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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Dakota whose last name begins with the letter K are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Dakota sex offender information.

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Anthony Todd Kack (M: 44) Michael Robert Kack (M: 33) Anthony David Kaden (M: 42)
Brian Edward Kader (M: 47) Monty Lynn Kadoun (M: 49) Robert Allen Kadoun (M: 57)
Leland George Kagy (M: 78) John Medwin Kaiser (M: 61) Jonathan Todd Kalb (M: 48)
Shiloh Branch Kalinay (M: 23) David Alan Kamer (M: 24) William James Kampen (M: 38)
Trey Louis Karlen (M: 44) Paul Karlin (M: 59) Brent Lee Karstens (M: 28)
James Barrett Kaska (M: 51) Larry James Kasten (M: 64) Oscar Kauk (M: 82)
Edward Michael Kearns (M: 31) Tami Jo Kearns (F: 32) Donovan Gary Keeble (M: 57)
Philip James Keeble (M: 45) Mackenzie Obrien Keegan (M: 26) Steven Leroy Keesey (M: 55)
Paul Scott Keitges (M: 50) Jason Charles Kellar (M: 28) Caleb Ignatius Kellar (M: 24)
Michael John Kellen (M: 37) Anthony Orville Keller (M: 47) Gary Lynn Keller (M: 45)
Thomas Jeffrey Keller (M: 48) Benjermin Richard Kelley (M: 32) Delenor Kelley (M: 51)
Patrick Dean Kelley (M: 34) Charles Aaron Kellogg (M: 47) Charles Robert Kellogg (M: 61)
Todd Leroy Kemp (M: 48) Roger Dale Kenaston (M: 55) John Elliott Kennedy (M: 51)
Robert Arnold Kennedy (M: 62) Brandie Marie Kenobbie (F: 32) Tony Allen Kenyon (M: 49)
Arlys Daniel Keoke (M: 44) Chad Everett Keoke (M: 27) Darwin Jerome Keoke (M: 32)
Dayna Leeann Kernen (F: 40) John Kessel (M: 45) James Robert Ketcher (M: 37)
Nathan Eric Ketelsen (M: 36) Daniel Edward Kettell (M: 36) James Leroy Ketterling (M: 48)
Jeffrey Allen Ketterling (M: 50) Christopher Wayne Keyworth (M: 44) Robert Lewis Kienbaum (M: 49)
Jason Lee Kienow (M: 36) Sheldon James Kierstead (M: 41) Brandon James Kiewel (M: 22)
Blaine Stacey Killsback (M: 35) Albert Charles Killsright (M: 38) Leon Francis Killssmall (M: 65)
Leslie Warren Killssmall (M: 36) Donald Morris Killswarrior (M: 35) Simon Peter Kilman (M: 35)
Simon Peter Kilman (M: 35) John Curtis Kilmer (M: 49) James Dean Kimble (M: 47)
Jason Allen Kimmel (M: 30) Jason Allen Kimmel (M: 30) Lucas Aaron Kinart (M: 22)
Andrew Christopher King (M: 28) Jason Michael King (M: 30) Robert James King (M: 66)
Rodney Demetruis King (M: 41) Wilson Sunnyman King (M: 31) Wilson Sunnyman King (M: 31)
Joseph Dean King (M: 26) Timothy Martin King (M: 40) Alan Glenn Kingsley (M: 54)
Scott Andrew Kingsley (M: 31) Bradley Robert Kirby (M: 52) Russell Leon Kirchhevel (M: 49)
Christopher Thomas Kirscht (M: 30) James Edward Kirton (M: 63) Jeffrey Dale Kitchen (M: 30)
Donald Burdette Kizer (M: 63) Harlan Jean Kjergaard (M: 49) Ted Alvin Klaudt (M: 54)
Robert Joseph Kleen (M: 54) Matthew Allen Klein (M: 26) Dennis Lee Klein (M: 54)
Dennis Lee Klein (M: 54) Matthew Herbert Klein (M: 25) James Alan Klein (M: 36)
Mark Ryan Kleinjan (M: 45) Edward E Kleinsasser (M: 59) Herman Paul Kleinsasser (M: 31)
Bradley James Klepel (M: 43) Wayne Mark Klima (M: 46) Wayne Mark Klima (M: 46)
Bruce Alan Kline (M: 43) William Arthur Klinger (M: 32) Jeffery J D Klinghagen (M: 27)
Ricky Dean Klueber (M: 49) Roland John Klueber (M: 70) Kristopher Scot Klus (M: 39)
Blake Nathaniel Klynsma (M: 25) Steven Daniel Knecht (M: 55) Dion Luther Knife (M: 39)
Louis Dean Knigge (M: 53) Michael Corbin Knight (M: 46) Daniel Wayne Knight (M: 37)
Michael Corbin Knight (M: 46) Michael Corbin Knight (M: 46) Frances Runea Knutson (F: 37)
Charles Romaine Kocer (M: 33) Jeremiah John Koch (M: 30) Trevor Korey Koch (M: 48)
Anthony Paul Koenigsfeld (M: 39) Gary William Koepsell (M: 72) Shawn William Koester (M: 52)
Derek James Kokesh (M: 30) Robert Adolph Kolding (M: 55) Robert Adolph Kolding (M: 55)
Chad Arnold Konop (M: 57) Michael Eugene Konshak (M: 57) Leroy Melvin Kooken (M: 71)
Robert Duane Koppman (M: 54) Bernie Eugene Korang (M: 68) Charles Paul Korman (M: 60)
Jeffrey Carl Korslund (M: 45) Charles Patrick Korstjens (M: 41) Branden Rollo Korth (M: 28)
Frank Paul Kosse (M: 57) Scott Allen Kost (M: 44) Karl Louis Koster (M: 30)
Dale Erwin Kotalik (M: 49) Jason Roger Kotilnek (M: 33) Steven Michael Joseph Koval (M: 32)
Eli Jonathan Kraayenbrink (M: 22) Robbie Dean Krabbenhoft (M: 46) Shawn Wayne Kraft (M: 39)
Kevin Dean Kranz (M: 44) Kevin Dean Kranz (M: 44) Dallas R Krausch (M: 74)
James Allen Krause (M: 26) Leroy Dale Kreger (M: 71) Kenneth Lyle Kreiger (M: 64)
Shawn Christen Kreizel (M: 29) Shawn Christen Kreizel (M: 29) George Michael Krenz (M: 35)
Anthony Roy Kress (M: 28) Timothy Alfred Krinke (M: 40) Timothy Alfred Krinke (M: 40)
Richard Lynn Kroger (M: 55) Jody Jay Krueger (M: 41) Kevin Paul Kruger (M: 50)
Lewis Harvey Kruger (M: 38) Michael Vincent Kruger (M: 33) Gary Taylor Kruitbosch (M: 58)
Zachary Aaron Krumm (M: 19) Jenni Ann Kubal (F: 32) Curtis Duane Kubly (M: 57)
Charles David Kuck (M: 47) Bryan Scott Kuefler (M: 28) John David Kuehl (M: 51)
Tong Cletoakot Kuel (M: 26) Bruce Edward Kuenzel (M: 44) Jessee Lee Kuhns (M: 24)
John Henry Kuil (M: 24) Matthew David Kuiper (M: 36) David Scott Kulick (M: 44)
David Scott Kulick (M: 44) Bruce Dean Kupser (M: 44) Harold Allen Kusick (M: 58)
Tyler Elmer Kvasnicka (M: 25) Kurtis Christian Kyser (M: 35)

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