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All sex offender data currently in our database from Montana whose last name begins with the letter D are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Montana sex offender information.

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Perkins Norman D (M: 43) James Calhoun Dacus (M: N/A) Nathan Scott Daem (U: N/A)
Daniel Jacob Daffern (M: N/A) Ryan Joseph Dagel (M: 27) Justin Lee Dahl (M: 17)
Thomas Raymond Dahl (M: 61) Norman Lee Dahl (U: N/A) David James Dahl (M: N/A)
David Maurice Dahlin (M: N/A) Dale Dahlquist (M: 70) Michael Lee Dahms (M: N/A)
Travis Andrew Dail (M: 41) James Earl Dean Daily (M: N/A) Jacob Dean Dalager (M: N/A)
Robert Lee Daley (M: 41) Shawn Daley (M: 43) Shawn Christopher Daley (M: 43)
Chad Allen Dalton (U: N/A) Albert Clinton Dalton (U: N/A) Kenneth Walter Daly (M: 45)
Donald Edward Daly (M: N/A) Shawn Theodore Damon (U: N/A) Lawrence A Damon (M: N/A)
Justin Lee Danhauer (M: 35) John Loyd Daniel (M: 68) Allen Earl Daniel (U: N/A)
Darrell Edward Daniels (M: N/A) Eudora Dannels (U: N/A) Robert Ayres Dasilva (M: 36)
Jerry Albert Dauenhauer (M: 68) Donald James Daughenbaugh (M: 52) Mark Allen Daum (U: N/A)
Byron Scott Davenport (M: 33) Jerry Maurice Davenport (M: 58) Russell Gordon Davenport (M: 44)
Joshua Lester Davey (M: 26) Robert Kenneth Davey Jr (M: N/A) Christal Delane David (U: N/A)
Dale Allen Davidson (U: N/A) David Jesus Davila (M: N/A) David Mitchell Davis (M: 28)
Dustin Carl Davis (M: 37) Erik Russell Davis (M: 38) Gregg Arthur Davis (M: 56)
James Douglas Davis (M: 35) Justin Daleray Davis (M: 21) Levi Eugene Davis (M: 26)
Lloyd Richard Davis (U: N/A) Vernon J Davis (U: N/A) Dirk Allen Davis (U: N/A)
John Roger Davis (M: N/A) Billy Evan Davis (M: N/A) Loyal Eugene Davis (U: N/A)
Marty Lee Davis (M: N/A) James Michael Davis (M: N/A) John Robert Davoust (M: N/A)
Robert Noland Dawes (M: 30) Norwood W Dawson (M: 82) David Donald Day (M: N/A)
Douglas Joseph Day Rider (M: 30) Mark Tillman Dayman (M: 40) Kevin Adam Dayrider (M: N/A)
Cory Michael Deady (M: 26) Thomas Edward Deady (M: 54) Robert William Deal (M: 56)
Kuebler Donald Dean (M: 49) Andre William Dean (U: N/A) Valentine Deavila (U: N/A)
William B Debbs (M: N/A) Joshua Joel Deboer (U: N/A) Roy Richard Debray (M: 91)
Scott David Deck (U: N/A) Thomas Francis Deeds (M: 42) Charish Noel Deen (F: 38)
Tia Marie Defosse (U: N/A) Sally Louise Degarmo (U: N/A) Roy Allen Degele (U: N/A)
Clifford Jon Degen (M: 51) Anthony Joseph Degidio (M: N/A) John Calvin Dejong (M: 63)
Robert Howard Delain (M: N/A) Stephen Allen Delay (M: 50) Thomas Lyn Deleo (M: 30)
David Delk (M: N/A) Patricia Linn Demarce (U: N/A) Anthony James Demarco (M: 61)
Ronald Coleman Demary (M: N/A) Mark Robert Demers (U: N/A) Roy Kenneth Deming (M: 57)
John Baptist Demuary (M: 32) Kay Dean Denning (M: 77) Lonnie Lee Dennis (U: N/A)
Michael James Dennis (M: N/A) Dan William Denny (M: 42) Hartford Denny (U: N/A)
Jonathan Christopher Denton (U: N/A) Christina Maria Depaul (U: N/A) Jonathan Levi Deputee (M: 34)
Roland Dean Deroche (M: 43) Bob Dee Derosia (M: 41) Richard Bruce Derry (M: 54)
Richard Derry (M: 55) David Carl Derryberry (M: 38) Gerald Olen Deshazer (M: 32)
Gerald Olen Deshazer (M: 33) Charles Mitchell Deshields (M: N/A) David Duane Deshner (M: 52)
