Sex Offender Profile Directory : Missouri : R

All sex offender data currently in our database from Missouri whose last name begins with the letter R are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Missouri sex offender information.

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John William Raaf (M: 64) John W Raaf (M: N/A) Mitchell Racanelli (M: 30)
Mitchell William Racanelli (M: 30) Garlin Rachel (M: 56) Garlin W Rachel (U: N/A)
Edwin Ray Radar (M: 45) Edwin R Radar (U: N/A) Ryan Eugene Radel (M: 21)
Gary Edward Rademacher (M: 57) Don Dwaine Rader (M: 33) James Eldwyn Rader (M: 63)
James E Rader (M: N/A) Brian Lee Radford (M: 23) Wyman C Radford (M: 39)
Joseph Michael Radick (M: 27) Joseph Michael Radick (M: 27) Eric W Radmer (M: 34)
Michael Gregory Radomski (M: 26) Edward Louis Radousky (M: 54) Jack Samuel Ragland (U: N/A)
Dennis Wade Ragle (M: 53) Johnny Franklin Ragsdale (M: 75) Johnny F Ragsdale (U: N/A)
Richard D Ragsdale (M: N/A) Larry Earl Raiford (M: 59) David Lee Raines (M: 40)
Eric Anthony Raines (M: 57) Frank Leonard Raines (M: 59) Kevin Charles Raines (M: 48)
Cordeus Lamont Rainey (M: 31) Cordeus Lamont Rainey (M: 32) John Joseph Rainez (M: 39)
James Allen Rains (M: 55) Michael Carl Rains (M: 50) James Rains (M: N/A)
James A Rains (M: N/A) Kevin C Rains (M: N/A) Kimberly D Rains (U: N/A)
Michael C Rains (M: N/A) Micheal Leroy Rainwater (M: 55) Ramona Rena Rainwater (F: 48)
Michael L Rainwater (M: N/A) Tristian Scott Raithel (U: N/A) Mac Lewis Rakes (M: 53)
Edwin Junior Raleigh (M: 36) Edwin Junior Raleigh (M: 35) Frank Earl Raleigh (M: 39)
Frank E Raleigh (M: 39) Edwin J Raleigh (U: N/A) John Robert Ralph (M: 55)
John R Ralph (M: N/A) Franklin Leroy Ralston (M: 55) Roosevelt Rambo (M: 44)
Roosevelt R Rambo (U: N/A) Andrew David Ramer (M: 27) Bryan Wesley Ramer (M: 41)
Stephen Dwayne Ramey (M: 44) Stephen D Ramey (U: N/A) Alexander Conrad Ramirez (M: 41)
Alexander Conrad Ramirez (M: 40) Tony L Ramirez (M: 55) Alexander C Ramirez (U: N/A)
Tony L Ramirez (U: N/A) David Maciel Ramirez (M: N/A) Ronald Ramis (M: 40)
Gilbert Ramon (M: 60) Michael Wayne Ramos (M: 37) Santos R Ramos (U: N/A)
Stanley Gene Rampley (U: N/A) Clarence Eugene Ramsey (M: 34) Gary Lee Ramsey (M: 45)
John Robert Ramsey (M: 75) Richard Gerard Ramsey (M: 52) Robert Wayne Ramsey (M: 65)
Ross Raymond Ramsey (M: 44) Jeremiah David Ramsey (U: N/A) Jeremiah D Ramsey (U: N/A)
John R Ramsey (M: N/A) Richard G Ramsey (M: N/A) Ross R Ramsey (U: N/A)
Robert Cornell Ranch (M: 26) Michael Edward Rancher (M: 52) Robert Joseph Rancilio (M: 43)
David Laird Ranck (M: 62) David L Ranck (M: N/A) Anthony Keil Rand (M: 31)
Anthony K Rand (M: N/A) Anthony Jerome Randall (M: 44) Benjamin Curtis Randall (M: 44)
Feonn Lemonn Randall (M: 36) Robert Rowland Randall (M: 75) Roger Allen Randall (M: 61)
Benjamin C Randall (U: N/A) Robert R Randall (M: N/A) Roger A Randall (U: N/A)
Joseph Charles Randazzo (M: 51) Sherry Lee Randazzo (F: 48) Joseph C Randazzo (M: N/A)
Arsenio James Randle (M: 21) Damon Lee Randle (M: 37) William T Randle (M: 32)
Damon L Randle (U: N/A) James Logan Randol (M: 52) Guy Lamont Randolph (M: 31)
Jimmie Dale Randolph (M: 61) Melvin Agustus Randolph (M: 55) Patrick E Randolph (M: 39)
Robert Edward Randolph (M: 63) Tracy Lynn Randolph (M: 42) Tracy L Randolph (M: 42)
Wayne E Randolph (U: N/A) Jason T Randolph (M: N/A) Jimmie D Randolph (U: N/A)
Vaughn Aaron Ranek (M: 24) Anthony Joseph Range (M: 35) Arlie Scot Range (M: 43)
Arlie S Range (U: N/A) Melvin Lee Rankin (M: 27) Robert James Rankin (M: 27)
Steven Allen Rankin (M: 52) Robert J Rankin (M: N/A) Steven A Rankin (M: N/A)
Phillip Lamont Ransburg (U: N/A) James William Ransom (M: 38) Joseph Allan Ransom (M: 31)
Ronnie Ransom (M: 51) Billy Joe Ransom (M: 53) James W Ransom (M: N/A)
Joseph A Ransom (M: N/A) Ronnie A Ransom (U: N/A) Alfred Chesley Rantz (M: 58)
Alfred C Rantz (U: N/A) Gary Dwaine Rapien (M: 55) Hughy S Rapp (U: N/A)
Dennis George Rapplean (M: 38) William Edward Rapplean (M: 40) Dennis G Rapplean (U: N/A)
Ronald Dean Rardon (M: 49) Ronald D Rardon (M: N/A) Patrick Neal Rasch (M: 46)
Patrick N Rasch (U: N/A) David William Rasche (M: 66) Paul Melvin Rasche (M: 41)
Gary Wayne Raschko (M: 40) Gary W Raschko (U: N/A) Michael Leroy Rash (M: 41)
Michael Leroy Nelson Rash (M: 42) Ronald Gene Rash (M: 35) Ronald G Rash (M: N/A)
Selous Rashid Rashad (M: 48) Selous R Rashad (U: N/A) Kamal Rasheed (M: 58)
Kamal R Rasheed (U: N/A) William J Rasmuson (M: N/A) Justin Nathaniel Ratcliff (M: 33)
Steven B Ratcliff (M: 65) Steven Bradford Ratcliff (M: 65) Justin Nathaniel Ratcliffe (M: 34)
Kristen Annette Rath (F: 26) Phillip L Rath (M: 59) Eugene Francis Rathbone (M: 63)
Eugene F Rathbone (U: N/A) Rolf Erick Rathmann (M: 46) Heath Andrew Ratliff (M: 36)
John Henry Ratliff (M: 60) Leonard Bernard Ratliff (M: 24) David Shane Ratliff (M: N/A)
