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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Dakota whose last name begins with the letter P are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Dakota sex offender information.

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Bennie Pace (M: 59) Bennie Pace (M: 59) Larry Herman Pack (M: 59)
Thomas Robert Packard (M: 60) Fred Lee Packed (M: 46) Douglas Charles Padley (M: 71)
Gene Ward Page (M: 82) Marco Tulio Palencia (M: 45) Kyle John Palmer (M: 22)
Laduke John Palmer (M: 42) Terry Leneal Palmer (M: 56) Benjamin Joseph Palmier (M: 53)
Hom Pama (M: 49) Joseph Lewis Panaia (M: 45) Michael Christopher Panetta (M: 47)
Walter Henry Panych (M: 55) Joel James Pape (M: 49) Joshua William Paplow (M: 35)
Joshua William Paplow (M: 35) Thomas Paul Paradeis (M: 45) Lee Esta Parish (M: 32)
Arnold Eugene Parker (M: 44) Shawn Michael Parker (M: 29) Dwayne James Parmely (M: 48)
Kevin Calvin Parrett (M: 55) Craig Michael Parrish (M: 55) Jordan Tyler Parsons (M: 21)
Nicholas Jerud Parsons (M: 23) Terry Dean Parsons (M: 52) Ryan Christopher Patient (M: 28)
Peter Corky Patino (M: 77) Sheldon Gene Patterson (M: 39) Kinley Earl Patterson (M: 33)
Larry Allen Patzlaff (M: 58) Jay Andrew Paul (M: 42) Paul Vernon Paulhamus (M: 41)
James Dale Paulsen (M: 20) Donald Douglas Paulson (M: 76) Dwight Wayne Pawneeleggins (M: 40)
Joshua Wade Payer (M: 37) Murray Jerome Payne (M: 49) Bruce Ralph Payne (M: 60)
William Bernard Payton (M: 55) Hector Diego Paz (M: 29) Don Paul Pearman (M: 45)
Jeffrey Mark Pearson (M: 49) Gilbert Delbert Pease (M: 40) Michael Robert Pecenka (M: 52)
Duane Arle Peck (M: 71) James Edward Peck (M: 42) William Charles Peck (M: 41)
James Andrew Peck (F: 33) Frank George Pecoraro (M: 67) Clifton Peddy (M: 49)
Thomas Wayne Pederson (M: 63) Brian James Pekron (M: 31) Justin Lee Peltier (M: 30)
Patrick Wayne Peltier (M: 30) Wahacanko Paul Peltier (M: 37) Marco Antonio Pena (M: 39)
James Henry Peneaux (M: 45) Kevin Frederick Peniska (M: 47) Paul David Penton (M: 71)
Jeanette Louise Peoples (F: 53) Nickolaus Ryan Pepin (M: 31) Tania Sonia Perez (F: 41)
Jorge Noe Perez (M: 42) John Ray Perkins (M: 51) Louis Thomas Perkins (M: 48)
Paul Alan Perkins (M: 56) Kim Daniel Perovich (M: 52) Michael Ray Perry (M: 29)
Derek David Pershall (M: 24) Darrell Lee Person (M: 46) Jeffrey Allen Person (M: 59)
Donald Eugene Peters (M: 61) Glen Lavern Peters (M: 59) Mark Henry Peters (M: 56)
Bruce Robert Petersen (M: 63) Cory Dee Petersen (M: 38) Conrad Dale Petersen (M: 37)
Bryan Colin Peterson (M: 39) Cody Joel Peterson (M: 20) David William Peterson (M: 50)
Ralph Dean Peterson (M: 56) Robert Neal Peterson (M: 61) Ryan Lee Peterson (M: 29)
John Matthew Peterson (M: 42) Elven Neil Peterson (M: 55) Edson Lyle Pfeiffelman (M: 36)
