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All sex offender data currently in our database from Pennsylvania whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Pennsylvania sex offender information.

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Neal Allen Naccarato (M: 34) Matthew Steven Naccarato (M: 24) Michael Nace (M: 36)
Allan David Nachlis (M: 55) Andrew Scott Nachtigal (M: 38) Badara Nadaw (M: 40)
John Mark Nadeau (M: 62) Aaron Patrick Nadler (M: 30) Alexander Rueter Nagel (M: 28)
Christian Nagle (M: 35) Clint Nagle (M: 38) Daniel George Naglowsky (M: 53)
Timothy Franklin Nakutis (M: 48) Adam Louis Nameth (M: 34) Adam Nameth (M: 34)
Dorothy Nanayakkara (U: 63) Amitha Nanayakkara (U: 70) Ronald Clarence Nance (M: 34)
Kammie Marie Nannie (F: 40) James Joseph Napier (M: 42) Kyle Dean Naples (M: 42)
Benjamin Napper (M: 57) Vance Napper (M: 44) Timothy Andrew Nappi (M: 48)
Kimberly Lynn Nardelli (F: 29) Frank Narish (M: 67) Robert Scott Narvell (M: 29)
Robert S Narvell (M: 29) Charles Harry Nase (M: 28) Harry Fitzgerald Nash (M: 28)
Joel Quentin Nash (M: 42) Timothy Michael Nash (M: 52) Aaron Edward Nash (U: 56)
Howard Andrew Nash (U: 47) Robert Leroy Nasuti (M: 52) Ralph Louis Natale (M: 42)
Michael John Natale (M: 45) Benito Natividad (U: 77) Ronald Eugene Natterer (M: 69)
James Edward Naugle (M: 66) Kevin Nauss (M: 48) Michael Naussner (M: 51)
Vincente S Nava (M: 32) Benjamin Navajo (M: 45) Michael Navarro (M: 48)
Sixto M Navarro (U: 78) Charles Louis Navolio (M: 73) Alfred Zell Naylor (M: 74)
Christopher David Naylor (M: 41) Harry Lavar Naylor (M: 34) Jason Kendal Naylor (M: 41)
Lloyd F Naylor (M: 55) Thomas Samuel Naylor (M: 66) Eluid Ramos Nazario (M: 46)
William Raymond Culclasure 2 Nd (M: 45) James Lee Neal (M: 46) Robert George Neal (M: 64)
Robert Neal (M: 64) Ronald Charles Neal (M: 65) John Robert Neal (M: 42)
James Earl Neal (M: 51) James Edward Neal (M: 48) Christopher M Near (M: 41)
Dennis Nedley (M: 72) Benjamin Samuel Nee (M: 38) James J Nee (M: 41)
Brandon Neely (M: 26) Dylan James Neely (M: 28) Richard Gail Neese (M: 36)
Cecil Hanna Neff (M: 48) James Merval Neff (M: 61) Paul Dewey Neff (M: 35)
Robert Allen Neff (M: 47) Victor Joe Neff (M: 51) Victor Neff (M: 50)
Raymond Charles Neff (U: 43) Joseph John Negler (M: 34) Todd Negley (M: 32)
Todd Daniel Negley (M: 32) Nicholas Elliot Negoescu (M: 65) Jose Negron (U: 36)
Robert John Neider (M: 70) Edward Aaron Neidig (M: 46) Kristian Patrick Neidig (M: 39)
David Dean Neidigh (M: 68) William Lee Neighoff (M: 32) Daniel Lee Neil (M: 50)
Margaret Anne Neil (F: 49) Raymond Nelson Neil (M: 49) William David Neiswender (M: 55)
Joseph Aaron Neitz (M: 33) Mark Anthony Neiva (M: 38) Frank Nellom (U: 52)