David S Ratliff (M: N/A) John H Ratliff (M: N/A) Leonard B Ratliff (U: N/A)
Gregory Louis Rattini (M: 47) Alton Franklin Raulston (M: 44) Alton F Raulston (U: N/A)
Stephen Earl Raupp (M: 31) Robert T Rautio (M: 32) David L Rawson (M: N/A)
Lewis Ray (M: 47) Adham Ben Ray (M: 33) Albert Raymond Ray (M: 42)
Clarence Edwin Ray (M: 84) Curtis Franklin Ray (M: 47) David Michael Ray (M: 56)
Donald G Ray (M: 58) Ernest Lee Ray (M: 72) Everett Allan Ray (M: 49)
Joseph Patrick Ray (M: 23) Marvin Lee Ray (M: 27) Raymond Earl Ray (M: 54)
Ronald Neil Ray (M: 47) Ronald Lee Ray (M: 46) Shelton Antonio Ray (M: 23)
Travis John Ray (M: 29) Alvin D Ray (U: N/A) Christopher M Ray (M: N/A)
David L Ray (M: N/A) Albert R Ray (U: N/A) Clarence E Ray (U: N/A)
Curtis F Ray (U: N/A) Ernest L Ray (M: N/A) Jeffrey S Ray (M: N/A)
Richard A Ray (M: N/A) Ronald N Ray (M: N/A) Shelton T Ray (U: N/A)
Ryan Heath Rayburn (U: N/A) Ronald G Rayfield (M: N/A) Richard Wayne Rayford (M: 52)
Steven Rayford (M: 44) Richard W Rayford (M: N/A) Lloyd Andrew Raygor (M: 44)
Eric Lee Raymo (M: 39) Richard Lemen Raymo (M: 32) Eric L Raymo (U: N/A)
Richard L Raymo (M: N/A) Justin Scott Raymond (M: 26) Kevin James Raymond (M: 58)
Charles Allen Raynor (M: 53) Leland Leslie Razer (M: 64) Lee L Razer (U: N/A)
Jesse Rena Razo (M: 50) Jesse Rene Razo (M: 50) Justin James Read (M: 37)
Lawrence Earl Read (M: 50) Justin J Read (U: N/A) Lawrence E Read (U: N/A)
Dominic Deance Reading (M: 26) Edward D Readman (M: 49) Marc Allen Readman (M: 29)
Thomas Gabriel Rearick (M: 21) Billy Gene Reasons (M: 67) Rhodeana Jean Reasons (F: 74)
Billy G Reasons (U: N/A) Rhodeana J Reasons (U: N/A) Michael David Reaves (M: 42)
Michael Ray Reber (M: 24) Richard Dale Rebstock (M: 54) William P Recer (M: N/A)
Fred William Recker (M: 37) Fred William Recker (M: 36) James Denver Recker (M: 38)
Joseph Edward Recker (M: 32) Fred P Recker (U: N/A) James D Recker (M: N/A)
Joseph E Recker (M: N/A) Charles Edward Record (M: 34) Charles E Record (M: N/A)
Donald Jerry Rector (M: 57) Jesse Ray Rector (M: 28) Scottie William Rector (M: 33)
Donald J Rector (M: N/A) Jason Bradley Redburn (M: 40) Darren Ray Redd (M: 50)
Gary Dean Reddick (U: N/A) Martin Edward Reddig (M: 33) David Michael Redding (M: 29)
Raymond Robert Redfern (M: 52) Raymond R Redfern (U: N/A) Alden Redfield (M: 70)
William Joseph Redhage (M: 24) William J Redhage (M: N/A) Theodore Edward Redick (M: 51)
Theodore E Redick (U: N/A) Steven Watson Redmon (M: 28) Steven Watson Redmon (M: N/A)
Raymond Lee Redmond (M: 56) James A Redmond (M: N/A) Antoine Leon Reece (M: 35)
Lavern Reece (M: 74) Ricky Ray Reece (M: 41) Antoine A Reece (U: N/A)
Lavern A Reece (U: N/A) Elza Reed (M: 86) Adam Christopher Reed (M: 27)
Arthur James Reed (M: 66) Billy Gene Reed (M: 48) Billy Gene Reed (M: 63)
Buster O Reed (M: 54) Charles Kevin Reed (M: 51) Charles William Reed (M: 36)
Cherry Reed (F: 50) Cherry Reed (F: 49) Cody Robert Reed (M: 21)
Curtis Leroy Reed (M: 64) Daniel Wayne Reed (M: 41) Danny Ray Reed (M: 30)
David Bruce Reed (M: 58) David A Reed (M: 46) David Oliver Reed (M: 45)
Dustin Miles Reed (M: 32) Gregory Reed (M: 57) Gregory Keith Reed (M: 48)
James Walter Reed (M: 65) James Edward Reed (M: 49) James Michael Reed (M: 32)
Jerold Marvin Reed (M: 63) John William Reed (M: 45) Joshua Lee Reed (M: 31)
Matthew Joseph Reed (M: 27) Patrick Duane Reed (M: 55) Phillip Wayne Reed (M: 36)
Randy J Reed (M: 51) Rocky J Reed (M: 31) Ronald Allen Reed (M: 51)
Stephen Eugene Reed (M: 44) Vernon David Reed (M: 37) Charles W Reed (M: N/A)
Curtis L Reed (U: N/A) Daniel W Reed (M: N/A) David A Reed (M: N/A)
David B Reed (M: N/A) Edward C Reed (M: N/A) Gregory C Reed (M: N/A)
James E Reed (M: N/A) James W Reed (M: N/A) Jerold M Reed (U: N/A)
John W Reed (M: N/A) Johnny M Reed (U: N/A) Joshua M Reed (U: N/A)
Lloyd M Reed (U: N/A) Maurice F Reed (U: N/A) Michael F Reed (M: N/A)
Patrick D Reed (U: N/A) Phillip W Reed (U: N/A) Ronald A Reed (M: N/A)
Stephen E Reed (U: N/A) Vernon D Reed (U: N/A) Willie E Reed (U: N/A)
Johnny M Reed (U: N/A) Elza Reed (U: N/A) Gene Reed (U: N/A)
Maverick Dean Reed (U: N/A) Daniel Lee Reed (M: N/A) Jerry Lee Reed (U: N/A)
Darrel Lloyd Reed (U: N/A) Bryan Scott Reeder (M: 51) Bryan Scott Reeder (M: 52)
Kermit David Reeder (M: 54) Scot Alan Reef (M: 52) Scot A Reef (U: N/A)
William Henry Reehten (M: 67) William H Reehten (M: 67) William H Reehten (M: N/A)
David Lloyd Rees (M: 40) Bruce Ralph Reese (M: 61) Clyde Reese (M: 61)
Danny Dale Reese (M: 48) Robert Roman Reese (M: 21) Clyde H Reese (U: N/A)
Michael A Reese (M: N/A) William J Reeser (M: 93) Bradley Hurshel Reeves (M: 32)
Eric Justin Reeves (M: 36) James Darrill Reeves (M: 45) James Darrill Reeves (M: 45)
Patrick K Reeves (M: 43) Rodney D Reeves (M: 38) William Junior Reeves (M: 68)
Bradley H Reeves (U: N/A) James D Reeves (M: N/A) John D Reeves (M: N/A)
