Sex Offender Profile Directory : Missouri : D

All sex offender data currently in our database from Missouri whose last name begins with the letter D are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Missouri sex offender information.

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David Edward Dabbs (M: 52) David E Dabbs (M: N/A) Josiah Marquette Dade (M: 22)
David Wayne Daffron (M: 50) David W Daffron (M: N/A) James Walter Dahl (M: 55)
James W Dahl (M: N/A) Donald E Dahna (M: N/A) Billy Joe Dailey (M: 59)
Billy Joe Dailey (M: 59) Donald Allen Dailey (M: 52) Billy J Dailey (U: N/A)
Timothy D Daily (M: 32) Rex A Dakin (U: N/A) Charles Earl Dalbey (M: 31)
Denny Dale (M: 59) Frank Chester Dale (M: 22) Keith Byron Dalke (M: 35)
Keith B Dalke (U: N/A) Stephen D Dallmeyer (U: N/A) Gordon Michael Dalton (M: 55)
Gordon M Dalton (U: N/A) Dennis Joseph Daly (M: 58) John Wasson Dalzell (M: 52)
Joseph William Damazyn (M: 32) David Eugene Dameron (M: 43) David E Dameron (M: N/A)
Daniel Guy Damon (M: 45) Matthew David Damon (M: 41) Casey Damous (U: N/A)
Roy Clinton Dampier (M: 67) Keith Allen Danback (M: 41) Keith A Danback (U: N/A)
Audey Dean Danco (M: 29) Audey D Danco (M: 30) Audey Dean Danco (M: 30)
Arthur L Dandridge (U: N/A) Irene Lamay Dane (F: 46) Emett Eugene Dangerfield (M: 43)
Emett E Dangerfield (U: N/A) Robert Edwin Daniel (M: 46) William Victor Daniel (M: 52)
Alonzo Daniels (M: 37) Curtis Dewayne Daniels (M: 53) David Lee Daniels (M: 37)
Justin Michael Daniels (M: 28) Kendrick Richard Daniels (M: 32) Merle G Daniels (M: 33)
Michael James Daniels (M: 49) Richard Scott Daniels (M: 48) Russell G Daniels (M: 42)
Scott Allen Daniels (M: 44) Thomas David Daniels (M: 30) Walter Allen Daniels (M: 28)
Walter Allen Daniels (M: 28) Gary Daniels (U: N/A) Curtis D Daniels (U: N/A)
David L Daniels (M: N/A) Scott A Daniels (U: N/A) Thomas D Daniels (M: N/A)
Timothy Paul Dann (M: 42) Christopher Lee Danner (M: 35) Elvis Eugene Danner (M: 43)
Elvis E Danner (U: N/A) Christopher Lee Danner (M: 35) Mark Edward Dansby (M: 50)
Gerald August Danuser (M: 56) Troy Joseph Darling (M: 45) Charles G Darling (M: N/A)
Troy J Darling (U: N/A) Willard R Darnell (M: 42) Larry D Darnell (M: N/A)
Willard R Darnell (U: N/A) Jason A Darnell (M: N/A) George Francis Darner (M: 86)
Geroge F Darner (U: N/A) George Francis Darner (M: 87) Anthony D Darrington (M: N/A)
Michael Dewitt Darrow (M: N/A) Frank C Daubach (U: N/A) Dannie Lee Daugherty (M: 50)
Glen Ellis Daugherty (M: 50) Dannie L Daugherty (U: N/A) Glenn E Daugherty (U: N/A)
Richard Lee Daugherty 3rd (M: N/A) David Brian Daughtery (M: 48) Joshua Aaron Daum (M: 35)
Joshua Aaron Daum (M: 35) Darrell Dee Davenport (M: 56) James Edward Davenport (M: 48)
Kelvin Keith Davenport (M: 34) Lon Henry Davenport (M: 67) Maurice Davenport (M: 41)
James E Davenport (M: N/A) Lon H Davenport (U: N/A) Maurice H Davenport (U: N/A)
Gary H Davenport (U: N/A) Dennis Allen Davey (M: 60) Dennis A Davey (U: N/A)
Michael Ray David (M: 61) Russell Wayne David (M: 53) Diane Charlene Davidson (F: 59)
Kelvin Dwayne Davidson (M: 47) Margrett Marie Davidson (F: 28) Randall Lewis Davidson (M: 51)
Randall L Davidson (U: N/A) Ronald L Davie (M: 55) Ardon Clyde Davies (M: 36)
Jeffrey Wayne Davies (M: 34) Jeffrey Wayne Davies (M: 34) Ardon C Davies (U: N/A)
Shawn Douglas Davies (M: 39) A Q Davis (M: 75) Aaron Cordaro Davis (M: 22)
Adam Ray Davis (M: 35) Adam Thomas Davis (M: 24) Albert Davis (M: 49)
Andre Davis (M: 45) Anthony Sean Davis (M: 32) Ben Orlando Davis (M: 47)
Bobby Gene Davis (M: 49) Bobby Charles Davis (M: 61) Bradley Ray Davis (M: 29)
Bradley R Davis (M: 29) Brandon Ralin Davis (M: 32) Brandon Deshawn Davis (M: 27)
Byron Paul Davis (M: 48) Carlos Alberto Davis (M: 27) Catherine Clara Davis (F: 30)
Christopher P Davis (M: 37) Clifford D Davis (M: 54) Clifford Detrick Davis (M: 53)
Curtis Lydell Davis (M: 46) Danny Jay Davis (M: 33) Danny Dale Davis (M: 61)
David Lee Davis (M: 36) David Lamont Davis (M: 45) Dawn Rochelle Davis (F: 42)
