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All sex offender data currently in our database from Nevada whose last name begins with the letter L are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Nevada sex offender information.

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Joseph K Labbe (M: N/A) Gregory Alan Laboon (M: 48) Gregory Laboon (M: 49)
Alfredo Celestino Labrada (U: N/A) John Edwin Lacey (M: 59) Frederick A Lacker (M: 62)
Ronald Kenly Lacy (M: 43) Keropino Kosdica Ladore (M: 49) Keropino K Ladore (U: N/A)
Ricky O Ladringan (M: 48) Timothy David Lafrance (M: N/A) Timothy Marshall Lairby (M: 68)
John Thomason Laird (M: N/A) Anthony Nicolas Lalos (M: 54) Salvatore Lamarca (M: 48)
Salvatore Lamarca (U: N/A) Dennis Alan Lamb (M: 37) Mitchell Kenneth Lamb (M: 49)
Joel Kirk Lamb (M: N/A) John Lawrence Lamel (M: 57) Leopold Lupe Lamoore (M: 48)
Clarence Edward Lancaster (M: 35) Brian Howard Landau (M: 68) Sonnie Landers (M: 57)
Thomas Clifford Landers (M: 55) Michael Lane (M: N/A) Derreck Matthew Lane (U: N/A)
Brian Matthew Lanford (M: 40) Chad Eugene Langdeaux (M: 36) Curtis Ralph Lange (U: N/A)
Kristopher Brian Langford (M: 30) Wendell Langston (M: 46) Richard Lee Lankford (M: 48)
Lester James Lannigan (M: 55) Charles Rexford Lanston (M: 66) Daniel Curtis Lanterman (M: N/A)
Joseph Jerome Lanuto (M: 41) Richard Albany Lapp (M: N/A) Juan Carlos Lara (M: 26)
Jorge Ricardo Lara (U: N/A) Ronald C Large (M: 49) Raymond John Larkin (M: N/A)
Raymond Larkin (M: 44) Brian L Larose (M: 39) Keith Larsen (M: N/A)
Martin Ian Larsen (M: 29) Jerry Robert Larsen (U: N/A) Keith Larsen (U: N/A)
David Eugene Larson (M: 52) Jeffrey David Larson (M: 58) Theodore Arthur Larson (U: N/A)
Cody Lee Larum (M: 40) Bobby Dale Lasley (M: 50) Gary Dean Laster (U: N/A)
Devore Latham (M: 34) Robert Myron Latham (M: N/A) Tyrone Anthony Lathan (M: 46)
Mark James Lauder (M: 53) Coleman Lauderdale (M: 47) Coleman Lauderdale (U: N/A)
Curtis Russell Lauinger (M: 50) Brian Edward Lausen (M: 39) Dennis Arnold Lavelle (M: 61)
Thomas J Law (M: 47) Daniel L Law (M: N/A) Alvin Lawless (U: N/A)
Alfonzo Lawrence (M: N/A) John Edward Lawrence (M: 58) Stephen Lawrence (U: N/A)
Floyd Lawson (M: 59) Henry Lawson (M: 51) Johnnie Lee Lawson (M: 56)
Robert Otis Lawson (M: 48) Robert Russell Lawson (M: 63) Joseph William Lawver (M: N/A)
Joseph William Lawver (M: N/A) Phong Nhu Le (M: 46) Anthony Paul Leake (M: 50)
Rodolfo Leal (M: 52) Rudolph Leal (M: 38) Rudolph Remo Leal (U: N/A)
Jack L Leason (M: 61) Jack Leason (U: N/A) William Derek Leaver (M: N/A)
Charles M Leaverton (M: N/A) Charles Michael Leaverton (M: N/A) Matthew Derek Lebo (M: 24)
Rudy Lechuga (M: 54) Douglas Martin Leclair (M: 64) Elmer Radoc Ledesma (M: 45)
Santos Mario Ledesma (M: 31) Daniel Carnel Lee (M: 33) Dwayne Bruce Lee (M: 49)
Patrick Alston Lee (M: N/A) Deon Deonte Lee (U: N/A) John C Leffler (M: 34)
Anthony Joseph Leggett (M: 51) William Richard Lehman (M: 52) John Lehnherr (U: N/A)
David Jerome Lehr (M: 52) Geoffrey Leiferman (M: N/A) Douglas Leiter (U: N/A)
Robert Laverne Leon (M: 39) Lance Carlton Leonard (M: 48) Gregory Ivan Leopold (M: N/A)
Robert A Lessard (M: 46) Charles Robert Lester (M: 44) Benedict Stefan Leval (M: 29)
Edmund Tafu Levale (U: N/A) Richard Glen Levander (M: 46) Jerome William Levin (M: 73)
Charles Lewandowski (M: 63) Jonathan Lewelling (M: 34) Aubrae D Lewis (M: 45)
Bobby Lewis (M: 62) David Edward Lewis (M: 63) Eric Odin Lewis (M: 54)
James Henry Lewis (M: 58) John Kenneth Lewis (M: N/A) Johnny Lewis (M: 46)
