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All sex offender data currently in our database from Oklahoma whose last name begins with the letter N are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Oklahoma sex offender information.

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Floyd Russell Nabinger (M: 54) Thomas Bennett Naef (M: 27) Thomas Bennett Naef (M: 27)
Gary Randall Nagel (M: 58) Rocky Todd Nail (M: 47) Tony D. Nail (M: 34)
Daniel Eugene Nail (M: 50) Kelly Lee Nalley (M: 48) Daphen B Namoki (M: 35)
Larry Gene Nance (M: 70) Sean Taylor Naney (M: 29) Bobby Ray Nanney (M: 33)
Bobby Mack Napier (M: 64) Keith Alan Napier (M: 50) Michael Napier (M: 42)
Ronald Lee Napier (M: 52) Anthony A Nash (M: 47) Howard A. Nash (M: 44)
Leon Nash (M: 74) Stephen Leroy Nash (M: 53) Anthony A Nash (M: 47)
Richard Earl Nash (M: 41) Molden Nathaniel (M: 47) Robert John Naus (M: 73)
Rafeal Edward Navarro (M: 45) Sammy L Neace (M: 30) Andrew A. Neal (M: 53)
David J Neal (M: 56) Glen R. Neal (M: 57) Hiahwahnah Neal (M: 63)
James Ray Neal (M: 47) Larry L Neal (M: 22) Dennis Keith Neal (M: 44)
Johnathon Wayne Neal (M: 26) Michael L. Nealis (M: 43) Dunte J Nealy (M: 32)
Joseph L Neconie (M: 48) Christopher Michael Needham (M: 39) Dale Allen Needham (M: 27)
James Robert Needham (M: 46) Gary J. Neel (M: 40) Gary J Neel (M: 40)
Timothy Scott Neel (M: 47) Karl Christopher Neff (M: 53) Kenneth Scott Negelein (M: 53)
Gerald Lee Neighbors (M: 71) Brian Jay Nellis (M: 34) Joshua D Nelms (M: 22)
Alton R Nelson (M: 54) Charles Edgar Nelson (M: 71) Christian Wallace Nelson (M: 60)
David Bruce Nelson (M: 67) Delvin Ray Nelson (M: 39) Gregory Richard Nelson (M: 46)
Jackie W Nelson (M: 64) James B Nelson (M: 45) James Bradley Nelson (M: 45)
Melissa A Nelson (F: 25) Michael Edwin Nelson (M: 35) Ryan Jarreau Nelson (M: 26)
Toby Glen Nelson (M: 34) Trino D Nelson (M: 37) Charles Edward Nelson (M: 40)
Daniel L Nelson (M: 38) Renard Elvis Nelson (M: 51) Kelly Roger Nelson (M: 39)
Gerald W Nesbit (M: 36) James Earl Ness (M: 41) Forest K Nesselrode (M: 41)
Daniel Alan Nessmith (M: 48) John Robert Nett (M: 45) Daniel E Netz (M: 44)
Perry Anthony Nevills (M: 50) Shea Michael New (M: 34) Michael Anthony Newberry (M: 48)
Linny Eugene Newberry (M: 45) Joshua Floyd Newby (M: 29) Harold G Newcomb (M: 76)
Larry Edward Newcomb (M: 37) Raymond Thomas Newcomb (M: 47) Harrold Wayne Newman (M: 40)
James Allen Newman (M: 76) Raymond Meritt Newman (M: 48) Richard Dewayne Newman (M: 48)
Stephen Nathan Newman (M: 27) Raymond L Newman (M: 60) Henry Jay Newport (M: 55)
Dean Lee Newton (M: 41) John Gerald Newton (M: 49) Larry Sean Newville (M: 41)
Ted Kent Newville (M: 60) Nam Thanh Ngu (M: 57) Du Van Nguyen (M: 58)
Lee Dinh Nguyen (M: 31) Phoung Van Nguyen (M: 38) Tai Anh Nguyen (M: 58)
