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All sex offender data currently in our database from Oklahoma whose last name begins with the letter K are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Oklahoma sex offender information.

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Scott E Kaesemeyer (M: 31) Kenneth J Kahala (M: 45) Kenneth J. Kahala (M: 45)
Stanley Glen Kain (M: 67) Stanley Glen Kain (M: 67) Daryl James Kaiser (M: 34)
Kevin Michael Kalahan (M: 28) Bobby Don Kame (M: 32) Fredrick S Kamin (M: 55)
Kamoche Gitan Kamoche (M: 36) Clarence Frank Kamp Iii (M: 45) Jerry Scott Kane (M: 47)
Carl Robert Kannady (M: 55) Mitchell Barry Kapaun (M: 43) Ronald Aaron Karcher (M: 64)
Allen Chase Karnes (M: 27) John D Kaskaske (M: 42) David Leroy Kasper (M: 63)
Carl William Kasten (M: 52) Richard Alan Kauffeld (M: 33) Thurman Bruce Kaulaity (M: 30)
Thurman Bruce Kaulaity (M: 24) David Wayne Kave (M: 54) Raymond Charles Kazar (M: 68)
David R Kchao (M: 29) Gilbert Clayton Keahbone (M: 48) Jerry Ray Kean (M: 64)
Roland Kearney (M: 73) Larry Edward Keasler (M: 44) Steven Wayne Keck (M: 58)
Dave Alan Kee (M: 37) David Alan Kee (M: 37) Michael B. Keele (M: 41)
Russell Kenneth Keele (M: 81) Jeremy Grant Keeling (M: 33) Brian K Keeling (M: 37)
Michael Lee Keenam (M: 38) Carl Gene Keenan (M: 58) William Edger Keepers (M: 47)
Carl Eugene Keesey (M: 47) John Allen Keeslar (M: 42) Aaron Joe Keeter (M: 34)
Mark Phillip Keeter (M: 55) Dangelo Pierre Keeton (M: 28) Shawn Patrick Keeton (M: 31)
Timothy D Keeton (M: 49) Frank Lowell Kehrberg (M: 29) Frank Lowell Kehrberg (M: 24)
Adam Mitchell Keith (M: 40) Arthur Jay Keith (M: 38) Arthur Lynn Keith (M: 26)
Barton Glenn Keith (M: 56) John Truman Keith (M: 65) Kendall M Keith (M: 27)
David Tobe Keith (M: 34) Ronald Gene Keith (M: 48) Daniel Joseph Kell (M: 33)
Ronald Frank Kell (M: 42) Thomas K Kelleher (M: 57) Jesse Dale Keller (M: 25)
Traci Lynn Keller (F: 36) Markus Paul Kellert (M: 36) Calista Lynn Kelley (F: 51)
Cecil Wayne Kelley (M: 46) Doyal Lee Kelley (M: 37) Jackie C Kelley (M: 47)
Lucas Ian Kelley (M: 29) Mark Anthony Kelley (M: 49) Patrick Timothy Kelley (M: 34)
Paul D Kelley (M: 44) Quinn Anthony Kelley (M: 49) Thomas A Kelley (M: 31)
Jackie Charles Kelley (M: 41) Joseph Harold Kelley (M: 48) Harold Wayne Kelley (M: 36)
Clayton Carl Kelley (M: 39) William Edward Kellicut (M: 40) John F Kelliher (M: 46)
Michael Andrew Kelln (M: 26) Douglas Shylo Kellogg (M: 38) Jeremy Michael Kellogg (M: 36)
Richard W Kellum (M: 50) Amy Marie Kelly (F: 34) Jesse Jay Kelly (M: 41)
Joseph Gerald Kelly (M: 49) Rena Joyce Kelly (F: 65) Jennifer Lynn Kelly (F: 32)
Vernon Charles Kelly (M: 54) James Edward Kelm (M: 51) Larry Albert Kemble (M: 49)
