Sex Offender Profile Directory : Oklahoma : W

All sex offender data currently in our database from Oklahoma whose last name begins with the letter W are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Oklahoma sex offender information.

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Reuben Latrell Wabaunasee (M: 32) Christopher Michael Waddell (M: 29) Samuel C Waddell (M: 62)
Ronnie Ray Waddell (M: 41) Benjamin Isaac Waddell (M: 32) Jerry Wayne Waddle (M: 42)
Corrie Wade (M: 42) Darvin Charles Wade (M: 44) Jeffrey Bryant Wade (M: 35)
Mark Anthony Wade (M: 40) Stanley W Wade (M: 51) Claude Marion Wadkins (M: 67)
Leo R. Wadsworth (M: 89) Eric Brandon Wadsworth (M: 26) Haskell L Wadsworth (M: 68)
John Wayne Waechter (M: 40) Gary K Waggoner (M: 64) Kelsey Waggoner (M: 37)
Lance Edward Waggoner (M: 44) Robert J. Wagner (M: 82) Rodney Gene Wagner (M: 65)
Timothy A Wagner (M: 38) Donald George Wahleithner (M: 49) Orlando Wahlenberg (M: 47)
Ernest Seahmer Wahnee (M: 54) Myron Douglas Wahnee (M: 44) Allan Dale Wahpekeche (M: 56)
Edward Lee Wahpekeche (M: 69) Lionel Gene Wahpekeche (M: 40) William Gerald Waite (M: 50)
Raymond Claud Wakefield (M: 45) Terry Don Wakefield (M: 49) James Dean Walcher (M: 40)
Troy William Walchli (M: 50) Donald Lee Walden (M: 64) Brandon Scott Waldon (M: 30)
Raymond Leroy Waldon (M: 42) David Earl Walk (M: 55) Barney D Walker (M: 57)
Billy Ray Walker (M: 39) Bobby L Walker (M: 65) Burney George Walker (M: 61)
Chester Wayne Walker (M: 37) Christopher Dewayne Walker (M: 33) Clint Walker (M: 50)
Curley L. Walker (M: 44) Daniel Lewis Walker (M: 38) Dannie Eugene Walker (M: 26)
Foy Lynn Walker (M: 42) Freddie Lee Walker (M: 27) Johnny B Walker (M: 48)
Michael D Walker (M: 69) Michael William Walker (M: 55) Rheubin L. Walker (M: 65)
Shawn Edward Walker (M: 37) Stacy Glenn Walker (M: 37) Steve R Walker (M: 62)
Trent Owen Walker (M: 56) Tyrise D Walker (M: 29) Tyson Lavar Walker (M: 33)
Yzelle L Walker (M: 28) Bill Nickless Walker (M: 33) Bobby Dale Walker (M: 32)
Paul Craig Walker (M: 31) Timothy Lee Walker (M: 42) David Ray Walker (M: 57)
Timothy Walker (M: 40) Patrick Anthony Walker (M: 32) Ronnie A Walker (M: 44)
James M Walker (M: 30) Justin Lansing Walkup (M: 30) Stephen Douglas Wall (M: 23)
Jessica Lee Wall (F: 31) Brad Allen Wallace (M: 20) Clint Leon Wallace (M: 26)
Darryl Dallas Wallace (M: 48) Eddie L Wallace (M: 33) Robert Dean Wallace (M: 71)
Shaun Del Wallace (M: 32) Vance Edward Wallace (M: 54) James Edward Wallace (M: 46)
Ronald Wayne Wallace (M: 48) Stephen Wallander (M: 48) Mark A Waller (M: 51)
Alvin Wesley Walling (M: 59) Randy Dean Walling (M: 53) Randy Dean Walling (M: 53)
Peter Wallingford (M: 40) Jedidiah Diamond Wallis (M: 29) Kenneth Duane Wallis (M: 53)
Edgar Benjamin Wallman (M: 33) Jeffrey Raymond Walls (M: 46) Jeffrey R Walls (M: 46)
Kevin Walls (M: 34) Ronald Wayne Waln (M: 67) Casey Walston (M: 29)
