 64) William John Braun (M: 61) Walter Jonathan Brave (M: 48)
Mario Bravo (M: 40) Leo Bravo (M: 64) Victor Bravo-Sanchez (M: 27)
Roy Lester Bray (M: 50) Scott P Bray (M: 53) Scott Patrick Bray (M: 53)
Ricardo Ricquet Brea (M: 32) Travis Brent Brechbill (M: 35) Travis Brent Brechbill (M: 32)
Peter James Brechemin (M: 75) Roger L Brechlin (M: 53) Ronald Joseph Brechlin (M: 72)
Ronald Joseph Brechlin (M: 72) Charles Robert Breckenridge (M: 63) Charles Robert Breckenridge (M: 63)
Nathan L Breinholt (M: 51) Nathan L Breinholt (M: 54) David Joseph Breinholt (M: 36)
Travis Clay Brelan (M: 23) Kyle D Brennan (M: 27) Tyler Steven Brereton (M: 33)
Tyler Steven Brereton (M: 33) Horacio Brescno-Ortiz (M: 29) David Hemingway Bresnahan (M: 19)
Douglas Ivan Brewer (M: 41) Troy Earl Brewer (M: 35) Lorraine W Brewer (F: 65)
Douglas Ivan Brewer (M: 41) Andrew Brewster (M: 29) Brian Gordon Briggs (M: 28)
Claude E Briggs (M: 75) Donnie Lee Briggs (M: 42) Herman Briggs (M: 30)
Paul Laurence Briggs (M: 62) Steven Arthur Briggs (M: 66) Herman Briggs (M: 30)
Paul Laurence Briggs (M: 62) Steven Arthur Briggs (M: 66) Claude E Briggs (M: 75)
Douglas John Briggs (M: 48) Scot Andrew Briggs (M: 55) Adam C Brimhall (M: 38)
Adam Brimhall (M: 38) Troy Anthony Brinar (M: 35) Heath Shannon Bringhurst (M: 45)
Michael Bringhurst (M: 23) Michael Kurt Bringhurst (M: 39) Ryan Dean Brink (M: 30)
Ryan Dean Brink (M: 30) Brandon Ray Brinkerhoff (M: 24) Brian Max Brinkerhoff (M: 28)
Conrad Scott Brinkerhoff (M: 28) Derek Todd Brinkerhoff (M: 29) John Martin Brinkerhoff (M: 44)
Justin Douglas Brinkerhoff (M: 28) Brian Max Brinkerhoff (M: 28) John Martin Brinkerhoff (M: 44)
Derek Todd Brinkerhoff (M: 29) Michael Gene Brinson (M: 50) Mannie Brisco (M: 57)
Clyde Chapman Briscoe (M: 72) Mark N Briske (M: 42) Mark Norman Briskie (M: 42)
Mark Norman Briskie (M: 39) Thayne V Bristow (M: 48) Jaime Brito (M: 26)
Jaime Brito (M: 26) Benjamin Jeffrey Britt (M: 33) Benjamin Jeffrey Britt (M: 33)
Harvey Vern Brittain (M: 37) Harvey Vern Brittain (M: 37) Richard Andrew Brittle (M: 56)
Richard Andrew Brittle (M: 56) Anthony Ray Broadhead (M: 34) Craig Lee Broadhead (M: 55)
Max Clifton Broadhead (M: 68) Max Clifton Broadhead (M: 68) Gregry Lynn Broadhead (M: 55)
Clair Lee Brock (M: 43) Eric Bradford Brock (M: 37) Clair Lee Brock (M: 43)
Catherine Mabel Brock (F: 36) Eric Bradford Brock (M: 37) Justin Lane Brockbank (M: 20)
William Newel Brockbrader (M: 39) William N Brockbrader (M: 39) Jared Ian Broderick (M: 34)
Bert Loyd Broderick (M: 60) Bert Broderick (M: 60) Jared Ian Broderick (M: 34)
Robert P Brodie (M: 60) Timothy Howard Brogdon (M: 46) James Daryl Brollier (M: 48)
James Daryl Brollier (M: 48) Kyle Ross Bronson (M: 30) Kyle Ross Bronson (M: 30)