Christopher Paul Reffitt (M: 35) Rebecca Lynn Reffitt (F: 48) Rebecca Lynn Reffitt (F: 49)
Christopher P Reffitt (M: N/A) Lance Christopher Regazzi (M: 26) Lance Christophe Regazzi (M: 26)
Barry Rodney Register (U: N/A) John Robert Regot (M: 36) John R Regot (M: N/A)
Michael Dean Rehkop (M: 44) Michael D Rehkop (M: 45) Warren Arthur Rehkop (M: 49)
Michael D Rehkop (M: N/A) Warren A Rehkop (U: N/A) Steven Martin Reich (M: 42)
Steven M Reich (M: N/A) Virgil Eugene Reichard (M: 64) Virgil E Reichard (U: N/A)
Robert Dale Reichert (M: N/A) Christopher E Reichgert (M: N/A) John Clifford Reichle (M: 49)
John C Reichle (M: N/A) Mike T Reicks (M: 44) Billy Edward Reid (M: 39)
Brenda Lee Reid (F: 46) Brett Michael Reid (M: 32) Christopher A Reid (M: 59)
Jerry Lane Reid (M: 44) Steven Don Reid (M: 55) Billy E Reid (U: N/A)
Brenda L Reid (U: N/A) Jerry L Reid (U: N/A) Steven D Reid (M: N/A)
Richard Edward Reidel (M: 60) Richard E Reidel (M: N/A) Gary Vernon Reilly (M: 44)
Douglas Lane Reine (M: 50) Douglas L Reine (U: N/A) Gary Allen Reingardt (U: N/A)
Harry Albert Reinheimer (M: 57) Harry A Reinheimer (U: N/A) Timothy William Reinier (M: 26)
Timothy William Reinier (M: 26) Richard H Reinkmeyer (M: 70) Scott Daniel Reiter (M: 42)
Scott D Reiter (U: N/A) Nelson Ray Reitz (M: 35) Michael Edward Reizer (M: 41)
Michael E Reizer (M: N/A) Christopher L Relford (M: N/A) James Larry Reliford (M: 65)
James L Reliford (M: N/A) Rodinald Lee Remington (M: 55) Martin W Renard (U: N/A)
Michael Dee Render (M: 27) Steven Clark Rendleman (M: 51) Steven C Rendleman (M: N/A)
Jimmy Lee Renfro (M: 45) Demian E Renfrow (M: 29) Demain Renfrow (U: N/A)
Joseph A Renicke (M: 47) Bruce M Renn (M: 33) Bruce Michael Renn (M: 33)
Jerry Patrick Renn (M: 53) Andrew James Renne (M: 30) Scott Allen Rennick (M: 39)
Scott A Rennick (U: N/A) Ralph Darnell Reno (M: 46) Ralph D Reno (U: N/A)
Phillip Dean Renshaw (M: 58) Phillip D Renshaw (U: N/A) Eric D Renzelmann (M: 33)
Eric Daniel Renzelmann (U: N/A) Joseph William Repici (M: 50) Joseph William Repici (M: 51)
Daniel T Repple (M: N/A) Edward Thomas Resch (M: 52) Richard A Resig (M: 57)
Larry Edward Resinger (M: 37) Clifton Dewayne Resonno (M: 41) Randy James Resz (M: 40)
Helen Retherford (U: N/A) Daniel Lee Retzlaff (M: 21) Anthony Ray Reven (M: 58)
Anthony R Reven (M: N/A) Kevin T Rew (M: N/A) Stephen Joseph Rey (M: 68)
Stephen J Rey (U: N/A) Edgar Eduardo Reyes (M: 29) Gilberto Enrique Reyes (M: 30)
Julio Cesar Reyes (M: 26) Luis Alonzo Reyes (M: 35) Julio C Reyes (U: N/A)
Bernard Leon Reynolds (M: 58) Brandon Allan Reynolds (M: 23) Bryson Leigh Reynolds (M: 27)
Daniel Reece Reynolds (M: 56) George Lee Reynolds (M: 63) Jack Danial Reynolds (M: 61)
James Francis Reynolds (M: 45) Jimmy Daniel Reynolds (M: 35) Kevin L Reynolds (M: 46)
Lynn Craig Reynolds (M: 56) Mark Reynolds (M: 48) Michael Alan Reynolds (M: 33)
Patrick Michael Reynolds (M: 44) Raymond Allen Reynolds (M: 56) Raynard L Reynolds (M: 32)
Ricky Ladell Reynolds (M: 53) Ronald Eugene Reynolds (M: 46) Shawn Patrick Reynolds (M: 31)
Terrell Eugene Reynolds (M: 34) Toby Ryan Reynolds (M: 19) William Cresco Reynolds (M: 72)
Jimmie Reynolds (M: 38) Joshua Abraham Reynolds (U: N/A) Charles G Reynolds (M: N/A)
Bernard L Reynolds (U: N/A) Billy J Reynolds (U: N/A) Cary T Reynolds (U: N/A)
Daniel R Reynolds (M: N/A) Jack D Reynolds (U: N/A) Jimmy D Reynolds (M: N/A)
Karen A Reynolds (U: N/A) Ricky L Reynolds (U: N/A) Ronald E Reynolds (M: N/A)
Shawn P Reynolds (U: N/A) Gregorio Martin Reynoso (M: 47) Donald M Rhea (M: N/A)
Joseph Dewaine Rhine (M: 36) Joseph D Rhine (M: N/A) Harry Leo Rhines (M: 34)
Harry Glen Rhoades (M: 49) Harry G Rhoades (U: N/A) Ryan Allen Rhoades (U: N/A)
Paul Frederick Rhoads (M: 39) Paul F Rhoads (M: N/A) Brian D Rhodes (M: 53)
Donald Eric Rhodes (M: 39) Joseph Lee Rhodes (M: 40) Larry M Rhodes (M: 43)
Michael Eugene Rhodes (M: 37) Phillip M Rhodes (M: 62) Randy Ray Rhodes (M: 47)
Sean Patrick Rhodes (M: 41) Tyrone Rhodes (M: 51) Bryan L Rhodes (U: N/A)
Donald E Rhodes (M: N/A) Joseph L Rhodes (M: N/A) Larry M Rhodes (M: N/A)
Michael E Rhodes (M: N/A) Randy R Rhodes (U: N/A) Robert C Rhodes (M: N/A)
Sean P Rhodes (U: N/A) Tyrone P Rhodes (U: N/A) Raychelle Ollie Rhone (M: 56)
Raychelle O Rhone (U: N/A) Donald W Rhyne (M: N/A) Joseph Anthony Ribando (M: 56)
Joseph A Ribando (M: N/A) Adam John Rice (M: 33) George Fernando Rice (M: 32)
James Edward Rice (M: 50) James Terry Rice (M: 28) John J Rice (M: 79)
Kelly David Rice (M: 41) Kevin Lee Rice (M: 35) Michael Stephen Rice (M: 70)
Reginald Rice (M: 53) Sean Courtney Rice (M: 44) Terrance Wayne Rice (M: 39)
Terry Wayne Rice (M: 39) Vernon Edward Rice (M: 81) Harry L Rice (U: N/A)
George A Rice (M: N/A) James D Rice (M: N/A) Kelly D Rice (U: N/A)
Michael S Rice (M: N/A) Reginald S Rice (U: N/A) Suzanne S Rice (U: N/A)
