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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Dakota whose last name begins with the letter L are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Dakota sex offender information.

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Phillip L Labbe (M: 30) Michael Allen Labelle (M: 60) Dean Alan Lacota (M: 35)
Joe L Lacroix (M: 59) Raymond Lee Laduke (M: 38) Bert Cecil Lafferty (M: 71)
Rocky Lee Lafferty (M: 27) Myles Dean Lafortune (M: 22) Gary Dean Lafrentz (M: 55)
Rocky Alan Lahammer (M: 55) Benny Lee Laible (M: 52) Jim B Laird (M: 56)
Wayne Eugene Laird (M: 40) Melvin Duane Lake (M: 64) Stephen Ray Lakefield (M: 42)
Jason Kit Lam (M: 31) Augustus Eugene Lambert (M: 34) Augustus Eugene Lambert (M: 34)
Dennis Dean Lambert (M: 57) Kevin Allen Lamm (M: 28) Marty Lewis Landfair (M: 39)
Burton Kenneth Landman (M: 55) Justin Wayne Landrum (M: 24) Robert Lyle Lang (M: 65)
Chad Eugene Langdeaux (M: 37) Tyler Leigh Langenfeld (M: 27) Tyler Leigh Langenfeld (M: 27)
Frank Emil Lapier (M: 57) Douglas Laplante (M: 45) Dennis James Largent (M: 43)
Darrell Wayne Laroche (M: 37) Dustin Brian Laroche (M: 27) Dustin Brian Laroche (M: 27)
Joseph Dean Laroche (M: 29) Lawrence Fay Laroche (M: 66) Laray Im Larrabee (F: 32)
Donovan Delbert Larrabee (M: 25) Christopher Eugene Larsen (M: 39) David Lawrence Larsen (M: 63)
Floyd Alvin Larsen (M: 63) Dale John Larson (M: 44) Dean Roy Larson (M: 46)
Joseph Lee Larson (M: 31) Kerry James Larson (M: 56) Larry James Larson (M: 70)
Robert Fredrick Larson (M: 60) Zachary Lee Larson (M: 23) John Melvin Larson (M: 72)
Jeffrey Leo Larvie (M: 30) Leon Gerald Larvie (M: 54) Daniel Lee Larvie (M: 56)
Michael Leigh Lashwood (M: 60) Steven Kenneth Laskowski (M: 47) Raymond Manuel Lasoya (M: 49)
Cornelius Ellis Lasthorse (M: 41) Kristi Jolene Latham (F: 41) Jacob David Laue (M: 21)
George Thomas Laundreaux (M: 26) Damion David Lavasseur (M: 34) Albert James Lawrence (M: 49)
John Louis Lawrence (M: 50) Jordan Adam Lawrence (M: 19) Garrett Wayne Lawrence (M: 23)
Michael Wayne Leachman (M: 52) Joshua Allen Leachman (M: 26) Jason Roy Leadercharge (M: 39)
Leonard Wayne Leadercharge (M: 65) Titus Job Leadingcloud (M: 22) David Moses Leal (M: 50)
William Derek Leaver (M: 30) Gerald Wayne Lebeau (M: 51) Samuel Mike Lebeau (M: 36)
Jesse Phenix Leblount (M: 39) Antoine Leclair (M: 31) Leo Casper Lecompte (M: 52)
Brian Ray Lee (M: 47) Brian Ray Lee (M: 47) Gerald Steve Lee (M: 44)
Scott Eugene Lee (M: 50) Tracy Allen Lee (M: 45) Walter Layman Lee (M: 31)
Ryan David Lee (M: 32) Jody Russell Leeds (M: 33) Bruce Anthony Lefebvre (M: 65)
Patrick Joseph Lefthandbull (M: 39) Michael Anthony Leighton (M: 52) Gregory Joseph Leimbach (M: 53)
Mark Owen Leite (M: 54) Whitney Glenn Leith (M: 51) William Franklin Leith (M: 30)
William Franklin Leith (M: 30) David Carl Lemberg (M: 39) Rodney Dale Lemburg (M: 55)
Ambrose Morris Lemieux (M: 69) Hubert Edward Lemire (M: 63) Corey Michael Lemme (M: 33)
Albert Henery Lenards (M: 76) Ricky Lee Lenger (M: 48) Leon Ralph Lentz (M: 56)
Vincent James Leo (M: 36) Steven Lee Lerew (M: 39) Chad Alan Lerfald (M: 33)
Jonlewk Shane Lesly (M: 18) Mark Alan Lewis (M: 44) Michael Paul Lewis (M: 58)
