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James Frederick Abbott (M: 79) David Everett Abel (M: 57) Lewis John Abele (U: N/A)
Henry Curtis Abell (M: 53) Thomas Abercrombie (U: N/A) Robert Abernathy (M: N/A)
Robert Abernathy (U: N/A) Dennis Abeyta (M: 73) Emilio Abeytia (M: N/A)
Brian Abner (M: 45) Jerrith L Abner (U: N/A) Myles M Abrams (U: N/A)
Jaime Porfiro Abundis (M: 30) Jesse Eddie Abundiz (M: 38) Michael R Aceves (M: N/A)
Carlos Acosta (M: 32) Ordaz Tomas Acosta (U: N/A) Jeffrey Todd Acree (M: N/A)
Efrain Adame (M: 45) Brian Lee Adams (M: 51) Carmello Loren Adams (M: 46)
Charles Cristo Adams (M: N/A) Clarence J Adams (M: 55) David Paul Adams (M: 49)
Jesus Adams (M: 49) Nealy Wayne Adams (M: 66) Ronald Adams (M: N/A)
Thomas Warren Adams (M: 41) Quientel Oshay Adams (U: N/A) Jeffrey T Adamson (M: N/A)
James Thomas Adcock (M: N/A) Larry Edward Adcox (M: 62) Michael Leeroy Ader (M: 58)
Eric Lee Adkins (M: N/A) Israel Adorno (M: N/A) Hipolito Aginaga (U: N/A)
Plaridel Agonoy (M: 58) Dionicio Alberto Aguilar (M: 55) George Aguilar (M: 57)
John Paul Aguilar (M: 33) Dionicio Aguilar-Lara (U: N/A) Joe Charles Aguilera (M: 41)
Elio Aguirre (M: 29) Richard Edward Aguirre (M: 47) Richard Edward Aguirre (M: N/A)
Norman Grant Agwiak (M: 59) Brian Allan Ahern (M: 49) Sione F Aisake (M: 39)
Ryen Leanard Aistetewa (M: 45) Bret Mathew Aitken (M: 53) Dale Aka (U: N/A)
Bill Aka (U: N/A) James M Alanko (M: 71) Jason Kyle Albright (M: N/A)
Jason Kyle Albright (M: N/A) Clemente Alcala-Hernandez (M: N/A) Marco Antonio Alcantar (M: 37)
Waldon Wilfred Alcorn (M: 50) Earl Benjamin Aldridge (M: 40) Leah Ann Aldridge (F: 47)
Clarence Leroy Aldridge (U: N/A) Hakim Aleem (M: 84) Hakim Aleem (U: N/A)
Jonathan Michael Alejandro (M: N/A) Luis Alejandro (M: 24) Big D Alexander (M: N/A)
Carvell Deshone Alexander (M: 33) Damon Earl Alexander (M: N/A) Danny Alexander (M: 37)
Danny Finnell Alexander (M: 38) Earl Alexander (M: 61) Randell Brian Alexander (M: 53)
Leo J Alford (M: N/A) Joseph Curtis Aliano (M: N/A) Archie M Allen (M: 51)
Clifford Thomas Allen (M: 49) James Lee Allen (M: 56) Keivonta Dwayne Allen (M: 25)
Percy Edward Allen (M: 61) Ronald Allen (M: 45) Darius Allen (M: 30)
Joseph Thomas Allen (M: N/A) Ronald Lee Allen (M: N/A) Kade Allen (U: N/A)
Steven Aloyious Allen (M: N/A) William Henry Alley (M: N/A) Robert Earl Allgood (M: 49)
Isaiah Allison (M: 55) James Michael Allman (M: N/A) David Bruce Allsup (M: 59)
Allan Castro Almario (M: 46) Onelio Almora (U: N/A) Bryan L Alt (M: 40)
David Perry Altvater (M: 26) Donald Eugene Alumbaugh (M: 61) Anthony Lee Alvarez (M: 51)
Carlos Eduardo Alvarez (M: N/A) Paul Alvarez (U: N/A) Jose Miguel Alvarez-Tadeo (M: 64)
Christopher Amack (M: 36) Damian Allan Amalfitano (M: 36) Jerry J Amaral (M: N/A)
Jose Amarillas (M: N/A) Cecilio Amaro (U: N/A) Richard Christian Amato (M: 47)
Salvador Amaya (M: 30) Jaime Amezaga (M: 47) Pablo Rafael Amunde (M: 60)
Brandon Jay Andersen (M: 32) Bennie Anderson (M: 43) Benny Anderson (M: 43)
David Bradley Anderson (M: 35) Donald Ray Anderson (M: 58) Jesse Wallace Anderson (M: 49)
