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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Dakota whose last name begins with the letter R are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Dakota sex offender information.

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Cory Allan Raab (M: 39) Loren Allen Raaen (M: 49) Casey Daniel Raatz (M: 23)
Harmon Rabb (M: 33) Harmon Rabb (M: 33) Cory Wayne Rada (M: 33)
Christopher Paul Ragels (M: 22) Michael Todd Rainbow (M: 47) Kirk Allen Rainey (M: 45)
Kirk Allen Rainey (M: 45) Justin Lewis Rainwater (M: 33) Justin Rainwater (M: 33)
Ronald Rall (M: 50) George Alfred Ramberg (M: 73) William Relf Ramsdell (M: 48)
Jered Wayne Ramsey (M: 22) Anthony K Rand (M: 31) Aloysius Wanblee Randall (M: 26)
Arnold Stanley Randall (M: 58) Timothy Craig Randall (M: 63) William Charles Randolph (M: 56)
Beau Terrill Rave (M: 33) Beau T Rave (M: 33) Edward Olin Ravenscroft (M: 50)
Michael Rawlins (M: 66) Kevin Walker Ray (M: 48) Roger Allen Raymond (M: 56)
Haider Salah Razzak (M: 37) Michael Allen Readd (M: 44) Richard Avon Reams (M: 45)
Kevin Lynn Rear (M: 50) Scott David Reaume (M: 49) Brett Lee Rechtenbaugh (M: 41)
Troy Christopher Record (M: 38) Franklin Manuel Redbear (M: 66) Jeremy David Redbear (M: 20)
Trevor Truitt Redbird (M: 24) Gerald Randolph Redcloud (M: 50) Paul Andrew Redcloud (M: 57)
Joshua Ryan Redd (M: 27) Emmett George Redday (M: 55) Gordon Reginald Redday (M: 46)
Howard Leroy Redday (M: 67) Robert Oliver Redden (M: 53) Patrick Louis Reddog (M: 55)
Mark Julias Redeagle (M: 43) John Joseph Redfeather (M: 22) Orville Dean Redfeather (M: 40)
Robert Terry Redfeather (M: 66) Orville Dean Redfeather (M: 40) Richard Nelson Redfox (M: 29)
Daniel Leonard Redhorse (M: 42) Thomas Michael Redleaf (M: 35) Fred John Rednest (M: 33)
Edward Milton Redowl (M: 70) Alan Leon Redwillow (M: 42) Charles Anthony Reed (M: 54)
David Allen Reed (M: 39) Demetrious Tyrone Reed (M: 34) James Thomas Reed (M: 53)
Robert Ester Reed (M: 66) Stanley Owen Reed (M: 50) William Michael Joseph Reed (M: 55)
Jeremy Joseph Reed (M: 26) Christopher Robin Reese-Leavitt (M: 23) Ronald Neal Reeves (M: 48)
Donald E Regnier (M: 82) Joseph David Rehema (M: 25) Douglas Scott Reilly (M: 47)
Robbie Andrew Reiner (M: 45) Robbie Andrew Reiner (M: 45) Wade Clifford Reiner (M: 47)
Thomas Victor Reinfeld (M: 56) Cherylyn Arlene Reinhard (F: 48) David Allen Reinwald (M: 51)
Mark Robert Reis (M: 75) Fredrick Junior Reitsma (M: 72) Carl Eugene Remmers (M: 67)
Ronald Rhea Rencountre (M: 43) Francis Gordon Rencountre (M: 26) Timothy Ray Reno (M: 56)
Nylis Gene Renschler (M: 69) Nylis Gene Renschler (M: 69) Edgar Ray Renville (M: 39)
Harvey Michael Renville (M: 58) Darnell Darrell Repnow (M: 37) Troy Lawayne Rethke (M: 45)
Jeremy Scott Reuter (M: 37) Abram A Revira Jr (M: 53) Anthony Lee Reyes (M: 29)
Walter Earl Reynolds (M: 71) Jeremy Reynolds (M: 37) Richard Roy Rhoades (M: 64)
Alan Scott Rhodes (M: 56) Clayton Daniel Rice (M: 60) John Clara Rice (M: 49)
Larry Dean Rice (M: 71) Craig Moses Richard (M: 28) Joseph Charles Richard (M: 67)
Norton Dale Richard (M: 35) Glenn Earl Richard (M: 39) Anthony Joseph Richards (M: 25)
Charles Lee Richards (M: 42) Colbert Marlon Richards (M: 41) James Arnett Richards (M: 30)