Vernon E Rice (U: N/A) Kelan Sheron Rice (U: N/A) Jamahl Jekar Rice (U: N/A)
Craig Brandon Rich (M: 35) Johnny Rockwell Rich (M: 39) Robert R Rich (M: 44)
Terry Lee Rich (M: 64) Terry Lee Rich (M: 63) Craig B Rich (U: N/A)
Johnny R Rich (U: N/A) Matthew William Richard (M: 22) Cory Alan Richards (M: 34)
Edward Eugene Richards (M: 55) Kyle Nicholas Richards (M: 27) Michael Alan Richards (M: 39)
Roy Martin Richards (M: 49) Thomas Arthur Richards (M: 32) Edward E Richards (M: N/A)
Michael A Richards (M: N/A) Michael S Richards (M: N/A) Albert Matthew Richardson (M: 43)
Anthony Carlos Richardson (M: 50) Benjamin Lee Richardson (M: 53) Bradley Wayne Richardson (M: 35)
Brett Auburn Richardson (M: 31) Charles Maurice Richardson (M: 65) Clifford Warren Richardson (M: 66)
Corey Martin Richardson (M: 42) David Allen Richardson (M: 29) Ernest Keith Richardson (M: 33)
Ernest Keith Richardson (M: 33) Frank William Richardson (M: 66) Hans Alexander Richardson (M: 43)
Harry J Richardson (M: 34) Jackie Lee Richardson (M: 68) John William Richardson (M: 39)
John Edward Richardson (M: 39) Joseph Tindall Richardson (M: 26) Kenneth Wayne Richardson (M: 38)
Marcus Ben Richardson (M: 30) Michael Wesley Richardson (M: 32) Michael Wayne Richardson (M: 49)
Michael Eugene Richardson (M: 45) Robert Dawayne Richardson (M: 46) Ronald Dean Richardson (M: 54)
Ronald Dean Richardson (M: 53) Steven G Richardson (M: 52) William Donald Richardson (M: 23)
Brian W Richardson (M: 37) Benjamin L Richardson (U: N/A) Bradley W Richardson (U: N/A)
Brett A Richardson (U: N/A) David A Richardson (M: N/A) Frank W Richardson (U: N/A)
Jackie L Richardson (U: N/A) John W Richardson (M: N/A) Kenneth W Richardson (M: N/A)
Kevin W Richardson (M: N/A) Michael W Richardson (M: N/A) Randal L Richardson (U: N/A)
Robert D Richardson (M: N/A) Ronald D Richardson (M: N/A) Tony M Richardson (U: N/A)
David Derron Richardson (M: N/A) Michael Anthony Richardson (M: N/A) Michael Eugene Richardson (M: N/A)
Dustin D Richardson (U: N/A) Sean Thomas Richardson (U: N/A) Brian Wayne Richardson (M: N/A)
Daniel Rick Richardson 2nd (M: N/A) Christopher Edward Richer (M: 46) Christopher Edward Richer (M: 45)
Gary Lynn Richey (M: 60) Terry Lynn Richey (M: 49) James Eric Richmond (M: 35)
William Albert Richmond (M: 30) James E Richmond (M: N/A) Warren Lee Richter (M: 64)
Warren L Richter (U: N/A) Aaron Michael Richter (U: N/A) Phillip Eugene Rick (M: 47)
Rubert Lee Rick (M: 49) Phillip E Rick (U: N/A) Scott Michael Rickard (M: 31)
Tracy Dale Rickel (M: 42) Jerald Arthur Ricker (M: 67) Michael Edward Rickerson (M: 40)
Michael Joseph Rickert (M: 50) Michael J Rickert (M: N/A) Delfin Shawn Ricket (M: 27)
Delfin Edward Ricket (M: 28) Delfin J Ricket (U: N/A) Martin Andrew Ricketson (M: 48)
Martin A Ricketson (U: N/A) Morris Ricketts (M: 42) Michael S Ricketts (M: 55)
Michael S Ricketts (M: N/A) Heather Louise Rickman (F: 27) Jonathan Clayton Rickman (M: 31)
Lloyd Miller Rickman (M: 40) Randall Lee Rickman (M: 53) Lloyd M Rickman (U: N/A)
Randall L Rickman (U: N/A) Stevenson Rozell Ricks (M: 38) Richard Ward Rickus (M: 39)
Stephen Paul Rico (M: 27) Stephen P Rico (U: N/A) Bobby Joe Ridall (M: 57)
Bobby J Ridall (U: N/A) Justin Daniel Riddell (U: N/A) Alvin Riddle (M: 47)
Dennis Lee Riddle (M: 41) Gary Lee Riddle (M: 40) Michael Shawn Riddle (M: 47)
Rose Mary Riddle (F: 35) Michael Shawn Riddle (M: 47) Michael S Riddle (M: N/A)
Dennis Eddie Lee Riddle (M: 42) Daryl A Rideeoutte (M: 23) Roger Dale Riden (U: N/A)
Roger D Riden (U: N/A) Guy Albert Ridenhour (M: 43) Guy A Ridenhour (U: N/A)
Kenneth Lee Ridenour (M: 38) Thomas Lee Ridenour (M: 47) Thomas L Ridenour (M: N/A)
Joshua Jackson Rideout (U: N/A) Arthur Almer Ridge (M: 58) Darrell Eugene Ridge (M: 44)
Darrell E Ridge (U: N/A) Scott Wayne Ridgel (M: 39) Stephanie Denise Ridings (U: N/A)
Kevin M Ridlehoover (M: 48) Lawrence Paul Ridley (M: 38) Lawrence P Ridley (U: N/A)
Paul Anthony Riechers (M: 37) Michael Todd Riedle (M: 47) Richard Anthony Riegerix (M: 41)
Robert C Riegerix (M: N/A) Robert R Riehl (M: N/A) Jeffrey A Riffle (M: N/A)
Joseph Charles Riga (M: 52) Zackary Robert Rigatti (M: 25) Zackary Robert Rigatti (M: 25)
Alfred William Riggins (M: 43) Charles Ambrose Riggins (M: 65) James Lee Riggins (M: 31)
Jimmy Lee Riggins (M: 32) Charles A Riggins (M: N/A) Clifford Marshall Riggs (M: 76)
Clifford M Riggs (U: N/A) Larry Ray Righter (M: N/A) Chris Alan Rightsell (M: 44)
Chris A Rightsell (U: N/A) Kevin S Rigney (M: 49) Edwin Warren Riley (M: 71)
Arlie Lee Riley (M: 52) David Warren Riley (M: 32) Harry Joseph Riley (M: 51)
James Ford Riley (M: 36) Jeffrey Clyde Riley (M: 42) Joseph F Riley (M: 71)
Mark Anthony Riley (M: 43) Michael Duane Riley (M: 45) Patrick L Riley (U: N/A)
Jeff J Riley (M: N/A) Michael D Riley (M: N/A) Perry Thaxton Riley (U: N/A)
Ralph Carl Rima (M: 44) Duane Rinehart (M: 48) Joshua Everson Riner (M: 34)