Alan Dale Walters (M: 52) Albert Allen Walters (M: 60) James Spencer Walters (M: 34)
Lyle Dean Walters (M: 56) Michael Alexander Walters (M: 46) Michael Lynn Walters (M: 43)
Shawn Edward Walters (M: 36) Joshua J Walton (M: 22) Thomas Howard Walton (M: 61)
Wesley Eugene Walton (M: 24) Roy Allen Walton (M: 43) Michael Walworth (M: 50)
Kenneth L Wanger (M: 56) Robert Dale Wapplehorst (M: 54) Tommy J. Wapskineh (M: 56)
Aaron Michael Ward (M: 29) Claude G Ward (M: 42) Cody James Ward (M: 23)
David Charles Ward (M: 56) Dewey Ward (M: 66) Dusty Day Ward (M: 35)
Jimmy Loyd Ward (M: 60) Jimmy John Ward (M: 53) Joshua Allen Ward (M: 22)
Kelly Duane Ward (M: 42) Kevin Lee Ward (M: 52) Lucas Matthew Ward (M: 31)
Roy Michael Ward (M: 46) Ryan Alan Ward (M: 34) Timothy Wade Ward (M: 52)
Vernon R. Ward (M: 42) Vladimir Maxim Ward (M: 29) Charles Henry Ward (M: 51)
Brian Eugene Ward (M: 30) Larry Dean Warden (M: 29) Terry Dewayne Warden (M: 48)
Tommy D Warden (M: 72) Charles Ware (M: 53) Carl Junior Ware (M: 49)
Michael D Ware (M: 23) Marvin Duane Warehime (M: 73) Martin Douglas Waresback (M: 54)
Adrian Paul Warner (M: 29) Dennis M Warner (M: 55) Jason Owen Warner (M: 36)
Joel Lee Warner (M: 61) John James Warner (M: 57) Johnny Mac Warner (M: 38)
Anthony H Warnick (M: 54) Frank Dwight Warren (M: 61) Frank Dewight Warren (M: 62)
Bobby Allan Warren (M: 58) Jason Robert Warren (M: 34) Jerry Oneal Warren (M: 43)
Kirk Alan Warren (M: 57) Mentor Thomas Warren (M: 38) Tim Nylan Warren (M: 44)
William Christopher Warren (M: 48) Frank Dwight Warren (M: 61) Johnny J Warren (M: 30)
Stephano Deon Wartson (M: 39) Broderick D Wash (M: 42) Bill Max Washburn (M: 82)
Derrick Lawayne Washington (M: 27) Henry Dan Washington (M: 46) Kenneth Ray Washington (M: 40)
Margaret Washington (F: 47) Michael Jerome Washington (M: 25) Ronald Keith Washington (M: 38)
Roy Lee Washington (M: 63) Timothy Dean Washington (M: 26) William Edward Washington (M: 66)
Michael Jay Wasson (M: 55) Michael W Wasson (M: 33) Phillip Christopher Watan (M: 53)
R. D. Waterdown (M: 27) David Lionell Waters (M: 40) Mark Elgin Waters (M: 48)
Craig Edward Waters (M: 48) Denise Sue Watie (F: 38) John M Watkins (M: 42)
Kenneth L. Watkins (M: 26) Raford Ludon Watkins (M: 48) Ricky Nelson Watkins (M: 54)
William Arthur Watkins (M: 59) Aaron Wayne Watson (M: 27) James Willie Watson (M: 53)
James Edward Watson (M: 63) James Ray Watson (M: 68) John W. Watson (M: 46)
Larry Nolan Watson (M: 59) Lee Ray Watson (M: 41) Michael Glenn Watson (M: 34)
Robert Wayne Watson (M: 52) Russell L Watson (M: 37) Terry Watson (M: 52)
Dale Wayne Watson (M: 56) John Ronald Watson (M: 33) Travis Watson (M: 53)
Donald Ray Watters (M: 56) Steve B Watters (M: 55) Aaron Tylor Watts (M: 23)
Cantrell E Watts (M: 36) Don Watts (M: 67) James Dale Watts (M: 56)
Jericho Dion Watts (M: 37) Michael L Watts (M: 49) Ted Warren Watts (M: 21)
