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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Dakota whose last name begins with the letter D are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Dakota sex offender information.

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Gregory Allen Dachtler (M: 33) Justin Cy Daddow (M: 36) Justin Sy Daddow (M: 36)
Mark David Dahl (M: 30) Randy Lee Dahl (M: 60) Daniel Lee Dahlgren (M: 53)
Robert Myron Dahlquist (M: 89) Ronald Arthur Dahme (M: 49) Richard Gaston Dail (M: 31)
Edward Lee Dailey (M: 42) Chad Evan Dalrymple (M: 35) Thomas Michael Dalton (M: 50)
Thomas Michael Dalton (M: 50) Kenneth Ray Dandridge (M: 29) Justin Lee Danhauer (M: 36)
Curtis W Daniels (M: 49) Curtis Waine Daniels (M: 49) Anthony George Dankert (M: 36)
Mark David Dannunzio (M: 47) Anthony John Darby (M: 50) Jason J Dargatz (M: 34)
Jason Joseph Dargatz (M: 34) Edward Eugene Darity (M: 46) Wesley Todd Darland (M: 37)
Charles Aliomar Darlington (M: 26) Leland William Darring (M: 48) Leland W Darring (M: 48)
William John Dasch (M: 38) Jarrod Angel Davenport (M: 33) Victor Lamond David (M: 49)
Brent Anthony David (M: 28) Robert Stuart Davidson (M: 65) Kris Lee Davidson (M: 46)
Dale Denis Davis (M: 48) Dale Denis Davis (M: 48) Eugene Wesley Davis (M: 42)
Gerauld Owen Davis (M: 52) Grandville Ray Davis (M: 28) Gregory Kent Davis (M: 52)
Jason Lyle Davis (M: 35) Jeremiah Lee Davis (M: 29) Joseph Steven Davis (M: 39)
Kent Neil Davis (M: 48) Richard Lynn Davis (M: 62) Richard Wilburn Davis (M: 65)
Travis Bud Davis (M: 39) Wilford Zudell Davis (M: 50) Michael T Davis (M: 33)
Clinton Wayne Day (M: 43) Stanton Dean Day (M: 70) David Allen Deal (M: 49)
Steven Ray Debelts (M: 35) Dick Joe Deboer (M: 83) Michael Ray Deboer (M: 43)
Terry Lee Deboer (M: 51) Thomas Michael Decker (M: 61) Brian Keith Decoteau (M: 43)
David Ryan Degan (M: 29) Wade Evan Degroot (M: 30) Ricky Steve Dehorse (M: 55)
Christina Jo Deiss (F: 24) Verlyn Glen Dejager (M: 56) Thomas Eugene Delahoyde (M: 47)
Charles Edward Deleeuw (M: 54) Jose Sanchez Delgado (M: 66) Pedro Delgado (M: 31)
Roger Allen Delzer (M: 45) Jacob Anthony Demery (M: 30) Larry Dale Deming (M: 49)
Amanda Lynn Demoss (F: 36) Mark Sheridan Dempsey (M: 63) Daniel Clarence Denault (M: 53)
David Harold Dennis (M: 36) Earl Joseph Denny (M: 61) David John Denomme (M: 52)
Charles Ray Denoyer (M: 42) Donnie Louis Denoyer (M: 47) Galen Foster Denoyer (M: 29)
Michael Anthony Derrick (M: 58) Marco Antonio Desantiago (M: 37) Alan Roger Descheuquette (M: 42)
Richie Lee Desersa (M: 18) Drew Howard Desmet (M: 45) Todd Alan Deville (M: 33)
David Antonio Diazgarcia (M: 27) Argenis Diazmedina (M: 24) Robert Allen Dickey (M: 51)
Mark Justin Diede (M: 35) John Michael Diedrich (M: 28) Daniel Wayne Diefenderfer (M: 62)
Gary Edwin Dietz (M: 61) Chris Alan Dike (M: 48) Jonathan Frederick Dillard (M: 45)
Farrell Eugene Dillon (M: 54) Jay Ivan Dillon (M: 31) Paul Vernon Dillon (M: 70)
Farrell Eugene Dillon (M: 54) Verle Peter Dills (M: 65) Gino Edward Diminno (M: 38)
Christopher James Dimit (M: 31) Minh Van Dinh (M: 41) Minh Van Dinh (M: 41)
Davron Scott Dinish (M: 45) Stuart Lee Dion (M: 28) Scott Cole Dittmer (M: 41)
Leslie Almond Dixon (M: 61) Leslie Almond Dixon Jr (M: 61) William Franklin Dixson (M: 78)
Allen N Dodd (M: 49) Jeffrey Ryan Doherty (M: 33) Kenneth Raymond Doherty (M: 58)
Kenneth Wayne Dolezal (M: 30) Kenneth Wayne Dolezal (M: 30) Tracy D Dolph (M: 50)
Jose Luise Dominguez (M: 28) Marcie Ann Domogalski (F: 30) Drew Kevin Donahue (M: 22)
Paul Andrew Donahue (M: 34) Shawn Matthew Donaldson (M: 48) Thomas Abraham Donley (M: 30)
George Dana Donnell (M: 34) Kevin Dale Doscher (M: 47) Rodney Keith Doscher (M: 51)
James Daniel Dossett (M: 23) Virath Douangmala (M: 46) Jason James Doucette (M: 33)
Jon Willis Doud (M: 52) Jared William Doud (M: 29) Gregory Todd Dougherty (M: 22)
Hobie John Doughty (M: 48) Freddie Lee Douglass (M: 58) Donald William Doyle (M: 35)
Janice Lee Doyle (F: 47) Jerry Norman Drake (M: 73) Quentin Arnold Drapeau (M: 47)
Leland Cornell Drapeau (M: 44) Jason Andrew Drapeaux (M: 43) Steven Jon Dreismeier (M: 62)
Shawn Michael Drewes (M: 35) Lyle James Driemeyer (M: 44) Lyle James Driemeyer (M: 44)
Joseph James Drust (M: 52) Chad Thomas Dubois (M: 40) Sylvester William Dubray (M: 45)
Timothy Casey Dubray (M: 47) Gerald Ray Dubray (M: 36) Dale Duane Dubry (M: 42)
Alvin Archie Ducheneaux (M: 79) Alwin Elvis Ducheneaux (M: 35) Waylon Neil Ducheneaux (M: 33)
Benjamin Alfred Ducheneaux (M: 19) Steven Lee Duckett (M: 36) Skyler Lee Dueker (M: 20)
Tiercel Nmi Duerson (M: 40) Paul Kelly Duffy (M: 45) Randle Lee Dugger (M: 60)
Richard Dukes (M: 46) Richard Dukes (M: 46) Aaron James Dumarce (M: 25)
Delano Levi Dumarce (M: 36) Marcus Lance Dumarce (M: 43) William Darel Duncan (M: 64)
Daniel Adam Duncan (M: 34) Calvin Leroy Dunham (M: 45) Jacob Kyle Dunlap (M: 27)
Dale Dennis Dunn (M: 46) Kevin Joseph Dunn (M: 35) Michael Eugene Dunn (M: 50)
Micheal Jeremy Dupre (M: 36) Ruben Victor Duran (M: 65) Laurie Ann Durbin (F: 51)
Terry Mark Durst (M: 51) Terry Mark Durst (M: 51) Leo Allen Dusterhoft (M: 65)
Jody Ray Dutton (M: 52) Rodney James Dwarf (M: 32) Anthony Lee Dye (M: 28)
Clifforinado Dye (M: 24) Thomas Charles Dykshorn (M: 35) John Harlan Dykstra (M: 61)

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