Lloyd Joseph Ring (U: N/A) Lloyd J Ring (U: N/A) Calvin Arthur Ringo (M: 66)
Calvin A Ringo (U: N/A) Anthony Dale Rinker (M: N/A) Mark A Riordan (M: 50)
Thomas P Riordan (M: N/A) Mark A Riordan (U: N/A) Herman Rios (M: 53)
Herman Rios (M: 54) Victor Gaston Riou (M: 49) Victor G Riou (U: N/A)
Anthony Houston Ripley (M: 55) Richard Ray Ripley (M: 43) Joshua Paul Rippee (M: 28)
Terry Lynn Rippee (M: 50) Joshua P Rippee (U: N/A) Brandon William Rippeto (M: 26)
Kimberly C Rippeto (U: N/A) Jason Andrew Ripple (M: 42) Jason A Ripple (M: N/A)
Sam A Risaliti (U: N/A) Brandon Lamar Risby (M: 25) Brandon L Risby (U: N/A)
Kevin Lee Risher (M: 40) Jerry Wells Risinger (M: 71) James Alan Risner (M: 50)
James Alan Risner (M: 49) Kenneth Wayne Risner (M: 49) James A Risner (M: N/A)
Jerry W Ritch (M: 49) Keith Talmadge Ritchey (M: 22) Walter Ritchey (M: 64)
Kevin Wayne Ritchie (M: 34) Michael Dale Ritchie (M: 35) Michael D Ritchie (M: N/A)
Nicholas Anthony Riti (M: 40) Austin Kenneth Ritter (M: 32) Freddie Allan Ritter (M: 46)
Kevin W Ritter (M: 32) Michael J Ritter (M: 49) Steven J Ritter (M: 32)
Steven Joseph Ritter (M: 31) Terry Ray Ritter (M: 43) Austin K Ritter (U: N/A)
Steven J Ritter (M: N/A) Ronald Limas Ritualo (M: 43) Ronald Limas Ritualo (M: 43)
Ronald L Ritualo (M: N/A) Chris Kirby Ritz (M: 52) Brian Scott Rivera (M: 30)
Henry Rivera (M: 57) Ricardo Rivera (M: 51) Brian S Rivera (M: N/A)
Henry S Rivera (M: N/A) Ricardo S Rivera (U: N/A) Donnell Rivers (M: 35)
David Thomas Rizzio (M: N/A) Allen Dale Roach (M: 57) Mickie Wayne Roach (M: 38)
Shawn Alexander Roach (M: 30) William Gentry Roach (M: 43) Chester D Roach (U: N/A)
Chester D Roach (M: 46) Allen D Roach (U: N/A) Bobette W Roach (U: N/A)
Mickie W Roach (U: N/A) William G Roach (M: N/A) William Donald Roam (M: 41)
Darin Alexander Roark (M: 35) Rhonda Rochelle Roark (F: 46) Stanley Dwayne Roark (M: 57)
Rhonda R Roark (U: N/A) Stanley D Roark (U: N/A) Shawn Franklin Robards (M: 40)
Shawn F Robards (U: N/A) Jeremiah Lee Robb (M: 19) Marion Leroy Robb (M: 75)
Marion L Robb (U: N/A) Jerome Bernard Robben (M: 69) Jerome B Robben (U: N/A)
Andrew L Robbins (M: 36) Charles Robbins (M: 50) David Wayne Robbins (M: 51)
David Levi Robbins (M: 58) Gary Lee Robbins (M: 49) Jeffrey Lynn Robbins (M: 55)
John David Robbins (M: 24) Karl M Robbins (M: 26) Kenneth Robbins (M: 36)
Kenneth Ray Robbins (M: 36) Brandi N Robbins (U: N/A) David W Robbins (M: N/A)
Gerald W Robbins (U: N/A) Andrew L Roberson (M: 42) Chester Anthony Roberson (M: 37)
David Earl Roberson (M: 44) Frank L Roberson (M: 56) David E Roberson (M: 38)
Chester A Roberson (U: N/A) Frank L Roberson (U: N/A) James Franklin Roberston (M: N/A)
Bobby Allen Roberts (M: 39) Christopher Curtis Roberts (M: 30) Donald Joe Roberts (M: 51)
Eugene Paul Roberts (M: 43) Eugene P Roberts (M: 43) James Richard Roberts (M: 63)
James William Roberts (M: 60) James Edmond Roberts (M: 27) Jerald Jerome Roberts (M: 45)
John Evans Roberts (M: 69) John Ray Roberts (M: 52) Lloyd Wellington Roberts (M: 47)
Mark Thomas Roberts (M: 60) Nikia Lea Roberts (F: 34) Paul David Roberts (M: 53)
Pete Allan Roberts (M: 46) Phillip Nathaniel Roberts (M: 36) Purny Stephen Roberts (M: 58)
Randall Lloyd Roberts (M: 54) Richard Leroy Roberts (M: 57) Ricky Lynn Roberts (M: 53)
Ricky L Roberts (M: 53) Shane Colby Roberts (M: 32) Steven Carl Roberts (M: 43)
Timothy Michael Roberts (M: 33) Tonja Lynn Roberts (F: 43) Christopher Alan Roberts (M: 56)
James Lawrence Roberts (M: N/A) Michael Andrew Roberts (M: N/A) Adam L Roberts (U: N/A)
Bobby A Roberts (U: N/A) Cheryl L Roberts (U: N/A) Christopher A Roberts (M: N/A)
Christopher C Roberts (M: N/A) Darrell A Roberts (U: N/A) Eugene P Roberts (U: N/A)
James R Roberts (M: N/A) James W Roberts (M: N/A) John E Roberts (M: N/A)
Lloyd W Roberts (U: N/A) Mark T Roberts (U: N/A) Michael A Roberts (M: N/A)
Paul D Roberts (M: N/A) Pete A Roberts (U: N/A) Phillip A Roberts (U: N/A)
Purny S Roberts (U: N/A) Tonya L Roberts (U: N/A) Laron Deandre Roberts (U: N/A)
Robbie Wayne Roberts (U: N/A) Alfred Edwin Robertson (M: 72) Billy Glen Robertson (M: 76)
Christopher W Robertson (M: 39) Daniel Amos Robertson (M: 47) Donald James Robertson (M: 39)
Gary Dale Robertson (M: 42) Gregory A Robertson (M: 53) James Norwood Robertson (M: 74)
James Lawrence Robertson (M: 34) Jason Brett Robertson (M: 32) Joseph Adam Robertson (M: 29)
Joshua James Robertson (M: 22) Larry Clinton Robertson (M: 58) Richard Emmett Robertson (M: 44)
Robert Earl Robertson (M: 54) Robert Lee Robertson (M: 36) Rodney Lee Robertson (M: 64)
Timothy Ray Robertson (M: 26) Timothy Ray Robertson (M: 25) Alfred E Robertson (U: N/A)
Daniel A Robertson (M: N/A) Donald J Robertson (M: N/A) Donald R Robertson (M: N/A)
James N Robertson (M: N/A) Jason B Robertson (M: N/A) Richard E Robertson (M: N/A)
Rodney L Robertson (U: N/A) Richard Vernon Robey (M: 25) Rory Travis Robie (M: 47)
