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All sex offender data currently in our database from Michigan whose last name begins with the letter Z are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Michigan sex offender information.

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Kenneth Eugene Zabavski (M: 50) Timothy Peter Zabawski-Nelson (M: 48) Michelle Lynn Zablocki (F: 41)
Todd Alan Zablocki (M: 39) Noah John Zaborowski (M: 33) Noah Zaborowski (M: 33)
Jason Ronald Zaborski (M: 29) Oseas Noe Zacarias (M: 27) John Ferguson Zacchi (M: 33)
Daniel Russell Zacharias (M: 57) Michael Dennis Zacharias (M: 34) Daniel Russell Zacharias (M: 57)
Justin Kenneth Zachary (M: 30) Joseph Norman Zachman (M: 39) Stanley David Zack (M: 66)
Theodore Alexander Zadrozny (M: 57) Navid Zafar (M: 33) Pablo Zagal (M: 26)
Thomas Lee Zagorski (M: 60) Thomas Lee Zagorski (M: 60) Scott Russell Zahl Sr (M: 40)
Eric David Zahm (M: 31) Joel A Zahnow (M: 37) Joel Aaron Zahnow (M: 37)
Hassan Ail Zahr (M: 55) David Kevin Zahron (M: 47) Nathan Paul Zajac (M: 36)
Jason Joseph Zajaczkowski (M: 35) Jerry Lee Zak (M: 70) John Kevin Zakarzecki (M: 58)
John Kevin Zakarzecki (M: 58) Lyndsey Sue Zakem (F: 27) Lindsey Zakem (F: 30)
Frank Zaker (M: 65) Thomas Harold Zaker (M: 65) Thomas Edward Zaker (M: 40)
Lawrence Marion Zakrzewski (M: 47) Lawrence Marion Zakrzewski (M: 47) Joseph Robert Zalanskas (M: 36)
Jose Francisco Zaldivar (M: 43) Ralph Steven Zalenski (M: 29) Bill Ray Zalewski (M: 45)
Bill Ray Zalewski (M: 45) Jesse Ryan Zalewski (M: 22) Juan Luis Zambranoaguilar (M: 35)
Rodolfo Zamora (M: 53) Rodolfo Zamora (M: 53) Paul Anthony Zanardo (M: 30)
Gary Francis Zander (M: 74) Nathanael Lee Zander (M: 31) Anthony David Zanders (M: 26)
Hoyt Zanders (M: 40) Derk Zandstra (M: 62) Kerry James Zangara (M: 37)
James Thomas Zanoni (M: 63) Pier-George Anthony Zanoni (M: 57) Corey Andrew Zanotti (M: 32)
Joseph Anthony Zant (M: 27) Glen Allen Zantello (M: 50) Andres Sauceda Zapata (M: 43)
Martin Roman Zapata (M: 45) Miguel Zapata-Lindsay (M: 52) Thomas John Zaracki (M: 35)
Thomas John Zaracki (M: 35) Joe Cruz Zaragoza (M: 43) Sylvino Zarasua (M: 79)
Sylvino Zarasua (M: 79) Gerardo Octavio Zarate (M: 29) Pedro Zarate-Banos (M: 39)
Aaron Gerard Zarbaugh (M: 29) Martin Martinez Zarco (M: 50) Matthew Mahmood Zarghami (M: 54)
Mark Richard Zarkin (M: 45) Valerio Santos Zarraga (M: 52) Steven Daniel Zatarga (M: 29)
Peter Anthony Zatezalo (M: 65) Bruce Lee Zavala (M: 30) Daniel Bernard Zavala (M: 44)
Felix Zavala (M: 32) Jose Ramon Zavala (M: 30) Thomas Christopher Zavala (M: 36)
Manuel Zavala-Avalos (M: 49) Wayne Earl Zavoda (M: 42) Jason Zavodsky (M: 41)
Michael James Zawadzki (M: 27) Muwafak S Zaya (M: 40) Luis Felipe Zayas (M: 59)
Esam Mahyoub-Mohammed Zayed (M: 38) Walter Alen Zazucki (M: 59) Derrek Zdeb (M: 34)
Michael Joseph Zdybel (M: 33) Mark Jason Zea (M: 36) Mark Jason Zea (M: 36)
David E Zebe (M: 45) Nicholas Jacob Zebelian (M: 29) William John Zech (M: 33)
Harvey Allen Zeek (M: 41) Kevin Michael Zeeryp (M: 29) Matthew John Zeestraten (M: 29)
Ricky Fred Zeestraten (M: 51) Ryan Michael Zeestraten (M: 20) Matthew Zachary Zehender (M: 51)
Russell Paul Zehendner (M: 87) Charlene Marie Zehren (F: 48) Danny Lynn Zeigler (M: 62)
Kenneth Allen Zeigler (M: 32) Leonard Roy Zeigler (M: 31) Merle Orlan Zeigler (M: 58)
Robert James Zeigler (M: 51) Kelly Youssef Zeineddin (M: 54) Gregory Peter Zeipekis (M: 64)
Joshua Daniel Zeits (M: 28) Jose Ismael Zelaya (M: 57) Michael David Zelek (M: 40)
Albin Martin Zelek (M: 45) Martin Andrew Zellars (M: 21) Robert John Zellmer (M: 45)
Dennis Herman Zelmer (M: 31) George Henry Zender (M: 57) Andres Capistran Zepeda (M: 26)
Netzahualcoyotl Zepeda (M: 43) Zechariah Zephyr Zeppelin (M: 56) Solomon Kafil Zeratsion (M: 45)
Robert Allen Zerba (M: 49) Roy Danny Zerbe (M: 58) Scott Andrew Zerbe (M: 46)