Scotty Watts (M: 52) Luther M Watts (M: 58) David Paul Waugh (M: 52)
William Dean Way Jr (M: 38) Danny L Weakley (M: 57) Brian W Wear (M: 40)
Willie Lee Weary (M: 58) Herbert Ray Weatherford (M: 53) Ryan Joseph Weatherly (M: 35)
Kevin Eugene Weatherspoon (M: 50) Micah Dwight Weaver (M: 43) Robert Dewayne Weaver (M: 43)
Boyd Allen Webb (M: 31) Buddy C Webb (M: 70) Buddy Curtis Webb (M: 69)
Cameron Dale Webb (M: 30) Chad Jason Webb (M: 27) Jason L Webb (M: 20)
Kevin M Webb (M: 36) Scott Randall Webb (M: 38) Shawn Eugene Webb (M: 36)
Timothy Don Webb (M: 47) Carlos Antonio Webb (M: 44) Christopher Wayne Webb (M: 40)
Carl Eugene Webb (M: 51) Waldsee S Webber (M: 38) Leroy Weber (M: 56)
Robert Lee Weber (M: 34) Alvin Eugene Webster (M: 35) Anthony Jarmal Webster (M: 38)
Christopher W Webster (M: 33) Gregory Wayne Webster (M: 52) Terry Lynn Webster (M: 60)
Benjamin Lee Webster (M: 29) Jonathon Lindon Weeden (M: 28) Ronnie Gene Weeden (M: 57)
Tony Renald Weeden (M: 49) John David Weedn (M: 51) John D Weedn (M: 51)
Jimmy Robert Weeks (M: 51) John Phillip Weeks (M: 44) Terry Don Weeks (M: 34)
Joseph L Weeks (M: 26) Clinton David Weese (M: 34) Robert Tennyson Weese (M: 63)
Thomas Eugene Wegley (M: 63) Ryan Lee Wehofer (M: 26) Randy Allen Weimer (M: 46)
Harry Don Weinstock (M: 58) Calvin Luther Weir (M: 32) David M Weis (M: 51)
John Paul Weise (M: 44) Russell John Weiss (M: 60) Jasper A Welch (M: 21)
Randy Lee Welch (M: 55) Ricky Thurston Welch (M: 58) Robert Allen Welch (M: 51)
Ronald E Welch (M: 45) Ronnie James Welch (M: 55) Scott Welch (M: 55)
Anthony Lee Welch (M: 33) Larry Leon Welch (M: 49) Bobby Joe Welcher (M: 72)
Bryan Keith Weldon (M: 27) Jerry Dean Wellard (M: 54) Angela Marie Wellington (F: 47)
Daniel Franklin Wellington (M: 50) Daniel Franklin Wellington (M: 50) Clifford Charles Wells (M: 49)
Dennis Wells (M: 62) Donald Eugene Wells (M: 46) Harold Scott Wells (M: 80)
Robert R Wells (M: 71) Robin Marie Wells (F: 51) Sean Harrington Wells (M: 34)
Sean Harrington Wells (M: 34) Shad P. Wells (M: 34) Steven R Wells (M: 48)
William Earl Wells (M: 74) Nathan Fairley Wells (M: 20) Christopher Darin Welniak (M: 39)
David Lee Welsh (M: 65) John Jeffery Welsh (M: 46) Jeffrey Robert Wendel (M: 41)
Tommy L Wendland (M: 32) Michael Phillip Wendt (M: 58) Roger Poole Wenman (M: 77)
George A Wenzel (M: 83) Bernard Wermy (M: 78) Joseph George Werts (M: 61)
Robyn Nicole Werts (F: 33) Adam Michael West (M: 47) Brian David West (M: 40)
Donnivan Monroe West (M: 48) Gerald T West (M: 51) Harry Oliver West (M: 69)
Ida Jane West (F: 39) Jefferson Arnold West (M: 44) Jerry Calvin West (M: 52)
Joseph Warren West (M: 55) Joshua Josiah West (M: 36) Marcus Tyrone West (M: 42)
Marcus Tyrone West (M: 42) Marko Deon West (M: 34) Michael S West (M: 27)
Ricky C West (M: 56) Robert L West (M: 47) Ronnie Gene West (M: 41)