Deeric L Davis (M: 29) Demetrius Davis (M: 41) Devereaux Lawrence Davis (M: 34)
Diamon Ronell Davis (M: 30) Dion Tyrone Davis (M: 29) Donald Almond Davis (M: 32)
Donald Elliott Davis (M: 31) Donotus Lamar Davis (M: 58) Dorsey Val Davis (M: 64)
Dwin Scott Davis (M: 40) Eric Bernard Davis (M: 39) Frances Deetta Davis (F: 64)
Frenchie Anthony Davis (M: 34) Gary Wayne Davis (M: 62) George Edward Davis (M: 57)
Gregory S Davis (M: 39) Gregory Scott Davis (M: 38) Harold Baker Davis (M: 70)
James L Davis (M: 61) James William Davis (M: 48) James Lee Davis (M: 54)
James Paul Davis (M: 54) James William Davis (M: 44) James Lee Davis (M: 65)
James Michael Davis (M: 55) James Anthony Davis (M: 38) Jd Davis (M: 57)
Jeffery Alan Davis (M: 31) Jeffrey Allen Davis (M: 47) Jeffrey Lynn Davis (M: 48)
Jeremiah Paul Scott Davis (M: 30) Jeremiah Paul Davis (M: 29) Jeremy Charles Davis (M: 37)
Jerry Miller Davis (M: 54) Jerry Miller Davis (M: 54) Jerry Quinn Davis (M: 50)
Jerry Edward Davis (M: 60) Jessie Lee Davis (M: 65) Jimmie Lee Davis (M: 48)
Jimmy Davis (M: 55) Jimmy Lee Davis (M: 61) Jody Lee Davis (M: 53)
John Michael Davis (M: 38) John Ivan Davis (M: 33) John Tracy Davis (M: 41)
John Ray Davis (M: 65) John Bradley Davis (M: 47) Joshua Dean Davis (M: 33)
Joshua Dean Davis (M: 33) Kenton Dean Davis (M: 40) Kirk Carter Davis (M: 50)
Larry Dean Davis (M: 44) Larry Marvin Davis (M: 53) Lawrence Duane Davis (M: 39)
Lawrence Earnest Davis (M: 71) Leonard Blaine Davis (M: 40) Marion Antone Davis (M: 48)
Mark David Davis (M: 44) Mark David Davis (M: 43) Mark Todd Davis (M: 46)
Marlon Yondell Davis (M: 31) Marlon Yondell Davis (M: 31) Marvin Stewart Davis (M: 52)
Marvin Stewart Davis (M: 53) Maurice Wayne Davis (M: 62) Maurice Davis (M: 63)
Melvin Ray Davis (M: 53) Melvin Davis (M: 51) Michael Davis (M: 57)
Myreon Sherard Davis (M: 36) Paul Eugene Davis (M: 45) Peter Nathaniel Davis (M: 32)
Quincy L Davis (M: 36) Ramsey Steven Davis (M: 30) Randy Rae Davis (M: 58)
Raymond Owen Davis (M: 37) Reginald Alanzo Davis (M: 54) Richard D Davis (M: 47)
Richard Charles Davis (M: 53) Robert Edward Davis (M: 45) Robert William Davis (M: 56)
Robert Wayne Davis (M: 59) Ronald Eugene Davis (M: 64) Ronald E Davis (M: 69)
Ronald Dean Davis (M: 76) Ronald Stewart Davis (M: 65) Roosevelt Davis (M: 46)
Ros Lamont Davis (M: 32) Scott Edward Davis (M: 53) Shane Scott Davis (M: 47)
Sherry Lynn Davis (F: 37) Stanley Antoine Davis (M: 37) Steven Gregory Davis (M: 36)
Steven Henry Davis (M: 47) Wayne Clarence Davis (M: 67) William Joseph Davis (M: 49)
William Richard Davis (M: 40) William Austin Davis (M: 30) Willie Willis Davis (M: 25)
Zachary Lewis Davis (M: 43) Steven Henry Davis (M: 48) Danny Dale Davis (M: 61)
Randy Rae Davis (M: 59) Charles D Davis (M: N/A) Alfred Davis (U: N/A)
Bruce A Davis (U: N/A) Jerry G Davis (U: N/A) Stacey Lynn Davis (U: N/A)
Quintas Richard Davis (M: 68) A Q Davis (U: N/A) Adam R Davis (U: N/A)
Alfred R Davis (U: N/A) Ben O Davis (U: N/A) Bobby G Davis (U: N/A)
Brandon R Davis (U: N/A) Byron P Davis (U: N/A) Christopher A Davis (M: N/A)
Curtis L Davis (U: N/A) Danny D Davis (U: N/A) Danny J Davis (U: N/A)
David L Davis (M: N/A) Donald G Davis (M: N/A) Donotus L Davis (U: N/A)
Dorsey Davis (U: N/A) Dwin S Davis (U: N/A) Eric B Davis (U: N/A)
Gary W Davis (U: N/A) James A Davis (M: N/A) James M Davis (M: N/A)
James P Davis (M: N/A) James W Davis (M: N/A) Jd W Davis (U: N/A)
Jeffery A Davis (M: N/A) Jeffrey B Davis (M: N/A) Jerry E Davis (U: N/A)
Jerry Q Davis (U: N/A) Jimmy L Davis (M: N/A) Kirk C Davis (U: N/A)
Larry M Davis (M: N/A) Lawrence E Davis (U: N/A) Lawrence P Davis (U: N/A)
Leonard B Davis (U: N/A) Mark D Davis (U: N/A) Marvell D Davis (U: N/A)
Matthew W Davis (M: N/A) Melvin W Davis (U: N/A) Melvin R Davis (U: N/A)
Michael R Davis (M: N/A) Raymond O Davis (U: N/A) Richard C Davis (M: N/A)
Robert W Davis (M: N/A) Ron E Davis (U: N/A) Ronald S Davis (M: N/A)
Roosevelt S Davis (U: N/A) Rusty J Davis (U: N/A) Scott E Davis (U: N/A)