Justin Blaine Kemerling (M: 26) Therman Kemp (M: 55) Bryan Jon Kendall (M: 45)
Kenneth Wayne Kendall (M: 57) Mathew Walter Kendall (M: 33) Tony Allen Kennard (M: 47)
James Edward Kennedy (M: 54) James Edward Kennedy (M: 54) Michael David Kennedy (M: 53)
Tony Lee Kennedy (M: 40) William Lloyd Kennedy (M: 50) John David Kennedy (M: 45)
Randy Joe Kennel (M: 48) James Anthony Kennett (M: 32) Roger Dale Kennington (M: 50)
James William Kent (M: 55) Johnathan O Keough (M: 19) Steven E. Kepke (M: 46)
Walter Cecil Kerbo (M: 41) Keith Wayne Kern (M: 33) Robert Lewis Kerns (M: 37)
Roy Lee Kerns (M: 58) Gerry William Kerr (M: 48) John Michael Kerr (M: 41)
James A Kerrick (M: 39) Allen Victor Kershaw (M: 46) Richard J Kessinger (M: 57)
Richard J Kessinger (M: 57) Brandy Jay Kester (M: 37) Wayne Allen Ketcher (M: 37)
Joey Clay Keune (M: 32) Kelvin G. Key (M: 44) Barry Keith Keys (M: 53)
Darrin Wayne Keys (M: 43) Derrick D Keys (M: 39) John Allen Keys (M: 42)
Michael Wayne Keys (M: 52) Abraham Nmn Khorramdel (M: 33) Collis L. Kibble (M: 50)
Justin Irving Kidder (M: 30) Bernard Reginald Kidwell (M: 84) Kenneth Leroy Kienzie (M: 59)
Beau Ashley Kifer (M: 26) Carl Junior Kight (M: 49) Clinton Wayne Kilcrease (M: 28)
O. M. Kile (M: 70) Gregory Alan Kilgore (M: 33) Robert D Killam (M: 35)
Douglas G Killion (M: 59) Kevin Kirkland Killman (M: 36) Paul Everett Killman (M: 48)
Anthony Killsnight (M: 60) Steve Gray Kilmer (M: 52) Lonnie E Kilmister (M: 43)
Kenneth Dale Kilpatrick (M: 46) Kenneth D. Kilpatrick (M: 45) Bobbie Everett Kimball (M: 76)
Charles Volney Kimberling (M: 54) Tony Lee Kimble (M: 33) Mark Anthony Kimery (M: 43)
Mark Anthony Kimery (M: 44) Gary Lynn Kincaid (M: 33) Jeremy Wayne Kindhart (M: 24)
Richard Ky Kindrick (M: 29) Albert Joe King (M: 36) Arthur K King (M: 48)
Bobby G King (M: 38) Christopher D King (M: 25) Dennis Deshaun King (M: 33)
Jason Scott King (M: 29) Jerry Dale King (M: 53) Jerry L King (M: 56)
Jerry Hobson King (M: 58) Jimmy Donn King (M: 44) Joe Lynn King (M: 56)
Joseph Wayne King (M: 54) Lorin King (M: 56) Marion Arnold King (M: 47)
Marlon T. King (M: 41) Marvin King (M: 52) Maurice Edward King (M: 57)
Michael Scott King (M: 25) Michael W King (M: 28) Michael K King (M: 45)
Monty Lynn King (M: 34) Thomas E. King (M: 81) Thomas Joseph King (M: 50)
Timothy Lynn King (M: 54) William Frederick King (M: 26) Nancy Mae King (F: 52)
Peter King (M: 40) Samuel Joseph King (M: 34) Brandon Michael King (M: 23)
Randolph Gordon King (M: 41) Billy Lee Kingrey (M: 27) Michael Dennis Kingsland (M: 60)
Mark Alex Kinkead (M: 53) Randall Lynn Kinman (M: 53) Nolan Earl Carl Kinnamon (M: 56)
James H. Kinnard (M: 48) William Kinnard (M: 22) Oliver Wayne Kinser (M: 36)
