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All sex offender data currently in our database from Nevada whose last name begins with the letter G are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Nevada sex offender information.

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Freddie Lawrence Gabaldon (M: 55) Gregory Lamar Gabaldon (M: 29) Joseph Michael Gabarik (M: N/A)
Tannis Eugene Gaiter (U: N/A) Daniel Harold Gaither (M: 60) Frank T Gajo (U: N/A)
Ardi Galash (U: N/A) Chad Alexander Galbraith (M: 33) Mark O Galbraith (M: 45)
Gerald Galdoni (U: N/A) Jean Antoine Galipeau (U: N/A) Jose Jesse Gallardo (M: 48)
Gaylord Eugene Gallegos (M: 62) William Joseph Gallia (M: 39) Raymond Albert Galton (M: N/A)
Eduardo Galvan (M: N/A) Agustine Galvez (M: 33) Joseph Glasel Gamble (M: 34)
Ural Gamble (M: 49) Michael Anthony Ganigan (M: 61) Robert Kenneth Gantt (M: 33)
Albert Roman Garcia (M: 67) Daniel Garcia (M: 53) David Garcia (M: 46)
David G Garcia (M: 38) Fred Garcia (M: 63) Gerald Edwin Garcia (M: N/A)
Gregory Ayala Garcia (M: 46) Horacio Garcia (M: 75) Jamal Walker Garcia (M: 42)
James John Garcia (M: 56) John Martin Garcia (M: N/A) Jose Antonio Garcia (M: 43)
Juan Manuel Garcia (M: 42) Leonard Garcia (M: 45) Miguel Hiram Garcia (M: 46)
Oscar Garcia (M: 25) Paul Ceasar Garcia (M: 25) Robert Garcia (M: 60)
Rueben Lopes Garcia (M: 33) Juan M Garcia (U: N/A) Inacio Garcia (U: N/A)
Robert Garcia (U: N/A) Gregory Ayala Garcia (M: N/A) Armando Garcia-Anguiano (M: 41)
Cristian Leigh Gardner (M: 27) Gary Justin Gardner (M: N/A) James Lon Gardner (M: 45)
Scott Edward Gardner (M: 40) Eugene Charles Gardner (U: N/A) James L Gardner (M: N/A)
Kennie Floyd Garges (M: N/A) Orlando Joseph Garibay (M: N/A) Robert Paul Garnet (M: 88)
Jay Lynn Garretson (M: N/A) Brannon Garrett (M: 34) Luther Pete Garrett (M: 67)
Stephen Dixon Garrett (U: N/A) Scottie Wray Garrison (M: 28) Gregory George Garrow (M: 33)
Gregory George Garrow (M: N/A) Robert James Gaskill (M: N/A) Michael Ray Gaskin (M: 51)
Franklin J Gasper (U: N/A) Charley Gaston (M: 65) Orvis Marion Gaston (M: 67)
Cecil Gilbert Gatz (M: 86) Cecil G Gatz (U: N/A) James William Gauntt (M: N/A)
James Benjamin Gavis (M: 21) Brandyn Gayler (U: N/A) Christopher M Gelbuda (M: 29)
Val A Geldart Sr (M: 57) Dennis Ottley Gentle (M: 50) Thomas George (M: 59)
Steven Alan George (M: N/A) David Gertsen (M: 55) Edward Francis Gessner (M: 52)
John Paul Getten (M: 62) Ryan Derek Ghavidel (M: 29) Louis Giarrusso (M: 64)
Louis Gary Giarrusso (U: N/A) Dean Gibbons (M: 50) Jerry Robert Gibbons (M: 64)
Sylvester Clyde Gibbs (M: 47) Sylvester Gibbs (M: 47) Alan Gene Gibson (M: 56)
Charles Preston Gibson (M: 49) Curtis Troy Gibson (M: N/A) Hubert Neil Gibson (M: N/A)
Ralph Edward Gibson (M: 70) Antonio Diemetrius Gibson (M: N/A) Jerry Wayne Gibson (U: N/A)