Scott P Davis (U: N/A) Shane S Davis (U: N/A) Stanley A Davis (U: N/A)
Steven G Davis (M: N/A) Theodore G Davis (U: N/A) Timothy L Davis (M: N/A)
Troy R Davis (U: N/A) Wayne C Davis (U: N/A) William R Davis (M: N/A)
Willie W Davis (U: N/A) Ywain L Davis (U: N/A) Zachary L Davis (U: N/A)
Derrick Ven Davis (U: N/A) Kenneth Daniel Davis (M: N/A) Michael Lee Davis (M: N/A)
Galentiau A Davis (U: N/A) Jessie James Davis Jr (U: N/A) Lc Davis Jr (U: N/A)
Edward William Davison (M: 48) Lori Jean Davison (F: 30) Edward W Davison (M: N/A)
Charles Dean Dawes (M: 43) Charles D Dawes (M: N/A) Timothy Lane Dawkins (M: 54)
James Franklin Dawson (M: 34) Julius Cecil Dawson (M: 35) Marlon Cowan Dawson (M: 32)
Randall Glenn Dawson (M: 38) Richard Joseph Dawson (M: 37) Sammie Lee Dawson (M: 67)
James Gilbert Dawson (M: 75) James Gilbert Dawson (M: N/A) Jack W Dawson (U: N/A)
James F Dawson (M: N/A) James G Dawson (M: N/A) Randall G Dawson (U: N/A)
Steven Dawson (U: N/A) Walter D Dawson (U: N/A) Walter Darrell Dawson (U: N/A)
Ronald Lavon Dawson (M: N/A) Bobby Edward Day (M: 46) Christopher Paul Day (M: 29)
David John Day (M: 38) David John Day (M: 37) Dexter William Day (M: 48)
Karla Lavonne Day (F: 45) Lewis Eugene Day (M: 51) Stefan Pete Day (M: 23)
David J Day (M: N/A) Dexter W Day (U: N/A) Karla L Day (U: N/A)
Douglas Edward Dayton (M: 48) Jimmy David Dayton (M: 54) Larry Ernest Dayton (M: 56)
Sam K Dayton (M: 57) William Lee Dayton (M: 59) Larry E Dayton (M: N/A)
William L Dayton (M: N/A) David Alan Deacon (M: 50) Joel Anthony Deadmond (M: 52)
Joel A Deadmond (M: N/A) Floyd Charles Deadmond 2nd (U: N/A) Keith Allen Deak (M: 46)
Keith A Deak (U: N/A) Michael C Deal (M: N/A) Brandon Paul Dean (M: 21)
Christopher Brian Dean (M: 39) Dana M Dean (M: 38) Fonda Dean (M: 47)
Gary Scott Dean (M: 31) Gregory Wayne Dean (M: 54) Henry John Dean (M: 33)
James Woodrow Dean (M: 35) James W Dean (M: 35) Jeffrey Wayne Dean (M: 48)
Jeffrey Eugene Dean (M: 30) Johnny R Dean (U: N/A) Jonathon Roy Dean (M: 25)
Scott Lee Dean (M: 47) William David Dean (M: 34) Dana Marshall Dean (M: 38)
Johnny Renard Dean (M: 39) Johnny Dean (M: 39) Cynthia L Dean (U: N/A)
Christopher B Dean (M: N/A) Dana L Dean (U: N/A) Fonda L Dean (U: N/A)
Gregory W Dean (M: N/A) James W Dean (M: N/A) Jeffrey W Dean (M: N/A)
Jonathon R Dean (U: N/A) Joseph A Dean (M: N/A) Scott Lee Dean (U: N/A)
Jimmy D Dearing (M: N/A) Billy G Dearman (M: 49) Rodriguez Leandio Dearmas (M: 48)
Rodriguez L Dearmas (U: N/A) Aaron M Deason (U: N/A) Richard Thomas Deater (M: 59)
Richard T Deater (M: N/A) Christopher Reed Deatherage (M: 40) Vernard Deatherage (M: 41)
Christopher T Deatherage (M: N/A) James R Deatherage (M: N/A) Albert Youde Deaton (M: 45)
James Clifford Deaton (M: 50) Michael John Deaton (M: 35) Grady Shannon Deaton (U: N/A)
Albert Y Deaton (U: N/A) Grady S Deaton (U: N/A) James C Deaton (M: N/A)
James Earl Deaver (M: 39) William David Deaver (M: 57) William D Deaver (M: N/A)
Vern Leo Deay (M: 60) Vern L Deay (U: N/A) Earnest Jermaine Deberry (M: 30)
Tommy Deberry (M: 46) Earnest J Deberry (U: N/A) Aaron A Deboer (U: N/A)
Vernon Joseph Dechant (M: 50) Vernon Joseph Dechant (M: 51) Gregory L Deckard (M: 39)
Dale Edward Decker (M: 46) John Sherman Decker (M: 56) John Edward Decker (M: 49)
Morris Dean Decker (M: 53) Richard Gene Decker (M: 46) Robert Edward Decker (M: 27)
Warren Neal Decker (M: 31) Dale E Decker (U: N/A) John S Decker (M: N/A)
Richard G Decker (M: N/A) Robert E Decker (M: N/A) Edward Ronald Declements (M: 75)
Edward R Declements (M: N/A) Charles Anthony Declue (M: 28) Danny L Declue (M: 27)
Donald Lynn Declue (M: 51) James Daniel Declue (M: 49) John Leonard Declue (M: 42)
Michael T Declue (M: 51) Ryan Courtney Declue (M: 35) Steven Roger Declue (M: 41)
Terrence Lee Declue (M: 48) William Thomas Declue (M: 42) David A Declue (M: N/A)
David M Declue (M: N/A) Donald L Declue (M: N/A) James D Declue (M: N/A)
John L Declue (M: N/A) Ryan C Declue (U: N/A) Steven R Declue (M: N/A)