Charles Craig Nicholes (M: 24) Bryan Lee Nichols (M: 73) Buhl Vester Nichols (M: 78)
Carl Ray Nichols (M: 44) Claude Leon Nichols (M: 59) Clifton Elrico Nichols (M: 31)
David Ray Nichols (M: 35) Donald H. Nichols (M: 45) Garry Allen Nichols (M: 58)
Garry Allen Nichols (M: 58) James A Nichols (M: 57) John David Jack Nichols (M: 33)
Juanett Carole Nichols (F: 37) Leslie Austin Nichols (M: 71) Louis Geary Nichols (M: 34)
Robie Lynn Nichols (M: 50) Scott Edward Nichols (M: 31) Scotty Ray Nichols (M: 36)
Sylvester Edward Nichols (M: 35) Turquwan Donnell Nichols (M: 36) Garland Monroe Nichols (M: 32)
Erick Francis Nichols (M: 33) Bryan Douglas Nicholson (M: 44) John Richard Nicholson (M: 67)
Mark D Nicholson (M: 54) Robert Leroy Nicholson (M: 54) William L Nicholson (M: 86)
Darren Joe Nickel (M: 42) Ralph Edward Nickell (M: 60) Robert Glen Nickell (M: 57)
Phillip Dwayne Nickels (M: 51) Robert Clark Nickerson (M: 68) Elisa Dawn Nielson (F: 37)
Joshua Niemann (M: 26) Gary Nimsey (M: 63) Samuel A Nitz (M: 25)
Donald Wayne Nixon (M: 47) Glyson Nixon (M: 21) Jason Murry Nixon (M: 34)
Robert George Nixon (M: 71) Pete Joseph Noah (M: 77) Leslie Eugene Noble (M: 66)
William Eugene Noble (M: 66) Thomas D Nobles (M: 67) Jaird Noe (M: 68)
Richard Lee Noear (M: 57) Jack Ellsworth Noel (M: 38) Peter L Nolan (M: 27)
Roger Charles Nolan (M: 59) Robert James Nolan (M: 34) Scottie L Noland (M: 28)
Dale Roberts Nolen (M: 45) Nathaniel Lee Nolen (M: 27) Emanuel U Nolen (M: 39)
Donald Ray Norbury (M: 50) Billy Ray Norfleet (M: 54) Discan A Noriega (M: 24)
Lee Vester Norman (M: 47) Princeton Charles Norman (M: 25) Princeton Charles Norman (M: 26)
Mitchell R Norman (M: 29) Michael Norris (M: 49) Raymond Eugene Norris (M: 33)
Raymond Eugene Norris (M: 33) Robert Charles Norris (M: 53) Ronald Joe Norris (M: 49)
Roy Bryan Norris (M: 57) Harry Lee Norris (M: 37) Kenneth W Norris (M: 24)
Anthony Dee Northcross (M: 50) David Lynn Norton (M: 57) Kenneth Joe Norton (M: 34)
Ron M Norton (M: 32) Ronnie David Norton (M: 59) Thomas Paul Norton (M: 50)
Jeffrey B Norton (M: 43) Billy Dale Norvill (M: 74) Nathan Norman Nossaman (M: 58)
Earl Layton Nottingham (M: 70) George Michael Nottoli (M: 64) Michael Gene Novosad (M: 45)
Paul W Nowakowski (M: 51) Joshua C Nowlin (M: 28) Marcus Lee Nowlin (M: 25)
Mongu Nsu Nsa (M: 23) Viviano Nuncio (M: 47) Gerardo Nunez (M: 50)
Ernest Milton Nunley (M: 55) Gregory Lee Nunley (M: 38) Michael Eugene Nunley (M: 39)
Michael T Nunley (M: 50) Michael Eugen Nunley (M: 34) Charles Austin Nunn (M: 38)
Christopher Robert Nunn (M: 20) James Wesley Nunn (M: 52) James Wesley Nunn (M: 52)
Jeremy James Nunn (M: 33) Aaron K Nunn (M: 23) Justin Nye (M: 21)
Larry Douglas Nye (M: 40) Janeen Ann Nyman (F: 48)

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