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All sex offender data currently in our database from New York whose last name begins with the letter E are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search New York sex offender information.

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James Eaddy (M: 49) Willie Eaddy (M: 53) John Eadie (M: 59)
Walter S Eagan (M: 34) Strongbow Lone Eagle (M: 43) Kevin D Ealey (M: 51)
Dale R Ealy (M: 54) John H Earl (M: 69) Ronald J Earl (M: 69)
Thomas J Earle (M: 34) Michael Eason (M: 30) Bernis Easterling (M: 57)
Darrell L Easterly (M: 38) John Eastman (M: 46) Michael S Eastman (M: 45)
Oreal Eastman (M: 45) Ricky Eastman (M: 56) James Eastman (M: 69)
John P Easton (M: 60) Joshua Eatmon (M: 22) Howard Eaton (M: 43)
James Eaton (M: 27) Jeremy R Eaton (M: 35) James Eaton (M: 55)
Dale Eaves (M: 39) Anthony Ebanks (M: 51) George Ebanks (M: 69)
Joseph Ebanks (M: 29) Roland Eberhard (M: 73) Michelle Eberhardt (F: 33)
Todd E Eberhardt (M: 43) Chris A Eberle (M: 53) Edwin R Eberle (M: 69)
Guy R Ebersole (M: 52) John Eccles (M: 41) Darryl Eccleston (M: 30)
Marino Echavaria (M: 63) Juan Echavarria (M: 30) Alex Echevarria (M: 51)
Angel Echevarria (M: 63) Carmelo Echevarria (M: 37) Danny Echevarria (M: 36)
Felix Echevarria (M: 52) Luis Echevarria (M: 29) Raul Echevarria (M: 41)
Brian Dean Eckert (M: 33) Brian Dean Eckert (M: 33) Christopher Eckert (M: 43)
Michael H Eckert (M: 44) John Eckstein (M: 69) David Eddy (M: 41)
John Edell (M: 69) Tyrone Edgerston (M: 52) Edwin Edghill (M: 48)
Thomas Edgtion (M: 27) George F Edinger (M: 47) Samuel Edison (M: 30)
Fritz Edme (M: 61) David L Edmister (M: 65) Joseph Edmiston (M: 31)
Joseph Edmond (M: 47) Kenneth Edmonds (M: 25) Lance L Edmonds (M: 36)
Thomas J Edvin (M: 51) Alnur Edwards (M: 38) Alvin Edwards (M: 49)
Anthony Edwards (M: 58) Antoine Edwards (M: 37) Charles Edwards (M: 67)
Charles J Edwards (M: 62) Curtis Edwards (M: 58) Demetrius Edwards (M: 33)
Dennis W Edwards (M: 59) Dustin D Edwards (M: 24) Gene C Edwards (M: 52)
Michael A Edwards (M: 37) Nathan Bernard Edwards (U: 48) Nathan B Edwards (M: 50)
Paul Edwards (M: 45) Randall Edwards (M: 51) Ray Edwards (M: 39)
Travis Edwards (M: 23) William Edwards (M: 47) William H Edwards (M: 79)
William A Edwards (M: 39) Joseph Edwards (M: 39) Oneil Edwards (M: 36)
William Effner (M: 56) Rohan Egbert (M: 37) Martin D Egelston (M: 47)
Robert Egelston (M: 49) Rick Eggleston (M: 51) Ronald Eggleston (M: 54)
Christopher A Egnar (M: 26) Julius Ehrmann (M: 33) John J Eichmann (M: 66)
Larry Allen Eidlen (M: 45) Larry A Eidlen (M: 45) Roy E Eighmey (M: 48)
Robert Eisemann (M: 54) Daniel Bruce Eisenberg (M: 65) Gregory Eisom (M: 42)