Rory T Robie (U: N/A) Dolar Gene Robinett (M: 52) Lester Dale Robinett (M: 46)
Steve Robinson (M: 27) Sylvester Robinson (M: 50) Anson Noland Robinson (M: 49)
Antanyon Lanaris Robinson (M: 47) Anthony Dewayne Robinson (M: 41) Bradley Dale Robinson (M: 46)
Bradley D Robinson (M: 47) Bruce D Robinson (M: 25) Carlos Dawayne Robinson (M: 43)
Charles E Robinson (M: 73) Charles D Robinson (M: 33) Christopher Lee Robinson (M: 29)
Christopher Scott Robinson (M: 41) Clarence Thomas Robinson (M: 50) Cleveland Randy Robinson (M: 22)
Cornell Robinson (M: 40) Craig Dewayne Robinson (M: 49) Curtis Edward Robinson (M: 37)
David Odon Robinson (M: 58) David A Robinson (M: 60) Donald R Robinson (M: 57)
Elvester Almyron Robinson (M: 48) Frederick Robinson (M: 47) Frederick Dewayne Robinson (M: 46)
Gregory Keith Robinson (M: 53) Hayton Paul Robinson (M: 22) Jackie Lee Robinson (M: 48)
James E Robinson (M: 64) Jeffrey Lawrence Robinson (M: 66) Joe Willie Robinson (M: 50)
John Henry Robinson (M: 28) Johnnie Robinson (M: 62) Kenneth Eugene Robinson (M: 63)
Kenneth D Robinson (M: 33) Kenneth Robinson (M: 59) Marlon Robinson (M: 54)
Michael Albert Robinson (M: 44) Reginald Gary Robinson (M: 33) Richard Leon Robinson (M: 55)
Robert Darnell Robinson (M: 41) Robert Lee Robinson (M: 30) Rodney L Robinson (M: 34)
Roland L Robinson (M: 34) Ronald Lee Robinson (M: 31) Roosevelt Lamont Robinson (M: 33)
Roy Jolen Robinson (M: 45) Shaunn Darrell Robinson (M: 32) Thomas Wade Robinson (M: 64)
Warren Thomas Robinson (M: 68) Wesley Neal Robinson (M: 30) Sammy Lee Robinson (M: 30)
Danny L Robinson (U: N/A) Charles E Robinson (M: 74) Aaron J Robinson (U: N/A)
Antanyon L Robinson (U: N/A) Anthony D Robinson (M: N/A) Bradley D Robinson (U: N/A)
Bruce D Robinson (U: N/A) Charles E Robinson (M: N/A) Charles R Robinson (M: N/A)
Christopher R Robinson (M: N/A) Christopher S Robinson (M: N/A) Clarence T Robinson (U: N/A)
Cornelle T Robinson (U: N/A) Darryl G Robinson (U: N/A) Elvester A Robinson (U: N/A)
Frederick D Robinson (U: N/A) Gregory K Robinson (M: N/A) Jackie L Robinson (U: N/A)
Joe W Robinson (U: N/A) Johnnie W Robinson (U: N/A) Marlon D Robinson (U: N/A)
Michael A Robinson (M: N/A) Reginald G Robinson (U: N/A) Richard L Robinson (M: N/A)
Robert L Robinson (M: N/A) Ronald L Robinson (M: N/A) Roy J Robinson (U: N/A)
Wesley N Robinson (U: N/A) Scott Alan Robinson (U: N/A) Keith Ydell Robinson (M: 30)
Sammie Lee Robinson Jr (U: N/A) Aaron Andrew Robinsonwaters (M: 33) Donald Lee Robison (M: 34)
Donald L Robison (M: N/A) Richard A Robitsch (M: 45) Richard Allan Robitsch (M: 44)
Frank J Robles (M: 54) Frank Joseph Robles (M: 53) Carl Louis Robuck (M: 75)
Carl L Robuck (M: N/A) Jacob John Rocha (M: 32) Vincent Paul Rocha (U: N/A)
James Scott Rocha (M: N/A) George Henry Rock (M: 44) Dennis P Rock (U: N/A)
George P Rock (M: N/A) Keith Alan Rodden (M: 49) Ronald Roddie (M: 46)
Ronald P Roddie (M: N/A) Esther Ann Roddy (F: 66) Esther A Roddy (U: N/A)
Casey Dean Roderick (M: 40) John David Roderick (M: 46) Casey D Roderick (U: N/A)
John D Roderick (M: N/A) William Lewis Roderique (M: 40) William L Roderique (M: N/A)
Brandon Rodery (U: N/A) Brandon L Rodery (U: N/A) Billy Gene Rodgers (M: 40)
Gina Renee Rodgers (F: 33) Johnny Jean Rodgers (M: 60) Leslie Lee Rodgers (M: 52)
Matthew Deandre Rodgers (M: 27) Willis Arthur Rodgers (M: 69) Willis Arthur Rodgers (M: 68)
Gina R Rodgers (U: N/A) Johnny G Rodgers (U: N/A) Matthew D Rodgers (M: N/A)
Thomas P Rodgers (M: N/A) Willard E Rodgers (U: N/A) Andrew Michael Rodiger (M: 51)
Roberto Rodrigez (M: 64) Matthew David Rodrigues (M: 43) Felix Limendo Rodriguez (M: 63)
Gorge Antonio Rodriguez (M: 31) Joseph Martin Rodriguez (M: 39) Juan David Rodriguez (M: 56)
Norberto G Rodriguez (M: 78) Roberto Carlos Rodriguez (M: 22) Juan D Rodriguez (U: N/A)
Norberto D Rodriguez (U: N/A) Sabrina M Rodriguez (U: N/A) Jose Maria Rodriquez (M: 30)
Felipe M Rodriquez (U: N/A) Humberto M Rodriquez (U: N/A) William Dale Rodrock (M: 35)
William D Rodrock (M: N/A) Kenneth Roy Roe (M: 65) Jerry A Roe (U: N/A)
Kenneth R Roe (M: N/A) Dennis Roebuck (M: 50) Carl T Roedel (M: 71)
Carl Theodore Roedel (M: 70) Michelle Ann Roedel (F: 34) Carl T Roedel (M: N/A)
Michelle A Roedel (U: N/A) Marlin Floyd Roeder (M: 76) Marlin F Roeder (U: N/A)
Kent Michael Roedner (M: 58) Anthony Michael Rogers (M: 40) Benjamin T Rogers (M: 43)
Daniel Wayne Rogers (M: 24) Daniel N Rogers (M: 38) Danny Ray Rogers (M: 33)
Donald Wayne Rogers (M: 39) Dwight David Rogers (M: 54) Eddie Eugene Rogers (M: 56)
Floyd Rogers (M: 45) Floyd F Rogers (M: 45) Fredric David Rogers (M: 63)
Jacob Duane Rogers (M: 27) James Martin Rogers (M: 55) Jimmy Rogers (M: 46)
Kevin L Rogers (M: 37) Lyle Elwood Rogers (M: 64) Michael Joiner Rogers (M: 48)
Michael T Rogers (M: 39) Michael Gene Rogers (M: 62) Michael T Rogers (M: 40)
