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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Dakota whose last name begins with the letter A are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Dakota sex offender information.

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Jack Lee Aadland (M: 51) Troy Scott Aadland (M: 45) Noor Abiyow (M: 25)
Daniel Craig Abraham (M: 29) Finn Bogi Abrahamson (M: 29) James Dean Abrego (M: 57)
Esequiel Acevedo (M: 51) Chad Alan Achterberg (M: 42) Chad A Achterberg (M: 41)
Daniel Paul Ackerman (M: 49) Eli Saxon Olomana Ackerman (M: 22) Jodie Allen Ackerman (M: 42)
Chad A Acterberg (M: 42) Michael Neal Adam (M: 51) Duane Pierre Adams (M: 43)
Joseph Samuel Adams (M: 44) Marvin Edward Adams (M: 47) Michael Fredrick Adams (M: 29)
Michael Fredrick Adams (M: 29) Marvin Edward Adams (M: 47) Joshua Nicholas Adams (M: 37)
Phillip Wade Adler (M: 48) Daniel David Aesoph (M: 32) Daniel David Aesoph (M: 32)
Victor Ronald Afraidofhawk (M: 28) Alberto Aguilar (M: 43) Erick Fernando Aguilar (M: 31)
Ignacio Aguilar (M: 35) Leeann Aguilar (F: 32) Moises Alfonso Aguilar-Hernandez (M: 31)
Ralph Aguillon (M: 54) Benhardt Ahrendt (M: 82) Shanen Dane Ainsworth (M: 37)
Martin Delgado Alatorre (M: 41) Travis Cornelius Albers (M: 35) Robert Joseph Albrecht (M: 49)
Dustin Shawn Albright (M: 35) Rhea Malina Alcaraz (F: 35) Alexis Tiscah Luther Alchem (M: 43)
Michelle Lynn Alexander (F: 52) Sean Michael Alexander (M: 44) Terry Glenn Alexander (M: 33)
Travis Norbert Alford (M: 33) Michael Lee Alford (M: 30) Ali Saeed Ali (M: 26)
Andrew Alfred Allen (M: 31) Robert Lee Allen (M: 54) Troy Ray Allen (M: 42)
William David Allen (M: 37) Robert Eugene Allen (M: 62) Harold Lesley Allen (M: 36)
Thomas Edwin Allerdings (M: 26) Thomas Edwin Allerdings (M: 26) Norman Elbert Allyn (M: 52)
Hadwin Claude Alsever (M: 50) Reed Joseph Althoff (M: 31) Joshua Dale Alumbaugh (M: 29)
Miguel A Alvagonzalez (M: 29) Harlan Ervin Aman (M: 72) Janice Lee Aman (F: 64)
Gregory Vincent Ambrose (M: 40) Fernandez Amesoli (M: 32) Gerald Steven Amiotte (M: 61)
Jeremy John Ammerman (M: 34) Anthony Douglas Amolins (M: 28) Charles Norby Amos (M: 79)
Darrin Troy Amos (M: 44) David Allen Amos (M: 45) Steven Charles Amos (M: 40)
Andrew William Amundson (M: 20) Douglas Eric Anacker (M: 54) Charles Dean Anaya (M: 41)
Michelle Christyn Andera (F: 40) Boyd Mark Anderson (M: 32) Darin Sean Anderson (M: 36)
David Allen Anderson (M: 45) Gregory James Anderson (M: 49) Jerry Laverne Anderson (M: 64)
Jerry Allen Anderson (M: 47) Matthew Richard Anderson (M: 22) Randy Lee Anderson (M: 50)
Robert Dustin Anderson (M: 41) Robert Michael Anderson (M: 53) Rodney Craig Anderson (M: 53)
Rory Don Anderson (M: 52) William James Anderson (M: 32) Keith Allen Anderson (M: 51)
Byron Allen Anderson (M: 51) Tyler Wade Anderson (M: 26) Boyd Mark Anderson (M: 32)
Donald Loren Anderson (M: 64) Marc Andrews (M: 39) Carnell Eugene Andrews (M: 37)
John Mark Anfinson (M: 38) John Mark Anfinson (M: 38) Bradley John Angerhofer (M: 36)
Todd James Angerhofer (M: 25) Chad Michael Angerman (M: 41) Brett Reese Anglin (M: 33)
Benard Jake Aning (M: 35) James Burley Ankeney (M: 38) Ryan Scott Annis (M: 28)
Simon John Antelope (M: 33) Simon John Antelope (M: 51) Ramen Jon Antelope (M: 47)
Derek James Antoine (M: 27) Todd Eldon Antonen (M: 52) Sammy Lynn Appel (M: 32)
Sammy Lynn Appel (M: 33) Sammy Lynn Appel (M: 32) Faron John Apple (M: 23)
Jeff Jay Apple (M: 36) Jeffrey Jay Apple (M: 36) Jeff Jay Apple (M: 36)
Ronald Dean Aquallo (M: 35) Emery Clifford Arapahoe (M: 41) Martin Ellsworth Arapahoe (M: 61)
Frank Charles Archambault (M: 39) Lyle William Archambault (M: 31) Jerry Solomon Archambault (M: 41)
Francis Allen Archambeau (M: 58) Homer Charles Archambeau (M: 66) Kenneth Keith Archambeau (M: 48)
Wendell Clark Archambeau (M: 32) James Henderson Archer (M: 49) Jason Gale Arcoren (M: 52)
Jason Gale Arcoren (M: 52) Joseph Franklin Arcoren (M: 27) Erik Skyy Arellano (M: 22)
Jon Wesley Arey (M: 36) Edward Gilbert Armijo (M: 49) Robert Armijo (M: 39)
Adam Donald Armstrong (M: 35) Billy Edward Armstrong (M: 54) Christopher Gordon Armstrong (M: 25)
Joshua John Armstrong (M: 37) Robert Martin Armstrong (M: 61) Timothy Wayne Arnold (M: 47)
Mark Charles Arntson (M: 55) Milton John Aroundhim (M: 42) Ranson Joseph Robert Arpan (M: 31)
Delmar Clifford Arrow (M: 55) Dale John Arsaga (M: 39) Jonathon Lee Arterberry (M: 26)
Brady Dean Arthur (M: 31) Zachary Todd Arvin (M: 26) Zachary Todd Arvin (M: 26)
David Blaine Asay (M: 57) Brandon Vance Ashford (M: 31) Frank Joseph Ashley (M: 46)
Kristopher Patrick Aslesen (M: 29) Michael James Assman (M: 39) Michael James Assman (M: 39)
Paul Alan Assmus (M: 25) Mark Christian Auch (M: 56) Victor Peter Auch (M: 84)
Gary Lynn Aungie (M: 70) Marquis Henry Aungie (M: 34) Michael Anthony Aungie (M: 32)
Marquis Henry Aungie (M: 34) Jody Lee Austin (M: 56) Nathan Currie Axtman (M: 32)
Victor Vidal Azarski (M: 31) Darrell Warren Azure (M: 54) Leonard Boyd Azure (M: 52)

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