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All sex offender data currently in our database from Nevada whose last name begins with the letter R are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Nevada sex offender information.

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Steven Gary Raatz (M: 54) Richard Lee Rabe (M: 33) Scott Eric Rae (M: 32)
Mark Raffensparger (M: 55) Michael Shawn Raffety (M: 52) Afshin Rahrampour (M: N/A)
Stanley Eugene Raines (M: 39) Steven D Rainey (M: N/A) Armando Trujillo Ramirez (M: 42)
Carlos B Ramirez (M: 55) Felix Ramirez (M: 42) Martin E Ramirez (M: 44)
Miguel A Ramirez (M: 49) Neurys T Ramirez (M: 66) Oscar Bernal Ramirez (M: N/A)
Osvaldo Leon Ramirez (M: 32) Bienvenido Sabino Ramos (M: 64) Jose Manuel Ramos (M: 60)
Mathew M Ramos (M: N/A) Joe Castruita Ramos (U: N/A) Jerry L Ramos (U: N/A)
Brian Keith Ramsell (M: 48) Montrell Ramond Ramsey (M: 34) Christopher Randell (M: N/A)
Jeffrey Scott Randles (M: N/A) Johnnie Lynn Randolph (M: 61) William R Randolph (M: 47)
James Patrick Rangel (M: 39) Wesley Earl Ranson (U: N/A) Donta Karl Ratcliff (M: 31)
Paul Rather (M: 52) Michael Curtis Ratliff (M: N/A) Reginald Ratliff (M: 50)
Albert Charles Rattinni (M: 71) Andrew John Ravenelle (M: 29) Anthony Ravenna (M: N/A)
Shannon Leonard Rawlins (U: N/A) Thomas Ray (U: N/A) Richard Lee Raymer (M: N/A)
Gabriel Demayo Rayson (M: 33) Ralph Randolph Rea (M: 73) Alfonso Rea (U: N/A)
Timothy W Ream (M: N/A) Daniel Lee Rearley (M: 67) John R Reber (M: 47)
Rainer Larry Recor (U: N/A) Raymond Redding (M: 65) Jose Jesus Rede (M: N/A)
Robert Christopher Redin (M: 43) John N Redmon (M: N/A) James Lawrence Redmond (M: 66)
Steven Redmond (U: N/A) Charles Henry Reed (M: 50) Dershaw Lamont Reed (M: 40)
Donald Reed (M: 76) Frank Allen Reed (M: 53) Gerald Reed (M: 56)
Marco E Reed (U: N/A) Frank A Reed (U: N/A) Charles H Reed (M: N/A)
Douglas Edward Reed (U: N/A) Christopher Reeder (M: 42) Lawrence Edward Reeder (M: 66)
Scott Taylor Reeder (M: 52) James Maran Reese (M: N/A) James M Reese (M: N/A)
Jessee Lynn Reeves (M: N/A) William Reeves (M: N/A) William Lawrence Reeves (M: N/A)
James K Reeves (M: N/A) Richard Allen Reeves (M: N/A) Anthony Robert Regan (M: 62)
Daniel Eugene Regan (M: 50) Joaquin Reggler (M: 36) Joaquin Reggler (M: 35)
Manuel V Regis (U: N/A) Greg Allen Reid (M: 44) Ortha Reid (M: 63)
Steven Ray Reid (M: 33) Shaun Patrick Reilly (U: N/A) Derick Antonio Rejas-Marin (U: N/A)
Andre Etteinne Relf (M: 41) Andre E Relf (U: N/A) Edgar H Remero (M: 36)
Ray Remo (U: N/A) Anna Marie Renaud (F: 58) Eddie Rencher (M: 46)
Eddie Rencher (U: N/A) John William Renfrew (M: N/A) Edwin N Rennells (M: 49)
Edwin Neil Rennels (M: 49) Dell Alan Rennie (U: N/A) Craig R Renzelman (M: 23)
Joel Anthony Repp (M: 35) Joel Anthony Repp (M: 35) Calvin Wallace Reuter (M: 53)
