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All sex offender data currently in our database from Michigan whose last name begins with the letter Y are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Michigan sex offender information.

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Craig Terrence Yackel (M: 29) Arthur Leroy Yacks (M: 40) Leon Joseph Yacks (M: 51)
Leon Joseph Yacks (M: 51) Lawrence Steven Yacyshun (M: 58) Alexander Milan Yadloczky (M: 57)
Derrick Andrew Yager (M: 23) Derrick Andrew Yager (M: 23) Kenneth Dale Yager (M: 47)
Michael Gene Yager (M: 59) Charles John Yagodzinski (M: 67) Charles John Yagodzinski (M: 67)
Lawrence Keith Yahne (M: 81) Randy Lee Yahne (M: 48) Hirem Edward Yake (M: 47)
John Paul Yakel (M: 36) James Burton Yakes (M: 48) Jeffrey Michael Yales (M: 34)
Askia Yamini (M: 63) Antoine Tonelle Yancey (M: 32) Eric Yancey (M: 40)
Christopher Allen Yancy (M: 32) Aurelio Yanez (M: 61) Jody Preston Yanez (M: 30)
Thao Yang (M: 32) Yia Yang (M: 38) Edward Samuel Yankee (M: 57)
Jonathan Thomas Yankee (M: 27) Edward Samuel Yankee (M: 57) Christopher Thomas Yanna (M: 26)
Gerald Thomas Yanna (M: 47) Leroy Gordon Yanna (M: 62) Leroy Gordon Yanna (M: 62)
Gerald Thomas Yanna (M: 47) David Grant Yanosky (M: 57) James Nathaniel Yant (M: 40)
Marlin Renard Yarber (M: 29) Rodney Darshawn Yarber (M: 27) Michael Wardell Yarbourgh (M: 43)
Timothy P Yarbro (M: 31) Timothy Paul Yarbro (M: 31) Kevin Delone Yarbrough (M: 44)
Terrence Yarbrough (M: 41) Kevin Yarbrough (M: 44) Jesse Duane Yarbrough (M: 34)
Christopher Robin Yarger (M: 41) Joseph Thomas Yarger (M: 67) Michael Allen Yarger (M: 42)
Robert James Yarnevich (M: 65) Najib Hussein Yassine (M: 68) Amir Jahad Yasso (M: 60)
Stephen James Yaster (M: 46) Gary Dean Yates (M: 61) Isaac Samuel Yates (M: 30)
Jeffrey Allen Yates (M: 51) Lawrence Robert Yates (M: 49) Michael Wayne Yates (M: 58)
Samuel Royal Yates (M: 30) Stuart D Yates (M: 44) Stuart Dernell Yates (M: 44)
Willie Deon Yates (M: 44) Samuel Royal Yates (M: 30) Jeffery Allen Yates (M: 51)
George Hanna Yatooma (M: 66) Thomas Fredrick Yats (M: 45) Lavern Allen Yax (M: 40)
Terry William Yax (M: 63) Timothy Mark Yax (M: 36) Eric Michael Yazell (M: 26)
Joseph Lee Ybarra (M: 39) Thomas Wayne Ybarra (M: 48) Joseph Lee Ybarra (M: 39)
John Charles Yeager (M: 67) Jack Christopher Yeager (M: 59) Joshua Allen Yeakey (M: 33)
Gregory Yearby (M: 55) Gregory Yearby (M: 55) James Frank Yeargin (M: 67)
Jeffery David Yeargin (M: 29) James Frank Yeargin (M: 67) Charles Milburn Yeary (M: 35)
Charles Yeary (M: 35) Bernard Roy Yeaw (M: 61) Richard Alan Yeaw (M: 31)
Bernard Roy Yeaw (M: 61) Thomas John-Michael Yehle (M: 29) Charles Clair Yeider (M: 59)