Terrence L Declue (U: N/A) William T Declue (M: N/A) Craig A Dedeke (U: N/A)
Larry Lee Dedrick Sr (M: N/A) Michael John Dee (M: N/A) Michael J Dee (M: N/A)
Michael C Deem (M: N/A) Ricky C Deering (U: N/A) Harvey Joe Deese (M: 37)
Harvey Joe Deese (M: 38) Michael James Deeser (M: N/A) Roy David Defeo (M: 50)
Andy Vaughn Defibaugh (U: N/A) Brian Keith Deflice (M: 32) Brian K Deflice (M: N/A)
Gregg Alan Defoor (M: 36) Ricky Ross Deford (M: 33) Albert Joseph Degand (M: 59)
Albert J Degand (U: N/A) Steven P Degeare (M: 50) Anthony Gene Degonia (M: 57)
Daniel Dwayne Degonia (M: 34) Paul Ray Degonia (M: 56) Anthony G Degonia (M: N/A)
David Allen Dehart (M: 43) Joshua D Dehne (M: 29) Harry L Deibel (U: N/A)
Clarence C Deiter (U: N/A) Brenda D Deitrick (U: N/A) Lanny J Dejournett (M: 41)
Brian Keith Dekoning (M: 31) Brian D Dekoning (M: N/A) Karl Douglas Delana (M: 56)
Vaughn Edward Delaney (M: 48) Vaughn E Delaney (U: N/A) Carl Edward Delano (M: 56)
Carl E Delano (M: N/A) Felicia Ann Delarosa (F: 31) Mario A Delatorres (M: 72)
Mario Andres Delatorres (M: 71) Troy Eugene Delcour (M: 44) Troy E Delcour (U: N/A)
Jorge Luis Deleon (M: 43) Marcie Elizabeth Delgado (U: N/A) John Edward Delmain (M: 56)
Warren Lee Delmain (M: 51) John E Delmain (M: N/A) Warren L Delmain (U: N/A)
Paul Bradley Delmont (M: 62) Ronald Martin Delong (M: 60) Ronald M Delong (M: N/A)
David Peter Delong (M: N/A) George P Delonjay (M: 37) Adam Marvin Deluca (M: 30)
Guy Daniel Demarco (M: 36) Steven Randall Demaree (M: 51) Barry Elwood Dement (M: 48)
Randall Demery (M: 46) Randal S Demery (U: N/A) Jimmy Santillana Demierre (M: 50)
Jimmy S Demierre (M: N/A) Herman John Demik (M: 45) Warren Stacy Demint (M: 50)
Vincent Lloyd Demorrow (M: 53) David Lynn Dempsey (M: 50) David Lynn Dempsey (M: 51)
David C Dempsey (M: 49) Dennis Eugene Dempsey (M: 48) Jay Eric Dempsey (M: 27)
Monty Shane Dempsey (M: 45) Shawnessy Joed Dempsey (M: 55) David L Dempsey (M: N/A)
Monty S Dempsey (U: N/A) Shawnessy J Dempsey (U: N/A) Brian Wayne Denbow (M: 45)
Steven Wayne Denbow (M: 58) Rol Ding Deng Deng (M: 45) Rol D Deng (U: N/A)
Ronald Albert Denison (M: 51) Donnie D Denivan (U: N/A) Larry Matthew Denker (M: 44)
Larry M Denker (M: N/A) Lavon Tavaras Denkins (M: 51) Marc Anthony Denman (M: 36)
Tauna Lee Denmark (M: 57) Tauna M Denmark (U: N/A) William Paul Denney (M: 53)
William P Denney (M: N/A) Alfred Stanley Dennie (M: 46) Austin Wayne Denning (M: 19)
Stanley Bruce Denning (M: 50) Stanley B Denning (U: N/A) George Wilbur Dennis (M: 55)
Jackson Dennis (M: 62) James Christopher Dennis (M: 53) Richard William Dennis (M: 31)
Richard Keith Dennis (M: 71) Richard William Dennis (M: 32) David O Dennis (M: N/A)
Jackson O Dennis (U: N/A) James C Dennis (M: N/A) Jeremy S Dennis (U: N/A)
Richard W Dennis (M: N/A) Jamie E Dennison (U: N/A) Dale Denny (M: 59)
Helen Irene Denny (F: 46) Robert Harold Denny (M: 60) Stephen James Denny (M: 44)
Dale E Denny (U: N/A) Robert H Denny (M: N/A) Stephen J Denny (U: N/A)
Bobby Lee Denoyer (M: 45) Clarence Luke Densmore (M: 52) Mackennen Ray Denson (M: 29)
Mackennen R Denson (U: N/A) Leland Keith Dent (M: 37) Albert Robert Denton (M: 41)
Jack Denton (M: 41) Marlen Eugene Denton (M: 52) Steven C Denton (M: N/A)
Justin R Depauw (U: N/A) Joseph Mario Depietro (M: 44) Joe M Depietro (U: N/A)
Donald Brooks Depriest (M: 69) Richard William Depriest (M: 45) Richard William Depriest (M: 46)
Donald B Depriest (M: N/A) Jeremy Andrew Depyper (M: 31) Adam Lee Derby (M: 29)
Alvin Dana Derby (M: 62) Donald R Derby (M: 64) Adam L Derby (U: N/A)
Alvin D Derby (U: N/A) James Vincent Dercole (M: 59) Bryan Keith Derousse (M: 48)
Shawn Paul Derrick (M: 34) Shawn P Derrick (U: N/A) Dennis A Desalvo (U: N/A)
Richard Edward Descamps (M: 61) Richard E Descamps (M: N/A) Michael Scott Deschepper (M: 44)
Michael S Deschepper (M: N/A) Roy Allen Deshazer (M: 34) Roy S Deshazer (U: N/A)
Michael Alan Despain (M: 45) Sharon M Despain (F: 48) Michael A Despain (M: N/A)
James Patrick Despain (M: N/A) Hazel Rachelle Desparios (F: 59) Hazel R Desparois (U: N/A)