Michael Paul Lewis (M: 58) Juan Francisco Limon (M: 63) Cody Lee Lindback (M: 33)
Cody Lee Lindback (M: 33) David Andrew Linderman (M: 44) Dion James Lindgren (M: 35)
James Marvin Lindner (M: 54) Lee Wallace Lindquist (M: 55) Donn Edward Lindsay (M: 53)
Joshua Lee Lindsey (M: 30) Richard Virgil Litschewski (M: 58) Donald Ray Litster (M: 62)
Donald Eugene Little (M: 46) George Coleman Little (M: 46) Jason Ryan Little (M: 33)
Roderic Lee Little (M: 50) Charles Dale Littlebear (M: 46) Kimo John Littlebird (F: 30)
Kermit Paul Littlebull (M: 47) Hobart John Littlecloud (M: 50) Sheldon Lee Littleeagle (M: 32)
Virgil Charles Littleeaglegood (M: 62) Walter Duane Littleelk (M: 27) Gary Dale Littlehawk (M: 51)
Gary Charles Littlehoop (M: 44) Peter Samuel Littlehoop (M: 50) Phillip John Littlehoop (M: 30)
Phillip George Littlekiller (M: 62) Jesse Adam Littlemoon (M: 28) Joyner John Littleowl (M: 66)
Adrian Paul Littlethunder (M: 32) Craig Dexter Littlethunder (M: 32) Randall Carl Littlethunder (M: 41)
Michael Dean Livingood (M: 46) Wayne Allen Lloyd (M: 50) Delbert Delane Loafer (M: 64)
Eric Jerome Lobo (M: 29) William Dean Locke (M: 24) James W Lockhart (M: 86)
Bryan Jeffery Lockwood (M: 47) Robert John Loftus (M: 42) Mark Bryan Lohman (M: 47)
Sica Akicita Lohnes (M: 54) Travis Ryan Loll (M: 31) Chauncey Phillip Loneelk (M: 46)
Gilbert Paul Loneelk (M: 29) David Lincoln Lonergan (M: 29) Alfred Ray Long (M: 52)
Daniel Patrick Long (M: 63) Dennis Ray Long (M: 53) Gary Lee Long (M: 50)
George Jacob Long (M: 36) Roger Lee Long (M: 64) Scott Christopher Long (M: 36)
Michael Scott Long (M: 19) Paul David Longchase (M: 33) Shannon Wayne Longjaw (M: 36)
Donald Mark Longland (M: 57) Charles Lee Longman (M: 27) Sylvester Ferrel Longsoldier (M: 53)
Dmitri Adam Longturkey (M: 29) Keith Jade Lookingback (M: 30) Eric Lavern Lookingcloud (M: 29)
Gary Lynn Loop (M: 59) Christopher Abel Lopez (M: 26) Jesse Antonio Lopez (M: 52)
Mark Gregory Lopez (M: 54) Nickolus Homer Lopez (M: 29) Rodolfo Gutierrez Lopez (M: 45)
Amilcar Gonzalo Lopezlopez (M: 35) Bradley Alan Lore (M: 23) Aidan Charles Lorenz (M: 19)
Michael James Lorenzen (M: 25) William Joseph Loring (M: 47) Zan James Loroa (M: 23)
William Paul Lostroh (M: 34) Royce Gregory Loudner (M: 45) Reed Wendell Louis (M: 71)
Kenneth Eugene Loup (M: 37) Michael Edward Lovejoy (M: 29) Larry Edward Lowe (M: 64)
Norman James Lowe (M: 54) Larry Edward Lowe (M: 64) Garland Wayne Lowman (M: 33)
Jarrod Aane Lucey (M: 43) Tyler James Luckett (M: 26) Jeremy William Ludwig (M: 25)
John Frederick Luedke (M: 47) Brent Thomas Luff (M: 33) Drago Gene Lufkins (M: 39)
Calvin Charles Luke (M: 44) David William Luke (M: 42) Dustin Philip Luke (M: 28)
Robert Eugene Luke (M: 41) Jonathan Michael Luken (M: 39) Ray Joseph Lukenbill (M: 23)
Douglas Charles Lund (M: 52) Michael John Lundborg (M: 53) Michael Charles Lunderman (M: 54)
Richard Nobel Lunderman (M: 55) John Kieth Lunderman Jr (M: 29) Walter Thomas Lyas (M: 27)
David Lee Lykken (M: 58) Donald Allen Lynch (M: 25) Claude Marshall Lynn (M: 35)
Michael Scott Lyon (M: 45) John Paul Lysne (M: 43) Donald Warren Lytle (M: 54)

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