Raymond Paul Revere (U: N/A) Porfirio Rey (M: 77) Gabino Martin Reyes (M: 46)
Luis Armando Reyes (M: N/A) Michael Anthony Reyes (M: 47) Miguel Angel Reyes (M: N/A)
Philip Reyes (M: 65) Shawn Allen Reyes (U: N/A) Charles Dale Reyman (M: 43)
Arnell Reynolds (M: N/A) Jeff Tommie Reynolds (M: 41) Laderek Quentin Reynolds (M: 21)
Robert Charles Reynolds (M: 49) Timothy James Reynolds (M: N/A) Timothy James Reynolds (M: N/A)
Barry K Reynolds (U: N/A) George Edward Reynolds (M: N/A) Paul Bradley Reynolds (M: N/A)
William Lee Rezendes (M: N/A) Harold Jerome Rhinehart (M: 62) Joshua Aaron Rhinehart (M: 24)
Harold J Rhinehart (U: N/A) Gregory Allan Rhoades (M: N/A) Wade Travis Rice (M: 52)
Wade Travis Rice (U: N/A) Eric Nicholas Rich (M: 46) Rodney Rich (M: 46)
Samuel Glynn Rich (M: 49) Samuel Glynn Rich (M: 50) Alan T Richardson (M: 43)
Christopher L Richardson (M: N/A) Jeremy Richardson (M: 31) Justin A Richardson (M: 36)
Kris A Richardson (F: 42) Steven Richardson (M: 50) Xavier Gerome Richardson (U: N/A)
Xavier Richardson (U: N/A) Jackie Ray Richardson (U: N/A) Kenneth Mark Richee (M: 45)
Paul M Richey (M: 60) Bruce Darel Rickman (M: 61) David Rico (M: 52)
Edward Rico (M: 42) Kenneth Jerome Rideout (M: 55) Kenneth Rideout (M: N/A)
Justin Chanse Rider (M: 36) Lawrence E Rider (M: N/A) Paul Anthony Riechers (M: N/A)
James Lind Riesmeyer (M: N/A) Oscar L Riggs (M: N/A) Daniel William Riley (M: 53)
Franklin Riley (M: 49) Richard Ralph Riley (M: 60) Thomas Ricky Riley (M: 61)
Fred Lamar Riley (U: N/A) Richard Rinehart (M: 59) Stephen Ray Rinehart (M: 61)
Sean Patrick Ringer (U: N/A) David Edward Rios (M: 63) Kevin Ernest Rios (M: 57)
Alan Wayne Rippee (M: 50) Christopher Randall Risdon (M: 39) Christopher Risdon (M: 40)
Robin James Riva (M: 50) Amir Khaleff Rivas (M: 35) Julio Cesar Rivas (M: 49)
Angel Alex Rivera (M: 44) David Arechiga Rivera (M: 53) John Rivera (M: N/A)
Rachell Rivera (F: 25) Victor Rivera (U: 51) Elpidio Pacolor Rivera (U: N/A)
Martin Ernesto Rivera (U: N/A) Hector Riverafrutos (M: N/A) Aubrey Ulysses Roach (M: 42)
Brandon G Roach (U: N/A) Jerry Roark Jr (U: N/A) Stanley Lawrence Robbins (M: 41)
Shannon Marie Robbins (U: N/A) Paul Wendell Robbins (M: N/A) Lavell Roberson (M: N/A)
Lyell Scott Roberson (M: 42) Michael Dee Robert (M: N/A) Alfred Herman Roberts (M: 81)
David Gregory Roberts (M: 51) Lewis L Roberts (M: 48) Michael Ray Roberts (M: N/A)
Scott A Roberts (M: 51) Vernon R Roberts (M: 46) Wendell Marco Roberts (M: 54)
Darren Allen Roberts (U: N/A) Christopher Daniel Roberts (M: N/A) Donald J Roberts (M: N/A)
Christopher R Robertson (M: 34) Louis Wayne Robertson (M: 37) Thomas Lee Robertson (M: N/A)
Val Robertson (U: N/A) Braylon Dejuan Robinson (M: 32) Clyde H Robinson (M: 54)
Donald Robinson (M: 34) Eddie T Robinson (M: 50) Frank George Robinson (M: 57)