Robert J Gichun (M: 65) Robert J Gichun (M: N/A) Randall William Giffen (M: 57)
Edward Milton Gilbert (M: 44) Michael West Gilbert (M: 44) Michael West Gilbert (M: N/A)
Fred Gill (M: N/A) Christopher Gillette (M: N/A) Christin Gilmore (M: 34)
Danny Gilmore (M: 38) Micah Morris Gingrich (M: 35) Cody Jacob Gingrich (U: N/A)
Lamar Deshawn Gipson (M: 27) Erik Eddie Giraldo (M: 38) Michael J Gittins (M: 49)
Chad Glabraith (M: 33) Thomas Glasby (M: N/A) Steven Ray Glasgow (M: N/A)
Cody J Glaze (U: N/A) Gregory Lee Gleason (M: 46) Christopher Leo Glenn (M: 34)
Daniel Raymond Glider (M: N/A) Larry L Glover (M: N/A) Russell Eugene Gober (M: N/A)
Barry Louis Goddard (U: N/A) Harold Godden (U: N/A) Raymond Alexander Godfrey (M: 33)
David Toney Godley (M: 41) Wesley Ernst Goetz (M: 53) Gregory Goetz (M: N/A)
Lawyer Drake Gohleston (U: N/A) Gary Leon Gohr (M: 68) Jonathan Vincent Golden (M: 29)
Mark Richard Golden (U: N/A) Christopher J Golini (M: 55) Donald F Gomes (M: N/A)
Brian Travis Gomez (M: 26) Carlos Antonio Gomez (M: 35) Gilbert Gomez (M: 49)
Martin Raymond Gomez (M: 34) Jaime Cerda Gomez (U: N/A) Alain Emmanuel Gomez (U: N/A)
Fernando Gonales (M: 49) Albert James Gonsalves (M: N/A) Harold Gonzalea (M: 51)
Fernando Gonzales (M: 49) Gabriel John Gonzales (M: 33) James Anthony Gonzales (M: N/A)
Joe Gonzales (M: 59) Joey Gonzales (M: N/A) John Albert Gonzales (M: N/A)
Ruben Garcia Gonzales (M: 53) Rudy Lawrence Gonzales (M: 29) Carls Miguel Gonzalez (M: 48)
Javier Padilla Gonzalez (M: 57) Juan Gonzalez (M: 30) Miguel O Gonzalez (M: 46)
Miguel D Gonzalez (U: N/A) Orlando Fredy Gonzalez-Solis (M: 45) John Gregory Good (M: 50)
Robert Allen Goodlow (M: 44) Mark Goodman (M: 49) Ernest Harvey Goodson (M: 49)
James David Goodwill (M: N/A) Jimmy Ray Goodwin (M: N/A) Willie Goolsby (M: 53)
Jon Curtis Gorby (U: N/A) Douglas Christopher Gordon (M: N/A) Ian Gregger Gordon (M: 30)
Arlester Carlyle Gordon (U: N/A) David Scott Gordon (M: N/A) David Albert Gore (M: 52)
Glenn T Gore (U: N/A) David Albert Gore (M: N/A) Barry Wayne Gores (U: N/A)
Charles Gilbert Gorton (M: N/A) Eric John Gosch (M: 40) Eric John Gosch (U: N/A)
David Dwight Gossett (M: 50) Robert Allen Gottschalk (M: 36) Alan Greg Goude (M: 59)
Roger Wayne Gould (M: 27) Raymond Cortlandt Gourly (M: 61) Heath Robert Grabe (M: 40)
Robert W Graben (M: 56) Jackie Cecil Grace (M: 69) Andra Lomar Graham (M: 53)
Elliezer Joseph Graham (M: 50) Richard Jagan Graham (M: N/A) Raul Grajeda (M: 64)
Charles M Grande (M: N/A) David Alan Grant (M: 32) Isaiah Lee Grant (M: 67)
Robert Edward Grant (M: 69) Thomas Lawrence Grant (M: N/A) Arturo Hernandez Grasiano (M: 57)
Royce Allen Grass (M: 39) Mark Steven Grauer (M: 52) Joshua David Graves (M: 22)
Thomas Edward Gravlee (M: 67) Billy Gray (M: N/A) Charles Gray (M: 78)
