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All sex offender data currently in our database from South Carolina whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search South Carolina sex offender information.

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Manley Eugene Nabors (M: 58) Timothy Joe Nabors (M: 40) Calvin Aljernard Nabritt (M: 25)
Jonathan Elliott Nadeau (M: 42) Rickie Robert Naffziger (M: 33) Corey Andre Nance (M: 43)
Cory Andre Nance (M: 42) James Alexander Nance (M: 56) James Alexander Nance (M: 56)
Jesse Bernard Nance (M: 54) Michael Leroy Nance (M: 36) Mickel Leroy Nance (M: 36)
Reginald Antonio Nance (M: 44) Reginald Nance (M: 44) William Craven Nance (M: 57)
William Craven Nance Jr (M: 57) Steven Napolitano (M: 47) Steven Napolitano (M: 47)
Michael James Nardelli (M: 48) James Robert Nash (M: 67) James Robert Nash (M: 67)
John Charles Nash (M: 20) Robert John Nash (M: 73) Robert J Nash (M: 73)
Randall W Nasworthy (M: 23) Hiram Natal (M: 53) Hiram Evon Natal (M: 53)
Hiram E Natal (M: 53) Cauble William Nathan (M: 52) Jack Nathaniel Nathans (M: 44)
Jack Nathaniel Nathans (M: 44) Anthony Wade Nation (M: 41) Daniel James Nations (M: 27)
Bobby Joe Nations Jr (M: 49) William H Natoli (M: 63) Luis Alberto Nava (M: 36)
John Mudave Ndanyi (M: 52) Calvin Bernard Neal (M: 46) Franklin Robert Neal (M: 51)
Jerry Lee Neal (M: 44) Joe Nathan Neal (M: 43) Calvin Bernard Neal (M: 46)
Roger Benton Neal (M: 41) Leon Nealous (M: 58) Travis Neals (M: 33)
Leslie Carl Neat (M: 49) Leslie Neat (M: 49) Leslie Carl Neat (M: 50)
Jerry Leon Needham (M: 35) Michael Duane Neel (M: 50) Ricky Lamar Neely (M: 56)
Ricky Lamar Neely (M: 56) Thomas Richard Neely (M: 59) Thomas Richard Neely (M: 59)
Robert Anthony Neely (M: 32) Patrick Wayne Neer (M: 58) Patrick W Neer (M: 58)
Leslie Charles Neilson (M: 47) Leslie Charles Neilson (M: 47) Anthony Dale Nelson (M: 53)
Barry Nelson (M: 54) Britton Edward Nelson (M: 86) Cedric Lorenzo Nelson (M: 31)
Craig Stephen Nelson (M: 45) Derrick Nelson (M: 46) Frank Nelson (M: 52)
Frank Nelson (M: 51) Ishmael Caleb Nelson (M: 31) Ishmael Caleb Nelson (M: 31)
James Henry Nelson (M: 47) James Henry Nelson (M: 48) Joey Edward Nelson (M: 57)
John Maurice Nelson (M: 25) Johnnie Nelson (M: 61) Kevin Lorenzo Nelson (M: 39)
Marvin Russel Nelson (M: 30) Marvin Russell Nelson (M: 30) Michael Carl Nelson (M: 50)
Phillip Scott Nelson (M: 43) Phillip S Nelson (M: 43) Robert Nelson (M: 66)
Robin Mackenzie Nelson (M: 28) Robin Makenzie Nelson (M: 28) Sheila Luffman Nelson (F: 37)
Terrance Jeffrey Nelson (M: 63) Terrence Jeffrey Nelson (M: 63) Wendell Nelson (M: 53)
Steve Nelson (M: 46) Michael Nelson (M: 50) Robin Mackenzie Nelson (M: 28)
Thomas Nelson (M: 33) Quentin Antione Nelson (M: 22) Robert J Nelson (M: 63)
Drew J Nelson (M: 23) Dwayne Alan Nemeth (M: 49) Dwayne Alan Nemeth (M: 49)
Craig Richard Nemitz (M: 50) Robert D Nemitz (M: 31) Alfrae Shaton Nesbit (M: 32)
Robert Orlo Nesbit (M: 43) Robert Orlo Nesbit (M: 44) William Franklin Nesbit (M: 47)
William Franklin Nesbit (M: 47) David Nmn Nesbitt (M: 71) John L Nesbitt (M: 59)
John Lewis Nesbitt (M: 60) Thanatoss W Nesbitt (M: 47) David Nesbitt (M: 70)
Freddie Nesbitt (M: 27) Freddie Nesbitt (M: 27) Cecil Albrano Nesmith (M: 59)
Mabunda Shabazz Nesmith (M: 37) John Donald Nettles (M: 39) Milton Wayne Nettles (M: 46)
Robert M Nettles (M: N/A) Shane Riley Nettles (M: 34) Mcdouglas Nettles (M: 34)
Albert Sherry Nettles Jr (M: 36) Thomas Neuhaus (M: 52) Thomas Dale Neuhause (M: 52)