David Eric Bronson (M: 38) Christopher Lewis Brookman (M: 49) Andrew Wayne Brooks (M: 28)
Andrew Clark Brooks (M: 26) Brent Ray Brooks (M: 54) Danielle Marie Brooks (F: 35)
Dean Patrick Brooks (M: 48) Edward D Brooks (M: 37) Justin Dean Brooks (M: 24)
Paul Wendell Brooks (M: 30) Ronnie S Brooks (M: 52) Shad Alan Brooks (M: 39)
Steve Chester Brooks (M: 36) Vear Leroy Brooks (M: 73) Vear Leroy Brooks (M: 73)
Jerome Cortez Brooks (M: 47) Ronnie S Brooks (M: 52) Dean Patrick Brooks (M: 48)
Ted Eldon Brooksby (M: 45) Ted Eldon Brooksby (M: 45) Carlos Arturo Brosig (M: 39)
Matthew Robert Bross (M: 25) Errol Mark Brouchoud (M: 71) Michael De Brough (M: 47)
Mark William Broughton (M: 53) Mark William Broughton (M: 53) Noah Levon Brouillette (M: 36)
Noah Levon Brouillette (M: 39) Bradley Robert Brown (M: 30) Charles Scott Brown (M: 36)
Daniel Steven Brown (M: 29) David Jeffery Brown (M: 57) David Edward Brown (M: 42)
Don G Brown (M: 67) Doty Lyn Brown (M: 51) Douglas Scott Brown (M: 52)
Duane Arnold Brown (M: 51) Edmond Rafeal Brown (M: 33) Frank Lukens Brown (M: 83)
Gary Wade Brown (M: 45) J Kelly Brown (M: 56) Jack Miller Brown (M: 69)
Jack Miller Brown (M: 92) Jarvis Dan Brown (M: 31) Jesse Brown (M: 33)
John Adam Brown (M: 35) Keith Scott Brown (M: 56) Kenneth Dwayne Brown (M: 45)
Kenneth Scott Brown (M: 53) Larry Floyd Brown (M: 55) Marc Roger Brown (M: 46)
Matthew Seth Brown (M: 31) Michael Yates Brown (M: 33) Michael Ray Brown (M: 34)
Michael Lee Brown (M: 57) Michael Christopher Brown (M: 40) Patrick John Brown (M: 45)
Patrick John Brown (M: 45) Renee A Brown (F: 36) Richard Daniels Brown (M: 24)
Ronald Robert Brown (M: 78) Scott Lee Brown (M: 59) Scott Dee Brown (M: 40)
Shane Ross Brown (M: 44) Thomas R Brown (M: 46) Timothy Eugene Brown (M: 44)
Timothy B Brown (M: 45) William James Brown (M: 74) William David Brown (M: 55)
Don G Brown (M: 67) Michael Lee Brown (M: 57) David Shawn Brown (M: 44)
Thomas R Brown (M: 46) Christopher Lee Brown (M: 51) Edmond Rafael Brown (M: 33)
Charles Scott Brown (M: 36) J Kelly Brown (M: 59) Shane Ross Brown (M: 44)
Jack Miller Brown (M: 69) Scott Dee Brown (M: 43) Timothy Eugene Brown (M: 44)
Tyler Charles Brown (M: 49) Stanley Teuotonga Brown (M: 50) John Adam Brown (M: 35)
Curtis Leroy Brown (M: 36) Patrick John Brown (M: 45) Bradley Robert Brown (M: 33)
David Jeffery Brown (M: 57) Larry Floyd Brown (M: 55) Douglas Scott Brown (M: 52)
Scott Lee Brown (M: 59) Kenneth Scott Brown (M: 53) Michael Brown (M: 34)
Johnathon Youtau Brown (M: 23) Chad C Brown (M: 31) Michael Adam Brown (M: 31)
Andrew Jacob Brownell (M: 18) Christopher Lee Browning (M: 33) Michael Allen Browning (M: 38)
