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All sex offender data currently in our database from Montana whose last name begins with the letter R are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Montana sex offender information.

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Howard William Racine (M: 53) Keith Racine (M: 25) Joseph Abe Racine (M: N/A)
Robby Dwayne Radabah (U: N/A) Dakota James Radasa (U: N/A) Donald Allen Radford (M: 46)
Jesse Gary Raines (M: 50) Levi Garrison Raines (M: 22) Brian William Raines (M: N/A)
Theron Blaine Rainingbird (M: 41) Linda Ann Rains (U: N/A) Ryan Ross Rainville (M: 24)
Bryan Wesley Ramer (M: 41) Phillip Edward Ramey (U: N/A) Neil Charles Ramhorst (M: 58)
Armando Joseph Ramirez (M: 65) Refugio Ramirez (U: N/A) Jason Lee Ramirez (M: N/A)
Lori Lynn Ramirez (U: N/A) Ervin Joseph Ramon (M: 41) Paul Francis Ramsey (M: N/A)
Eric Thorstein Ramsey (U: N/A) Raymond Lynn Randall (M: 77) John Bradford Randall (M: N/A)
Shawn Randall (M: N/A) Daniel Thomas Ranfranz (M: N/A) Terry Joseph Ranum (M: 54)
Elwin Van Rasmussen (M: 31) Richard L Rataczak (M: 49) Charles Scott Rate (M: 40)
Leon Steven Rattler (U: N/A) Leonard J Rattlingthunder (M: 66) David Michael Ratz (M: 42)
Jeremy Chad Raudsep (M: 35) Chad Alan Rave (M: 39) Edward Olin Ravenscroft (M: N/A)
Carl Eugene Ray (M: 33) Todd Glenn Raymer (M: N/A) Joseph Ray Razo (M: N/A)
Fredrick Phillip Rectenwald (M: 24) William Rectenwald (M: 67) William Charles Red Legs (M: 51)
Archie Dean Redboy (M: N/A) Joshua Ray Redcherries (M: 29) John J Reddog (M: 55)
Richard Roland Redfield (M: N/A) Ricky Lorton Redhawk (U: N/A) Kenneth Oliver Redifer (M: N/A)
Calvin W Redthunder (M: 42) Stanley Kenneth Redwood (U: N/A) Benson Craig Reed (M: 56)
Jason William Reed (M: 25) Jay Wesley Reed (M: 53) Raymond Earl Reed (M: 49)
Jeremy Joseph Reed (M: N/A) David Allen Reichert (M: 65) Matthew Ray Reid (M: 25)
Vern William Reidhaar (U: N/A) Shaun Patrick Reilly (M: 43) Brent Lee Reimann (M: 40)
Frederic Cornell Reimers (M: 55) Joshua Dean Reimers (M: 23) John Franklin Reinertson (M: N/A)
Ronald Cory Reinhardt (M: N/A) Timothy Lee Reinhardt (M: N/A) James John Reinke (M: 45)
Douglas Loren Reintsma (M: 70) Bryan Reishus (M: 21) Billie Dee Remillard (U: N/A)
Garvin W Remme (U: N/A) Amy Irene Remmel (U: N/A) Matthew William Remmel (M: N/A)
Thomas Duane Rennaker (M: 47) Toby Laurence Renner (M: 29) Christopher Elton Renner (M: N/A)
Jack Edward Renninger (M: 42) Benny George Rentschler (M: 34) James Howard Resch (M: N/A)
Charles Gene Resh (M: 58) John Slater Reum (M: 32) William Kennedy Reynard (M: N/A)
Donald Ray Reynolds (M: 31) Raymond James Reynolds (M: 43) Shelli Rae Reynolds (F: 24)