Pete Ernest Richards (M: 27) Terrance Gene Richards (M: 47) Pete Ernest Richards (M: 27)
Adam Coy Richardson (M: 22) Larry Gene Richter (M: 45) Javier Ricotorres (M: 20)
Eugene Samuel Ridenour (M: 62) Raymond Edward Ridenour (M: 61) Corey James Ridgway (M: 34)
Byron Scott Rieckman (M: 32) Brandon James Edward Rieger (M: 23) Daniel John Ries (M: 39)
James Duane Riley (M: 69) Nathaniel Donald Rinken (M: 27) Christopher Andrew Rinkenberger (M: 27)
George Lee Rinzy (M: 37) Alexander Rivera (M: 36) Alexander Rivera (M: 36)
Jose Manuel Rivera (M: 32) Rolando Joe Rivera (M: 55) Jayme Lee Rivers (M: 33)
William Edward Rivers (M: 55) Roland Douglas Roach (M: 42) Arley Frederick Roach (M: 28)
Lorenzo Leon Roaneagle (M: 50) Jeremy Steven Robb (M: 28) Timothy Michael Robbins (M: 35)
Louis Stanley Robbins (M: 73) David Christopher Roberts (M: 34) Douglas Matthew Roberts (M: 57)
William David Roberts (M: 77) Bodean Kurt Roberts (F: 17) Berry Theodore Robinson (M: 35)
Michael Thomas Robinson (M: 23) Michael John Robinson (M: 53) Berry Theodoer Robinson (M: 35)
Eric John Robinson (M: 27) Lonnie Dean Robish (M: 55) William Jay Rock (M: 53)
Ronald Harry Rodden (M: 71) Victor Joseph Roden (M: 33) Guy Rex Roden (M: 47)
Timothy Dayton Rodgers (M: 53) Courtney Joseph Rodriguez (M: 26) Edward Rodriguez (M: 38)
Efrain Rodriguez (M: 35) Felix Charles Rodriguez (M: 44) Hector Rodriquezmorente (M: 42)
James Dean Roe (M: 25) Lance Michael Roetman (M: 26) Ralph Joseph Roetzel (M: 63)
Harold Leon Rogers (M: 63) Marvin Allen Rolf (M: 40) John Alan Rolfe (M: 61)
Gregory Charles Rolland (M: 47) Randy Lee Romer (M: 44) Nicholas E Romero (M: 31)
Richard Dwight Roncskevitz (M: 47) Jordan Anthony Rondell (M: 25) Richard Dean Ronke (M: 58)
George Louis Rosa (M: 42) Michael Dean Rose (M: 38) Garry Alan Rosen (M: 42)
Terry Lee Rosenbaum (M: 55) Matthew Allen Rosener (M: 30) Daniel Anthony Ross (M: 48)
Daniel Anthony Ross (M: 48) Kenneth Franklin Ross (M: 40) Kenneth Franklin Ross (M: 40)
Gregory Wayne Rossow (M: 54) Lonnie Ray Rossow (M: 53) Matthew Brian Roterdam (M: 31)
Matthew Brian Roterdam (M: 31) Wyman Joseph Rothanburg (M: 70) Charles Melvin Roubideaux (M: 24)
Lionel Eugene Roubideaux (M: 49) Reno Chadwick Roubideaux (M: 38) Donald Russell Roughsurface (M: 44)
Robert Len Rouillard (M: 37) Donavan James Rouse (M: 27) Richard Sidney Rouse Jr (M: 58)
Jesse Lyle Rousseau (M: 39) Lawrence Miles Rowland (M: 48) Tatanka Rowland (M: 27)
John Weldon Rozelle (M: 63) Joseph Richard Rubalcava (M: 20) Scott Allen Rubin (M: 47)
Gary Lee Ruby (M: 48) Richard Allen Rucktaeschel (M: 47) Eric James Rudebusch (M: 31)
Jerome Orlin Rudie (M: 53) Scott Martin Rudloff (M: 34) Lee Rollando Rudolph (M: 36)
Lee Rollando Rudolph (M: 36) David Lee Ruediger (M: 46) Gary Lynn Ruff (M: 63)
Steven Theodore Rummens (M: 31) Bryce Lee Runningbear (M: 37) Harold Wesley Runningbird (M: 53)
Reno Israel Runningenemy (M: 48) Albert Oscar Runninghawk (M: 64) Loren Casey Runninghorse (M: 42)
Shawn F Runquist (M: 42) Paul Eric Rupp (M: 42) Gary Dean Rush (M: 60)
Gary Dean Rush (M: 60) Michael Marvin Rusler (M: 38) Nicholas Oliver Kona Russell (M: 16)
David Charles Rutherford (M: 67) Thomas Archie Ryckman (M: 53) Robert Stanley Rye (M: 60)

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