Christopher William Yeider (M: 52) Robert Ulysses Yellowbank (M: 38) Marvin Lee Yenglin (M: 69)
Joseph John Yenna (M: 43) Joseph Lynn Yennior (M: 22) Jeffery Wayne Yenshaw (M: 44)
Damon Lee-Alan Yeoman (M: 33) Ryan Douglas Yerke (M: 30) George Harold Yerkes (M: 37)
Glen Douglas Yerkes (M: 30) Maria Belen Yerton (F: 32) David James Yester (M: 58)
Jason Raymond Yettaw (M: 30) Jeffrey Jason Yeung (M: 31) Joel David Yglesias (M: 29)
Mychal James Yharbrough (M: 26) Samedi Yin (M: 58) Samedi Yin (M: 58)
Robert Lee Yinger (M: 31) William Junior Yinger (M: 32) William Peter Yinger (M: 59)
Matthew Lee-Joel Ymker (M: 28) Michael Robert-Jonathan Ymker (M: 28) Carmen Anthony Yocapetta (M: 91)
Carmen A Yocapetta (M: 91) Christopher Paul Yockey (M: 36) Gary Lee Yockey (M: 54)
Judy Ann Yockey (F: 43) Keith Alan Yockey (M: 58) Larry Lyle Yockey (M: 62)
William Eugene Yockey (M: 35) Larry Lyle Yockey (M: 62) Benjamin Louis Yoder (M: 29)
Bowen Parrish Yoder (M: 22) Bowen Parrish Yoder (M: 22) James Jay Yoder (M: 35)
Kevin Roy Yoder (M: 30) Merlin Dean Yoder (M: 29) Steven James Yoemans (M: 53)
William James Yohn (M: 26) Mouayed Kas Yonan (M: 43) Andrew Scott Yonkers (M: 23)
James Thomas Yonkers (M: 47) Dany Yono (M: 28) Charles Gary York (M: 66)
Dennis Richard York (M: 72) Jerome William York (M: 60) Kevin Kurt York (M: 51)
Patrick Michael York (M: 52) Susan Michelle York (F: 29) Warren York (M: 63)
Kevin Kurt York (M: 51) Jerome William York (M: 60) Patrick Michael York (M: 52)
David Oneil Yorks (M: 48) Eugene Scott Yorks (M: 52) David Oneal Yorks (M: 48)
Benjamin Joseph Yost (M: 53) Joseph Allen Yost (M: 47) Michael Dewitt Yost (M: 37)
Thomas Robert-Oliver Yost (M: 39) Thomas Oliver Yost (M: 39) Joseph Allen Yost (M: 47)
Benjamin J Yost (M: 53) William Joseph Yott (M: 51) Harold Youell (M: 62)
Harold Albert-Lee Youell (M: 59) Stacy Jeanette Youell (F: 33) Daniel Neil Younce (M: 71)
Anthony Dwayne Young (M: 48) Anthony Steven Young (M: 35) Anthony Alan Young (M: 53)
Billy Joe Young (M: 60) Caleb Matthew Young (M: 22) Calvin Leonard Young (M: 42)
Carl Eugene Young (M: 49) Charles Curtis Young (M: 60) Charles Curtis Young (M: 60)
Damien Bernard Young (M: 33) Daniel Joseph Young (M: 34) Daniel J Young (M: 34)
Daniel Richard Young (M: 45) Darrell Devin Young (M: 29) Darryl Dennis Young (M: 55)
Douglas Howard Young (M: 57) Eldon Leo Young (M: 57) Eric Michael Young (M: 32)
Eric Darnell Young (M: 48) Eugene Russell Young (M: 62) Frances Irene Young (F: 32)
Francis Charles-Jacques Young (M: 45) Freddie Young (M: 61) Gary Young (M: 53)
Gary Shaffey Young (M: 54) Gerald Young (M: 48) Gerald Frederick Young (M: 54)
Harold Roger Young (M: 65) Henry Lee Young (M: 58) Jack Edward Young (M: 45)