David D Gray (M: 52) David Don Gray (M: 51) Demarco Gray (M: 27)
Jeffery Gray (M: 49) Jerry Bruce Gray (M: 48) Jonathan Rodney Gray (M: N/A)
Kenneth Albert Gray (M: 46) Timmy Dewight Gray (M: 42) Sterling Perkins Gray (U: N/A)
James Allan Gray (M: N/A) David Anthony Gray (M: N/A) Johnnie Grayson (M: 84)
Ollie Ricardo Grayson (M: 56) Ollie Ricardo Grayson (U: N/A) Stanley Joesph Gredys (M: 59)
Ace Alfred Green (M: 23) Brian Lawrence Green (M: 48) Daniel Dwayne Green (M: 46)
David Charles Green (M: 56) Freddy Green (M: 76) Frederick Green (M: N/A)
Len Roy Green (M: N/A) Major James Green (M: 48) Mark Green (M: N/A)
Michael Thomas Green (M: 45) Richard Francis Green (M: 47) Robert D Green (M: 52)
Terry Leventa Green (M: N/A) Verlin Dale Green (M: 61) Robert D Green (M: N/A)
Michael Green (M: N/A) Freddy Green (U: N/A) Robert Louis Green (M: N/A)
Joseph Greenawald (M: N/A) Edward Dwayne Greendyurau (M: N/A) Christopher Eugene Greene (M: 26)
George L Greene (M: 61) James Greene (M: 25) Terry Dion Greenlee (M: 41)
Terry Dion Greenlee (U: N/A) Fred Benjamin Greeno (M: N/A) Stephen Greenwell (M: N/A)
Lamont Greer (M: N/A) Russel Greer (U: N/A) Donald Cornell Gregersen (M: 43)
Donald Cornell Gregersen (M: N/A) Darnell Lamont Gregg (M: 45) Michael Edward Grenat (M: 43)
Adam Edward Grider (M: 30) Orlando E Griego (M: N/A) James Edward Griego (M: N/A)
Alexander Griffin (M: 78) James Griffin (M: 48) James Edwin Griffin (M: N/A)
Levi Jermaine Griffin (M: 34) Richard Bruce Griffin (M: N/A) William Griffin (M: 76)
Levi Jermaine Griffin (M: 35) Mark Anthony Griffith (M: 34) Douglas Wilford Griffiths (U: N/A)
Julian Grijalva (U: N/A) Gary Grant Grimm (M: 30) Dale Paul Grinstead (M: 31)
Steven Ray Groben (M: N/A) Steven Ray Groben (M: 37) Richard Jay Groetzinger (M: 52)
Robert C Gronbach (M: N/A) Robert Gronbach (U: N/A) Stephen C Groner (M: 59)
Patrick S Grossardt (M: 34) Patrick Sterling Grossardt (U: N/A) Dennis Christopher Grover (M: N/A)
James L Grubaugh (M: 60) Mark Steven Grubb (M: 46) Ricky Lee Grundy (M: N/A)
Ricky Grundy (M: N/A) William Dale Gryder (M: N/A) Alonzo Vasquez Guajardo (M: 44)
Alonzo Vasquez Guajardo (U: N/A) James Roberto Guardado (M: 27) Benjamin George Guaydacan (U: N/A)
Devrin R Gubler (U: N/A) Dennis Anthony Guerra (M: 34) Michael Guerra (M: 34)
Jason Paul Guess (M: 37) Edward Charles Guiboa (M: 49) Anthony Paul Guido (M: N/A)
David Guilmette (M: N/A) Jeffery Gunderson (M: 46) Dennis Lee Gunter (M: 55)
Little Man Gurney (M: 37) Lupe Gusman (M: 71) Cesar Gutierrez (M: 34)
Robert Gutierrez (M: N/A) Eliseo Gutierrez (U: N/A) Eliseo Gutierrez (M: 44)
Angel Gutierrez (U: N/A) Gustavo Gutierrez (U: N/A) Antonio Gutierrez-Baltazar (M: 23)
David Michael Gutknecht (M: 58) George Martin Guzman (M: N/A) Francisco Guzman (U: N/A)

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