Paul A Deville (M: N/A) Jason Matthew Devlin (M: 35) Jeffrey Allen Devono (M: 37)
Christopher Lee Devore (M: 28) Tommie Allen Devore (M: 38) Tommie A Devore (U: N/A)
James Lee Dewalt (M: 57) Jimmie Wayne Dewitt (M: 60) Randall Warren Dewitt (M: 55)
Rickey Eugene Dewitt (M: 57) Scott Dewitt (M: 49) Jimmie W Dewitt (U: N/A)
Randall W Dewitt (U: N/A) Scott Dewitt (U: N/A) Robert Dewolf (M: 26)
Dustin Dewayne Dews (M: 28) Dustin D Dews (U: N/A) David Earl Dey (M: N/A)
Joseph Manuel Diaz (M: 57) Miguel Angel Diaz (M: 32) Benito D Diaz (U: N/A)
Joe M Diaz (U: N/A) Samuel Alvin Diaz (U: N/A) Sheri L Dicarlo (U: N/A)
David J Dick (M: 54) Bobbie Alvin Dickens (M: 31) James William Dickens (M: 58)
James Danny Dickens (M: 47) Jimmie Dale Dickens (M: 31) Michael Wayne Dickens (M: 50)
James D Dickens (M: N/A) James A Dickerman (M: N/A) Richard D Dickerson (M: N/A)
Ricky W Dickerson (U: N/A) Tyrone J Dickerson (U: N/A) George Dickerson Jr (U: N/A)
Robert Lawrence Dickhans (M: N/A) William Christopher Dickhans (M: N/A) Gale A Dickherber (U: N/A)
Gale Alyosious Dickherber (U: N/A) Ian A Dickie (U: N/A) Ian Andrew Dickie (U: N/A)
David W Dickinson (M: N/A) James C Dickinson (M: N/A) James Coke Dickinson (M: N/A)
David William Dickinson (M: N/A) Edward Earl Dickinson (M: N/A) Mike Allen Dicks (M: 57)
Jeremy A Dicks (U: N/A) Jeremy Allen Dicks (U: N/A) Jeremy Allen Dicks (M: 34)
Bruce Milton Dickson (M: 54) Ray Thomas Dickson (M: 48) Ray Thomas Dickson (M: 48)
Bruce M Dickson (U: N/A) Edward M Diehl (M: 35) Mark Clifford Dierks (U: N/A)
Dennis Marvin Dieterichs (M: 61) Dennis M Dieterichs (U: N/A) John Christopher Dietrich (M: 48)
John C Dietrich (M: N/A) Michael A Diggins (M: N/A) Von Reginale Diggs (M: 26)
Gregory L Dilday (M: 34) Jim Lewis Dildine (M: 73) Kenneth Elijah Dildine (M: 29)
Jim L Dildine (U: N/A) Gary W Dilg (M: 54) Clarence J Dill (U: N/A)
Billy Joe Dillard (M: 34) Boyd Leon Dillard (M: 49) Dwight Dillard (M: 45)
Dwight Dillard (M: 44) John Wayne Dillard (M: 55) Millard J Dillard (M: 76)
Richard Eugene Dillard (M: 44) Dwight J Dillard (U: N/A) Jesse J Dillard (U: N/A)
John W Dillard (M: N/A) Richard E Dillard (M: N/A) Ronald Lee Dillinger (M: 51)
Ronald L Dillinger (M: N/A) Bobby J Dillion (M: 37) Sam Dillion (M: 56)
Sam J Dillion (U: N/A) Dustin J Dillon (M: 35) Joshua Daniel Dillon (M: 26)
Richard Eugene Dillon (M: 45) Donald Keith Dillow (M: 63) Donald K Dillow (M: N/A)
Henry Frank Dilport (M: 61) Henry F Dilport (M: N/A) Junis Lloyd Dimes (M: 35)
Donald Franklin Dimmich (M: 64) Donald F Dimmich (M: N/A) Lance Dimmock (M: 50)
William Allen Dingman (M: 45) Clarence H Dinkins (M: 59) Bruce Alvin Dinsmore (M: 56)
David Lee Dinwiddie (M: 49) David L Dinwiddie (M: N/A) Michael Laverne Dinwiddie (M: N/A)
Larry Hoskins Dinwoodie (M: 53) Larry H Dinwoodie (M: N/A) Lyndon Till Dirden (M: 49)
Darryl Keith Dirickson (M: 44) Michael Charles Dissler (M: 57) Michael C Dissler (M: N/A)
Joseph Martin Distler (M: 54) Joseph M Distler (M: N/A) Bradley Dewayne Dittemore (M: 31)
Bradley D Dittemore (U: N/A) Todd Dittenber (M: 51) Alan Wayne Divine (U: N/A)
Jennifer Lynne Dix (U: N/A) Bruce Dixon (M: 56) Danny Joe Dixon (M: 56)
David Dixon (M: 44) Gary Wayne Dixon (M: 51) James Stokley Dixon (M: 44)
John B Dixon (M: 45) John Dixon (M: 46) Joseph Lamar Dixon (M: 31)
Mack Dixon (M: 57) Michael Dwayne Dixon (M: 34) Michael Dean Dixon (M: 50)
Perry Lee Dixon (M: 33) Thomas Oliver Dixon (M: 38) Virgil M Dixon (M: 46)
Will James Dixon (M: 45) Bruce D Dixon (U: N/A) Danny D Dixon (U: N/A)
Dennis C Dixon (U: N/A) Gary W Dixon (U: N/A) James S Dixon (M: N/A)
Michael D Dixon (M: N/A) Perry L Dixon (U: N/A) Thomas O Dixon (M: N/A)
James Earl Dixon (M: N/A) Edward Renee Dixon-King (M: 24) Rodney Eugene Dixson (M: 44)
Nha Do (M: 40) Nha O Do (U: N/A) Brian Keith Dobbs (M: 30)
Terry Lynn Dobbs (M: 54) Brian K Dobbs (M: N/A) Callie J Dobbs (U: N/A)
Larry D Dobbs (M: N/A) Terry L Dobbs (U: N/A) Christian Gregory Dobbs (U: N/A)