Karim Elabdouni (M: 43) Brendon Elbourne (M: 28) Jackie R Elder (M: 64)
Guy D Elderkin (M: 40) Raleigh Eldred (M: 66) Hilton Eldridge (M: 75)
Jerry Lee Eldridge (M: 51) Timothy Eldridge (M: 30) Kenneth Eleonora (M: 25)
Jeton Elezas (M: 37) Glenn Elfe (M: 43) Brian Mc Elhearn (M: 30)
Jose Elias (M: 36) Edras Elias-Hernandez (M: 24) Jacques Elie (M: 41)
Amy Eliot (F: 36) David Elizabeth (M: 50) Edward J Elkins (M: 46)
Michael Ellersick (M: 27) Anthony Ellert (M: 62) Stanley Ellie (M: 70)
Bruce Elliot (M: 44) Charles M Elliot (M: 38) Rodney Elliot (M: 44)
Harry Elliot (M: 44) Daniel Elliott (M: 53) Lawrence J Elliott (M: 49)
Lawrence L Elliott (M: 55) Quanta K Elliott (M: 35) Richard Elliott (M: 60)
William F Elliott (M: 72) Wycliffe Elliott (M: 33) Adam J Ellis (M: 34)
Arthur Ellis (M: 28) Charles Ellis (M: 44) Charles Ellis (M: 30)
Christian Ellis (M: 42) David R Ellis (M: 57) David M Ellis (M: 46)
Eric Ellis (M: 47) Fred Ellis (M: 52) Gerald Edward Ellis (M: 53)
Glenn E Ellis (M: 45) Gordon Ellis (M: 62) Harold Ellis (M: 54)
Haywood Lee Ellis (M: 53) Ivan Ellis (M: 50) James A Ellis (M: 49)
Johnny Ellis (M: 49) Landell Ellis (M: 30) Leon L Ellis (M: 72)
Leonard Ellis (M: 49) Michael Ellis (M: 41) Robert J Ellis (M: 39)
Thomas Ellis (M: 53) Wesley Ellis (M: 35) William Ellis (M: 53)
Grover E Ellis (M: 47) Lauren Ellis (M: 22) Andrew Ellison (M: 51)
Howard J Ellison (M: 56) Jean R Ellison (F: 54) Kenneth E Ellison (M: 52)
Lawrence Ellison (M: 45) Sedrick Ellison (M: 31) William E Ellison (M: 34)
William Ellison (M: 34) Joshua Ellithorpe (M: 37) Robert W Ellsworth (M: 45)
Robert Elmer (M: 44) Robert H Elmer (M: 76) Julius T Elmore (M: 35)
Julius Tyrone Elmore (M: 35) Nathaniel Elmore (M: 70) Matthew Elms (M: 42)
Felix Mc Elory (M: 50) Walter Elwell (M: 56) Marshall Elwell (M: 50)
David G Elwen (M: 55) Troy Emanuel (M: 51) Aaron Emerson (M: 25)
Henry E Emerson (M: 65) Stanley Emerson (M: 53) Thomas P Emerson (M: 50)
Gary Emery (M: 55) Jerry Paul Emery (M: 54) Jerry P Emery (M: 54)
Christopher P Emke (M: 27) Robert D Emler (M: 48) Charles Emm (M: 55)
Raymond G Emo (M: 36) Caroline Emory (F: 36) Robert A Emory (M: 69)
Kenneth Empson (M: 51) Gary R Emry (M: 55) Andy Encarnacion (M: 58)
Carlos Encarnacion (M: 43) Luis A Encarnacion (M: 56) Manuel E Encarnnacion (M: 53)
Alex Encisco (M: 40) Gary Enderlin (M: 47) Glenn Enderlin (M: 43)
Marshall Enders (M: 38) Salvatore Enea (M: 48) Michael E Engels (M: 39)
Michael E Engels (M: 39) Jeffrey M Enger (M: 60) Dennis Engert (M: 63)
Lionel England (M: 65) Tim Englant (M: 25) James Engle (M: 58)
Wayne C Englert (M: 52) Cameron Engles (M: 37) Herman English (M: 72)
Michael S English (M: 53) Thomas R English (M: 58) Thomas English (M: 58)
Edward Ennist (M: 41) Kenneth W Eno (M: 62) Daniel Enright (M: 58)
