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All sex offender data currently in our database from Nevada whose last name begins with the letter W are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Nevada sex offender information.

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Ralph Nelson Wade (M: 56) Shane Lee Wade (M: 34) Ralph Nelson Wade (U: N/A)
Shane Lee Wade (U: N/A) Khari Atiba Wade (U: N/A) Allen Price Wade (U: N/A)
Thomas M Walden (M: 56) Danial Walker (M: 46) Fredrick Cyril Walker (M: 48)
Kenny Walker (M: N/A) Rayford L Walker (M: N/A) Raymond Leslie Walker (M: 63)
Richard Charles Walker (M: 48) Scott A Walker (M: 34) Walter Walker (M: 60)
Wayne Walker (M: 31) Robert Charles Walker (M: N/A) Michael Jeffrey Walker (M: N/A)
Latisha Walker-Derry (F: 23) Frank Walkin (M: N/A) Rodney E Walkup (M: 59)
Rodney Eugene Walkup (M: 59) David Wayne Wallace (M: 63) Edwin William Wallace (M: 64)
Michael Robert Wallace (M: 54) Natalie Renee Wallace (F: 37) Neil Wallach (U: N/A)
Nathan Walls (M: N/A) Allen William Walthers (M: 55) Gregory Ralph Walthers (M: N/A)
Gregory Ralph Walthers (M: N/A) Jeremy Brian Walton (M: 36) Marvin Everett Walton (U: N/A)
Marvin E Walton (U: N/A) Rpbert Wans (M: N/A) Justin Dwayne Warden (M: 28)
William Mark Wardle (M: 51) Phillip Eugene Wardlow (M: 41) Larry Daniel Ware (M: 54)
Larry Daniel Ware (M: N/A) Richard Olin Warner (M: N/A) Josepj Warren (M: 29)
Robert James Warrengton (M: N/A) Alexander Washington (M: N/A) Donnell Washington (M: 50)
Erick Paul Washington (M: 46) Garland Washington (M: N/A) Larry Washington (M: 55)
Ricky Demetris Washington (M: 47) Robert Washington (M: N/A) Walter Leon Washington (M: N/A)
Ricky Demetrius Washington (U: N/A) Kenneth Waters (M: N/A) Kenneth David Watrous (M: 26)
Brian Stanley Watson (M: 57) Kenneth Watson (M: N/A) Kenneth Watson (M: N/A)
Michael Eldon Watson (M: 54) Richard W Watson (M: 64) Michael Edward Watts (M: 35)
Raymond Richard Watts (M: 62) Anthony Lynn Watts (M: 37) Gregory Eldon Wayne (M: N/A)
Vincent Dwayne Weatherford (M: 50) Kitchell Dwyane Weatherspoon (U: N/A) Donnie Ervin Weaver (M: N/A)
Donnie Weaver (M: 55) Dean C Webb (M: 46) Jeffrey Allen Webb (M: 60)
Troy Steven Webb (M: 52) Jeffrey Allen Webb (M: N/A) Jerry Lee Webb (U: N/A)
Richard William Weber (M: 57) Richard William Weber (M: N/A) Joseph Lee Webster (M: N/A)
Richard Dale Weddle (M: N/A) Eugene George Weekly (M: N/A) Eric Michael Weeks (M: 54)
George H Wegemer (M: 57) Randy Russell Weidenhammer (M: 48) Gregory Thomas Weir (M: N/A)
Kenneth Coleman Weiss Jr (M: N/A) Katrine Weissensee (F: N/A) Chancelor Lereeme Welch (M: 34)
Jerry Welch (M: 52) Johnny C Welch (M: 38) Johnny Curtis Welch (U: N/A)
Jerry Welch (U: N/A) Michael Levere Welker (M: 28) Thayne Ryan Wells (M: 42)