Virgil Grant West (M: 29) Cory Blake West (M: 34) Franklin Ray Westbrook (M: 33)
William Donald Westbrook (M: 63) Adam E Westby (M: 30) Brandon Michael Westfall (M: 26)
Christopher Martin Weston-Smart (M: 31) Orville Emmett Wethey (M: 80) Wesley Alan Wetwiska (M: 50)
Rick Lyn Wetzel (M: 36) Diane Sue Whalen (F: 58) Michael Charles Wharton (M: 53)
Kelvin Gene Whatley (M: 46) Carl David Wheat (M: 69) G. W. Wheat (M: 66)
Marcus Nathan Wheat (M: 34) Nevada Bryant Wheat (M: 25) Michael Lee Wheatley (M: 40)
Jack S Wheeler (M: 31) Kenneth Laverne Wheeler (M: 43) Michael Eugene Wheeler (M: 58)
Troy Ellis Wheeler (M: 37) Troy E Wheeler (M: 38) Oliver Charles Wheeler (M: 57)
William Kenneth Wheeler (M: 48) Raymond Norris Wheeler (M: 61) Kenneth Laverne Wheeler (M: N/A)
Donald J Whinery (M: 68) Billy W. Whisenhunt (M: 54) Sean D Whisenhunt (M: 26)
Dennis Wayne Whisenhunt (M: 51) Dennis Allen Whisnant (M: 56) Cecil David Whitaker (M: 53)
Beau Eugene Whitaker (M: 25) Ronald Wayne Whitaker (M: 51) William Andrews Whitaker (M: 44)
Donald R Whitaker (M: 41) Doris J Whitaker (M: 51) Marcelle L Whitcomb (M: 42)
Brian Gene White (M: 31) Chad Aaron White (M: 30) Christopher Wayne White (M: 28)
David Allen White (M: 44) David Michael White (M: 67) Dwain A White (M: 23)
Eddie Lee Dewayne White (M: 43) Harold James White (M: 67) Hugh James White (M: 75)
James William White (M: 44) Joe Randal White (M: 65) Jonathan M White (M: 29)
Larry Wayne White (M: 62) Larry White (M: 62) Machelle Lee White (F: 41)
Matthew John White (M: 26) Phillip Matthew White (M: 78) Phillip M White (M: 78)
Shawn Lee White (M: 41) William Harold White (M: 64) William Henry White (M: 63)
Bryian Scott White (M: 45) Harold Rocky White (M: 32) Steven Craig White (M: 46)
William F White (M: 27) Daniel Morris White (M: 34) Jimmy Willie Whiteagle (M: 71)
Cedric Whitebuffalo (M: 37) Tracy Lee Whitecotton (M: 44) Derry Lynn Whitecrow (M: 32)
Brian Timothy Whited (M: 31) Quanah Joshua Whitedeer (M: 32) Gerald Whitehead (M: 60)
John Scott Whiteley (M: 36) Gary Stephen Whiteman (M: 58) Steven Dale Whiteman (M: 46)
Dejuan Monte Whiteside (M: 31) Rhorn Scott Whiteside (M: 43) Paul R Whitestar (M: 23)
James Whitetail (M: 65) Clifton M Whitetree (M: 41) Franklin Ralph Whitewolf (M: 71)
Brett E Whitfield (M: 31) Derek D Whitfield (M: 50) Harvey Edward Whitfield (M: 50)
Kimmet Ladun Whitfield (M: 30) Bendrick Anthony Whitfield (M: 32) Michael Curtis Whiting (M: 27)
John Eddale Whitlow (M: 46) Tracy Dean Whitlow (M: 45) Bryan Ray Whitney (M: 29)
Phillip Homer Whitsitt (M: 53) Anthony Todd Whitson (M: 44) Brandon Gregory Whitson (M: 26)
Randall Scott Whitson (M: 36) Tommy James Whitt (M: 38) Gary Wayne Whitt (M: 51)
Donald Joe Whittenberg (M: 67) Charles Edward Whitters (M: 59) Ross O Whittington (M: 50)
Ross A Whittington (M: 50) Justin Lee Whittmire (M: 51) Eddie Wayne Whitwell (M: 44)
Roger A Whitworth (M: 26) Scott A Whytal (M: 30) Thomas Edward Whyte (M: 43)