Paul O Ensell (M: 53) Lawrence D Entremont (M: 45) Stephen Epolito (M: 33)
Richard E Eppard (M: 57) Richard B Epperly (M: 51) Calvin Epps (M: 52)
Damian Jerome Epps (M: 35) Juan Erazo (M: 52) Jimmy L Erb (M: 30)
Rudy E Erb (M: 30) Stephen C Ergott (M: 60) Harold R Ernest (M: 67)
John C Errington (M: 51) Matthew M Erving (M: 38) Cruz Escamilla (M: 42)
Eduardo Escano (M: 61) Alfredo Escobar (M: 33) Melvin Escobar (M: 26)
Rene Escobar (M: 31) Jose Escobar (M: 52) Walter D Escobar-Vega (M: 35)
German Esguerra (M: 49) John H Eshenbaugh (M: 34) Judith Esparza (F: 36)
Hedilberto Espejo (M: 59) Haakon Espeland (M: 28) Jorge Espin (M: 70)
Jaime Espina (M: 31) Carmen Espinal (M: 38) Charlie Espinal (M: 38)
Leon Espinal (M: 43) Isaac Espinal (M: 36) Jorge Espino (M: 48)
Jorge Espinosa (M: 45) Manuel Espinosa (M: 51) Teofilo Espinosa (M: 79)
Adelmo Espinosa (M: 44) Angel Espinoza (M: 26) Rafael Espinoza (M: 35)
Robert J Esposito (M: 38) Etelberto Esteban (M: 59) Gilbert Estela (M: 58)
Jeremy M Estelle (M: 28) Bruno Esteve (M: 64) Bonifacio Estevez (M: 27)
Guiber Estevez (M: 36) Ronald Estiverne (M: 46) Alberto Estrada (M: 66)
Clark Estrada (M: 52) Francisco Estrada (M: 31) Gonzalo D Estrada (M: 54)
Jose Estrada (M: 38) Jose Estrada (M: 54) Mario Estrada (M: 40)
Rafael Estrada (M: 42) Alberto Estrada (M: 66) Angel Estrella (M: 38)
Bradley Estrella (M: 43) Jose Estrella (M: 32) Danny Estus (M: 38)
Isaac Eubanks (M: 41) Lance J Eudell (M: 28) Rogelio Evangelista (M: 28)
Antonio Evans (M: 46) Antwayn Evans (M: 43) Austin Evans (M: 45)
Barnett Evans (M: 47) Brian Evans (M: 41) Daniel Gordon Evans (M: 71)
Darryl Evans (M: 49) Derrick Evans (M: 41) Donald Evans (M: 30)
Douglas Evans (M: 45) Gilbert Evans (M: 32) Glenn Evans (M: 51)
James Evans (M: 56) Joshua Evans (M: 31) Larry Evans (M: 43)
Leonard Evans (M: 45) Lorenzo Evans (M: 43) Lynn E Evans (M: 60)
Noel Thomas Evans (M: 40) Noel T Evans (M: 40) Paul L Evans (M: 64)
Rickey L Evans (M: 25) Robert Evans (M: 50) Stephen Evans (M: 54)
Steven M Evans (M: 29) Terrance Evans (M: 42) Terry Evans (M: 47)
Troy Evans (M: 39) Tyrone Evans (M: 49) William J Evans (M: 62)
Daniel L Evans (M: 41) Thomas Evans (M: 42) Troy Evans (M: 46)
Phillip Evans (M: 30) Robert S Evens (M: 47) Lyle Everard (M: 70)
Christopher Everett (M: 27) Eddie Everett (M: 42) Raymond Everett (M: 51)
William Everett (M: 24) Terell J Everett (M: 29) Rufus C Everette (M: 49)
David Everritt (M: 77) Michael R Everson (M: 34) Gary Everspaugh (M: 47)
William C Everts (M: 30) Nancy K Ewald (F: 56) Timothy Ewell (M: 42)
James E Ewing (M: 51) Johnny Exantus (M: 33) Gerald Excellent (M: 38)
Richardo Eznaga (M: 69)

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