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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Dakota whose last name begins with the letter C are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Dakota sex offender information.

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Conway Collin Cadotte (M: 36) Daniel Charles Cady (M: 51) Joseph Paul Caiola (M: 33)
Patrick Frank Calahan (M: 64) James L Calhoun (M: 49) James Lester Calhoun (M: 49)
Scott Allen Calvert (M: 24) Todd Allen Cameron (M: 49) Charles Wayne Cammel (M: 37)
Charles Wayne Cammel (M: 37) Augustus Mcdonald Camp (M: 26) John Klaus Camp (M: 53)
Calvin Clark Campbell (M: 28) Christopher Ronald Wayne Campbell (M: 22) Christopher Robert Campbell (M: 25)
Jamie John Campbell (M: 39) Lance Curtis Campbell (M: 25) Louis Martin Campbell (M: 50)
Glenn Marvin Canfield (M: 32) Jeffrey Gerald Canfield (M: 36) Rudolfo Cardonagarcia (M: 36)
Douglas Earl Carlin (M: 51) Darwin Boyce Carlow (M: 26) Darwin Boyce Carlow (M: 26)
Jeremy Robert Carlsen (M: 32) Bruse Andrew Carlson (M: 47) Steven Burt Carlson (M: 56)
Robert Idaho Carlson (M: 88) Shane Trembath Carlson (M: 37) Lewis Herbert Carpenter (M: 79)
Kallen Lee Carpio Jr (M: 22) Jason Carrick (M: 42) Alexander Baldemar Carrillo (M: 32)
Henry Kyle Carter (M: 57) Michael Wayne Carter (M: 27) William Ronald Carter (M: 53)
Alan Calvin Carter (M: 24) William Marvin Caruthers (M: 66) William Marvin Caruthers (M: 66)
Bernard Bane Casavan (M: 78) Timothy Maurice Casavan (M: 52) Samuel David Casey (M: 34)
Anthony Chris Cashio (M: 42) Anthony Chris Cashio (M: 42) Jose Guadalupe Casiano (M: 53)
Monica Ann Casper (F: 33) Chad Michael Cass (M: 34) Paul Marcel Cassell (M: 34)
John Victor Cassella (M: 51) Joe Solares Castaneda (M: 31) Robert Gonzales Castillo (M: 85)
Lashawn Christine Castro (F: 37) Francisco Angel Castro (M: 39) Kenneth Edward Cates (M: 49)
Hazen Douglas Cavender (M: 22) Russell Dean Caveye (M: 33) Beau Patrick Cerney (M: 20)
Rudolfo Ceron (M: 35) Kristopher Philip Chalmers (M: 25) Mathew Allen Chamberlain (M: 34)
Michael Stephen Chambers (M: 38) Gene Arthur Chamley (M: 73) Melvin Delance Chanku (M: 70)
Alvin Douglas Chapman (M: 44) Kevin Anthony Chapman (M: 33) Joeseph Jack Chapman (M: 21)
Timothy Dean Chapoy (M: 30) Blake Allen Charboneau (M: 52) Robert Charles Charbonneau (M: 73)
Preston Wade Charger (M: 36) Soloman Willard Charginghawk (M: 48) Richard Enriquez Charles (M: 60)
Keith William Charlet (M: 67) Joseph Donald Charron (M: 31) Fabian Curtis Chaseinwinter (M: 40)
John David Chasinghawk (M: 30) Samuel Jade Chasinghishorse (M: 33) Levi Chatmonjackson (M: 36)
Andrew Richard Chavez (M: 24) Robert Chavez (M: 39) Min Jie Chen (M: 27)
Yan Chen (M: 28) Steven Edward Chenoweth (M: 38) Mark Anthony Chernin (M: 31)
Charles Thomas Chernotik (M: 45) Robert Eugene Chesney (M: 65) Florentine Joseph Chiefeagle (M: 38)
Jason John Chiefeagle (M: 33) Benjamin Allen Chilson (M: 24) Benjamin Godfrey Chipps (M: 33)
Stephen David Chips (M: 25) Michael Allen Chitwood (M: 35) Vernon Virgil Chopper (M: 59)
Shaun Michael Chrispen (M: 24) David Mark Christensen (M: 52) Laran Gene Christensen (M: 38)
Jonathan Andrew Christensen (M: 21) Glen Andrew Christianson (M: 40) Donald Spencer Christie (M: 77)
Nathaniel James Christie (M: 26) Jayson Michael Christofferson (M: 24) Mark Otto Christopherson (M: 67)
Robert Gerald Chubb (M: 63) Paul Fredrick Churchill (M: 44) Timothy Charles Cichosz (M: 55)
Joy Louise Circleeagle (F: 43) Jonathan Douglas Cisar (M: 31) Joel Van Claborn (M: 38)
Clyde Steven Clairmont (M: 31) Toby James Clairmont (M: 41) Patrick John Clapsaddle (M: 46)
