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All sex offender data currently in our database from Nevada whose last name begins with the letter F are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Nevada sex offender information.

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Andrew J Fabela (M: 41) Anthony Vincent Fabre (M: 31) Jermaine Faethe (U: N/A)
Gregory Fair (M: 50) David Craig Fairfield (M: 52) Karl Falls (M: 49)
Robert James Fargo (M: 72) Steve Farmer (M: 65) William Anthony Farnsworth (M: N/A)
Gary Howard Farrell (M: 57) Rodger Leslie Farren (M: 45) Stephen John Favorito (U: N/A)
Richard Lee Feagans (M: 55) Larry Dean Feazell (M: 54) Kevin Christopher Feeley (M: 50)
Kevin Christopher Feeley (M: N/A) Robert S Feld (M: 45) Robert Scott Feld (M: N/A)
Larry Felicetta (M: 40) Benny Felix (M: 36) Andrew Tollef Felland (M: 41)
Michael Wayne Felt (M: 53) David Feltner (M: 43) David Feltner (M: 44)
Larry Rhondo Feltus (M: 44) Michael Casey Fenimore (M: 30) Brian Ross Fenn (M: 27)
Jim David Fennell (M: N/A) Jamie L Ferguson (M: 38) Fernando Fernandez (M: N/A)
Robert J Fernandez (M: 34) Andy Fernandez (U: N/A) Gerad Ferrell (M: N/A)
Glen Cody Ferrell (M: N/A) Edward William Ferrera (M: 66) Robert Allen Feuerstein (M: N/A)
Robert Allan Feurstein (M: 52) Thomas Lee Few (M: N/A) Brandon Fiedler (M: 59)
Daniel Berton Fielder (M: 58) Murray Eugene Fields (M: 46) William David Fields (M: 60)
William D Fields (M: N/A) James Daryl Fields (M: N/A) Denah Jo Fierro (F: 47)
Frankie Fierro (M: 50) Rickey W Fifield (M: 42) William Fifield (M: 42)
John Robert Figoni (M: 51) Alejandro Figueroa (M: 29) Javier Figueroa (U: N/A)
Kelly Finchum (M: 59) Steven Keith Findlay (M: 51) Philip Lyndon Fingar (U: N/A)
Marque Treyvaughn Finister (U: N/A) Dean Michael Finistrella (M: 37) Herman Finks (M: 34)
Aldoray Finley (M: 57) Robert J Finley (M: 47) Aldoray D Finley (U: N/A)
David Bryan Finley (M: N/A) Robert Finney (U: N/A) Lyle Leslie Firebaugh (U: N/A)
Michael Dennis Fischer (M: 41) Michael D Fischer (M: N/A) Michael J Fischer (M: N/A)
Jason Ray Fisher (M: 27) Earl J Fisher (U: N/A) Ray Anthony Fisher (U: N/A)
John J Fitzgerald (M: 43) Michael Fitzpatrick (M: N/A) Michael J Fitzpatrick (M: N/A)
Daniel Steven Fitzwater (M: 65) Christopher Allen Fix (M: 40) Jackie Flagg (M: 52)
Christina Lillias Flanagin (F: 35) Thomas Flannery (U: N/A) Richard Gerald Fleisher (M: N/A)
Joseph C Fleming (M: N/A) Marvin Dean Fleming (M: 72) Jerry W Fletcher (M: 48)
Anthony Vincent Flores (M: 28) Anthony Flores (M: 28) Candido-Flores Flores (M: 32)
David Gene Flores (M: 53) James Miranda Flores (M: 51) James Miranda Flores (M: N/A)
Hector Yovanni Flores (U: N/A) Chris Flournoy (M: N/A) Loren Ray Flournoy (M: 53)
Christopher Flournoy (M: N/A) Garvin Lee Flowers (M: N/A) Garvin L Flowers (M: 56)
Lerealos Rico Flowers (M: N/A) Kenneth Russell Floyd (M: 46) Christopher Lewis Flynn (M: 41)
Donald James Flynn (M: 52) Donald James Flynn (M: 52) James L Flynn (M: N/A)
Patricia Ann Flynn (F: N/A) Mario Julio Foley (M: 27) Mario Foley (M: 27)
Ron Fonoimoana (U: N/A) Robert Gene Fonza (M: N/A) Bevan Yeow Foo (M: N/A)
Bevan Foo (M: 46) Brian Duwayne Ford (M: 42) Carlton Darrell Ford (M: 48)
George Allan Ford (M: 36) Martin Wayne Ford (M: N/A) Nicholas Philip Ford (M: 27)
Carl Bernard Fore (M: N/A) Arthur Wayne Foreman (M: 40) Frederick E Foreman (M: 46)
Arthur W Foreman (U: N/A) Jacob Lucas Forrest (M: N/A) Frederick Allen Forsythe (M: 37)
James Allen Forsythe (M: 38) Michael Charles Forsythe (M: 50) Stephen Michael Forsythe (M: 53)
Stephen M Forsythe (U: N/A) William Earl Fort (M: N/A) Danny Fortune (U: N/A)
Danny Dale Fortune (U: N/A) Anthony R Foster (M: 41) Donald Wilfred Foster (M: 35)
Glen Foster (M: N/A) James Steven Foster (M: 57) Lee M Foster (M: 64)
Richard Ivan Foster (M: 49) Ryan Shawn Foster (U: N/A) Zoely L Fountaine (M: 34)
David M Foust (M: N/A) Albert Lee Fowler (M: 49) Carl Fowler (M: 54)
Kenneth Raymond Fowler (M: N/A) Larry D Fowler (M: 48) Kenneth R Fowler (M: N/A)
Lee Rothy Fowler (U: N/A) Skyler James Fowler (U: N/A) Frank Malcolm Fowler (U: N/A)
Gale Martin Fox (M: 49) Henry A Fox (M: 66) Todd Edward Fox (M: 42)
Mark Richard Frahm (M: 41) Christopher Keith Franco (M: 33) Valentino Franco (U: N/A)
Ted Robert Frank (M: 52) William Frankell (M: 57) Leonard Orville Franklin (M: 42)
Roland C Franklin (M: 46) Alan Derrel Franklin (U: N/A) Reginald Franklin (U: N/A)
Bailey Franklin Franks (M: 51) Allen Eugene Fraser (M: 71) Anton P Frasier (M: 29)
Robert F Frazier (M: 31) Roy Edward Frazier (M: 59) Donald Frederick (M: 43)
Donald Drew Frederick (M: N/A) Michael Patrick Fredrick (M: 58) William D Fredrick (M: N/A)
William Fredrick (M: N/A) Anthony J Fredricks (M: 57) Brian C Fredson (M: N/A)
Jonathan Allen Freeberg (M: 34) Daniel Jay Freeman (M: 40) Michael Rea Freeman (M: N/A)
Greg W Freeman (M: N/A) Everett Charles Freer (M: 64) Thomas Allen Freese (M: 57)
Thomas A Freese (M: 58) Billy Gene Frey (M: 47) Billy G Frey (U: N/A)
Ivan Frias-Perez (M: 45) Lance David Frick (M: 47) Eric Thomas Friedlander (M: 45)
Rocky D Friend (U: N/A) Jack Edward Frost (M: 63) Gary Michael Frostman (U: N/A)
James Leslie Frye (M: 65) Matthew David Fugate (M: 32) Robert J Fugiasco (M: 34)
Anthony Lee Fuller (M: 59) Sheryl P Funk (M: 75) Edward Anthony Furbush (M: N/A)

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