Ronnie Lynn Brownson (M: 53) Jake Wesley Bruckner (M: 32) Jake Wesley Bruckner (M: 32)
Troy M Brueckmann (M: 35) James R Bruemmer (M: 44) James R Bruemmer (M: 44)
Christopher Michael Brule (M: 23) Christopher Dean Brumett (M: 35) Shane Richard Brundle (M: 45)
William Matthew Brunell (M: 31) Phillip Maurice Bruner (M: 46) Reagan Bruce Brunger (M: 29)
Reagan Bruce Brunger (M: 32) Lynell Michael Brunner (M: 27) Lynell M Brunner (M: 27)
Christian L Brunson (M: 31) Roger Leo Brunson (M: 54) Roger Leo Brunson (M: 56)
Todd Keith Brunson (M: 45) Todd Keith Brunson (M: 42) David Lee Bryant (M: 55)
Marc Clifton Bryant (M: 51) Mckensie Truman Bryant (M: 22) Wilbert Bryant (M: 50)
Joshua Jordan Buchanan (M: 35) Sean Tim Buchanan (M: 39) Willard Buchanan (M: 65)
Sean Tim Buchanan (M: 42) Willard Buchanan (M: 67) Ruben Bucio-Alvarez (M: 43)
Cody Michael Buck (M: 36) Rex Morgan Buck (M: 45) Cody Michael Buck (M: 36)
Dylan James Buckles (M: 23) Douglas Ken Buckner (M: 32) Tom Clyde Budd (M: 47)
Merrill S Budge (M: 59) Rafael Nunez Buendia (M: 26) Jaimie Vasquez Bueno (M: 78)
Tony Luis Bugarin (M: 33) Larry Lyle Buhler (M: 60) Jeff Buhler (M: 54)
David Lynn Buist (M: 65) David Lynn Buist (M: 65) Phillip Jim Bujan (M: 44)
Timothy J Bulfer (M: 33) Timothy James Bulfer (M: 33) Kevin Levi Bullard (M: 40)
Kevin Levi Bullard (M: 40) Heidi Marie Bullen (F: 32) Tammy M Bullen (F: 32)
Bradley Ray Bullis (M: 23) Arden Brett Bullock (M: 62) Gale Virgil Bullock (M: 92)
Jason Tyler Bullock (M: 43) Arden Brett Bullock (M: 62) William J Bullock (M: 43)
Douglas M Bullock (M: 45) Jeni L Bullock (F: 31) Richard Vincent Bullock (M: 20)
Anthony Lee Buncie (M: 50) Darwyn Jay Bundy (M: 43) Darwyn Jay Bundy (M: 43)
Clayton Kent Bune (M: 39) Clayton Kent Bune (M: 39) Bruce Lamond Bunker (M: 50)
James Benton Bunker (M: 58) Lyle Robison Bunker (M: 31) Bruce Lamond Bunker (M: 53)
Lyle Robison Bunker (M: 31) Edward Terry Bunnell (M: 57) Edward Terry Bunnell (M: 57)
Dave Gilbert Bunner (M: 40) Johannes Joseph Bunner (M: 37) Johannes Joseph Bunner (M: 37)
Dave Gilbert Bunner (M: 40) Tyson Bruce Bunting (M: 37) Tyson Burbank (M: 23)
Michael Paul Burch (M: 33) Michael P Burch (M: 33) Abraham Reyes Burciaga (M: 52)
Kevin William Burge (M: 52) James Lynn Burgess (M: 59) Paul Russell Burgess (M: 48)
William Richard Burgess (M: 55) Robert Raymon Burgess (M: 41) William Richard Burgess (M: 55)
Michael Lee Burgess (M: 53) Michael Lee Burgess (M: 50) Tyler S Burgin (M: 28)
Gary Eugene Burke (M: 42) Jay Walter Burke (M: 65) Richard Burke (M: 32)
Ryan David Burke (M: 33) Shane E Burke (M: 43) Jay Walter Burke (M: 67)
Richard Wesley Burke (M: 32) Michael Bruce Burkhart (M: 45) Matthew J Burkhead (M: 26)
Matthew Allen Burks (M: 48) Matthew Allen Burks (M: 48) Tommy Burleigh (M: 55)