Joel Wells (U: N/A) Randy Alan Wenzel (M: 49) Walter Werth (M: 61)
Donnie Ray Wesley (M: 45) Marc D Wesley (M: 45) William Edward Wesley (M: 48)
Chrstine Louise West (F: 30) James Edward West (M: 64) William A West (M: 56)
Elmer Eugene West (U: N/A) Donald Shawn West (M: N/A) Willie Thomas West (U: N/A)
Glen Curtis Westberg (M: 42) Barry Allen Westervelt (M: 43) John Allen Westfall (M: 40)
Richard Brian Weston (M: 52) Michael Ray Weston (M: N/A) Paul A Weyer (M: 46)
Ray Allen Wharff (M: 50) Duane Keith Whetzel (M: 46) Diane Elizabeth Whinery (U: N/A)
Tobias Whisenhunt (M: 25) Allen White (M: 40) Anthony Glenn White (M: N/A)
Casey Louis White (M: 54) Edward Tyrone White (M: N/A) Garry William White (M: 60)
Gordon Lavern White (M: 49) James Donald White (M: N/A) Kenneth Francis White (M: 57)
Lee A White (M: N/A) Otis Howard White (M: 67) Richard M White (M: 43)
Steven Gregory White (M: 56) Thomas Cassidy White (M: N/A) Ronald Lee White (M: N/A)
James Donald White (M: N/A) Trevor Lee White (U: N/A) Ronald Ray White (M: N/A)
Donya White (U: N/A) Levi Daniel Whitehead (M: 25) Robert Lee Whitehead (M: 52)
Levi Daniel Whitehead (M: 25) Alfred Lee Whitener (M: N/A) Alfred Lee Whitener (U: N/A)
Titus Whiteside (M: 34) Willie Whitfield (M: 57) Jerald Dee Whitlock (M: 47)
Robert Nathaniel Whitlow (M: 70) Thomas Paul Whitman (M: 57) Thomas Paul Whitman (M: 58)
Leroy Richard Whitney (U: N/A) Andre Desean Wicker (U: N/A) Edward David Wiggins (M: 34)
Carl Wiginton (M: 53) Tony Lynn Wilcox (M: 55) John Samuel Wilcox (M: N/A)
Ricky Carl Wild (M: N/A) Robert Raymond Wilk (M: N/A) Richard Jay Wilk (M: N/A)
Michael Lee Wilkerson (M: 58) Robert R Wilks (M: 39) Bob Ralph Willard (M: N/A)
Bob Rj Willard (U: N/A) Ralph Emerson Willcox (M: 63) Rickey Doile Willet (M: 63)
Brian Lynn Williams (M: 51) Elbe Thomas Williams (M: N/A) Ellery Dean Williams (M: 48)
Isaac Lee Williams (M: 42) Joby Joseph Williams (M: 56) John Williams (M: 37)
John Williams (M: N/A) Johnny Linzy Williams (M: 58) Joseph Charles Williams (M: 45)
Mariell Delafayette Williams (M: 38) Marzell Williams (M: N/A) Phillip Reed Williams (M: 53)
Phillip Reed Williams (M: 53) Richard Steen Williams (M: 80) Robert Williams (F: 33)
Robert Williams (M: 56) Rodney Williams (M: 54) Ronald Earl Williams (M: N/A)
Rosario Donald Williams (M: 32) Solomon Murice Williams (M: 57) Terry Ray Williams (M: 64)
Van Williams (M: N/A) Wakk Williams (M: 34) Xavier Williams (M: 29)
Gowan Hasheenide Williams (U: N/A) Shelwyn Jerome Williams (U: N/A) Jamal Ronta Williams (U: N/A)
Rickey T Williams (U: N/A) Rosario Donald Williams (U: N/A) Charles Lober Williams (M: N/A)
Francis R Williams (U: N/A) Terry Ray Williams (M: 65) David Joe Williams Jr (M: N/A)
Charles Quitman Williford (M: N/A) Charles Quitman Williford (M: N/A) Gene Arvin Williker (U: N/A)