David Dean Wichita (M: 39) James Robert Wick (M: 57) Lukas Francis Wick (M: 25)
Eddie Lee Wicker (M: 58) George Andrew Wickliff (M: 41) Bobby Austin Wicks (M: 69)
Wesley Dave Wickson (M: 24) Garrett J Widowski (M: 30) Allyn Francis Wiebold (M: 72)
Gary Lloyd Wiedel (M: 38) Matthew J Wiegand (M: 25) Rhonda Jean Wiggins (F: 40)
Richard E Wiggs (M: 54) Lester Mitchell Wilbanks (M: 73) Robert D Wilbourn (M: 63)
Donald Ray Wilbur (M: 38) Lloyd Dennis Wilburn (M: 58) Ralph Edward Wilburn (M: 63)
Clinton Wayne Wilburn (M: 30) Dennis Craig Wilcox (M: 58) Wesley Eugene Wilcox (M: 50)
Johnny Wildcat (M: 65) Christopher Adrian Wilder (M: 36) Raymond Wilder (M: 58)
Charles Edward Wiles (M: 56) Michael Anthony Wiles (M: 31) Samuel D. Wiles (M: 63)
Lee Edward Wiley (M: 74) Michael D Wiley (M: 44) Novis Kenneth Wiley (M: 46)
Rodney Charles Wiley (M: 49) Chester David Wiley (M: 78) Grant M Wiley (M: 27)
Cory P Wilfinger (M: 23) Robert Rudolph Wilhelm (M: 60) Homer Clinton Wilhite (M: 88)
Teddy Lee Wilhite (M: 44) David Samuel Wilhoit (M: 40) James Edward Wilhoit (M: 55)
Richard Stephen Wilk (M: 31) Angela S. Wilken (F: 43) Daniel L. Wilkerson (M: 42)
Daniel Lee Wilkerson (M: 41) Derrick Sean Wilkerson (M: 43) Thomas Edmond Wilkerson (M: 56)
Larry Dean Wilkerson (M: 47) Mike Chad Wilkes (M: 39) Wilbert Wilkes (M: 53)
Benjamin Frank Wilkins (M: 51) Michael D Wilkins (M: 44) Robert Edward Wilkins (M: 42)
Ronnie Lee Wilkins (M: 42) Curtis Leroy Wilkins (M: 34) Eric Stephen Wilkins (M: 28)
Gary Wayne Wilkinson (M: 38) Jason D Wilkinson (M: 27) Bryan Joe Willard (M: 30)
Nicholas Thomas Willey (M: 32) Dale Eugene Willey (M: 48) Clarence Ray Willhite (M: 48)
Adrian Lemar Williams (M: 33) Allen R Williams (M: 25) Andre Dontrell Williams (M: 23)
Andre Lazarr Williams (M: 45) Andrew Jeffrey Williams (M: 50) Angelo Warren Williams (M: 56)
Anthony Scott Williams (M: 46) Antonio Cortez Williams (M: 33) Arvie Dean Williams (M: 62)
Arvie D. Williams (M: 90) Billy G. Williams (M: 47) Billy Lee Williams (M: 38)
Bobby Williams (M: 63) Bobby O Williams (M: 39) Byron Lavan Williams (M: 40)
Christopher Odis Williams (M: 52) Daniel Carson Williams (M: 56) David Blue Williams (M: 48)
David Scott Williams (M: 41) David R Williams (M: 23) Dawan Aikeen Williams (M: 29)
Denver Clyde Williams (M: 27) Don W. Williams (M: 49) Edgar Dean Williams (M: 81)
Eldon Douglas Williams (M: 63) Errol Flynn Williams (M: 70) Eugene L Williams (M: 28)
Gene Anthony Williams (M: 42) Gerald Wayne Williams (M: 39) Glen R Williams (M: 35)
Gregory Vincent Williams (M: 40) Gregory Wayne Williams (M: 49) Harvey Lee Williams (M: 66)
Hershell Morris Williams (M: 75) James Rodger Williams (M: 36) James F Williams (M: 42)
Jasper Edward Williams (M: 47) Jeff D Williams (M: 49) Jeffrey Harold Williams (M: 43)
Jerry Neal Williams (M: 60) John James Williams (M: 52) John William Williams (M: 53)