Tommy Burleigh (M: 55) David A Burleigh (M: 36) Wayne Melvin Burleyson (M: 80)
Jerry Frederick Burlington (M: 47) Travis Lee Burlison (M: 30) Trent Joe Burlison (M: 44)
Travis Lee Burlison (M: 30) James Clinton Burneson (M: 85) Mark Myron Burnett (M: 42)
Bruce Mcarthur Burnett (M: 62) James M Burningham (M: 49) Benjamin Lee Burns (M: 34)
Kenneth Allen Burns (M: 61) William R Burns (M: 61) Benjamin Lee Burns (M: 34)
William R Burns (M: 61) Robert Quenton Burns (M: 41) Micah Raymond Burns (M: 27)
Micah Raymond Burns (M: 23) Robert Quenton Burns (M: 38) Eugene Ray Burr (M: 39)
Kenneth Vince Burr (M: 63) Ramon William Burr (M: 82) Edwin Mckay Burr (M: 63)
David Allen Burris (M: 49) David Alan Burris (M: 49) Daryl L Burrows (M: 48)
Michael Alan Burrows (M: 47) Daryl L Burrows (M: 48) Ken B Burrows (M: 52)
Darrel Eugene Bursett (M: 40) Larry Chris Burt (M: 50) Patrick Shawn Burt (M: 47)
Patrick Shawn Burt (M: 44) Chace Halacy Burton (M: 28) Christopher A Burton (M: 31)
Jeffery David Burton (M: 35) Jerry Wayne Burton (M: 45) Michael Duane Burton (M: 55)
Neal Fredrick Burton (M: 69) Robert Samuel Burton (M: 45) Sheril Dale Burton (M: 77)
Sheril Dale Burton (M: 77) Jerry Wayne Burton (M: 45) Neal Fredrick Burton (M: 69)
Michael Duane Burton (M: 55) Benjamin Neal Burton (M: 38) Clifford Duane Burville (M: 47)
David Michael Busby (M: 34) Charles William Bush (M: 55) Kenneth Paul Bush (M: 52)
Ryan Daniel Bush (M: 21) Kenneth Paul Bush (M: 55) Craig Allan Van Buskirk (M: 61)
Miguel Bustillo (M: 41) Jamie Dee Butcher (M: 25) Morris Joseph Butcher (M: 55)
Byron Collin Butler (M: 52) James Leon Butler (M: 50) James Tracy Butler (M: 33)
Rick Butler (M: 44) Byron Collin Butler (M: 55) James Leon Butler (M: 50)
Rick Butler (M: 44) Edward Nolan Butler (M: 49) Bart Richard Butterfield (M: 49)
Dale Norman Butterfield (M: 70) Ray Lynn Butterfield (M: 52) Willard G Butterfield (M: 85)
Bart Richard Butterfield (M: 52) Willard G Butterfield (M: 85) Dale Norman Butterfield (M: 70)
Stephen R Butterfield (M: 48) John G Butterworth (M: 68) Dallin Butterworth (M: 20)
Joshua James Buttrey (M: 34) Thomas Roy Butts (M: 22) Ryan J Butz (M: 31)
Charles Edward Byars (M: 28) Charles Edward Byars (M: 51) Landon J Byer (M: 22)
Leonard Lamont Byington (M: 71) Thomas H Byington (M: 45) Troy William Byington (M: 28)
Troy William Byington (M: 28) Finis Ray Byrd (M: 70) Isaiah Emanuel Byrd (M: 28)
Roland Shea Byrd (M: 41) Finis Ray Byrd (M: 70) Isaiah Emanuel Byrd (M: 31)
Joshua J Byrne (M: 26) Jeffrey Alan Byrum (M: 48) Jeffrey Alan Byrum (M: 48)
Robert Joseph Bywater (M: 60) Robert Joseph Bywater (M: 60)

Other Available Data

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