Lori Ann Anderson (F: 43) Paul Michael Anderson (M: N/A) Ray Lee Anderson (F: N/A)
Raymond Warner Anderson (M: 50) Seth Anderson (M: 37) Stephen Paul Anderson (M: 52)
Thomas James Anderson (M: 33) Richard G Anderson (M: N/A) Joshua Ray Anderson (U: N/A)
David Bradley Anderson (M: 36) Avery C Anderson (U: N/A) Clarence Jerome Anderson (U: N/A)
Raymond Lee Anderson (U: N/A) Henry Roberto Andino (M: 36) Andrew Martin Andrade (U: N/A)
Christopher Michael Andrade (M: N/A) Michael Keith Andreason (M: 48) David Wayne Andrews (M: N/A)
Matthew Joseph Andrews (M: 22) Ricky Andrews (U: N/A) Esteban Barcena Angeles (M: 29)
Steven G Angus (M: 52) Peter Anthony (M: 69) Edward Lee Antis (M: 41)
Edward Lee Antis (M: N/A) Mota Santos Antonio (M: 54) Jack Wesley Anway (M: 63)
Jay Allen Apedaile (M: 46) Nick Edward Apostolec (U: N/A) James Lee Applebeck (M: 48)
George Brenden Applegate (M: N/A) George B Applegate (M: N/A) Kenneth William Applegate (M: 79)
Ronald Wesley Applegate (M: N/A) Richard Nario Aquino (M: 64) Fred Anthony Aragon (M: 44)
Alexander Aranda (M: 71) Alexander Aranda (M: 72) Armando Aranda (M: 46)
Herman Aranda (M: 63) Mario Nino Araujo (U: N/A) Corrie Archer (M: 32)
Philip James Ardoin (M: 45) Valeriano Arellano (M: N/A) Kevin Steven Argabrite (M: 21)
Wilfred Argarin (M: 82) Richard David Ariotti (M: 36) Arthur J Armijo (M: 53)
Charles R Armstrong (M: 77) Richard Armstrong (M: N/A) Richard Tomas Armstrong (M: N/A)
Shane Anthony Arndt (M: N/A) Damon Carl Arnold (M: 39) Edward Clyde Arnold (M: 69)
James Hurley Arnold (M: 65) Sean Lee Arnold (M: 39) Manuel Fernando Arredondo (M: 22)
Frankie Lamar Arrington (M: 56) Loranzo Ray Arrington (M: 39) Lorenzo Ray Arrington (U: N/A)
Michele Leigh Arrowood (F: 29) Michele Leigh Arrowood (F: 29) Judy Lynn Arrowsmith (F: 58)
Judy L Arrowsmith (F: 58) Jose Angel Arteaga (M: 52) Troy Dale Arthur (M: 39)
Mario E Artiga (M: 37) Mario Estuardo Artiga (U: N/A) Johnny Lumar Arvin (M: 71)
Vincent Michael Asaro (U: N/A) Brian L Aschenbrenner (M: N/A) Noel Christian Ashbourne (M: 53)
Gerald W Ashenfelter (U: N/A) James A Askren (M: N/A) Daniel Louis Ataide (M: N/A)
Omar Atchinson (U: N/A) William Owen Athey (M: N/A) Billy Jack Atkins (M: 52)
Gregory Atkins (M: N/A) Michael Atkins (M: N/A) Larry K Atkinson (M: N/A)
Todd Lee Auckerman (M: 40) Raymond Leroy Aughe (U: N/A) Mathieu David August (M: 45)
James M Auldridge (M: N/A) James Patrick Aulerich (M: N/A) David Lee Austin (M: 49)
David Lee Austin (M: 49) Dynel Austin (M: N/A) William Rex Austin (M: 47)
Ruben Charles Austin (U: N/A) Joseph Rayvan Austin (M: N/A) Aaron Allan Aveiro (M: 54)
Leslie Jess Avelar (M: 58) Leslie Jesse Avelar (M: 58) Richard L Avery (M: N/A)
John Wayne Aviero (M: 65) Antonio Rodriguez Avila (M: 86) Domingo Avila (M: 48)
Lawrence Avila (M: N/A) Miguel A Avila (M: 42) Robert Theron Avila (M: 57)
Vincent Avila (M: 44) Antonio David Avina (M: 28) James Avldridge (M: 60)
Shesha Kamale Awa (F: N/A) Aaron Douglas Ayers (M: 28) Larry Ray Ayres (M: 57)
Gary M Ayres (M: 45) Willie Babauta Ayuyu (M: 24)

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