Jonas Dewayne Williams (M: 28) Jonathan Mathew Williams (M: 39) Joshua W Williams (M: 28)
Justin Daniel Williams (M: 26) Kenneth Wayne Williams (M: 46) Kevin Lee Williams (M: 27)
Larry Keith Williams (M: 59) Leonard James Williams (M: 40) Linnard Ray Williams (M: 83)
Marcus Deangelo Williams (M: 24) Mark Montel Williams (M: 41) Michael Lee Williams (M: 32)
Michal A Williams (M: 48) Nathan Ray Williams (M: 38) Paul E. Williams (M: 48)
Randy Lee Williams (M: 51) Randy Lee Williams (M: 49) Randy A Williams (M: 47)
Rex Gene Williams (M: 58) Richard Allen Williams (M: 85) Richard Allen Williams (M: 46)
Richard Lee Williams (M: 63) Robert Bryan Williams (M: 51) Robert Roland Williams (M: 72)
Robert Wayne Williams (M: 27) Roland D Williams (M: 26) Ronald J Williams (M: 38)
Sammie Lee Williams (M: 56) Samuel Lorenzo Williams (M: 37) Sherman Ray Williams (M: 55)
Spurlyn G. Williams (M: 62) Terry Wayne Williams (M: 47) Thomas Andrew Williams (M: 33)
Thomas Michael Williams (M: 41) Tracy Dee Williams (M: 33) William Russell Williams (M: 52)
Alvie Dale Williams (M: 37) Brian Keith Williams (M: 26) Joshua Wade Williams (M: 22)
Urain Jerome Williams (M: 29) Virgil Williams (M: 88) William Eston Williams (M: 94)
Wyatt V Williams (M: 50) Randy Eugene Williams (M: 47) Eddie W Williams (M: 43)
Kelvin Ray Williams (M: 39) Tony W Williams (M: 49) Brandon Chase Williams (M: 25)
Leonard M Williams (M: 37) Robert L Williams (M: 25) Camron Daniel Williams (M: 26)
Michael Anthony Williams (M: 56) Hank L Williams Jr (M: 26) Christopher Shawn Williamson (M: 28)
Delbert Daniel Williamson (M: 45) Walter David Williamson (M: 53) Elbert W Williamson (M: 83)
Thomas Edgar Williamson (M: 63) Warren Lee Williamson (M: 25) Dennis J Willingham (M: 54)
Farris Elwood Willingham (M: 58) Ricky A Willingham (M: 45) Edward Louis Willingham (M: 42)
Aaron Christopher Willis (M: 26) Andrie William Willis (M: 31) Gregory Allen Willis (M: 44)
Herbert R Willis (M: 56) Jeffery Lyn Willis (M: 44) Jeffery Willis (M: 50)
Jeffrey Lyn Willis (M: 45) Vincent Perry Willis (M: 36) William A Willis (M: 58)
Terry Shawn Willis (M: 31) Ronald Coy Willison (M: 66) Steven Virgil Willmeth (M: 28)
David Wayne Willoughby (M: 43) Shawn Odean Wills (M: 38) Charles Herbert Willson (M: 68)
Jeremy Scott Willyard (M: 35) Rodney Leon Wilmot (M: 31) Donald Leon Wilson (M: 67)
Alnathan Tyrone Wilson (M: 32) Andrew Rick Wilson (M: 55) Anthony Carl Wilson (M: 36)
Benjamin Eugene Wilson (M: 26) Cimarron Matthew Wilson (M: 37) Cynthia Sue Wilson (F: 43)
Damon Ray Wilson (M: 50) Daniel Joseph Wilson (M: 24) Danny Lynn Wilson (M: 48)
David L. Wilson (M: 51) David W Wilson (M: 48) Gregory Allen Wilson (M: 49)
Henry Doyle Wilson (M: 62) Jeffery Scott Wilson (M: 48) Jeffery W Wilson (M: 53)
Jeffrey Banks Wilson (M: 67) Jeremy Wilson (M: 29) Jerry Dale Wilson (M: 48)