Zachary Thomas Zerbe (M: 31) Roy Danny Zerbe (M: 58) Scott Andrew Zerbe (M: 46)
Timothy Alan Zerkle (M: 31) Patrick Joseph Zerod (M: 36) Patrick Joseph Zerod (M: 36)
James John Zestos (M: 59) James John Zestos (M: 59) Ricardo Zetino (M: 47)
Kifah Zetouna (M: 52) Michael Joseph Zeweke (M: 42) Joseph Michael Zeweke (M: 42)
Edward William Zgliczynski (M: 70) Zi Zhang (M: 49) Bradley Charles Zibbell (M: 62)
Paul Matthew Zieger (M: 47) Douglas Edwin Ziegler (M: 36) Gordon Michael Ziegler (M: 58)
William Henry Zieldorff (M: 65) Paul Michael Zielesch (M: 32) Goldie Armond Zielieke (M: 38)
Alan Leonard Zielinski (M: 44) Lynn Marie Zielinski (F: 51) Edward Joseph Zielinski (M: 36)
Lynn Marie Zielinski (F: 51) Anne Marie Zielinski (F: 41) Alan Leonard Zielinski (M: 44)
Joe Dennis-Wayne Ziemann (M: 49) Mathew Francis Ziembowicz (M: 23) Steven John Ziemkowski (M: 45)
Peter John Zientak (M: 42) Richard Michael Zietz (M: 36) Robert Nelson Zigler (M: 70)
Dennis Micheal Zikowski (M: 49) Ronald Joseph Zilinski (M: 42) Kevin Andrew Zilinsky (M: 30)
Joseph Edwin Zimmer (M: 56) Frederick Alvin Zimmer (M: 51) Daryl Lavern Zimmer (M: 57)
Aaron Jack Zimmerman (M: 40) Aaron Michael Zimmerman (M: 30) Arthur Leo Zimmerman (M: 48)
David Leo Zimmerman (M: 56) David Harry-Paul Zimmerman (M: 44) Donald James Zimmerman (M: 70)
Donald August Zimmerman (M: 55) Edwin Frederick Zimmerman (M: 68) Jeffrey Russell Zimmerman (M: 45)
Jennifer Marie Zimmerman (F: 27) Leroy Alan Zimmerman (M: 63) Michael Kelly Zimmerman (M: 62)
Michael Wayne-Allen Zimmerman (M: 23) Michael Allen Zimmerman (M: 55) Timothy Paul Zimmerman (M: 53)
Victor Lowell Zimmerman (M: 59) William John Zimmerman (M: 52) Donald James Zimmerman (M: 70)
Victor Lowell Zimmerman (M: 59) David Harry Zimmerman (M: 44) Michael Allen Zimmerman (M: 55)
Ronald Lee Zimonick (M: 64) Franklin David Zingelman (M: 30) Franklin David Zingelman (M: 30)
Brian Edward Zink (M: 46) Richard Wayne Zink (M: 67) Ryan Allen Zink (M: 29)
Don Ray Zinke (M: 58) Edward Adrian Zinke (M: 49) Gregory Albert Zinninger (M: 42)
Clinton Ryan Zinski (M: 23) Daniel Andrew Ziny (M: 31) Daniel A Ziny (M: 30)
Gerald Francis Zinzo (M: 48) Martha Lucretia Zirker (F: 36) Ray Carson Zissler (M: 56)
Richard Allen Zitka (M: 46) Leon Earl Zitka (M: 68) Charles Ziulkowski (M: 80)
John Henry Zizzo (M: 47) Robert Richard Zoellner (M: 32) Jay Anthony Zollicoffer (M: 34)
Kenneth James Zolnierek (M: 48) Kenneth James Zolnierek (M: 48) Matthew William Zolton (M: 34)
Rick Allen Zondervan (M: 55) Rick Allen Zondervan (M: 55) Vicente Zormeno-Lopez (M: 34)
Douglas Edward Zorn (M: 62) Douglas Edward Zorn (M: 62) Richard Allan Zorn (M: 55)
David Anthony Zoulek (M: 40) Jake Zoutendyk (M: 43) Joseph Anton Zsidi (M: 48)
Jonathan Charles Zuck (M: 38) Johnathan Charles Zuck (M: 38) James Joseph Zucker (M: 27)
Donald Martin Zuder (M: 79) Kenneth Lawrence Zuehlke (M: 62) Linda May Zuhl (F: 46)
Kenneth Zuidewind (M: 53) Edward Richard Zujko (M: 63) Nicholas Zuke Zuke (M: 29)
Ray William Zuke (M: 82) Stephen Michael Zulinski (M: 32) Mario Jason Zuniga (M: 33)
Leo Macrio Zuniga (M: 32) Martin Salazar Zuniga (M: 39) Zachary Andrew Zuydwegt (M: 31)
Zachary Andrew Zuydwegt (M: 31) Zachary Andrew Zuydwegt (M: 31) James John-Patrick Zvric (M: 49)
Robert Alan Zwak (M: 57) Michael Ronald Zweedyk (M: 50) Michael Ronald Zweedyk (M: 50)
Michelle Lynn Zweigle (F: 40) David Patrick Zweng (M: 48) Adam James Zwerk (M: 26)
George Raymond Zwerk (M: 29) Michael Edward Zwick (M: 46) Edward John Zwiesele (M: 28)
Terry Joe Zydor (M: 41) Richard Keith Zylstra (M: 67) Steve Robert Zylstra (M: 51)
Steven Robert Zylstra (M: 51) Joseph Michael Zynda (M: 44) Kristin Allison Zywicki (F: 34)
Chester Zywot (M: 78) Robert Lawrence Zywot (M: 66)

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