Brent Neussendorfer (M: 24) Leain New (M: 81) James Ernest Newburn (M: 43)
John William Newby (M: 34) John William Newby Jr (M: 34) Peter Allen Newcombe (M: 50)
Harry James Newell (M: 57) Dereck Justin Newgent (M: 26) Justin Derek Newgent (M: 27)
Jeffrey J Newland (M: 35) Jeffrey James Newland (M: 34) Kevin James Newman (M: 38)
Mark Eric Newman (M: 30) Thomas Allen Newman (M: 42) Lynn Rex Newsome (M: 66)
Anthony Newton (M: 51) Douglas Earl Newton (M: 58) Furman Wayne Newton (M: 67)
George Alan Newton (M: 63) Hurley Newton (M: 74) James Newton (M: 48)
Richard John Pierre Newton (M: 33) Richard John Pierre Newton (M: 33) Tracy Newton (M: 44)
Tracy Newton (M: 44) Dale Everett Newton (M: 47) Douglas Earl Newton (M: 58)
Dale Everette Newton Jr (M: 47) Daniel Tien Nguyen (M: 28) Daniel Tien Nguyen (M: 29)
Lona Kim Nguyen (M: 49) Lona Nguyen (M: 49) Khoi Minh Nguyen (M: 39)
Lona Nguyen (M: 49) Amy Renee Nibert (F: 35) Amy Renee Nibert (F: 35)
David H Niblack (M: 68) Curtis A Nicholas (M: 52) Curtis Alfonso Nicholas (M: 52)
Scott Dennis Nicholas (M: 49) Curtis A Nicholas (M: 52) Daniel Alan Nichols (M: 45)
Don Jay Nichols (M: 48) Don Jay Nichols (M: 49) Harris Roy Nichols (M: 62)
James Ronny Nichols (M: 45) James Ronny Nichols (M: 45) James Douglas Nichols (M: 46)
Johnny Bishop Nichols (M: 61) Kenneth Ray Nichols (M: 52) Randy Scott Nichols (M: 47)
Shawn Nichols (M: 37) Robert Bernard Nichols (M: 54) Benjamin Patrick Nicholson (M: 28)
Christopher Shawn Nicholson (M: 31) Christopher Nicholson (M: 31) Derek Lee Nicholson (M: 37)
Derek Lee Nicholson (M: 37) Grant Stephen Nicholson (M: 26) Vernon Gene Nicholson (M: 59)
David Fitzgerald Nicholson (M: 48) Grant Stephen Nicholson (M: 26) Michael Nickell (M: 44)
Michael Shane Nickell (M: 44) Michael W Niebling (M: 70) Daryle Duane Niehoff (M: 62)
Daryle Niehoff (M: 61) Isaac Molina Nieves (M: 49) Scott Robert Nightingale (M: 37)
Sampson William Nimmo (M: 28) Jerry Michael Paul Nimmons (M: 33) Ronald Lewis Nimmons (M: 64)
Dwight James Niswender (M: 50) Dwight James Niswender (M: 50) Bradley Steven Niver (M: 25)
Assaya Elijie Nix (M: 28) Bobby Nix (M: 38) Dannie Lee Nix (M: 63)
Eugene Lamont Nix (M: 35) Richard Nix (M: 38) Walter Lorenzo Nix (M: 32)
Richard Nix (M: 38) Assaya E Nix (M: 28) Jeffrey James Nix (M: 24)
Kevin Edward Nixon (M: 34) Paul Daniel Nixon (M: 31) Kevin Nixon (M: 34)
David Bruce Noble (M: 46) David Bruce Noble (M: 46) Richard Claude Nodine (M: 63)
Jonathan William Noe (M: 32) Omar Shariff Noel (M: 31) Omar Shariss Noel (M: 32)
Clifford Ellsworth Noling (M: 60) Randy Jay Nordlund (M: 42) Keegan Wayne Nordman (M: 31)
Keegan Wayne Nordman (M: 31) Jerry Lewis Norman (M: 57) Mark Shane Norman (M: 57)
Mark Shane Norman (M: 58) Roger Norman (M: 67) Roger Lee Norman (M: 67)
Ronnie L Norman (M: 50) Cleo Pete Norris (M: 50) Gregg William Norris (M: 51)
James Keith Norris (M: 47) Luther Tollie Norris (M: 59) Robert Joseph Norris (M: 38)
Todd David Norris (M: 26) Tyrone Norris (M: 40) John Duff Norris (M: 63)
David Wyman Northcutt (M: 49) John Robert Northcutt (M: 51) Jack L Northrop (M: 45)
Thomas J Norton (M: 80) Thomas James Norton (M: 80) Daniel Paul Van Nostrand (M: 33)
Reginald Dewayne Nothern (M: 34) Joseph Lawrence Nottage (M: 52) John Anthony Notte (M: 58)
Henry Michael Novoa (M: 51) Jeffrey J Noyes (M: 47) Thomas E Nulton (M: 77)
Thomas E Nulton Jr (M: 77) Gary Albert Nunes (M: 44) William David Nunn (M: 30)
David Nussbaum (M: 30) Thomas F Nyland (M: 55) Thomas F. Nyland (M: 56)

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