Larry Robinson (M: 34) Reginald Cedric Robinson (M: 47) Roy Nelson Robinson (M: 47)
Termaine Robinson (M: 38) Paul J Robinson (M: 30) Roy Nelson Robinson (M: 48)
Donald Deonte Robinson (M: N/A) Stuart D Robinson (U: N/A) Antonio Theodore Rocco (M: 29)
Steven John Rock (M: 60) Noel Victor Roddy (M: N/A) David B Rodgers (M: 43)
Al A Rodriguez (M: 45) Jaime Rodriguez (M: 58) Jeffrey Edward Rodriguez (M: 29)
David Diego Rodriguez (M: N/A) Angel Rodriguez (U: N/A) Ernest G Rodriguez (M: N/A)
Eli Gallego Rodriguez (U: N/A) James Rodruguez (M: 59) Edward E Roe (M: N/A)
David B Rogers (M: 43) Eddie Paul Rogers (M: 34) Eric D Rogers (M: 39)
Herbert S Rogers (M: 47) Von Rogers (U: N/A) Michael Shane Rogers (M: N/A)
Robert Alan Roginsky (M: N/A) Guadalupe Rojas (M: 58) Isaia Romero Rojas (M: 44)
Richard Roy Rojas (M: 44) Isaias Rojas (U: N/A) Charles S Rolf (M: 33)
Vincent Roller (M: 31) Gary L Rollins (M: 43) John Louis Rolnick (M: 31)
John L Rolnick (M: N/A) Anselmo B Roman (U: N/A) Lester P Romero (M: 53)
Phillip J Romero (M: 75) Randell R Romero (U: N/A) Jimmy Marcelino Romero (M: N/A)
Mark James Romo (M: 44) Mark J Romo (U: N/A) Ruel E Rono (M: 41)
Kenneth Wayne Rooks (M: 53) David Lee Root (M: 62) Eric Root (M: 47)
Glenn Thomas Rooth (M: 52) Gene Curtis Roper (M: 25) Richard Dean Roper (M: N/A)
Ruben Rosa (M: N/A) Raymond Rico Rosales (M: 25) Steven Rosales (M: 22)
Gerald Melvin Rose (M: 67) Surya Rose (M: 67) Charles Rose (M: 64)
Antonio Rose (M: N/A) George Angelo Rosenhal (M: N/A) Max Dan Rosequist (U: N/A)
Carl Bruce Ross (M: 81) Jack Frederick Ross (M: 35) Lewis Clinton Ross (M: 69)
Michael Timothy Ross (M: 48) Norzel Ross (M: N/A) Robert Christopher Ross (M: N/A)
Ronald Gene Ross (M: 55) Shondell Ross (M: N/A) Norzel Ross (U: N/A)
Ovide Darrell Rouchon (M: 53) James Richard Rouse (M: 56) Joseph G Rowbottom (M: 65)
Ernest Sterling Rowe (M: 52) James Rowe (M: 69) Ernest S Rowe (M: N/A)
Ronald Kenneth Rowen (M: 60) Richard Horace Rowley (M: N/A) James Thomas Royce (M: N/A)
Paul R Rozsa Jr (M: N/A) Ralph Edward Rubino (M: N/A) Fred Martinez Rubio (U: N/A)
Alejandro Rubio (U: N/A) Kenneth Troy Rudd (M: 48) Donald Wayne Ruder (M: 57)
Armondo J Ruelas (M: 32) Jamie Lynn Ruelas (U: N/A) Octavio Ruelas (U: N/A)
Michael Ray Ruh (M: 64) Richard Vincente Ruiz (M: N/A) Richard Ruiz (M: N/A)
Alejandro Ruizcampos (M: 29) Dale Lee Rule (U: N/A) Vincent Leroy Runison (M: 57)
Sylvester Rupert (M: 54) Bradley Lorne Rusk (M: 61) Bradley L Rusk (U: N/A)
Roderick Lewis Russ (M: 41) Edward Lee Russell (M: 48) Gordon Simons Russell (M: 45)
Joseph Russell (M: 45) Joseph Charles Russell (M: 44) Toby John Russell (M: N/A)
Toby J Russell (U: N/A) Michael Wogan Rutherford (M: N/A) Bobby A Rutledge (U: N/A)
Kevin Thomas Ryan (M: 48)

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