Ronnie Dale Rogers (M: 49) Steven Charles Rogers (M: 55) Terry Lee Rogers (M: 48)
Wayne Rogers (M: 55) William Edward Rogers (M: 57) Daniel Norris Rogers (M: 39)
Willard E Rogers (U: N/A) Anthony M Rogers (M: N/A) Billy F Rogers (U: N/A)
Danny R Rogers (U: N/A) Floyd E Rogers (U: N/A) Fredric D Rogers (U: N/A)
James M Rogers (M: N/A) Jimmy M Rogers (M: N/A) Joshua L Rogers (U: N/A)
Lyle E Rogers (U: N/A) Mark F Rogers (U: N/A) Michael G Rogers (M: N/A)
Ronald M Rogers (M: N/A) Ronnie D Rogers (U: N/A) Steven C Rogers (M: N/A)
Wayne C Rogers (U: N/A) William E Rogers (M: N/A) Frank C Rogers (U: N/A)
Robin Scott Roggenbuck (M: 58) Robin S Roggenbuck (U: N/A) Ronald P Rogina (M: N/A)
Charles Patrick Rohaus (M: 63) Bryan Christopher Rohman (U: N/A) Richard Allen Rohmann (M: 55)
Richard A Rohmann (M: N/A) Gerald Lee Rohr (M: 66) Gerald L Rohr (U: N/A)
Daniel Arthur Rohwer (M: 53) Daniel A Rohwer (M: N/A) Brandon Maurice Roland (M: 33)
Eddie Wayne Roland (M: 61) Emmanuel Chester Roland (M: 34) Frankie Edward Roland (M: 46)
James Oliver Roland (M: 53) Joseph E Roland (M: 28) Raymond Jess Roland (M: 27)
Emmanuel C Roland (U: N/A) Frankie E Roland (U: N/A) James O Roland (M: N/A)
Ronda J Roland (U: N/A) Anthony Wayne Rolens (M: 44) Anthony W Rolens (M: N/A)
Marc Jason Roling (M: 40) Marc Jason Roling (M: 41) Marc J Roling (U: N/A)
Bobby G Rollet (M: 65) James Eugene Rollie (M: 35) James E Rollie (M: N/A)
Keith M Rollings (U: N/A) Harvey Wayne Rollins (M: 39) John Wayne Rollins (M: 52)
Ronnie Kay Rollins (M: 46) Torrence Lee Rollins (M: 50) John W Rollins (M: N/A)
Ronnie K Rollins (U: N/A) Terrance L Rollins (U: N/A) John Michael Rollman (M: 28)
Victor Manuel Roman (M: 38) Jeffery Ralph Romans (M: 51) Wesley Lloyd Romans (M: 45)
Jeffery R Romans (M: N/A) Wesley L Romans (U: N/A) Jason Paul Romdall (M: N/A)
Samuel Salvador Romero (M: 25) Kenneth Dwayne Romine (M: 42) Micky Thomas Romine (M: 90)
Micky T Romine (U: N/A) Roger Wallace Romines (M: 51) Roger W Romines (U: N/A)
Philander Romious (M: 34) Philander W Romious (U: N/A) Anthony Dale Rommel (M: 35)
Anthony D Rommel (M: N/A) Terence L Roney (U: N/A) Mark S Ronfeldt (U: N/A)
Jesse Darrell Rongey (U: N/A) Pedro Garcia Ronquillo (M: 33) Duane Edward Rood (M: 45)
Duane E Rood (U: N/A) Thomas Shawn Roofe (M: 40) Michael Gene Rooks (M: 44)
Vance Lavaughn Rooks (M: 29) Michael G Rooks (M: N/A) Douglas Miller Rooney (M: 43)
Leonarda Chester Rooney (M: 51) Douglas M Rooney (U: N/A) Leonard C Rooney (U: N/A)
Paul E Roop (M: 36) Michael Ray Root (M: 33) Michael R Root (M: N/A)
Dennis James Roper (M: 40) Faith Leshawn Roper (F: 32) Faith Leshawn Roper (F: 31)
Jason Brian Roper (M: 28) John Dewayne Roper (M: 48) Rick Lynn Roper (M: 45)
John D Roper (M: N/A) John R Roper (M: N/A) Martin K Roper (U: N/A)
Rick L Roper (U: N/A) Heriberto Rosa-Hernandez (M: 47) Enrique Rosales (M: 49)
Enrique L Rosales (U: N/A) William Babauta Rosario (M: 56) Diane Theresa Rose (F: 54)
Gary Deone Rose (M: 38) L Rose (M: 54) Ricky Lane Rose (M: 50)
Robert Franklin Rose (M: 37) Ronald Lee Rose (M: 75) Christopher M Rose (M: N/A)
Diane T Rose (U: N/A) Gary D Rose (U: N/A) Ricky L Rose (U: N/A)
Robert F Rose (M: N/A) Ronald L Rose (M: N/A) L Rose (U: N/A)
Jason Lee Rose (M: N/A) Duane H Rosebaugh (M: 78) Leonard Alan Rosen (M: 53)
Leonard A Rosen (U: N/A) Joel Chris Rosenbaugh (M: 53) William Lloyd Rosenbohm (M: 56)
Jeffrey Paul Rosetta (M: 46) Jeffrey P Rosetta (M: N/A) Dennis Earl Ross (M: 49)
Felecia Ross (F: 39) George William Ross (M: 64) Harold Dee Ross (M: 63)
James Dudley Ross (M: 46) James Everett Ross (M: 32) John Richard Ross (M: 50)
John Edward Ross (M: 47) Kelly Scott Ross (M: 41) Michael Lee Ross (M: 49)
Paul Irvin Ross (M: 42) Ricky Cheyene Ross (M: 38) Robert Lynn Ross (M: 47)
Shaun Anthony Ross (M: 31) Shelton Joseph Ross (M: 30) Taharber Obadiah Ross (M: 33)
William Lee Ross (M: 56) Jason J Ross (M: N/A) Charles R Ross (M: N/A)
Dennis E Ross (U: N/A) George W Ross (M: N/A) James M Ross (M: N/A)
John E Ross (M: N/A) John R Ross (M: N/A) Kelly S Ross (U: N/A)
Michael L Ross (M: N/A) Richard L Ross (M: N/A) Ricky C Ross (U: N/A)
Taharber O Ross (U: N/A) Jaylon Kentrell Ross (U: N/A) Ernie Lee Ross (U: N/A)
Russell Wayne Rosser (M: 49) Bradley C Rost (M: 45) Bradley Crayton Rost (M: 44)
Michael Gilbert Roste (M: 51) Barry Wayne Rote (M: 37) Robert Lee Roth (M: 28)
Robert Lee Roth (M: 29) William Roth (M: 31) William Joseph Roth (M: 44)
William W Roth (M: N/A) William J Roth (M: N/A) Samuel Loren Rothermel (M: 53)
Scott Gregory Rothwell (M: 55) Scott G Rothwell (U: N/A) Raymond George Rounds (M: 72)
Raymond George Rounds (M: 73) Markous Allan Rouner (M: 21) Jerry Leo Rousan (M: 51)
Darwin Michael Rouse (M: 48) Michael Leroy Rouse (M: 50) Russell Franklin Rouse (M: 66)
Darwin M Rouse (U: N/A) Lonnie P Rouse (U: N/A) Joseph Paul Roush (M: 32)
