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All sex offender data currently in our database from Michigan whose last name begins with the letter I are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Michigan sex offender information.

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Donald Alan Iafrate (M: 46) Donald Alan Iafrate (M: 46) Daniel Ibarra (M: 31)
Jose Estaban Ibarra (M: 48) Luis Ibarra (M: 32) Jorge Antonio Ibarra-Perez (M: 52)
Jameel Saleem Ibn-Caper (M: 40) Eisa Kamil Ibraham (M: 67) Andrew Blake Iceberg (M: 35)
Andrew Blake Iceberg (M: 35) Stephen Eric Ichenberg (M: 48) Stephen Eric Ichenberg (M: 48)
James Joseph Ickes (M: 61) James Edward Ickes (M: 62) Rick James Ickowski (M: 43)
Glenn Scott Idalski (M: 43) Timothy Dale Idema (M: 41) Cameron Barnett Idol (M: 46)
Jeffrey Michael Ienna (M: 32) Victor Nnamudi Ifezue (M: 26) George Ronald Iftner (M: 85)
John Michael Igaz (M: 45) David Harold Ignatowski (M: 56) Michael Joseph Ihander (M: 24)
Donald Eugene Ihrke (M: 45) Donald Eugene Ihrke (M: 45) Joseph Pluszczynski Ii (M: 31)
Richard Kevin Iiams (M: 52) Robert Brenton Iiams (M: 34) Richard Kevin Iiams (M: 52)
Aaron Iii Toliver (M: 57) Jeffrey David Ilasenko (M: 54) Christopher Glen Ilbrink (M: 27)
Antonio Ildefonso (M: 25) Lawrence Lee Iler (M: 45) Lawrence Lee Iler (M: 45)
Bruce Lee Ilves (M: 62) Michael Salvatore Imbrunnone (M: 46) Hans Michael Imel (M: 38)
Hans Michael Imel (M: 38) Craig Stewart Imhoff (M: 61) Garrett Dean Imhoff (M: 30)
Imouthes Mena Imhotep (M: 53) Michael Dane Imler (M: 24) Suranit Imsumran (M: 46)
Shawn T Imus (M: 43) Brian Minoo Inamdar (M: 32) Richard James Inbody (M: 22)
Robert James Inbody (M: 45) John Thomas Inchiostro (M: 62) John Thomas Inchiostro (M: 62)
John Wayne Inde (M: 38) Larren Omaray Inge (M: 32) Douglas Paul Ingersoll (M: 43)
Hugh Arthur Ingersoll (M: 46) Mark Allen Ingersoll (M: 25) Michael James Ingersoll (M: 63)
Steven Daniel Ingersoll (M: 44) Hugh Arthur Ingersoll (M: 46) Brandon Wesley Ingham (M: 32)
Brandon Wesley Ingham (M: 32) Melvin Charles Ingison (M: 44) Jonathan Brian Inglat (M: 30)
Chauncy Warren Ingle (M: 35) Donald Steven Ingle (M: 50) Harlin Preston Ingle (M: 41)
Kevin Charles Ingle (M: 55) Gilbert Ross Ingles (M: 64) Chevon Bennett Ingram (M: 52)
James Bazzell Ingram (M: 51) Jeremiah John Ingram (M: 32) Leroy Curtis Ingram (M: 26)
Richard Allen Ingram (M: 63) Richard Allen Ingram (M: 63) Donald William Ingram (M: 32)
Adam Dyre Inman (M: 31) Christopher Louis Inman (M: 46) David Todd Inman (M: 46)
Dwain Allan Inman (M: 56) Gerald Lee Inman (M: 62) Jeffery Paul Inman (M: 42)
Joshua James Inman (M: 31) Linda Lee Inman (F: 60) Patrick Charles Inman (M: 34)
Stacey Carl Inman (M: 48) Linda Lee Inman (F: 60) Gregory William Innes (M: 55)
Justin Intramanee (M: 26) Samuel Inzano (M: 52) Samuel Inzano (M: 52)
Dale Francis Iott (M: 53) Thomas Joseph Iott (M: 63) William Patrick Iott (M: 53)
Michael Dennis Ippolito (M: 46) Michael Dennis Ippolito (M: 46) Javid Howard Iqbal (M: 43)
Earl William Irby (M: 61) Tywan Antoine Irby (M: 25) Dustin Michael Irelan (M: 28)