Kevin Patrick Dobbs (M: N/A) David Neal Dobson (M: 39) Nancy Kaye Dobson (F: 67)
Richie Mac Dock (M: 51) Richie M Dock (U: N/A) Randy L Dockery (M: 55)
Jason Maurice Dockett (M: 34) Burl Dea Dodd (M: 74) Charles Edward Dodd (M: 67)
James Leo Dodd (M: 53) William Leroy Dodd (M: 63) Burl D Dodd (U: N/A)
Charles E Dodd (M: N/A) David Wayne Dodds (M: 32) David Wayne Dodds (M: 31)
James D Dodds (M: 48) Allen Wayne Dodson (M: 35) Charles Allen Dodson (M: 69)
Christopher Lee Dodson (M: 41) Joseph A Dodson (M: 45) Lester Allen Dodson (M: 59)
Matthew Alexander Dodson (M: 27) Michael S Dodson (M: 37) William Ralph Dodson (M: 24)
Matthew A Dodson (M: N/A) Richard W Dodson (M: N/A) Jermaine Michael Dodson (U: N/A)
Carl Doench (U: N/A) Carl W Doench (M: N/A) David Anthony Doerhoff (M: 27)
Stephan Allen Doggendorf (M: 57) Rodger Roy Doherty (M: 51) Rodger R Doherty (U: N/A)
David Robert Dolan (M: 34) Joseph Andrew Dolan (M: 40) Barry L Dolan (U: N/A)
Larry Lee Dolash (M: 40) Larry L Dolash (M: N/A) Theolius Doll (M: 61)
Theolius L Doll (U: N/A) Robert Leslie Dollarhide (M: 48) Michael Andrew Dollison (M: 50)
Roger William Dolloff (M: 76) Sean David Domerese (M: 28) Sean D Domerese (U: N/A)
Javier Garcia Domingoez (M: 36) Javier G Domingoez (U: N/A) Raul S Dominguez (U: N/A)
Filiberto G Dominguez (U: N/A) Zhivago L Domino (M: 36) Zhivago L Domino (M: 36)
James Michael Donahue (M: 68) James Donahue (M: 68) Scott James Donahue (M: 41)
William Donahue (M: 67) James M Donahue (M: N/A) Scott J Donahue (U: N/A)
Clayton Jon Robert Donald (M: 31) Gregory Lee Donald (M: 49) Clayton J Donald (U: N/A)
Richard Donaldson (M: 53) Roy E Donaldson (M: 51) Timothy S Donaldson (M: 47)
James G Donaldson (M: N/A) Rudolf Huntington Donath (M: 37) Rudolf H Donath (U: N/A)
Benjamin Worthington Donaubauer (M: 35) Benjamin W Donaubauer (U: N/A) Bill Ray Donelson (U: N/A)
Bill Donelson (M: 82) Robert Earl Doney (M: 54) Jacob David Donius (M: 19)
Gregory Mark Donley (M: 50) Greg M Donley (M: N/A) Callie Denean Donley (U: N/A)
William Martin Donnelly (M: 35) William Martin Donnelly (M: 36) William M Donnelly (M: N/A)
Michael Alan Donovan (M: 34) Michael A Donovan (M: N/A) Danny Albert Doolen (M: 56)
Danny A Doolen (U: N/A) Timothy Alien Doolin (M: 39) Timothy A Doolin (M: N/A)
Robert Douglas Dooling (M: 54) Robert D Dooling (M: N/A) Mark S Dopp (U: N/A)
Brandon Likirgus Doran (M: 24) Daniel Alan Doran (M: 55) Joe Michael Doran (M: 47)
Daniel A Doran (M: N/A) Michael Paul Dorenkamp (M: 49) Michael P Dorenkamp (M: N/A)
Ira Thomas Dority (M: 49) Christian Lee Dorlaque (M: 37) Christian L Dorlaque (U: N/A)
Cecil Leon Dormain (M: 57) Larry Charles Dornin (M: 61) Larry C Dornin (M: N/A)
James Kent Dorr (M: 46) James Melvin Dorr (M: 66) James K Dorr (M: N/A)
Archie Ray Dorris (M: 51) Jeffrey David Dorris (M: 45) Jody Mikeal Dorris (M: 49)
Archie R Dorris (U: N/A) Thomas Wayne Dorris (M: N/A) Glen Dale Dorsey (M: 45)
Donald Ray Dorsey (M: 60) Ernest Dorsey (M: 40) Lance David Dorsey (M: 53)
Russell Lowells Dorsey (M: 32) Scott Brew Dorsey (M: 59) Ernest R Dorsey (M: N/A)
Lance D Dorsey (U: N/A) Glen Dale Dorsey (U: N/A) Gerald Roger Doss (M: 70)
Gerald R Doss (U: N/A) Larry A Doss (M: N/A) Odell A Doss (U: N/A)
Robert E Doss (M: N/A) Kenneth Ray Dothage (M: N/A) Eric Wayne Dotson (M: 32)
Eric Wayne Dotson (M: 33) Jack Clay Dotson (M: 51) Jack Dotson (M: 52)
Robert Jeffrey Dotson (M: 53) Timothy Shon Dotson (M: 38) Eric W Dotson (U: N/A)
Robert J Dotson (M: N/A) Timothy S Dotson (M: N/A) Oliver Montez Dotts (M: 38)
Frederick Earl Doty (M: 73) Joseph Dale Doty (M: 31) Joseph S Doty (M: N/A)
David Lewis Doubleday (M: 28) Ralph Holmes Doublin (M: 57) Mark Daniel Dougan (M: 32)
David Noah Douglas (M: 45) Donald Daniel Douglas (M: 60) James Alan Douglas (M: 62)
James Michael Douglas (M: 51) Keith O Douglas (M: 54) Keith Osby Douglas (M: 54)
Kim J Douglas (M: 55) Mark A Douglas (M: 50) Moses Douglas (M: 51)
Ricky D Douglas (M: 53) Robert Victor Douglas (M: 38) Vernon Lee Douglas (M: 44)