Christopher Neil Pflaster (M: 28) Myron Ray Phelps (M: 49) Jordan Lee Phibbs (M: 20)
Michael Raymond Philipsen (M: 31) Andrew David Phillips (M: 28) Scott Allan Phillips (M: 33)
Timothy Greg Phillips (M: 26) William Thomas Phillips (M: 44) James Thomas Phillips (M: 63)
Jonathan Baptiste Picotte (M: 22) Scott Allen Picotte (M: 47) Allen Todd Pierce (M: 42)
Anthony Harold Pierce (M: 35) Harley Will Pierce (M: 47) Delbert Lee Pieschke (M: 58)
Stephen Clark Pieza (M: 28) Stephen Clark Pieza (M: 28) Michael Arlyn Pigney (M: 49)
Berthold Arthur Pigors (M: 62) Gail Dennis Pike (M: 33) Jeremy William Pingeon (M: 25)
Phillip Casey Piper (M: 28) Stephen Michael Piper (M: 22) Robert Allen Pistore (M: 32)
Barry Len Pitt (M: 52) Ricky Lee Place (M: 55) Stephon John Plaskey (M: 26)
Alvin Emmit Plastow (M: 37) Leo Clarksen Plentyarrows (M: 66) Troy Justin Plentychief (M: 30)
Michael James Plentyhorse (M: 24) Rudolph Clyde Plentyhorse (M: 52) David Fredrick Paul Plinski (M: 28)
Justin Wayne Plooster (M: 28) Scott Lawrence Plumb (M: 40) Taurean Jesse Plume (M: 25)
Joey Daniel Podoll (M: 36) Eric Michael Poile (M: 25) Melissa Ann Poile (F: 28)
Stanford Michael Pointsathim (M: 45) Tonia Felicia Pointsathim (F: 40) Loren Gabriel Pokela (M: 26)
Christopher Lee Poline (M: 30) Patrick Scott Pomani (M: 32) Anthony Wayne Ponca (M: 34)
Darrell Dean Ponca (M: 54) Rainer Tagore Poncedeleon (M: 38) Justin Tamoyang Pond (M: 23)
Wendy Lynn Pond (F: 24) Byron Lee Pooley (M: 64) Byron L Pooley (M: 64)
Anthony Willard Poorbear (M: 46) Delaney Johnathan Poorbear (M: 30) Julia Renee Poorbear (F: 43)
Leon Fitzgerald Poorbear (M: 48) Marvin Darren Poorbear (M: 44) Sean Lydell Poorbear (M: 40)
Jason Corey Poorman (M: 36) Chad Allen Pope (M: 37) Joseph Matthew Poppema (M: 20)
Lyle Elmer Poppen (M: 67) Patrick Frank Poppen (M: 49) Jess Hernandez Porras (M: 52)
James Steven Porter (M: 46) Ryan Michael Porter (M: 33) Aaron Dale Porterfield (M: 32)
Justin Donald Poss (M: 54) Rupert Wesley Potter (M: 92) Thomas Leo Pourier (M: 52)
Christopher Lee Powell (M: 36) Christopher Charles Powell (M: 34) Holly Wilson Powell (M: 64)
Marc Ryan Powell (M: 33) Charles Lee Powell (M: 40) John Mark Pratt (M: 48)
Kenneth Eugene Pratt (M: 57) Leroy Ernest Preslicka (M: 56) Sheldon Shane Price (M: 26)
Toby Lee Price (M: 41) David Micheal Prickett (M: 32) Daniel Michael Pridie (M: 26)
William Douglas Priebe (M: 34) Cara K Prince (F: 47) Eric Devonn Prince (M: 44)
Philip Vaughan Prindle (M: 46) Keith Ryan Pritchett (M: 25) Norman Vine Provencial (M: 57)
Wilson Baptiste Provencial (M: 24) Jeremiah Randolph Pruitt (M: 37) Stacy John Pudwill (M: 40)
Guy Gregory Pugh (M: 48) Donald Russell Pulfrey (M: 53) Kyle Robert Pulfrey (M: 44)
Mark Lee Pullman (M: 37) Shawn Douglas Purintun (M: 28) Scott Lynn Putney (M: 53)
Gerald Leland Pyles (M: 75)

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