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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Dakota whose last name begins with the letter W are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Dakota sex offender information.

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Glenn Richard Waege (M: 18) Jerry Lee Wager (M: 48) Truman Lawrence Wages (F: 67)
William Harry Wagner (M: 41) David Loren Wagner (M: 67) Paul Joseph Wagner (M: 41)
James Christopher Wahl (M: 23) Robert William Wahl (M: 53) Craig Joseph Wahle (M: 49)
William Brandon Walbert (M: 33) Christopher John Waldner (M: 33) Kris Ryan Waldner (M: 43)
Joseph Edward Waldref (M: 42) Brian Christopher Walker (M: 24) Justin Walker (M: 27)
Justin Vernon Walker (M: 29) Quanah Walker (M: 70) Ronald Levon Walker (M: 19)
Luke Walker (M: 28) Kenneth George Walker (M: 55) Noren Dean Walkingbull (M: 40)
Noren Dean Walkingbull (M: 40) John Michael Walks (M: 44) Jeffrey David Wall (M: 48)
Andrew William Wallenstein (M: 28) Chastyn Jaryl Waloke (M: 29) Shayne Jon Walser (M: 33)
Slade Dean Walter (M: 53) Slade Dean Walter (M: 53) Myron Seth Walters (M: 52)
Christopher Todd Walters (M: 36) Alan Wayne Walther (M: 53) Brian Frank Walti (M: 42)
Aubreon C Walton (M: 45) James Leroy Walz (M: 76) Jay Alan Walz (M: 44)
Jamie Brian Wanner (M: 38) Delane Allan Wantoch (M: 80) Eugene Thomas Warbonnet (M: 62)
Waldo Patrick Warbonnett (M: 43) Darrell Dean Ward (M: 52) Robert Charles Ward (M: 52)
Edward Lyle Ward (M: 71) Daniel Joseph Wardell (M: 49) Daniel Joseph Wardell (M: 49)
Kelly D Warfield (M: 39) Charles Leroy Warne (M: 42) Terry Lynn Warner (M: 44)
Bruce Edward Warnke (M: 58) Harold Wayne Warren (M: 45) Kenton Wallace Warrey (M: 36)
Charles Warrior (M: 46) William Roy Warrior (M: 23) Timothy Todd Wartner (M: 41)
Joseph Patrick Warwick (M: 54) Kc Waterland (M: 50) Arthur Earl Waters (M: 55)
Clifton Lorrell Waters (M: 47) Darin Eugene Waters (M: 41) Frank Thomas Waters (M: 44)
Patrick Doyle Waters (M: 29) Patrick D Waters (M: 29) William Jess Watkins (M: 61)
George Emory Watts (M: 79) Lucas Tyler Waugh (M: 21) John Delbert Way (M: 25)
Greg Lorenzo Weatherspoon (M: 48) Russell Dunn Weaver (M: 49) Charles Samuel Webb (M: 32)
Brian Michael Weber (M: 34) Peter Lee Weber (M: 28) Raymond Eugene Weber (M: 71)
William Ashley Weber (M: 32) Joseph R Webster (M: 59) Michael Charles Webster (M: 32)
Wesley Adam Weddell (M: 25) Scott Ervin Wegleitner (M: 47) Curtis Lance Wegner (M: 28)
Larry Allan Weifenbach (M: 49) Christopher Michael Weinmeyer (M: 35) Casey Fredrick Weins (M: 37)
Anthony Thomas Weis (M: 36) Brian James Weisbeck (M: 46) John Anthony Weisbeck (M: 49)
Chad Joseph Weiss (M: 34) Kelby Ronald Weisser (M: 22) Melvin James Welch (M: 50)
Richard Dean Wellnitz (M: 47) Richard Dean Wellnitz (M: 47) Adrian Gene Wells (M: 36)
Raymond Frederick Wells (M: 25) Scott Arlen Wells (M: 54) Steven Duane Wells (M: 48)
William Wallace Wells (M: 42) Jaycob Robert Wendel (M: 24) Rocky Dean Wendel (M: 32)
Timothy James Wendt (M: 51) Mathew John Wermers (M: 36) Brian Dean Werner (M: 49)
William Edward Wesley (M: 49) Cody Michael West (M: 20) Marchelle Dawan West (F: 32)
Steven John West (M: 62) Wilbur Michael West (M: 68) William Charles West (M: 52)
David Leslie West (M: 41) Leroy Lewis Westfall (M: 70) David Wayne Weverka (M: 44)
Jerry Wayne Weyer (M: 53) Shane Michael Weyer (M: 37) Terry Lee Weymouth (M: 46)
Jeffrey Lou Whalen (M: 59) Kirk Alan Whalen (M: 43) Bradley Dean Whaley (M: 53)
Bryan Joseph Whaley (M: 32) Scott Steven Wharton (M: 37) Raymond Clark Wheeler (M: 60)
Richard Orr Wheeler (M: 42) Terry Ervin Whelchel (M: 48) Ronnie Joe Wherry (M: 53)
Chad J Whirlwindsoldier (M: 32) Justin Patrick Whisenant (M: 50) David Keith White (M: 46)
Dennis Gerald White (M: 39) Gary Duwayne White (M: 65) Kevin Dewayne White (M: 30)
Matthew James White (M: 44) Thomas Delano White (M: 57) Michael Eugene White (M: 42)
John William White (M: 67) Ernest Solomon Whitebuffalo (M: 44) Francisco Dennis Whitebuffalo (M: 35)