James Joseph Young (M: 39) James T Young (M: 62) James Eugene Young (M: 38)
Jason Romano Young (M: 24) Jeffery John Young (M: 49) Jeremy Ean Young (M: 33)
Jermaine Tobiah Young (M: 35) Jimmy Tarborres Young (M: 28) Joel C Young (M: 56)
John Wayne Young (M: 44) Jonathan Arthur Young (M: 29) Joshua Joseph Young (M: 25)
Joshua Matthew Young (M: 28) Keith Young (M: 49) Keith Elwood Young (M: 51)
Kelvin Young (M: 49) Kenneth William Young (M: 58) Kenneth Dwayne Young (M: 44)
Kenneth Gerald Young (M: 49) Kevin Scott Young (M: 46) Kyle Leon Young (M: 21)
Larry Robert Young (M: 32) Lashaun Laroy Young (M: 32) Len James Young (M: 39)
Lonzo L Young (M: 41) Loren James Young (M: 23) Marcel Orlando Young (M: 55)
Michael D Young (M: 41) Micheal Lynn Young (M: 43) Omer R Young (M: 72)
Oscar Jose Young (M: 55) Patrick Scott Young (M: 49) Paul Omer Young (M: 69)
Richard Jewel Young (M: 40) Robert Mathias Young (M: 39) Robert Young (M: 71)
Robert Alan Young (M: 42) Roger Lee Young (M: 44) Ronald Amir Young (M: 31)
Russell Martin Young (M: 46) Russell Richard Young (M: 48) Russell Steven Young (M: 25)
Scott Bradley Young (M: 33) Steven Dean Young (M: 38) Tabatha Lynn Young (F: 26)
Tonny Young (M: 48) Tywon Ramon Young (M: 31) Willie James Young (M: 88)
Calvin Young (M: 42) Darryl Dennis Young (M: 55) Douglas Howard Young (M: 57)
Tonny Young (M: 48) Patrick Scott Young (M: 49) Billy Joe Young (M: 60)
Eldon Leo Young (M: 57) Michael Lynn Young (M: 43) Russell Young (M: 48)
Omer Ray Young (M: 72) Gary Shaffey Young (M: 54) Jack Edward Young (M: 45)
Willis Eugene Young (M: 75) Eric Michael Young (M: 32) Norbert John Young (M: 60)
Timothy Farmer Young (M: 45) Timothy James Young (M: 56) Steven Allan Young (M: 36)
Steven Bruce Young (M: 42) Ulice Charles Young (M: 59) Jacob Travis-Scott Young (M: 22)
Joannie Lynn Young (F: 22) Floyd William Young Iv (M: 18) John Henry Young Jr (M: 57)
Bernard Young-Bey (M: 54) Antwaun Leneir Youngblood (M: 36) Leslie Lloyd Youngblood (M: 40)
Anthony Frederick Younger (M: 27) Jeffrey Joseph Younglove (M: 48) Kevin William Youngpeter (M: 26)
David Allen Youngs (M: 28) Jason Nicholas Youngs (M: 34) Robert Lavern Youngs (M: 52)
Robert Carl Youngs (M: 47) David Allen Youngs (M: 28) Kenneth Alan Youngs (M: 51)
Jason Thomas Younk (M: 37) Khayzi Yousif (M: 61) Thamin Shawkat Yousif (M: 58)
Khayzi Kashat Yousif (M: 61) Richard Allen Youtsey (M: 30) Christopher Steven Yowell (M: 30)
John Jacob Ypma (M: 25) Theodore John Yrjana (M: 78) David Brian Yrshus (M: 52)
David Brian Yrshus (M: 52) Todd Raymond Yuergens (M: 58) Todd Raymond Yuergens (M: 58)
Ha Mok Yun (M: 35) Vincent John Yurchak (M: 54) Vincent Allen Yurkinas (M: 47)

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