Charles Paul Clark (M: 28) Ernest E Clark (M: 68) Kevin William Clark (M: 42)
Michael Sean Clark (M: 42) Joe Bob Clark (M: 55) Robert Allen Clark (M: 38)
Richard Eugene Clark (M: 58) Thomas Raymond Clark (M: 35) Leander Clay (M: 54)
Jason Allen Claymore (M: 35) Charles Allen Claymore (M: 58) Anthony Trinity Clayton (M: 34)
Christopher Coleman Clegg (M: 46) Peter Joseph Clemans (M: 40) Peter Joseph Clemans (M: 40)
Chase Bernard Clemens (M: 22) Paul Eugene Cleveland (M: 81) Justin Milton Clevenger (M: 29)
Ronald Mark Click (M: 25) Eugene Laverne Clifford (M: 90) Paul Brian Cline (M: 44)
Guy Clifford Clothier (M: 52) Bobby Anthony Cloud (M: 22) Carlin James Clown (M: 38)
Clifford Joseph Clown (M: 46) Mark Alan Clyde (M: 30) Dean Allen Cochrun (M: 28)
Jamie Lynn Cochrun (F: 30) Larry Dean Cochrun (M: 58) John Wilbur Coddington (M: 75)
Clyde Howard Coffey (M: 55) Brian Adam Coffman (M: 24) James Forrest Coffman (M: 45)
Christopher Paul Coker (M: 29) Douglas James Cole (M: 47) Lance James Cole (M: 28)
Jeremy Paul Coleman (M: 31) Robert Charles Coleman (M: 34) Ronald Gregory Scott Coleman (M: 38)
Franklyn Joseph Coleman (M: 52) Byron Keith Coleman (M: 29) Anthony Wayne Colhoff (M: 43)
Richard Lee Collett (M: 56) Daniel Joseph Collins (M: 44) Ryan Alan Combellick (M: 29)
Ivor Dean Comer (M: 50) Fabian Dean Comesflying (M: 45) Robert Virgil Compton (M: 39)
Ricky Louis Comstock (M: 42) Gene Thomas Condon (M: 59) Merrill Phillip Condon (M: 56)
Jeffery Scott Conlon (M: 41) Jeffrey Alan Conner (M: 47) Douglas Tyrone Conrad (M: 55)
David Lee Constant (M: 59) Carl Lee Converse (M: 41) Matthew Scott Coody (M: 25)
Daniel Paul Cook (M: 52) Joseph Allen Cook (M: 28) Kyle Rondell Cook (M: 21)
Michael Elvia Cook (M: 30) Michael Elvia Cook (M: 30) Homer Billy Cook Ii (M: 31)
Jeremy Joseph Coon (M: 34) Nicholas John Coon (M: 34) Timothy Lee Coonfield (M: 48)
Daniel James Cooper (M: 46) Donald Charles Cooper (M: 67) James Fennimore Cooper (M: 72)
Richard Arnold Copeland (M: 47) Robert Louis Corbett (M: 50) Adrian Royce Cortier (M: 42)
Thomas William Cotterman (M: 38) Edward Lee Cottier (M: 52) Roby Ransom Cottier (M: 32)
Clint Lawrence Cottonwood (M: 52) Jason Alan Cottrill (M: 29) Christopher David Coupe (M: 24)
Steven Craig Courtney (M: 26) Gerald Francis Covey (M: 54) Clement William Covey (M: 36)
Michael Brent Cowart (M: 47) Albert Anthony Cox (M: 42) John Romelia Cox (M: 63)
Michael Wade Cox (M: 46) Robert Shuler Cox (M: 68) Robert Ellis Cox (M: 52)
Paul Jon Coyle (M: 41) Kelly Gene Cragoe (M: 40) Harry William Crain (M: 45)
Jack Owen Cram (M: 74) Douglas Howard Crandall (M: 53) Abraham Joseph Crane (M: 57)
Gregory Leon Crantz (M: 51) Beau Jay Crawford (M: 38) Bruce William Crawford (M: 22)
Jamie Lynn Crawford (F: 30) Robert Lee Crawley (M: 26) Robert Lee Crawley (M: 26)
Timothy Scott Crazybear (M: 43) Cory Ray Crazybull (M: 19) Dusty L Crazybull (M: 25)
Russell Lewis Crazybull (M: 44) Miller Taylor Crazymule (M: 27) Clayton Sheldon Creek (M: 47)
Cletis Cyrell Creek (M: 50) James Ronald Cribben (M: 31) John Edward Crisafulli (M: 33)
Calvin Bryan Cross (M: 41) Kurtis Charles Cross (M: 54) David Edward Crossley (M: 57)
Edward Darnell Crow (M: 62) Kirk Larue Crow (M: 45) Pernell Robert Crow (M: 50)
Perry Wade Crow (M: 49) Bernard Darrell Crowe (M: 40) Mario Delaney Crowghost (M: 41)
Richard Eric Crutchfield (M: 46) Benjamin Dejesus Cruz (M: 28) Robert Joseph Cuka (M: 46)
Michael James Cummings (M: 48) Louis Lloyd Cunningham (M: 58) Philip Richard Curnow (M: 55)
Shawn Micheal Currey (M: 44) Daniel Harry Custer (M: 32) Daniel Harry Custer (M: 32)
Andrew Clayton Cutt (M: 60) Sandor Zoltan Czekus (M: 45)

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