Joseph P Roush (M: N/A) Troy D Roush (U: N/A) Earl Leonard Routh (M: 59)
Travis Collin Routh (M: 28) Earl L Routh (U: N/A) Sidney Rex Routledge (M: 42)
John William Routt (M: 56) Robert Wesley Routt (M: 54) John W Routt (M: N/A)
Robert W Routt (M: N/A) Henry Lee Rowan (M: 67) Michael Lewis Rowan Jr (M: N/A)
Robert L Rowden (M: N/A) Anthony Dean Rowe (M: 29) Bobby D Rowe (M: 48)
David Edward Rowe (M: 54) Jeffrey Michael Rowe (M: 32) Larry Robert Rowe (M: 70)
William Edward Rowe (M: 43) Bobby D Rowe (U: N/A) David E Rowe (M: N/A)
Jeffrey M Rowe (M: N/A) Larry R Rowe (M: N/A) Robert L Rowe (M: N/A)
William E Rowe (M: N/A) Terrance Courtney Rowland (M: 29) Lawrence William Rowlett (M: 49)
Lawrence William Rowlett (M: 50) Larry Allen Rowley (M: 52) Allen E Rowley (U: N/A)
James Charles Rowsley (M: 22) John Wayne Roy (M: 55) Milo Lawrence Royal (M: 40)
Milo L Royal (U: N/A) Theodore Edward Royston (M: 39) James N Rozenski (M: N/A)
James Rozenski (M: 40) John Paul Ruark (M: 44) Rudolfo L Rubio (U: N/A)
Buck Nelson Ruble (M: 68) Michael Lee Ruble (M: 31) Buck N Ruble (U: N/A)
Lewis S Ruch (M: 78) Ryan Neal Ruch (M: 43) Ryan N Ruch (U: N/A)
Carl Ervin Rucker (M: 54) Donnie L Rucker (M: 51) Johnathan Darrell Rucker (M: 28)
Johnny Rucker (M: 43) Joseph Rucker (M: 36) Carl Ervin Rucker (M: 55)
Carl E Rucker (M: N/A) James A Rucker (M: N/A) John A Rucker (M: N/A)
Johnathan D Rucker (U: N/A) Joseph D Rucker (M: N/A) Harley Burt Ruckman Jr (U: N/A)
Jessie Willis Rudd (M: 61) Jessie W Rudd (U: N/A) Michael Andrew Rudder (M: N/A)
Thomas E Ruddick (M: N/A) Charles W Ruddy (M: N/A) Michael Rude (M: N/A)
Shadeen D Rudicil (U: N/A) David Russell Rudolph (M: 39) John Thomas Rue (M: 69)
John T Rue (M: N/A) Robert Edwin Rueckert (M: 61) Roger Edward Ruengert (M: 67)
Roger E Ruengert (U: N/A) Terry Wayne Ruff (M: 20) Eugene Ruffin (M: 46)
Eugene E Ruffin (U: N/A) Alfred Samuel Ruggles (M: 80) Alfred S Ruggles (U: N/A)
Dale Eugene Ruhnke (M: 57) Dale E Ruhnke (U: N/A) Jose Alejandro Ruiz (M: 22)
Brian Robert Rulo (M: 34) David M Rulo (M: 56) Brian R Rulo (M: N/A)
Gerald Rulo (U: N/A) Kenneth Leroy Rumble (M: 55) Richard John Rumisek (M: 47)
Richard J Rumisek (M: N/A) Jeffrey Gale Rummerfield (M: 42) Jeffrey Gale Rummerfield (M: 42)
Jimmy Lee Rumrill (M: 28) Alonzo Leo Rundle (M: 58) Alonzo L Rundle (U: N/A)
Christopher Wayne Runnels (M: 47) Robert Monroe Runyan (M: 56) William Tyrone Runyon (M: 38)
William T Runyon (M: N/A) Ronald Paul Rupert (M: 34) Ronald P Rupert (M: 35)
Randal Jerome Rupkey (M: 55) Randal J Rupkey (U: N/A) Charles Joseph Rupp (M: 51)
Charles J Rupp (M: N/A) Michael Lawrence Ruppert (M: N/A) Andre Alphonso Rush (M: 47)
Clifford Donald Rush (M: 57) Jeffrey Wayne Rush (M: 43) Clifford D Rush (U: N/A)
Jeffrey W Rush (M: N/A) Chad Daniel Rushin (M: 38) Benjamin Allen Rushing (M: 50)
Harold Junior Rushing (M: 44) Joseph Nathan Rushing (M: 41) Nelson Caldwell Rushing (M: 39)
Nelson Caldwell Rushing (M: 38) Benjamin A Rushing (U: N/A) Joseph A Rushing (M: N/A)
Natalie Rushjones (U: N/A) Ellis Peter Rushlo (M: 56) Ellis P Rushlo (U: N/A)
Ainsley Rae Russell (F: 32) Anthony Bruce Russell (M: 44) Charlie A Russell (M: 34)
Christopher Daniel Russell (M: 33) Daniel Lee Russell (M: 39) Donald Lynn Russell (M: 46)
Jackie Royce Russell (M: 77) James Leon Russell (M: 47) James Odell Russell (M: 41)
John Galen Russell (M: 53) Lynn Dewayne Russell (M: 73) Melvin L Russell (M: 63)
Michael Anthony Russell (M: 54) Stephen Lee Russell (M: 42) Walter Russell (M: 54)
William Errett Russell (M: 72) Jimmy Lee Russell (M: N/A) Mark Eric Russell (U: N/A)
Oscar Russell (U: N/A) Rafard J Russell (U: N/A) Anthony B Russell (M: N/A)
Christopher D Russell (M: N/A) Clarence L Russell (U: N/A) Donald L Russell (M: N/A)
Jessie D Russell (U: N/A) Jimmy L Russell (M: N/A) Lynn D Russell (U: N/A)
Mark E Russell (U: N/A) Ronnie D Russell (U: N/A) Walter D Russell (U: N/A)
William E Russell (M: N/A) Jessie Dale Russell (U: N/A) Christopher David Russell (M: N/A)
Dale Richard Russell (U: N/A) Jason Michael Rust (M: 34) Arish Rustami (M: 22)
Brian James Ruth (M: 35) Carl E Ruth (M: 33) Carl E Ruth (M: N/A)
John Jeremiah Rutherford (M: 29) Alan Paul Rutkauskas (M: 43) Alan P Rutkauskas (U: N/A)
Gary Allen Rutledge (M: 49) Roger Dale Rutledge (M: 61) Tommy Dale Rutledge (M: 56)
Zachariah Lee Rutledge (M: 31) Gary A Rutledge (U: N/A) John Allen Ruzzo (M: 44)
Andrew Robert Ryan (M: 22) Barry E Ryan (M: 64) Barry E Ryan (M: 63)
Christopher Rowland Ryan (M: 31) Kellie Ann Ryan (F: 28) Egidio R Ryan (U: N/A)
Charles A Ryan (M: N/A) Thomas E Ryan (M: N/A) James L Ryans (M: 52)
James Lee Ryans (M: 52) Paul Michael Ryerson (M: 22) Paul Michael Ryerson (M: 21)
Terry Eugene Ryles (M: 51) Terry E Ryles (U: N/A) Sean Michael Ryno (M: 27)
Carl Lee Ryon (M: 37) Carl L Ryon (M: N/A)

Other Available Data

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