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All sex offender data currently in our database from Nevada whose last name begins with the letter P are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Nevada sex offender information.

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Hector Charles Pacheco (M: 66) Jose Pacheco (M: 50) Jose Pacheco (M: 51)
Mark Thomas Packard (M: N/A) Larry Pacquette (M: N/A) Keith Alan Paden (M: 49)
Vincent Robert Padgett (M: 50) Alfredo Padilla (M: 52) Benjamin Morales Padilla (M: N/A)
Daniel Robert Padilla (M: 52) Javier Gonzalez Padilla (M: 57) Alfredo M Padilla (U: N/A)
Anthony Ronald Padmore (M: N/A) Donald Lewis Page (M: N/A) Jamel Maurice Page (M: 36)
Mylo G Page (M: 44) David Pahls (M: 51) David Jay Pahls (M: 51)
Roy H Paige (M: 74) Vernon W Paige (M: N/A) Jose Efrain Paiz (M: 62)
David Baokhuong Pak (M: N/A) Teofilo Ponavida Palabay (M: 61) Louie Palacios (M: 45)
Michael David Palenko (M: 65) David Lloyd Palmer (M: 40) Donald L Palmer (M: 39)
Ronald A Palmer (M: 51) Scott A Palmer (M: 37) Donald James Palmer (M: N/A)
Jeffrey Alan Palmer (M: N/A) Kevin Roy Pame (M: 57) Ronnie Jay Panos (M: 57)
Kevin Paramore (M: 46) Willie T Jr Pardee (M: N/A) Erick Jose Paredes (U: N/A)
Eric W Parham (M: N/A) Eric Wayne Parham (U: N/A) Everett Humphreys Jr Parker (M: 69)
Rex Scott Parker (M: 31) Charles H Parker (M: N/A) Joshua Parkhurst (M: 28)
Michael Eugene Parks (M: 44) Robert Gene Parnel (M: N/A) Dan R Parnello (M: 61)
Michael Dale Parrett (M: 56) Jon Calvin Parrish (M: 53) Tanesha Parrish (F: 25)
Roger F Parry (U: N/A) Gary Ray Parsons (M: 67) John Claude Parsons (M: 38)
John Claude Parsons (M: 39) Daniel W Partlow (M: N/A) Daniel William Partlow (M: N/A)
Deon Pascascio (M: N/A) Dion Pascascio (U: N/A) James Pascetta (M: 92)
Timothy Wayne Paschal (M: 47) Bernard Pate (M: 37) Ricky E Patenaude (U: N/A)
Romale Paterson (M: 25) Christopher James Patrick (M: 26) Michael Patrick (M: N/A)
Donnell Patterson (M: 47) George Teddy Patterson (M: 44) Tony Bill Patterson (M: 47)
Clyde Allen Patterson (U: N/A) Matthew Joseph Patti (M: 30) Victor Alan Patton (M: 46)
Jeremy Daniel Paul (M: 34) Joseph Wayne Paul (M: 49) Roger Allen Paul (M: 62)
Richard Guenter Pauley (M: 44) Diego Nogales Pavon (M: N/A) Lelean G Payne (U: N/A)
Edwin Payne (U: N/A) Robert Lee Payson (M: 54) Steven Payton (M: 29)
Carlos David Pazos (M: 46) Edward D Pearson (M: 48) Vernon L Pearson (U: N/A)
Ronald N Pedersen (M: 48) Daniel Allen Pederson (M: 41) Arden Pedmour (M: N/A)
Kevin Lee Peirce (M: 47) Joselito Tungol Pejoro (M: 57) Jay Nelson Pelkey (U: N/A)
Joseph P Pelletier (M: 63) Kelly Thomas Peltier (U: N/A) Douglas Alan Pence (M: 60)
Russell Pendt (M: 44) Russell S Pendt (M: 45) Mark Penland (M: 50)
Roger Allen Penner (U: N/A) Donald James Pennington (M: 56) Reginald J Penns (M: 34)
Clint W Penny (M: 39) Janzelle Peoples (F: 37) Cecil Jean Peppers (M: 76)
Carlos Delon Peralez (U: N/A) Richard Manuel Perea (M: N/A) Jhune Magabanua Pereyra (M: N/A)
Eugene Alvarez Perez (M: 66) Francisco Munguia Perez (M: 31) Joseph Perez (M: 29)
Joseph Perez (M: 45) Joseph Perez (M: 46) Armando F Perez (U: N/A)
Bruce Allen Perkins (M: 41) Derek Lamon Perkins (M: 31) Carlos Arnoldo Perla (M: 53)
Anthony Robert Perla (M: N/A) Christopher Perras (M: 50) David Daniel Perrone (M: 49)
Chester Perry (M: 58) Don Anthony Perry (M: 38) Jude Jerome Perry (M: 52)
Jullian Jay Perry (M: 35) Michael Joe Perry (M: 55) William E Perry (M: 89)
Kevin J Peschke (M: 34) Wallace Pete (M: 65) Joseph L Peters (M: 57)