William Jason Whitebuffalo (M: 41) Fernando Fabian Whitebutterfly (M: 27) Roman Quinted Whitecalf (M: 23)
Christopher Aaron Whiteeagle (M: 29) Andrew Steven Whiteeyes (M: 24) Barry Joe Whiteface (M: 24)
Cornell Benadict Whiteface (M: 33) Lloyd Lee Whiteface (M: 25) Robert Thomas Whiteface (M: 41)
Delano Reed Whiteface (M: 37) Roger Whitehat (M: 47) Lavern Royce Whitelance (M: 51)
Anthony Matthew Whitemountain (M: 55) Lonnie Charles Whitemountain (M: 25) Mikal John Whitemountain (M: 29)
Bryan Ward Whitepipe (M: 52) Zuya Wakapela Whiteplume (M: 27) Zuya Wakapela Whiteplume (M: 27)
Frank Joseph Whitethunder (M: 25) Danny Thomas Whiting (M: 59) Gary Scott Whiting (M: 49)
Michael Wayne Whiting (M: 58) Eugene Mark Whitledge (M: 55) Clarence Edmond Whitmore (M: 37)
Keith Wallace Whitmore (M: 42) Joel Lee Whitney (M: 43) Jonathon Andrew Whitney (M: 26)
Wayne Darrell Whitney (M: 65) James Robert Whittemore (M: 57) James Robert Whittemore (M: 27)
Daniel Byron Whittet (M: 77) Anthony Whorton (M: 35) Antony Mickael Whorton (M: 36)
Jermain Wickware (M: 37) Aaron Levi Widow (M: 59) Trenton James Wieser (M: 32)
Jeffrey Lee Wiesinger (M: 33) Zane Lee Wiggers (M: 26) Eric Wayne Wilkes (M: 28)
Dawn Maree Wilkie (F: 42) Chad Lee Wilkins (M: 38) Gary Lee Wilkinson (M: 26)
Michael Jack Willard (M: 45) Dani Willett (M: 53) Bradley Alan Willett (M: 27)
Bud Haley Williams (M: 53) Donald Allen Williams (M: 51) Ernest Lester Williams (M: 54)
Henry Charles Williams (M: 54) Michael Wayne Williams (M: 40) Rodrick Earl Williams (M: 34)
Romie Odell Williams (M: 36) Romie Odell Williams (M: 36) Thad Scott Williams (M: 31)
Timothy Scott Williams (M: 48) Rodrick Earl Williams (M: 34) Gordon Anthony Williamson (M: 38)
Randy Lee Williamson (M: 48) Dustin Lee Willis (M: 33) Jason Willmschen (M: 37)
Michael Trent Willobee (M: 34) Alexander Ray Wilson (M: 24) Andrew Lee Wilson (M: 33)
Andrew David Wilson (M: 61) Chadwick William Wilson (M: 33) Harold Gene Wilson (M: 43)
James Robert Wilson (M: 28) Keith David Wilson (M: 40) Keith David Wilson (M: 40)
Kevin Lee Wilson (M: 48) Michael Paul Wilson (M: 35) Robert Alfred Wilson (M: 58)
Samuel Donald Wilson (M: 38) Shawn Dale Wilson (M: 46) Steven R Wilson (M: 28)
Steven Ray Wilson (M: 28) Tylor John Wilson (M: 18) Daniel Aaron Wilson (M: 25)
Bruce Kevin Wilts (M: 46) Ronald James Winer (M: 57) James William Wininger (M: 33)
Joseph Brock Winkelman (M: 36) Travis Lee Winkler (M: 33) Charles Anthony Winters (M: 55)
Gregory Robert Winters (M: 61) Randy Donald Winters (M: 55) Brandon Josesph Wipf (M: 22)
Justin Paul Wirkuty (M: 53) Nicole Marie Wise (F: 26) Joshua Everett Wisser (M: 33)
Joel Dean Witchey (M: 54) James Eugene Witham (M: 74) James Eugene Witham (M: 74)
Christopher Kent Withem (M: 23) Frank Arthur Witte (M: 28) Nathan Collins Wittrock (M: 28)
Troy Lee Wittrock (M: 44) Donn Lee Wittstruck (M: 60) Jason Michael Wohlleber (M: 40)
John Allen Wolf (M: 40) Jonathan Adrian Wolf (M: 29) Douglas James Wolfe (M: 51)
Timothy Allen Wolfe (M: 35) John Harold Wolff (M: 58) Richard Chris Wolfguts (M: 27)
Andrew Peter Wood (M: 77) Calvin Karl Wood (M: 55) Cephas Joseph Wood (M: 28)
Michael Gwynne Wood (M: 26) Eric Randall Woods (M: 28) Einar Lesley Wool (M: 44)
Ricky Alan Worden (M: 53) Ronald Roy Worden (M: 49) Todd Lewis Worldturner (M: 27)
Darryl James Woundedhead (M: 63) William Aaron Wozna (M: 73) William Saab Wray (M: 28)
David Lloyd Wren (M: 60) Brian Keith Wright (M: 41) Elgin Matthew Wright (M: 54)
Frank George Wright (M: 51) Jamie Benjamin Wright (M: 30) Michael Eugene Wright (M: 39)
Ronald Lee Wright (M: 50) Russell Dean Wright (M: 44) Stanley Richard Wright (M: 36)
Steve James Wright (M: 49) Terry Alden Wright (M: 28) William Willard Wright (M: 52)
Stephen James Wright (M: 20) Philip Joshua Wurtz (M: 46) Ruben Mike Wurtz (M: 58)
Gregory Alton Wyman (M: 58) Justin Travis Wymore (M: 35)

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