Randy Alan Kinsey (M: 42) Mikle Iryen Kionute (M: 44) Jacob Allen Kiper (M: 22)
Larry Dale Kirby (M: 42) Terry Joe Kirby (M: 56) Jason Wayne Kirby (M: 31)
Joseph Lee Kirchner (M: 48) Benjamin Michael Kirk (M: 41) Thomas Bryan Kirk (M: 51)
Adam Jonathan Kirkendoll (M: 34) William D Kirkes (M: 49) Steven Henry Kirkland (M: 40)
Eddie Allen Kirkpatrick (M: 64) Eddie Allen Kirkpatrick (M: 64) Jeremiah Kirkwood (M: 34)
Kevin W Kissee (M: 36) Carroll Eugene Kissinger (M: 55) Steven Leroy Kissire (M: 51)
Gary Wayne Kissner (M: 41) John W Kistler (M: 46) Cynthia A Kitchell (F: 50)
Cynthia Kitchell (F: 50) Eric Kitts (M: 29) Joshua Matthew Kiziah (M: 25)
James Kjormoe (M: 31) Brandon Klaus (M: 19) Richard Kleck (M: 32)
Ricky Gene Klein (M: 58) Christopher John Klein (M: 34) Richard H. Klemm (M: 62)
James Bernard Klepacki (M: 45) Steven Joseph Kline (M: 45) Ronald Anthony Klinekole (M: 28)
Dale Wesley Kliner (M: 63) Louis Blaine Klomp (M: 50) Gene Klotzke (M: 61)
Joe William Klutts (M: 52) Carey Don Knapp (M: 43) David James Knapp (M: 50)
Kenneth W Knapp (M: 28) Larry Daniel Kneff (M: 64) Robert Anthony Kneidel (M: 43)
Clarence Knight (M: 57) Earl Ray Knight (M: 67) Jessica A Knight (F: 29)
John Robert Knight (M: 31) Victor Earl Knight (M: 36) Wayne Lee Knight (M: 34)
James Edward Knighten (M: 25) Dan Victor Knowles (M: 69) James W Knox (M: 74)
Kenneth C Knox (M: 61) Kristina M Knutson (F: 31) Robert Harry Kobobel (M: 70)
Robert Glenn Koehn (M: 45) Sandra Kay Koerner (F: 35) James Roy Koiner (M: 69)
Donald Raymond Koithahn (M: 42) Donald Raymond Koithahn (M: 36) Casey A. Kolb (M: 31)
Robert J Koller (M: 52) Jeffrey Dean Kolthoff (M: 23) Jim Bob Koomsa (M: 42)
Thomas Wade Koonce (M: 56) Thomas Wade Koonce (M: 56) Robert Edward Koons (M: 43)
John Leslie Koons (M: 45) Gregg Donovan Koontz (M: 51) Robert Eugene Korb (M: 62)
William W Kosbruk (M: 56) Eric L Kosterlitzky (M: 28) Richard Kosterlitzky (M: 29)
Richard J Kotchavar (M: 59) Paul John Kovach (M: 65) Matthew Joseph Kraemer (M: 36)
Albert Dwayne Kramer (M: 47) Cody E Kramp (M: 28) Kevin Ray Kramp (M: 30)
Ralph O Krebbs (M: 51) Benjamin Jacob Krein (M: 56) Steve Krenz (M: 48)
Andrew James Krieger (M: 25) Kyle Knight Kring (M: 52) Jeremy Bruce Kriz (M: 34)
Merle Lloyd Kriz (M: 38) Jeremaine Joseph Kron (M: 28) Darvin Dwain Krueger (M: 55)
Shannon Ray Krueger (M: 33) Jerry G Kruithof (M: 39) Jessica M Krutuleski (F: 24)
Richard Shane Kuehn (M: 38) Robert W. Kuester (M: 55) Laverna Louise Kuhlenschmidt (F: 48)
Michael Christopher Kuhlmann (M: 42) Billy Joe Kuhn (M: 50) Matthew Lloyd Kuhn (M: 21)
Robert Charles Kuningas (M: 45) David Lee Kupiec (M: 32) Vernon Lee Kuykendall (M: 57)
Edward William Kyser (M: 47)

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