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All sex offender data currently in our database from Montana whose last name begins with the letter K are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Montana sex offender information.

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Aaron Joe Kalista (M: 27) Brady N Kallevig (U: N/A) Brian Michael Kallhoff (M: 42)
Kermit Kao (M: 54) Edward Roy Kapphan (M: 78) Randy Howard Kapphan (U: N/A)
Orville Joseph Karn (U: N/A) Donald F Katsel (M: N/A) Timothy Allen Kaufman (M: 38)
John Lester Kaun (M: 59) Richard James Kavajecz (M: 56) Erik Karl Kayser (M: 32)
Robert Edward Kazmierczak (M: N/A) Lee Wesley Kearney (M: 43) Philip James Keeble (M: 44)
Kevin David Keegan (M: 22) Gregory Ray Keeland (M: 54) Dennis Gregory Keen (U: N/A)
Anna Lee Keen (U: N/A) Travis Ryan Keene (M: 29) David Gene Keener (M: N/A)
Doyle Keeter (M: 46) Travis Lee Kehler (U: N/A) Dennis Lee Kehler (M: N/A)
Joseph Alan Keightley (M: N/A) Jeremy Drake Keiser (U: N/A) Brendan Howard Keister (M: 26)
Daniel Brent Keith (M: 50) Robert John Keith (M: 48) Christopher Thad Kelker (M: N/A)
Shane Justin Kellberg (M: 30) James Dean Keller (M: 50) Seth Andrew Keller (M: 20)
Robert Aloysius Keller (M: N/A) Allen Harvey Keller (U: N/A) Michael Dale Kelley (M: 32)
Travis Lee Kelley (M: 38) Will Shawn Kelley (M: 47) Shawn Richard Kelley (U: N/A)
Jonathan David Kelley (U: N/A) Larry Alan Kellmer (M: 38) Wayne Harry Kellmer (M: N/A)
Fred Allen Kelly (M: 54) Gregory Gerard Kelly (M: 40) Dustin Henry Kelsey (U: N/A)
James Mason Kem (M: N/A) Francis Glenn Kempton (M: 67) Craig Lee Kendall (M: 39)
Gary Lee Kendall (M: 47) Daniel James Kenmille (M: N/A) Joshua Allen Kennah (M: 35)
Robert Todd Kennedy (M: 38) Emerine Ianabe Kenote (U: N/A) John Hayden Kensey (M: N/A)
Samuel Clarence Kent (M: 63) Samuel C Kent (M: 64) Patrick Dale Keown (M: 35)
Harvey Tony Kerbaugh (U: N/A) Ronald Lewis Kercher (M: 32) Robert Lewis Kercher (M: N/A)
Michael Alan Kern (M: 31) Rusty Lee Kern (M: 39) Carl Edward Kern (M: N/A)
William L Kerner (M: 29) Alan Douglas Kero (M: 46) Jerry W Kester (M: 64)
Joshua Tyler Kesterson (M: 26) Roy Anthony Kesting (U: N/A) Lee Oliver Keto (M: N/A)
Terrence Herman Kettner (M: 63) Scott Wayne Keys (U: N/A) Ernest Joseph Kickingwoman (M: N/A)
Ernest Albert Kidwell (M: 60) Ernest Albert Kidwell (M: 59) David Roy Kienholz (M: 33)
Adam Orville Kightlinger (M: 24) William Edward Kilgore (M: 75) Ferlin T Killsnight (U: N/A)
Reynard Edward Killsnight (M: N/A) Mitchel Joe Kilmer (U: N/A) George Edward Kimball (M: N/A)
Louis Metz Kimbrell (M: 87) Nathaniel Ashley Kimmel (U: N/A) Paul James Kimmerle (M: N/A)
Aaron Seth Kinczel (U: N/A) Joseph Henry Kindness (M: 25) Casey Allen King (M: 21)
Jaylin Del King (M: 62) Nathean King (M: 25) Dale Everett Kingman (U: N/A)
James Sandford Kinniburgh (M: N/A) Brian James Kinyon (M: N/A) Larry Kern Kipf (M: 66)
Harley D Kippenhan (M: N/A) Jeffrey Paul Kippley (M: 51) Kenneth Kord Kirby (M: N/A)
Wayne Travis Kirchner (M: 18) Dolan Layne Kirk (M: 55) Dustin Dean Kirkaldie (U: N/A)
Travis Aubrey Kirkland (M: 29) Anthony Ray Kison (M: 26) Jeff Allen Kissler (M: 50)
Rex Kistler (M: 32) Craig Smith Kitchel (M: 23) Billy Joe Kittrell (M: 59)
Monte Ray Klein (M: 49) Arthur Wayne Kleinholz (U: N/A) Sonny J Kless (U: N/A)
Joshua James Kline (M: 36) Kevin Jay Kline (M: N/A) Scott Frank Kling (M: N/A)
Mary A Klingler (U: N/A) William J Klippstein (M: 47) Shane Gene Kloepfel (M: 34)
David Allen Knaff (M: 66) K Jeffery Knapp (M: 33) Ronald Eugene Knapp (M: 49)
Stephen Clifford Knapp (U: N/A) Leroy Richard Knaus (M: 70) Terry Raymond Knecht (M: 56)
Darby Mccloud Knerr (M: 37) Rick Russell Knerr (M: N/A) Mark Allen Kniefel (M: 49)
Kenneth Leon Knight (M: 46) Scott James Knight (M: 35) Jeffrey Dean Knight (M: N/A)
Nicholas Francis Knobel (M: 26) Richard Knox (U: N/A) Glenavon Dlae Knudson (M: 48)
Thomas Ronald Knudson (M: 25) Caleb Jonah Kober (U: N/A) Daniel David Koenig (M: N/A)
Wayne Leslie Koepplin (U: N/A) Scott Duane Kohlman (U: N/A) Jeffrey Roy Kohlstadt (M: N/A)
Larry Lyn Koliha (M: 43) John Anthony Komeotis (M: N/A) Shuichi Komiyama (M: 48)
Jason Lynn Konieczka (M: N/A) Steven Kris Konopatzke (M: N/A) Ronald Koohns (M: 56)
Michael James Koontz (M: N/A) Thomas Mitchell Koop (M: N/A) Lawrence G Kopp (U: N/A)
Paul Demetri Kordonowy (M: 48) William James Korenko (M: N/A) Edward Adam Koss (M: N/A)
Mark Robert Kougl (U: N/A) William Nelson Kowalski (M: 62) William Nelson Kowalski (M: 63)
Kelly Kent Kozel (M: 57) Eugene Kramp (M: 84) Joseph Edwin Krantwashl (M: N/A)
Ken W Kraus (U: N/A) Michael Wayne Kriedeman (M: N/A) Robert Scott Kriesch (M: 48)
Brandon Thomas Krivec (M: N/A) Daniel Michael Kroll (M: 60) Jason Lee Kronewitter (M: 29)
Eric Edward Kronholm (U: N/A) William Jess Kropp (M: N/A) Ethan Roy Krosch (M: N/A)
David Karl Krueger (M: 53) Jeffrey Lynn Krzeminski (M: 60) William Lee Kubu (M: 34)
Walter Michael Kucan (M: 55) Henry Joe Kuchynka (M: 86) Robert Jewmale Kuehne (M: 31)
Ronald Jay Kuehne (M: 52) Tim Guy Kuipers (U: N/A) John Clinton Kuka (M: N/A)
Shawn Michael Kultgen (U: N/A) William Walter Kurth (M: N/A) Adam Lee Kurtz (M: N/A)
James Adam Kyriss (M: 46)

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