David Michael Ireland (M: 39) David Michael Ireland (M: 39) Douglas James Ireland (M: 42)
Jason Dale Ireland (M: 35) Michael Eugene Ireland (M: 36) Thomas Paul Ireland (M: 36)
David M Ireland (M: 39) Michael Eugene Ireland (M: 36) Edward Charles Irgang (M: 47)
Joseph Allan Irish (M: 44) Sampson James Irish (M: 30) Brian Keith Irons (M: 50)
Jason Dean Irons (M: 43) Richard Lee Irons (M: 54) Charles Luther Irvin (M: 88)
Howard Lamar Irvin (M: 42) Lature Robert Irvin (M: 40) Monty Allen Irvin (M: 44)
Patrick Jeremy Irvin (M: 22) Robert Omar Irvin (M: 37) Ronald Irvin (M: 60)
Charles Luther Irvin (M: 88) David Lee Irvine (M: 54) David Wyatt Irving (M: 54)
Jimmy Theadore Irving (M: 52) David Wyatt Irving (M: 54) Alman Ernest Irwin (M: 55)
Brent Milford Irwin (M: 59) Brett Bernard Irwin (M: 39) David Carlton Irwin (M: 58)
Eugene James Irwin (M: 65) Jeffrey Scott Irwin (M: 41) Jimmy Lee Irwin (M: 39)
Joey Ellis Irwin (M: 26) Keith Allen Irwin (M: 61) Larry Norman Irwin (M: 38)
Richard Paul Irwin (M: 46) Robert Conrad Irwin (M: 28) Ronald Lee Irwin (M: 42)
Joseph Kevin Irwin (M: 51) Ronald Lee Irwin (M: 42) Jabber Muhsen-Jalool Isa (M: 35)
Benjamin Isaac (M: 59) Ron Isaac (M: 44) John Wayne Isaacson (M: 50)
Wilbert Lynn Isaacson (M: 62) John Wayne Isaacson (M: 50) Jason Ray Isabel (M: 31)
Mark Edward Isabel (M: 56) Steven Isabell (M: 51) Jeffrey Dale Isabell-Taylor (M: 40)
Dale Jerald Isacson (M: 43) Ponciano Isaias (M: 66) Dale Lee Isaman (M: 51)
Danny Ray Isaman (M: 48) Marion Augustus Isaman (M: 79) Michael Isby (M: 50)
Michael Isby (M: 50) Michael Isby (M: 50) Isidro Richard Iseler (M: 27)
Keith Eugene Isenhart (M: 38) Roger Leland Isenhart (M: 54) Roger Leland Isenhart (M: 54)
Richard David Iser (M: 52) Richard David Iser (M: 52) Robert Williamaustin Isham (M: 34)
Aaron Lee Ishmael (M: 29) John Immanuel Ishman (M: 44) Donald Wayne Ishman (M: 48)
Brett Anthony Iskra (M: 40) Robert Russell Isles (M: 48) William Daniel Isley (M: 30)
Ali Abdallah Ismail (M: 27) Issa Albert Ismair (M: 38) Charles Isom (M: 49)
Cleofus Isom (M: 69) Gordon Horace Isom (M: 54) James Edward Isom (M: 40)
Tom Allan Isom (M: 29) James Brian Ison (M: 30) Christopher Thomas Isquierdo (M: 57)
Sarmad David Israil (M: 38) William John Ivanac (M: 55) Paul John Ivanics (M: 87)
James Douglas Ivanoff (M: 54) Allen Gene Iverson (M: 39) Edwin William Ives (M: 65)
John Richard Ives (M: 50) Kevin Michael Ives (M: 43) John Dean Ivey (M: 50)
Antonio Ivezaj (M: 42) Franz John Ivezaj (M: 37) Pjeter Ivezaj (M: 40)
John Ivezaj (M: 37) Marko Ivezic (M: 51) Kenneth Edward Ivie (M: 58)
Paul Matthew Ivity (M: 40) James Earl Ivory (M: 36) Juan Albert Ivory (M: 39)
Juan Albert Ivory (M: 39) Anthony Maurice Ivy (M: 34) Brian K Ivy (M: 39)
Brian Keith Ivy (M: 40) Brian Oneal Ivy (M: 46) Paul Douglas Ivy (M: 54)
Sean Jermaine Ivy (M: 35) James Edward Ivy (M: 47) Rey Davidlucho Ixtepan (M: 30)
Carlos Carlos Izaguirre-Castro (M: 39) Zenaido Izquierdo (M: 66) Boris Izroilov (M: 45)
Domenic Izzo (M: 69)

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