Stephan Karl Reynolds (M: N/A) Jose Luis Reynoso (M: N/A) Calvin Leroy Rhodes (M: 47)
Charles Scott Rhodes (M: 52) Joseph Charles Rhodes (M: 43) Tammy Jean Rhodes (U: N/A)
Robert Michael Rhyne (M: N/A) David Wayne Rice (M: 52) James Carl Rice (M: 43)
Rockey Lee Rice (M: 59) Debra Lorraine Rice (U: N/A) John Homer Rice (M: N/A)
Lee Phillip Richards (M: 52) Jay Anthony Richards (U: N/A) Anthony Wayne Richardson (M: 55)
Anthony Wayne Richardson (M: 54) John Coe Richardson (M: 62) Raymond Allan Richardson (M: 53)
Corey Andrew Richardson (U: N/A) Howard Craig Richardson (U: N/A) Steven Jay Richardson (M: N/A)
Christopher Toban Richey (M: 36) Justin James Richey (M: 27) Tammie Adair Richins (U: N/A)
Dimitri Wayne Ricker (M: 30) Lance Kevin Ricker (U: N/A) Kenneth Dean Rickert (M: 54)
Merlin Raymond Ricks (M: 41) Trevor John Riddle (U: N/A) Gilbert Eugene Rider (U: N/A)
Martin Alexander Rider (U: N/A) Thomas Matthew Rides At The Door (M: 62) Brenda Lee Ridley (U: N/A)
Robert Eugene Ridley (M: N/A) William B Ries (M: 66) Robert Fred Riese (M: 52)
Clint Wilbur Riesland (M: N/A) Meryl William Riggenbach (M: 59) William Vernon Paul Riley (M: 49)
Robert Boyd Riley (M: N/A) Michael Lee Rinehart (M: N/A) Adrian Leonale Riojas (M: 33)
Joshua Andrew Rios (U: N/A) David Michael Rios (M: N/A) Matias Michael Riotutar (M: 16)
Mark Anthony Rioux (U: N/A) Selmer Edward Risingsun (U: N/A) Matthew Eric Rist (M: 49)
Mathew Eric Rist (U: N/A) Keanan David Ritchey (U: N/A) Carl Randy Rivera (M: 45)
Garey Rivera (U: N/A) Katie Marie Rivera (U: N/A) Shawn David Rivers (M: 30)
James Lawrence Roach (M: N/A) George Daniel Roane (M: 54) Timothy David Roark (M: 52)
Richard George Roastingstick (M: 52) Christopher K Robbins (M: 20) Roland Revere Robbins (M: 90)
Shelby Sage Robbins (M: 24) Teresa Jean Robbins (U: N/A) Patrick Henry Robbins (M: N/A)
Russell Wayne Roberson (U: N/A) Darol Sean Roberts (M: 44) Larry Scott Roberts (M: 25)
Orville William Roberts (M: 48) Ray Allen Roberts (M: 41) Rodney Allen Roberts (M: 52)
John Edgar Roberts (M: N/A) Christopher Steven Robins (M: 44) Dellas Dale Robins (M: 62)
John Phillips Robins (M: 51) Willie Daniel Robinson (M: 44) Brian Richard Alan Robinson (M: 38)
Gerry Van Robinson (M: 53) Jason Lee Robinson (M: 27) Robert Dean Robinson (M: 30)
Matthew Phillip Robinson (M: N/A) Joshua Bee Robinson (U: N/A) Antonio David Robinson (M: N/A)
Andrew Todd Ray Robinson (U: N/A) Will Daniel Robinson (M: N/A) Thomas Arthur Robo (M: 48)
George Michael Robson (M: 42) Justin Leland Rochin (U: N/A) Ronald R Rock (M: N/A)
Sean Paul Rockwell (M: N/A) Charlotte Lynn Rodarte (U: N/A) Charles Alan Rodell (M: 56)
Antone John Rodrigues (U: N/A) Joshua Nolan Rodriguez (M: 41) Pedro Juan Rodriguez (U: N/A)