Edward David Dess (M: N/A) Philip James Dess (M: N/A) Daniel Joseph Detonancour (M: 35)
James Matthew Deutsch (M: 39) Dennis Brian Devaney (M: 64) Keith Allan Devereaux (U: N/A)
Charles Jay Devlin (M: N/A) John Paul Dewey (M: N/A) Anthony Charles Diaz (M: 24)
Derijasmier Reyes Diaz (M: 27) Joseph Glen Dickey (M: N/A) George Ronald Dickey (M: N/A)
Kenneth Charles Dickey (M: N/A) Jeramy Gerard Dickman (U: N/A) John Andrew Diepstraten (M: 74)
Kenneth Arthur Dierenfield (M: 56) John Jay Dietrich (M: 62) Jason Andrew Dietrich (M: N/A)
Charles Richard Dikes (M: N/A) Max Valentine Dilk (U: N/A) Daniel Philip Dilley (M: 42)
Jeff Heath Dimick (M: 36) Renee Suzanne Dimler (U: N/A) Kevin Gregory Dimpfl (M: 32)
Kevin G Dimpfl (M: 35) Damien Carey Dinelli (M: 30) Michael Erik Diploma (M: 68)
Mcginley Rea Disanti (U: N/A) Arlie Diserly (M: 75) Clifton Ronald Dishman (U: N/A)
Albert Leroy Dixon (M: 34) John Scott Dixon (M: 49) Lance Dixon (M: 46)
Leroy William Dixon (M: 34) Leslie Almond Dixon (M: 58) Robert Geary Dixon (M: 74)
Joshua Michael Dixon (U: N/A) Wade Eric Dixon (M: N/A) Craig Carl Dodd (U: N/A)
William James Dodds (M: 64) Thomas Geoffrey Dodson (M: 28) Paul Glen Dodson (M: N/A)
Gary Frederick Doerr (M: 52) Peter Matthew Dolan (M: 39) Terrance Gene Dolezlek (M: 54)
Dion Paul Dominguez (M: N/A) Raymond Keith Domke (U: N/A) Keith Forrest Donaldson (M: 47)
Lucas Paul Donaldson (U: N/A) Charles Patrick Doney (M: 76) Jacob J Doney (M: 18)
Aloysius Dexter Doney (U: N/A) Basil Clarence Doney (U: N/A) Lisa Fay Doney (U: N/A)
Albert James Doney (U: N/A) Dan D Donlan (U: N/A) William Maxwell Donnelly (M: 71)
Jonathon Ray Doolittle (U: N/A) August Anthony Dooper (U: N/A) George Gregory Door (M: N/A)
Tonya Doore (U: N/A) Dale P Doris (M: 56) David Allen Dortch (M: 58)
Danny Ray Dotson (U: N/A) Adam Dalton Douglas (M: 35) Charles Larry Douglas (M: 59)
Jeffery Michael Douglas (M: 48) Raymond Thomas Douglas (M: 41) Russell N Douglas (M: 26)
David Phillip Douglas (M: N/A) Adam Robert Dowdy (M: 26) Richard Joseph Downen (M: 45)
Joel Thomas Downhour (M: 40) Jerry Earl Dozhier (M: 58) Jeremy J Draband (M: 37)
Joel Victor Drake (M: 48) Timothy Robert Dratz (M: N/A) Eric Lee Draven (M: N/A)
Stephen Scott Drew (U: N/A) Elliott Everette Driftwood (M: 42) Myron Elliot Driftwood (M: 63)
Chris Dennis Driscoll (U: N/A) Eric Christopher Droegemeier (M: N/A) Michael John Drube (M: 30)
John Christopher Drugan (M: 29) Rhonda Dee Drugge (U: N/A) Gary Onael Drum (M: N/A)
Lloyd Dean Drummond (M: N/A) Michael Charles Dubinko (M: 59) Kenneth James Dubois (M: N/A)
Kenneth J Dubois (M: N/A) Marshal Duane Dubois (U: N/A) Shawn Del Dubray (M: 39)
George K Ducharme (M: 62) Eric Jon Ducharme (U: N/A) Bernard Theodore Duffy (M: 56)
John David Dugan (M: 49) Gary Lee Dunagan (M: N/A) Christopher Wayne Duncan (M: 40)
Mitchell Lee Dunn (M: 38) Thomas James Dunn (M: 25) Patrick Charles Dunn (U: N/A)
Eric Alan Dunn (U: N/A) Ronald Lloyd Dunn (M: N/A) Dale Henry Dunning (U: N/A)
Michael Patrick Dunsmore (M: N/A) Robert Allen Dupree (M: N/A) Douglas Anthony Dusek (M: 49)
Otto Isaac Dust (M: 70) Christopher Earl Dustrude (M: 23) Jolene Wendy Duty (F: N/A)
Anthony Charles Duvall (M: 45) Douglas Eugene Dvorak (U: N/A) John Lewis Dwarf (M: 30)
Michael Ernest Dworshack (M: N/A) Jesse Ray Dykes (M: 58) Gene Jacob Dykman (M: 65)

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