Nnamdi Nelms (M: 35) Alan Lloyd Nelson (M: 72) Alton Nelson (M: 47)
Corey James Nelson (M: 23) David Lee Nelson (M: 46) Edward John Nelson (M: 44)
Eric Erwin Nelson (M: 47) James Nelson (M: 43) Joseph Carl Nelson (M: 60)
Lamar Leslie Nelson (M: 24) Lewis Charles Nelson (M: 52) Norman Carl Nelson (M: 47)
Steve Nelson (M: 43) Steven William Nelson (M: 43) Hadley Nelson (U: 55)
Nathaniel Nelson (U: 59) Dwayne Nelson (U: 50) Oneil Nelson (U: 32)
Charles Edward Nelson (M: 59) Oliver Nelson Iii (U: 49) Nathan Patrick Nemcik (M: 29)
Lester Roy Nenninger (U: 54) Patrick Nenno (M: 56) Steven Neofotistos (U: 46)
Carmine Joseph Nepa (M: 68) Mark Joseph Nernberg (M: 42) John Phillip Nerti (M: 59)
Devin Deshawn Nesbit (M: 28) Douglas Andrew Nesbit (M: 46) Kenyon Nesbitt (M: 33)
Robert William Nesbitt (M: 33) Ethel Nesbitt (U: 58) Kenyon Deron Nesbitt (U: 33)
Dontae Antonio Nesmith (M: 28) Randy Nesmith (U: 47) Charles Ness (U: 39)
Paul James Nestlerode (M: 38) Gregory Alan Nethercutt (M: 31) Thomas Alan Neubert (M: 71)
James Milton Neubold (M: 64) James Nevels (M: 66) Joseph Neville (M: 49)
Stewart Jay Nevison (M: 41) Thomas Eugene New (M: 57) Woodie Edward New (M: 53)
Kenneth Patrick Newberger (M: 42) Edward Joseph Newcamp (M: 49) Robert Lindsay Newcomb (M: 56)
Robert Lindsay Newcomb (M: 57) Gary Brian Newcomer (M: 57) George Newcomer (M: 45)
Thomas Andrew Newcomer (M: 46) Nathaniel Newell (M: 50) Paul Matthew Newell (M: 30)
David Alan Newhard (M: 49) Roger Alan Newhart (M: 51) David Ray Newhart (M: 58)
Samuel Joseph Newhouse (M: 23) Gerald Paul Newill (M: 50) Frankie Delain Newman (M: 47)
James Douglas Newman (M: 43) Michael David Newman (M: 63) Ryan K Newman (M: 40)
Bobby Lee Newman Jr (U: 54) Steven Jay Newmyer (M: 50) Tammy Jean Newsome (F: 45)
Victor Tyrone Newsome (M: 58) Wade Newsome (M: 71) Donnie Ray Newsome (U: 56)
Leroy Ringler Newswanger (U: 72) Robert L Newth (M: 36) Casterial Newton (M: 49)
Casteril Newton (M: 50) Gregory James Newton (M: 51) Henry Allen Newton (M: 44)
Keith Edward Newton (M: 46) Patricia Sue Newton (U: 47) William James Ney (M: 43)
William James Ney (M: 44) Thang Nguyen (M: 43) Thanh N Nguyen (M: 43)
Trung T Nguyen (M: 54) James Tran Nguyen (M: 47) Van Son Nguyen (U: 38)
Toan Huu Nguyen (U: 47) Benjamin Alan Nice (M: 34) Roy Alexander Nice (M: 64)
William Edward Nice (M: 65) Christopher Nicholas (M: 36) David P Nicholas (M: 45)
Thomas Paul Nicholas (M: 26) Alex Tom Nicholas (U: 37) Gregory Nichols (M: 59)
Jerry Nichols (M: 59) Richard Benjamin Nichols (M: 50) Terry J Nichols (M: 49)
John E Nichols (M: 66) Kevin Eric Nichols (M: 50) Roger Reeker Nichols (U: 70)
Douglas Lee Nichols (U: 21) Avery Nicholson (M: 55) Ben Nicholson (M: 43)
