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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Dakota whose last name begins with the letter G are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Dakota sex offender information.

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Emanuel John-Carles Gabe (M: 24) Robert Eudean Gahl (M: 59) Daniel Panchel Gai (M: 30)
Diu Deng Gai (M: 27) Nicholas Anthony Gali (M: 26) Sean Douglas Gallagher (M: 46)
Seth Ryan Gallant (M: 22) Alfredo Gerald Gallegos (M: 24) Johnathon William Gallo (M: 40)
Thomas Richard Gamage (M: 29) Ronald Joseph Gannon (M: 64) Abraham Deng Garang (M: 32)
Jose Antonio Garcia (M: 43) Joseph Donald Garcia (M: 44) Pat Thunderhawk Garcia (M: 45)
Ramon Valerio Garcia (M: 53) Pat T Garcia (M: 45) Eugene Willis Garcia (M: 24)
Ruben Garcia (M: 33) Juan Antonio Garciarico (M: 32) Clardy Nelson Garfield (M: 84)
Jason Lee Garland (M: 26) Raymond Lee Gartner (M: 65) Kayo Ancel Gary (M: 28)
Ruben Garza (M: 51) Lajean Kay Gates (F: 70) Gary Lloyd Gault (M: 51)
Gary Lloyd Gault (M: 51) John P Gauthier (M: 32) Robert Gaye (M: 36)
Allen Lee Gearey (M: 55) Russhell Lee Geary (F: 28) Dusk Lee Geffre (M: 36)
Tammy Ranee Gehm (F: 53) Tammy Ranee Gehm (F: 53) Jeremy Michael Gehm (M: 32)
Duane Del Geist (M: 51) Micheal David Geraets (M: 20) Alex Leroy Geranen (M: 25)
Nathan Gerald Gerdes (M: 30) Donald Paul Gerken (M: 59) Ricky Leroy German (M: 50)
David Arthur Gerzen (M: 37) Cheston Tait Ghost (M: 31) Leroy Elmer Ghost (M: 67)
Richard John Ghostbear (M: 58) Allen Grant Gibson (M: 55) Eric Lee Gibson (M: 33)
Harold Irvin Gibson (M: 67) Jeffrey Todd Giedd (M: 50) Eric Jon Gieselman (M: 30)
Brent Michael Gilbert (M: 29) Christopher Eugene Gilbert (M: 27) Jim Lee Gilbertson (M: 38)
Jimmie Lee Gilbertson (M: 38) Jimmie Lee Gilbertson (M: 38) Terry Brian Gilchrist (M: 36)
Robbie Dean Gill (M: 41) Michael Joseph Gillaspie (M: 74) Michael Joseph Gillen (M: 62)
Robert William Giller (M: 51) Daryl Von Gillies (M: 58) Christopher Lee Gilliland (M: 42)
Mac James Gillis (M: 31) Jason Philip Gimbel (M: 41) Benjamin William Ginter (M: 31)
Dale Ernest Gladue (M: 42) Mark Regan Glammeier (M: 63) Brian John Glanzer (M: 42)
Lester John Glaser (M: 67) David Elson Glasgow (M: 55) Terry Phillip Gleason (M: 31)
Patrick William Glover (M: 25) Rodney Lawrence Gobell (M: 58) Terry Lloyd Godfrey (M: 45)
Leroy Ernest Godsell (M: 64) Christopher Paul Goehring (M: 39) Tyler William Goetsch (M: 24)
Becky Jay Goetsch (M: 42) Daniel Seth Goette (M: 31) Guy Allen Goff (M: 43)
James Howard Goff (M: 64) Ray Lee Goforth (M: 55) Tad Eugene Gogolin (M: 48)
Andrew James Goldade (M: 25) Charles Kyle Goldsmith (M: 55) Ronald Earl Goldston (M: 49)
Brett Antonio Gomes (M: 26) Cipriano Peciano Gomez (M: 77) Juan Eloy Gonzales (M: 85)
Raymond Cole Gonzales (M: 21) David James Gonzalez (M: 22) Joseph Ramon Gonzalez (M: 56)