Wilson Olson Peters (M: N/A) Wilson O Peters (U: N/A) James Dennis Petersen (M: 60)
Michael James Peterson (M: 48) Shawn Peterson (U: N/A) Mark Joseph Petrak (U: N/A)
Richard Wayne Petrarca (M: N/A) David Allen Pettigrew (M: 30) David A Pettigrew (M: 31)
Brandon Alexander Petyan (M: N/A) William Pfister (M: 50) Michael Eugene Pharis (M: N/A)
Marilyn Suzanne Phelps (F: N/A) Charles A Phelps (M: N/A) Charles Albert Phelps (M: N/A)
Scott A Philips (U: N/A) Lenny L Philliips (M: N/A) Fabian Brann Phillips (M: 26)
Jeway W Phillips (M: 53) John Arthur Phillips (M: 49) Steven Phillips (M: 54)
Herbert Ray Phillips (U: N/A) Roy Wayne Phillips (U: N/A) Bradley Earl Philpot (M: 61)
Raymond Charles Pickens (M: 54) Raymond Charles Pickens (M: 54) David Bryan Pico (M: N/A)
John Ambrose Picotte (M: 46) Bob Dean Pierce (M: 74) Dale Alan Pierce (M: N/A)
Kevin L Pierce (M: 48) Willie Ray Pierce (M: N/A) Willie Ray Pierce (U: N/A)
Christopher P Pierce (M: N/A) Gary Lee Pierce (U: N/A) Clarence Wilbur Pierpoint (M: N/A)
Derreck Pierre (M: N/A) Eric M Pierson (M: 43) Stephfon D Pierson (U: N/A)
Anthony Louis Pietrorazio (M: 41) Christophen Pigeon (M: 49) Harris Dean Pilafas (M: N/A)
Paul Pillat (M: 57) Martin Pinal (M: 53) Aleredo Pineda (M: 28)
William A Pinkelman (M: 43) Shawn Andrew Pinney (M: 47) Danny Russell Piper (M: 53)
Joseph David Pippin (M: N/A) Rayan Angelo Pistoresi (M: 31) Carme Daniel Pitrello (M: 47)
Jason Eric Pitri (M: N/A) Alfred Pittman (M: 55) Jack Leon Pitts (M: 56)
Eugene Joseph Pizzetta (M: 63) Matthew Plamann (M: N/A) Willie Pleasant (M: N/A)
George Irving Plumlee (M: 53) Carlos L Plummer (M: 45) Antonio Poe (M: N/A)
Darryl Dennis Poirier (M: 56) Doug Allen Polder (M: 39) Craig Cleve Polk (M: 52)
Daniel N Polk (M: 54) William E Pollare (M: N/A) Dale Alan Pollock (M: 56)
Daniel Poltz (M: N/A) Cesar Ponce (M: N/A) Kim Eugene Pontius (U: N/A)
Lonnie Dean Pool (M: N/A) Lonnie D Pool (U: N/A) Morris Allen Poole (M: 78)
James E Poore (M: N/A) James Poore (M: 68) Charles Pope (M: 60)
Charles William Pope (M: N/A) John Michael Popp (M: 27) Tom Popplewell (M: 50)
Theron Thomas Popplewell (U: N/A) Brett Vincent Porizek (M: N/A) Merlie Edward Porter (U: N/A)
Donald Ray Posey (M: 56) Michael Thomas Potmas (M: N/A) Jessie Winn Potter (M: 33)
Fred Pou (M: 52) Brian Michael Poulson (M: 28) Clark Anthony Powell (M: 53)
Lance Montgomery Powell (M: 50) Steven Leroy Powell (M: 50) Steven L Powell (M: N/A)
Craig Richard Pozesky (M: 43) Craig R Pozesky (M: 43) Cory Pozzuoli (M: 36)
Fred Adam Pracht (M: 74) David Alexander Prandi (M: N/A) Donald Virgil Prather (M: 57)
Gary W Pratt (M: 59) Richard Preciado (M: 53) Carl Nelson Premo (M: 50)
Paul Presley (M: N/A) Stewart J Prestianni (M: 52) Rick Allen Preston (U: N/A)
Anthony B Price (M: 51) Charles N Price (M: N/A) Anthony Buzell Price (M: 51)
Joe Prieto (M: N/A) Joe Prieto (U: N/A) Aka Prince (M: 43)
Pierre D Prince (U: N/A) Michael J Principe (M: 53) Stoney Martin Prior (U: N/A)
David Leonard Pritchard (M: 36) Shannon Eugene Pritchett (M: N/A) Peter Francis Probst (U: N/A)
Andrew Steven Proctor (M: 46) Charles Juan Proctor (M: N/A) Roger L Proffer (U: N/A)
Charles Henry Pronteau (M: N/A) Greg L Prudhom (M: N/A) Anneliese Honora Pruitt (U: N/A)
Richard A Pruitt (M: N/A) David A Prusinski (M: 52) Edd Pryor (M: 45)
Kenneth A Puckett (M: N/A) Victor Eric Pugh (M: 47) David Lee Pugsley (M: 58)
Edward M Pullman (M: 60) Thomas Earl Putnam (M: 62) Harvey Lee Pyne (M: 77)

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