Mark Allen Douglas (M: 28) David Lamont Douglas (M: 26) David S Douglas (M: N/A)
David N Douglas (M: N/A) Keith O Douglas (U: N/A) Ricky D Douglas (U: N/A)
Sidney Reshad Douglas (U: N/A) Ronald Clifton Douglass (M: 43) Bruce J Douthit (M: 49)
Christopher Ray Douty (M: 28) Kelvin Eugene Dove (M: 48) Gilbert Christopher Dover (M: 62)
Gilbert C Dover (U: N/A) Scott Raymond Dowd (M: 50) Scott R Dowd (U: N/A)
James P Dowdy (M: 45) Jason C Dowdy (M: N/A) Charles Duvan Dowles 3rd (M: N/A)
Nathaniel R Dowls (U: N/A) Ronald Eugene Downen (M: 59) Ronald E Downen (M: N/A)
Percy Lee Downer (M: 51) Clarence Givens Downey (M: 64) Michael Joe Downey (M: 42)
Michael J Downey (M: N/A) Percy L Downey (U: N/A) Jay Paul Downing (M: 35)
Jerry Lynn Downing (M: 59) John Thomas Downing (M: 31) Kenny Robert Downing (M: 57)
John Thomas Downing (M: 32) John T Downing (M: N/A) Denzel D Downing Jr (U: N/A)
Billy Mikel Downs (M: 63) Kevin Terry Downs (M: 53) Robert Dale Downs (M: 56)
Robert Earl Downs (M: 52) Robert William Downs (M: 34) Cleavon Downs (U: N/A)
Billy M Downs (U: N/A) Cleavon M Downs (U: N/A) Robert D Downs (M: N/A)
Robert E Downs (M: N/A) Patricia Ann Downs (U: N/A) Raymond Leon Downum (M: 42)
Denimest L Doyle (M: 30) Matthew Francis Doyle (M: 34) Michael W Doyle (M: 59)
Stephen Gordon Doyle (M: 43) William Eugene Doyle (M: 37) Scott J Doyle (U: N/A)
Reginald Dozier (M: 45) Reginald Dozier (M: 46) Will Eugene Dozier (M: 29)
Reginald J Dozier (U: N/A) Will E Dozier (U: N/A) Kristopher Ryan Draisey (M: 33)
Kristopher R Draisey (U: N/A) David Ontario Drakeford (M: 35) Anthony Leon Draper (M: 43)
David Eugene Draper (M: 59) Derrick Lamont Draper (M: 36) Leoroy Arnold Draper (M: 54)
Anthony L Draper (M: N/A) Derrik L Draper (U: N/A) Steven Dewayne Dravenstrott (M: 51)
Steven D Dravenstrott (M: N/A) Edward Leroy Dredge (M: 40) Cody Jordan Drees (M: 26)
Gleneal E Dreihaupt (M: 46) Grant David Dreiling (M: 32) John L Drennan (M: N/A)
Teddy Gene Drennon (M: 40) Teddy G Drennon (U: N/A) John Dressendorfer (M: 73)
William Henry Drewel (M: 40) Douglas Edward Drey (M: 51) Douglas E Drey (U: N/A)
Wilburn Paul Driggers (M: 42) Thomas Alan Drinkwater (M: 60) Kevin Driskell (M: 32)
Robert Christopher Driver (M: 44) Robert Christopher Driver (M: 44) Thomas Andrew Driver (M: 54)
Leon S Dronet (M: 44) Frederick Raymond Droney (M: 50) Frederick R Droney (M: 51)
Shawn Jeffrey Drum (M: 42) Anthony Ventur Drummer (M: 47) Rickey Drummer (M: 58)
Rickey J Drummer (U: N/A) Kevin Eugene Drummond (M: 38) Richard Dean Drummond (M: 44)
Brandon Lee Drury (M: 33) James William Drury (M: 59) Brandon L Drury (U: N/A)
James W Drury (M: N/A) Marvin Eugene Drusch (M: 50) Marvin E Drusch (U: N/A)
Kenyon Page Dubois (M: 30) Will Milton Duboise (M: 68) William Milton Duboise (M: 68)
David M Dubs (M: 58) John Joseph Duchardt (M: 54) John J Duchardt (M: N/A)
Carey Vernon Duckett (F: 31) Darnell Pancho Duckett (M: 52) Dwayne Duckett (M: 46)
Carey Duckett (U: N/A) Dwayne Duckett (U: N/A) Shannon Duckwiler (U: N/A)
Johnnie Edward Duckworth (M: 55) Richard Darrel Dudding (M: 50) David Paul Dudeck (M: 57)
David P Dudeck (M: N/A) Christopher Scott Dudley (M: 36) John Myron Dudley (M: 56)
Thomas Edley Dudley (M: 48) John M Dudley (M: N/A) Thomas E Dudley (M: N/A)
Ronald Nelson Duell (M: 52) Matthew T Duerfahrd (M: 36) Matthew T Duerfahrd (M: N/A)
Antwan Darnell Duff (M: 24) Nathaniel R Duff (U: N/A) Homer L Dugan (M: 51)
William Christopher Dugan (M: 45) James Robert Dugger (M: 51) William James Dujardin (M: 52)
William J Dujardin (M: N/A) David Wayne Dukate (M: 36) David W Dukate (M: N/A)
James Terry Duke (M: 30) Jeremy Lee Duke (M: 28) Jeremy L Duke (U: N/A)
Frederick Spencer Dukes (M: 42) Fredric Dukes (M: 43) Michael Shane Dukes (M: 40)
Frederick S Dukes (U: N/A) Michael S Dukes (M: N/A) Walter R Dulaney (M: 58)
Michael David Duley (M: 44) Jason Dean Dulier (M: N/A) Jason D Dulier (M: N/A)
Joseph Michael Dumala (M: 32) Danny Lee Dumas (M: 38) Patrick Scott Dumey (M: 45)