Jimmy Ray Wilson (M: 52) John Daniel Wilson (M: 38) Johnnie Lee Wilson (M: 57)
Keith Alan Wilson (M: 29) Kelly Joe Wilson (M: 44) Kevin Ray Wilson (M: 30)
Larry Eugene Wilson (M: 45) Louis Eugene Wilson (M: 65) Marcus Wilson (M: 39)
Markedrik D Wilson (M: 23) Presley William Wilson (M: 60) R B Wilson (M: 50)
R.B. Wilson (M: 50) Randall Harlen Wilson (M: 53) Richard Vernett Wilson (M: 65)
Sammy Wilson (M: 53) Steven Dewayne Wilson (M: 27) Terry Wayne Wilson (M: 39)
Terry Trent Wilson (M: 64) Timmy L Wilson (M: 39) Timothy Allen Wilson (M: 59)
Timothy L Wilson (M: 41) Tony Douglas Wilson (M: 54) Travis Wilson (M: 46)
Arthur Lee Wilson (M: 63) Christopher Wayne Wilson (M: 40) Frederick Anthony Wilson (M: 25)
Timmy Lamar Wilson (M: 33) Cedric Jones Wilson (M: 27) Renardo Johnny Wilson (M: 50)
David Wayne Wilson (M: 47) Donald Leon Wilson (M: 67) John Wesley Wilson (M: 52)
Joleen Renee Wilson (F: 22) Patrick O Wilson (M: 35) Clay Martin Wimberly (M: 43)
Michael Joe Wimsett (M: 40) Perry E Winburn (M: 46) Mitchell Maurice Windham (M: 52)
Martin Phillip Windle (M: 73) Rickey Earl Windle (M: 44) Bobby Ray Winebrinner (M: 44)
Steven Wayne Wing (M: 55) John Paul Winger (M: 32) Clinton A Wininger (M: 25)
Ryan Anthony Van Winkle (M: 29) Joseph Brock Winkleman (M: 31) Jeffrey Todd Winkler (M: 41)
Tommy G Winn (M: 42) Travis Mac Winningham (M: 28) Walter Lindell Winsea (M: 62)
David B Winters (M: 42) Jimmy Joe Winters (M: 52) Michael Von Winters (M: 54)
Verl Eugene Winters (M: 80) Bobby L Winton (M: 64) Brandon W Wisda (M: 25)
Gerald Don Wisdom (M: 44) Robert Russell Wise (M: 34) Shannon Elaine Wise (F: 28)
Duke A Wise (M: 36) Larry Russell Wiseley (M: 33) Martin James Wiseman (M: 51)
Floyd Glen Wishon (M: 49) Charles Wayne Witt (M: 56) Kenneth James Witt (M: 34)
Andrew Phillip Witter (M: 51) Jamie Allen Wofford (M: 47) Roger S Wofford (M: 45)
Daniel F. Wohlgemuth (M: 64) John Rogers Wolery (M: 61) Archie Lee Wolf (M: 61)
Kenneth C Wolf (M: 40) Roland Wolf (M: 36) Welman Warner Wolf (M: 43)
Kenneth C Wolf (M: 36) Chris Wayne Wolfe (M: 26) Roger Dewayne Wolfe (M: 46)
Scott Grady Wolfe (M: 32) Steven Thomas Wolfe (M: 60) Sydney E Wolfe (M: 59)
James Matthew Wolfe (M: 48) Russel Ray Wolfe (M: 41) Thomas Edward Wolfe (M: 40)
Leslie D. Wolfenbarger (M: 37) Gregory A. Wolford (M: 53) Michael Lee Wolkow (M: 35)
Leland Doyle Wollet (M: 65) Henry Wollman (M: 58) Henry A Wollman (M: 58)
James E Womach (M: 55) John David Womack (M: 45) Jonathan Azra Womack (M: 29)
Aaron L Wood (M: 25) Delmar J Wood (M: 59) Donald Russell Wood (M: 48)
Freddie Thomas Wood (M: 36) Gary Deshane Wood (M: 55) Jack Ray Wood (M: 33)
Jerry Lynn Wood (M: 39) Robert Darrell Wood (M: 51) Steven Duane Wood (M: 34)
Timothy Lee Wood (M: 43) Cody Dean Wood (M: 49) Tony Scott Wood (M: 47)
Scott Allen Wood (M: 34) Calvin Everett Woodall (M: 50) Daniel Aaron Woodard (M: 38)
Daniel Aaron Woodard (M: 38) Zachary D Woodard (M: 21) Samuel E Woodberry (M: 41)