Joseph N Lewis (M: 48) Mark George Lewis (M: 56) Michael Lee Lewis (M: 46)
Norah Robert Lewis (M: 42) Shane A Lewis (M: 22) Mark G Lewis (U: N/A)
Jeremi Joseph Lewis (U: N/A) James H Lewis (M: N/A) James William Lewis (M: N/A)
Deandrew Lamon Lewis (U: N/A) Deandrew Lamont Lewis (U: N/A) Fidel John Leyva (M: 70)
Kan Tsz Li (M: N/A) Daniel Vincent Libed (M: 48) Eduardo Licon (U: N/A)
David Lieb (M: 50) David M Liefer (M: 63) Dennis H Lietaert (M: 64)
James Craig Ligouri (M: 55) David Edward Liles (M: 35) Jerome Stanley Limanowski (M: 56)
Joseph Glen Limb (M: 52) James Arthur Limbert (M: N/A) Aramis Linares (M: 60)
Kasey Allan Linde (M: 30) Lance Travis Lindhout (M: 70) Johnnie Lingo (U: N/A)
Wilburt Lionel (M: N/A) Christopher S Lis (M: 44) Randall Stephen Little (M: 56)
Douglas Little Bear (M: N/A) Kenneth Edward Livingston (M: 77) Chauncey Charles Lloyd (M: 80)
Marc Anthony Lloyd (U: N/A) Edgar Miguel Loaiza (M: 56) Ron Adam Lobaugh (M: N/A)
Michael Anthony Lockhoff (M: 36) Steven Kenneth Loftin (M: 54) Steven K Loftin (M: 55)
Charles Anthony Lofty (M: N/A) Stephen Loguidice (M: 51) Stephen Loguidice (M: 51)
Stephen George Lohse (U: N/A) Salatielu Lologo (M: 73) Dennis Anthony Loman (M: 62)
Martin Lomas (M: 54) Peter Romero Lomax (U: N/A) Charles Patrick Lomboy (M: 47)
Fernando Morales Lomeli (M: N/A) Kathleen Morgan London (U: N/A) Deborah Anne Long (F: 41)
Dennis Dwayne Long (M: 53) Donald Warren Long (M: 47) Dwight Eugene Long (M: 46)
Jerome Long (M: N/A) Jerome Long (M: 51) Ronald R Long (M: 47)
Dwight Eugene Long (U: N/A) Gregory Longario (M: 24) Robert Waller Longee (M: N/A)
Lucas Raymond Longstaff (M: 42) Johnny Ray Longworth (M: N/A) Jeremy Anthony Lonick (U: N/A)
Michael James Lookhart (M: 32) Rickey Allen Looney (U: N/A) Abel Lopez (M: N/A)
Adan Belarmino Lopez (M: 45) Jonathan W Lopez (M: 58) Jose Lopez (M: 34)
Santiago Lopez (M: 81) Jesus Lopez (U: N/A) Mario Ochoa Lopez-Cardenas (M: 31)
Miguel Alfonso Lopez-Green (M: 37) Michael E Lord (M: 62) Virgilio Alfred Lorenzo (M: 41)
Patrick Loreto (M: 69) John Lori (M: 41) John Hakim Lori (M: N/A)
Fritz Inman Lothlen (M: 55) Danyell Lamar Louis (M: 41) Robert James Love (M: 53)
Bennie Loveland (U: N/A) Eric J Lovett (M: N/A) Anthony Lovett (M: N/A)
Anthony Jerome Lovett (M: N/A) Douglas Loving (U: N/A) Gary Anthony Lowe (M: 53)
Gary Anthony Lowe (U: N/A) Jarvis Ziaire Lowe (M: 29) James Reuben Lowery (M: 29)
Stephen E Lowery (U: N/A) Jeffrey Lownes (M: 55) Jeffrey A Lownes (M: N/A)
Ellick James Loyd (M: 53) Ellick James Loyd (M: 53) David Loza (M: 28)
David James Loza (M: 27) Clarence Lubinski (M: 84) David Lucas (M: N/A)
John M Lucas (M: N/A) Keith Donald Lucas (M: 41) Ross J Lucas (M: 41)
Calvin Dwight Lucas (U: N/A) Anthony Michael Lucero (M: 39) Christian Phillip Lucero (M: 35)
William Frank Lucero (M: N/A) David Michael Lucidi (M: 51) Henry Valdez Lucius (M: 66)
Robert Ludlow (M: N/A) David A Ludwig (M: 68) Jesse Luke (U: N/A)
James Orville Lumley (M: 50) Ricky Dean Lumley (M: N/A) Nelson Lumpkin (U: N/A)
Gary A Lundin (U: N/A) Michael Lee Luning (M: 38) Lonnie Lee Lunsford (M: 27)
Edward Lyftogt (M: 43) John Thomas Lynce (M: 52) Corey Brooks Lynch (M: N/A)
Terry Lee Lynde (U: N/A) Janet Marie Lyon (F: 62) Jeremy Brent Lyon (M: 38)
David Michael Lyons (M: 48) James Mathew Lyons (M: 38) James Mathew Lyons (M: 39)
Keith Dwayne Lyons (M: N/A) Robert Lee Lyons (M: 46) Terry Lyons (M: 32)
Walter Scott Lyons (M: 35)

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