Sergio Temothy Gonzalez (M: 37) Jose Trinidad Gonzalezlopez (M: 44) Miguel Gonzalezortiz (M: 34)
Aaron Dewayne Goodface Iii (M: 32) Lawrence Russell Goodlow (M: 61) David Duane Goodrich (M: 50)
Sean Phillip W Goodrich (M: 30) Jared Marshall Goodsell (M: 34) Roger Thomas Goodshield (M: 46)
Allen Blaine Goodshield (M: 22) Odell Thomas Goodshield Jr (M: 53) Norbert Francis Goodteacher (M: 79)
Byron Evans Goodvoiceelk (M: 23) William Harold Goodvoiceelk (M: 44) Tyrell Shaynne Goodwill (M: 32)
Alexander Michael Gordy (M: 21) Trent Edward Gorham (M: 27) Lawrence Edward Gorron (M: 64)
Lawrence Edward Gorron (M: 64) Charles Scott Gortmaker (M: 39) Rick Ray Gortmaker (M: 48)
Frederick Henry Gorwill (M: 71) Lavern Roy Gossel (M: 72) Linda Kay Gossel (F: 48)
Robert Alton Gotschall (M: 41) Ejay Joseph Gould (M: 43) Virgil Lawrence Gould (M: 74)
Charles Frederick Graber (M: 22) Leslie Marvin Graff (M: 37) Richard Allen Graff (M: 61)
Robert Gray Graham (M: 71) Travis Lee Graham (M: 39) Randy Allen Granflatten (M: 58)
Samson Joseph Granneman (M: 31) James Theodore Grant (M: 63) Walter Hiram Grantham (M: 85)
Cody Jay Grass (M: 28) Damion Doyle Grassrope (M: 37) Joseph Thomas Grassrope (M: 32)
Victor Donovan Grassrope (M: 34) Joseph Lee Grate (M: 47) Anthony Wayne Gravelle (M: 47)
Charles Nathaniel Graves (M: 26) Richard Eugene Graves (M: 56) Loren Seth Greeley (M: 41)
Daniel Lee Greeley (M: 25) Henry Lee Green (M: 46) Kyle Fredrick Green (M: 40)
Michael Everett Green (M: 47) Robert Eugene Green (M: 62) George Carson Green (M: 39)
Arron Shannon Greene (M: 39) Tayler Alan Greene (M: 26) Jesse Edward Greger (M: 26)
Todd Alan Greger (M: 40) Joseph Paul Gregersen (M: 63) Frank Melvin Gregg (M: 64)
Christopher Seville Gregory (M: 24) Chad Allen Grenz (M: 39) Jaclene Kay Grey (M: 40)
Donald Lawrence Greyowl (M: 78) Melvin Bernard Greyowl (M: 80) David Wayne Griffee (M: 63)
David Paul Griffin (M: 50) Damon Michael Griffith (M: 20) Samuel David Griffiths (M: 49)
Glenn Raymond Grigor (M: 23) Eric Gene Grimes (M: 26) James Renato Grogan (M: 36)
Phillip Martin Gronsberg (M: 69) Robert Paul Groom (M: 46) Truman Aaron Grooms (M: 47)
John Harlan Gross (M: 70) David Jack Groth (M: 25) Bruce Arthur Grothaus (M: 54)
Jesse James Grotjohn (M: 26) Jesse James Grotjohn (M: 26) Lyle Earl Grovenburg (M: 68)
Michael Phillip Guerue (M: 24) John Isaac Guffin (M: 38) Daniel Burton Guhin (M: 25)
Timothy Michael Gukeisen (M: 31) Craig Alfred Gulbranson (M: 53) Jacob William Gullickson (M: 23)
Jacob William Gullickson (M: 23) Harlan Brent Gullikson (M: 45) David George Gunderson (M: 23)
Richard Jay Gunhammer (M: 27) Dale Lee Guthmiller (M: 55) Ricky Gene Gutzmer (M: 52)
Ricky Gene Gutzmer (M: 52) Dennis Oday Guy (M: 63) Michael Allan Gydesen (M: 52)
Allen Michael Gyles (M: 38)

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