Myron Lynn Woodfork (M: 53) William George Woodhouse (M: 57) Matthew Daniel Woodrome (M: 26)
James A. Woodruff (M: 59) Arthur Elias Woods (M: 58) Charles Steven Woods (M: 52)
Manuel Lounell Woods (M: 34) Phillip A Woods (M: 42) Ryan Joseph Woods (M: 35)
Manuel Lounell Woods (M: 34) Loren Michael Woods (M: 43) Preston Roy Woods (M: 78)
William Thomas Woods (M: 30) Shaun Patrick Woods (M: 25) Larry Eugene Woods (M: 60)
Jesse James Woodside-Fisher (M: 26) Aaron Lee Woodson (M: 29) August Gabriel Woodward (M: 35)
George Albert Woodward (M: 48) George Albert Woodward (M: 48) Justin Alonzo Woodward (M: 28)
Lawrence William Woodward (M: 52) Mony Paul Woody (M: 64) Lewis Gordon Woodyard (M: 44)
Lewis Gordon Woodyard (M: 44) Jim Carlton Wooldridge (M: 67) Josh Ray Wooldridge (M: 26)
Matthew David Woolf (M: 22) Robert Woolham (M: 27) Albert Roy Woolman (M: 58)
Jack Howard Woolman (M: 65) Carroll Clifford Woolsey (M: 74) Bobby G Wooten (M: 60)
Charles Winford Wooten (M: 63) Timothy Scott Woothtakewahbitty (M: 47) James Michael Wooton (M: 30)
Nathaniel Osborne Word (M: 22) Jermaine Anthony Wordlow (M: 20) Benjamin M Work (M: 35)
Benjamin J Workings (M: 24) William Lee Workman (M: 38) Raymond Allen Worley (M: 70)
Raymond Allen Worley (M: 70) Wallace Tyler Worsham (M: 82) Robert Dean Worsley (M: 43)
Jeffrey Scott Worster (M: 38) Robert Carl Worthy (M: 51) Dennis Ray Wren (M: 50)
Ervin Wren (M: 78) Bill Wayne Wright (M: 61) Danny Joe Wright (M: 61)
Denton Daniel Wright (M: 51) Ernest L. Wright (M: 49) Ethan Andrew Wright (M: 44)
Howard Cecil Wright (M: 64) James Allen Wright (M: 42) Jeffrey Edward Wright (M: 40)
Jerry Wayne Wright (M: 36) Mark Allen Wright (M: 37) Maurice Chevell Wright (M: 44)
Michael Woodward Wright (M: 60) Michael W. Wright (M: 60) Michael Edgar Wright (M: 69)
Michael G Wright (M: 49) Olen Lee Wright (M: 60) Randy D Wright (M: 58)
Robert James Wright (M: 57) Samuel Clinton Wright (M: 39) Terry Lynne Wright (M: 43)
Timothy Dewayne Wright (M: 37) Timothy J Wright (M: 40) Wayland D. Wright (M: 51)
Wesley M Wright (M: 44) Jack Dempsey Wright (M: 53) Jesse William Wright (M: 57)
Jonathan Martin Wright (M: 45) Scotty Marvell Wright (M: 38) James Paul Wright (M: 43)
Kimble Wright (M: 47) Stanley Earl Wright (M: 48) Melissa Kay Wright-Sanchez (F: 31)
Troy Lee Wrisner (M: 59) Robert L Wyant (M: 52) Mickey Don Wyatt (M: 70)
Tyler Wayne Wyatt (M: 47) Anthony Wayne Wyatt (M: 44) James D Wygant (M: 52)
Jason Walter Wylie (M: 32) Samuel Wayne Wylie (M: 42) Alfred Gene Wyly (M: 32)
James Joseph Wymer (M: 51) Daniel Ray Wynn (M: 47) Louis Douglas Wynn (M: 20)
Mark Lee Wynn (M: 43) Michael A Wynn (M: 45) Ralph Eugene Wynn (M: 56)
Ralph William Wynn (M: 45) Tony Lee Wynn (M: 47) Jericho Wynos (M: 37)
Daniel Melville Wyrick (M: 36) Antwan Deshon Wytch (M: 32)

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