Patrick S Dumey (U: N/A) Carl Junior Dunahoo (M: 54) Carl J Dunahoo (M: N/A)
David Kent Dunbar (M: 57) Kenneth W Dunbar (M: 51) David K Dunbar (M: N/A)
Becky Marie Duncan (F: 35) Brandon Douglas Duncan (M: 31) Bruce Carlton Duncan (M: 42)
Charles John Duncan (M: 47) Glenn Alan Duncan (M: 55) Hershell Roy Duncan (M: 27)
Jerry Lee Duncan (M: 62) Justin Ray Duncan (M: 19) Kenneth Lane Duncan (M: 28)
Mark Eugene Duncan (M: 38) Ralph Edward Duncan (M: 40) Randy James Duncan (M: 47)
Raymond E Duncan (M: 23) Rex Lane Duncan (M: 60) Robert Lon Duncan (M: 45)
Ronald Eugene Duncan (M: 48) Samuel Carlton Duncan (M: 42) William Edward Duncan (M: 35)
Sammie L Duncan (U: N/A) William Leroy Duncan (M: N/A) Becky M Duncan (U: N/A)
Charles J Duncan (M: N/A) Glenn A Duncan (U: N/A) Jason W Duncan (M: N/A)
Lloyd W Duncan (U: N/A) Mark E Duncan (U: N/A) Ralph E Duncan (U: N/A)
Rex L Duncan (U: N/A) William L Duncan (M: N/A) Dennis Quitman Duncan (U: N/A)
Jared Michael Dunfield (M: 28) Mark Nathan Dungan (M: 49) Ronnie Edward Dungan (M: 44)
Franklin Alan Dean Dunham (M: 49) Michael Joe Dunham (M: 35) Franklin A Dunham (U: N/A)
Ricky Gene Dunigan (M: 53) Ricky G Dunigan (U: N/A) Donnie Dunivan (M: 59)
Heath August Dunivan (M: 39) Keith James Dunivan (M: 40) Keith J Dunivan (U: N/A)
Bruce A Dunlap (M: 53) Byron R Dunlap (M: 52) Carlton Dunlap (M: 25)
Chester Tremayne Dunlap (M: 39) Daniel Marion Dunlap (M: 52) Darrin Piper Dunlap (M: 43)
Darrin Piper Dunlap (M: 43) Carlton A Dunlap (U: N/A) Daniel M Dunlap (M: N/A)
Darrin P Dunlap (U: N/A) Charles N Dunlavey (M: 29) Jade A Dunlavey (U: N/A)
Steven Lamar Dunman (M: 35) Corey Alexander Dunn (M: 42) Donald Elmer Dunn (M: 39)
Gerard Joseph Dunn (M: 47) James Joseph Dunn (M: 60) James William Dunn (M: 56)
Lester Dunn (M: 52) Rondel Lynn Dunn (M: 31) Stephen Allen Dunn (M: 56)
Timothy D Dunn (M: 30) Trevor Scott Dunn (M: 24) Corey A Dunn (U: N/A)
Donald E Dunn (M: N/A) Gerard J Dunn (U: N/A) Gilbert H Dunn (U: N/A)
James W Dunn (M: N/A) John D Dunn (M: N/A) Lester D Dunn (U: N/A)
Robert E Dunn (M: N/A) Stephen A Dunn (U: N/A) Ronald Lee Dunn (M: N/A)
James Larry Dunn (M: N/A) John David Dunn 2nd (M: N/A) Richard Earl Dunnegan (M: 63)
Richard E Dunnegan (M: N/A) Gregory Lee Dunstan (M: N/A) Gregory L Dunstan (M: N/A)
Larry Gene Dunston (M: 67) Larry G Dunston (M: 67) Larry G Dunston (M: N/A)
Gregory Robert Dupree (M: 21) Steven Juan Dupree (M: 27) Steven J Dupree (M: N/A)
James Edward Durbin (M: 45) Matthew Dale Durbin (M: 28) Roger Gail Durbin (M: 66)
Seth Allen Durbin (M: 23) Timothy Scott Durbin (M: 30) Matthew D Durbin (M: N/A)
Roger G Durbin (U: N/A) Timothy S Durbin (M: N/A) Jeremiah Mathew Duree (M: 33)
Jeremiah Matthew Duree (M: 32) Roger Edward Durfey (U: N/A) Bradley Dale Durham (M: 48)
Darrell William Durham (M: 46) Michael Scott Durham (M: 29) Robert J Durham (M: 45)
Bradley D Durham (U: N/A) Robert Lee Durk (M: 55) Robert L Durk (M: N/A)
Charles Eugene Durley (M: 65) Virgil Edward Durlin (M: 59) Roy Gene Durossette (M: 43)
Roy G Durossette (U: N/A) Ronald Arthur Durre (M: 43) Ronald Arthur Durre (M: 44)
Douglas Scott Durrett (M: 39) Douglas S Durrett (U: N/A) Holly Collen Dusenberry (F: 37)
Holly C Dusenberry (U: N/A) Steven Kenneth Dusterhoft (M: 31) Steven K Dusterhoft (M: N/A)
Chris Lee Dutton (M: 30) Chris Lee Dutton (M: 30) Daniel J Dutton (M: 48)
Randy Lee Dutton (M: 61) Cecil J Dutton (U: N/A) Emmett Duty (M: 31)
Kevin Wayne Duty (M: 44) Derrick R Duty (U: N/A) Tony D Duvall (U: N/A)
Harry C Duvall (U: N/A) Joe Dan Dwyer (M: 80) Robert Earl Dwyer (M: 36)
Joe D Dwyer (U: N/A) Robert E Dwyer (M: N/A) David Ray Dye (M: 64)
James Allen Dye (M: 63) David R Dye (M: N/A) Herbert E Dyer (M: 57)
Herbert E Dyer (U: N/A) Kenneth Wayne Dyke (M: 41) Kenneth W Dyke (M: N/A)
Dennis Dykes (M: 58) Dennis Lee Dykes (U: N/A) Charles Lee Dyle (M: 35)
Charles L Dyle (M: N/A) Phillip Orlando Dysart (M: 37) Phillip O Dysart (U: N/A)
Claude Glenn Dyson (M: 36) John Paul Dzindolet (M: 47)

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