Lenny Alexander Willingham (U: N/A) Alfred Ainoa Willis (M: 47) Daniel George Willis (M: 50)
Donald James Willis (M: 33) Edward Eli Willis (M: 49) Marvin Leroy Willis (M: 57)
Robin Howard Willits (M: 58) Robin Willits (M: 58) Jason Dale Willits (M: N/A)
Bailey Leroy Willoughby (U: N/A) Alfred Ainoa Wills (U: N/A) Allan Joseph Willson (U: N/A)
Avion Deshon Wilmore (M: 31) Avion Deshon Wilmore (U: N/A) Thomas Simms Wilridgem (M: N/A)
Andre Wilson (M: 45) Barry Wilson (M: N/A) Curtis Raymond Wilson (M: N/A)
Darl Eugene Wilson (M: 73) Larry Wilson (M: 45) Melvin Lee Wilson (M: 31)
Richard Dean Wilson (M: 47) Richard Wilson (M: 47) Terry Wilson (M: 48)
Richard Dean Wilson (M: 51) Barry Wilson (U: N/A) James Tom Wilson (M: N/A)
Allan Joseph Wilson (U: N/A) Joe Nathan Wilson (U: N/A) Claude Reuben Winborn (U: N/A)
Thomas Richard Winge (M: 47) Thomas Richard Winge (M: N/A) David Alan Winkelspecht (M: N/A)
James Allen Winkle (M: 40) James Allen Winkle (M: N/A) Ralph Leroy Winn (M: 70)
James Randolph Winston (M: N/A) Rick F Winters (M: 44) Rick Floyd Winters (U: N/A)
Phillip Paul Winters (U: N/A) Michael John Winward (M: 37) Robert Dennis Witmore (M: 60)
Joseph Angelo Wittbrodt (M: 41) Richard Clarence Wittway (M: 60) Richard Clarence Wittway (M: N/A)
Danny Robert Woelfel (M: 59) Jack William Wolf (M: 62) George Harold Wolf (M: 65)
Edward Eldon Wolfe (M: 65) David Wayne Wolstenholm (M: 53) David Wayne Wolstenholm (M: N/A)
Cameron Thorevold Wolten (M: 46) Robert Leo Wolverton (M: N/A) Jeffrey Scott Womack (M: N/A)
Stephen Raymond Womack (M: 26) Geoffrey Wright Wood (M: 50) John Anthony Wood (M: 65)
Paul Lee Wood (M: 40) Robert Douglas Wood (M: 50) David Michael Wood (M: N/A)
Paul Lee Wood (M: N/A) Lonnie Lee Woodard (U: N/A) Troy Lamont Woodruff (U: N/A)
Emmett Ray Woods (M: 64) Marcel K Woods (M: 46) Derryck L Woods (M: 30)
Christopher Woody (M: 45) David Edward Woolverton (M: 63) Joseph Randy Wooten (M: 32)
Joseph Wooten (U: N/A) Brian Lee Wootton (M: 41) John Dennis Worden (M: 31)
William Workman (M: 55) Hubert Worring (M: 63) Bradley William Worthington (M: 28)
Donnie Ray Worthy (M: 53) Frank Allen Woslum (M: 45) Robert Eugene Wrede (M: 55)
George Walter Wright (M: 60) Gerald Frederick Wright (M: 31) Gregory Lane Wright (M: 56)
James Dill Wright (M: 78) Jeffrey Allen Wright (M: N/A) Jerry Wayne Wright (M: 62)
John Owen Wright (M: 48) Larienzo Wright (M: 27) Mathew Scott Wright (M: 44)
Matthew Wayne Wright (M: 36) Mathew Scott Wright (U: N/A) James Dill Wright (M: N/A)
John William Wright (M: N/A) Robert Lee Wurgaft (M: 80) Craigory Lamont Wyatt (M: 40)
Jeffrey Allen Wyatt (M: N/A) James Martin Wydeven (M: 44) William Eugene Wyke (M: 65)

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