Lorenzo Padilla Rodriguez (M: N/A) Linda Rae Rodriquez (F: N/A) Anthony Paul Rodriquez (M: N/A)
Lance Michael Roetman (M: 25) Billy Rogers (M: 46) Christian Charles Rogers (M: 34)
Michael Jerome Rogers (M: 36) Sean Patrick Rogers (M: 47) Luke Anthony Rogers (U: N/A)
Jamie Lee Rogeven (M: N/A) David Shane Rogg (M: N/A) Richard Dean Rohrbach (M: N/A)
William Thane Rolfe (M: N/A) Jeffrey James Rolfsness (M: 36) Justin Robert Rollins (M: 33)
Angela Marie Romannose (F: 29) Brenda Joy Romero (F: 42) Danny Lawrence Romero (M: 45)
Randel Chaunsey Romero (M: 44) Rosanna Gail Romero (F: 46) Jimmy Lee Romero (M: N/A)
Dean Rondeau (M: 70) Mark Patrick Roos (M: 32) Ronald James Root (M: 53)
Troy Richard Roquette (U: N/A) David Thomas Rorvik (M: 53) Cory Laine Rose (M: 25)
Dillon T Rose (M: 15) Kevin Marvin Rose (M: N/A) Melvin Bryan Roselle (U: N/A)
Glenn Michael Roske (M: 44) Aaron Ross (M: 33) Cary Ann Ross (F: 40)
Gregory Wayne Ross (M: 47) Peter Jamie Ross (M: 47) Ricardo Andre Ross (M: 44)
William K Ross (M: 61) David Mark Ross (M: N/A) William George Rossbach (M: N/A)
Jason Rossland (M: 36) William Duke Rostron (M: 56) Tommy Lee Roubideaux (U: N/A)
Michael Dean Roullier (M: N/A) David Waysie Roundstone (M: N/A) David Darrow Roundy (M: N/A)
David Isaac Rovin (M: N/A) Dale Durand Rowe (M: 53) Jennifer Sarah Rowe (U: N/A)
Ryan James Rowe (U: N/A) Don Mark Rowell (M: 65) Daniel Robert Rowlan (M: 43)
Wamblee Tonka Rowland (U: N/A) Willis Eugene Rowlett (M: 80) James Douglas Rowley (M: N/A)
Michael Eli Royland (M: 50) Randall Mark Rudolph (U: N/A) Albert Daniel Rufenach (M: 57)
Ronald Edwin Ruff (M: 51) Vivian Ruiz (F: 46) Tyler Charles Ruiz (M: N/A)
Scott Leroy Rule (M: 48) Steven Lee Rummel (M: 36) Wayne Dennis Rummel (M: 64)
Geffrey Martin Runkel (M: 38) Narvin Louis Running Bear (M: 39) Kelly Lyn Runningcrane (U: N/A)
Steven Patrick Runningcrane (M: N/A) Rodney Runningcrane (M: N/A) Calvin Dean Runningrabbit (U: N/A)
Douglas Everett Runsthrough (M: 36) Johnathan Keno Runsthrough (M: 35) Elijah Don Runsthrough (M: N/A)
Charles A Runyan (M: 36) Charles Raymond Rupp (M: 39) Jason Cameron Rushford (M: 21)
Donald Eugene Russell (M: 54) Douglas Thad Russell (M: 44) George Russell (M: 72)
Robert Patrick Russell (M: 34) Cliff John Russell (U: N/A) Doyle Eugene Russell (U: N/A)
Michael Shawn Russell (M: N/A) Leon Russell Russette (U: N/A) Dean Perry Russette (U: N/A)
Robroy Dollar Rust (M: 28) David Bryson Rutherford (M: 30) David B Rutherford (M: 33)
Eugene Thomas Ryan (M: 17) Christopher David Ryan (M: N/A) Aaron John Rybarczyk (M: 39)
Jonathan Scott Rydberg (U: N/A) Terrence Ryder (M: 24) Mark Aldo Ryder (U: N/A)
Craig Adam Rykowski (U: N/A) Wilbur Rytky (M: 37)

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