Ben Nicholson (M: 43) James Clarence Nicholson (M: 72) James Scott Nicholson (M: 48)
Joseph Nicholson (M: 62) Joseph Bernard Nicholson (M: 62) Gary Nicholson (U: 44)
Derek Lee Nicholson (U: 37) Ren Evan Nickerson (M: 35) Melvin Earl Nicklow (M: 58)
Robert Dean Nicklow (M: 48) Mark Edward Nicolazzo (M: 40) Richard Nicotero (M: 31)
Algert S Niderstros (U: 78) Dennis Herman Niehenke (M: 58) John Joseph Niejelski (M: 36)
William Anthony Nielsen (M: 41) William Anthony Nielsen (M: 41) Edward Lee Niessner (M: 76)
Francisco Nieves (M: 51) Francisco Nieves (M: 51) Frank Nieves (M: 72)
Frank Nieves (M: 73) Henry Nieves (M: 39) Juan Batista Nieves (M: 59)
Serafin Nieves (M: 64) Wilfredo Nieves (M: 52) Wilfredo Nieves (M: 52)
Juan Omys Nieves Iii (U: 31) Christopher T Nilan (M: 40) Christopher Nilan (M: 39)
William Alan Nipper (M: 55) George William Niswonger (M: 55) David Lee Nitsche (M: 32)
Andrew S Nixon (M: 30) Lendell Nixon (M: 41) Mark J Nixon (M: 40)
Willie Anthony Nixon (M: 59) James Thomas Noak (M: 46) Jennifer L Noble (F: 29)
Woodie L Noble (M: 39) Robert Louis Nocera (M: 33) Donald Joseph Nolan (M: 55)
Jeremy L Nolan (M: 37) John Nolan (M: 48) Joseph Daniel Nolan (M: 28)
John Noland (M: 49) Michael Christopher Noll (M: 45) Harold James Nonemaker (M: 84)
Marc John Nonnemacher (U: 35) John Eugene Noon (M: 45) Edward Earl Nordsick (M: 52)
Taylor Jacob Norgart (M: 28) Branden Robert Norkus (U: 38) Patrick Gates Norman (M: 25)
Robert Kenneth Norman (M: 36) Michael C Normand (M: 44) Clarence A Norris (M: 70)
Donald Glenn Norris (M: 29) John David Norris (M: 67) Patrick Warren Norris (M: 48)
Robert John Norris (M: 26) Tyrone Norris (M: 49) Gerald E Norris (U: 75)
William Lee North (M: 44) Francis Harrison Northrop (U: 77) Timothy Allen Northrup (M: 44)
Edward Joseph Northup (M: 63) Anthony Norton (M: 51) Carl Eugene Norton (M: 25)
Timothy Edgar Norwood (M: 46) Jason Paul Novack (M: 31) David Andrew Novak (M: 59)
Theodore William Novak (M: 46) Sean Novak (U: 50) Arthur Daniel Novel (M: 50)
Dale Robert Novitski (M: 52) Ronald Nowell (M: 45) Robert John Nowland (M: 49)
Otto Joel Nowlin (M: 45) Antonio Nuble (M: 48) Samuel James Nugent (M: 63)
Carlos Jerrell Null (M: 44) Glenn Leroy Null (M: 51) Larry Wayne Nunemaker (M: 60)
Eddie Nunez (M: 34) Jimmy Nunez (M: 46) Jose Louis Nunez (M: 61)
Jose Angel Nunez (M: 43) Victor Nunez (M: 54) David Arias Nunez (M: 49)
Fred Edward Nunn (U: 41) Carlos Nurena (M: 53) Leon Nurse (M: 28)
Herbert Christopher Nussbaum (M: 36) Darron John Nuthak (M: 36) Joel Andrew Nuzum (M: 23)
Christopher R Nyame (M: 31) Richard Michieka Nyamwange (M: 57) Paul Chadwick Nyce (M: 42)
James William Nyhart (M: 54)

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