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All sex offender data currently in our database from Massachusetts whose last name begins with the letter R are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Massachusetts sex offender information.

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Lawrence M Graham (Rahim Ra-Shad) (M: 49) Shawn M Raasch (M: 34) Noel Zotique Rabitor (M: 39)
Brian Keith Racine (M: 49) Jean Guy Racine (M: 69) Herbert S Racine Jr (M: 45)
Daniel Joseph Rae (M: 56) Alan R Rafuse (M: 60) Dawud Rahim (M: 69)
Kelly Nkoli Raible (M: 25) Donald Curtis Raines (M: 59) John H Rajab (M: 44)
Suresh G Rajani (M: 54) William F Ralphs (M: 53) James Ramaglia (M: 51)
John Ramia (M: 31) Hector Ramirez (M: 59) Juan A Ramirez (M: 61)
Miguel A Ramirez (M: 47) Marvin Ramirez-Ramos (M: 38) Angel M Ramos (M: 32)
Hector Ramos (M: 47) Jose Ramos (M: 44) Marcos U Ramos (M: 71)
Venancio Ramos (M: 55) Wilfredo Ramos (M: 42) Wilfredo Ramos (M: 51)
Michael Rancourt (M: 51) James M Randall (M: 55) Andrew Randolph (M: 59)
Guy Quinton Randolph (M: 49) David J Ranelli (M: 36) Darryl Rankins (M: 53)
Amilicar F Raposo (M: 50) Adam Rapoza (M: 37) John M Ratcliff (M: 52)
Wayne E Ratcliffe (M: 53) Jerry L Ratliff (M: 47) James R Rattell (M: 58)
Thomas M Rattie (M: 63) Austin Roderk Rattler (M: 49) Ronald L Rau (M: 54)
Jim T Rawding (M: 45) Jason Ray (M: 44) Michael Ray (M: 47)
Tyrone Ray (M: 43) David Paul Raza (M: 28) Gerard L Ready (M: 59)
Jared Matthew Reagan (M: 37) George Reardon (M: 56) Richard Reardon (M: 34)
William P Reardon (M: 52) Eugene F Rector (M: 51) Mark Reddick (M: 48)
Nicholas Redding (M: 33) Jerry S Rediker (M: 51) Brian J Redman (M: 30)
William Thomas Redmon (M: 51) David F Reed (M: 50) Jerome Reed (M: 53)
Jerron Reed (M: 31) Steven M Reed (M: 34) Christopher James Reese (M: 43)
Daryl L Reese (M: 36) Stephen M Reeves (M: 46) Michael Regan (M: 51)
Richard George Rego (M: 43) Jacob W Reibel (M: 36) David Scott Reid (M: 54)
Jamarre H Reid (M: 36) Kevin B Reid (M: 29) Thomas L Reid (M: 50)
Victor Reid (M: 37) Mark Reidle (M: 39) Hussam E Reissour (M: 37)
Steven E Remeika (M: 52) Arthur H Remillard (M: 75) Russell W Renaud (M: 64)
Bruce J Renaud (M: 44) Cory A Renwick (M: 32) Cory A Renwick (M: 32)
Carlos Resendes (M: 39) Jacob J Resnikow (M: 67) Angel Luis Resto (M: 48)
Jose Resto (M: 36) David William Rexford (M: 50) Jose A Reyes (M: 52)
Jose Reyes (M: 42) Jose Antonio Reyes (M: 52) Marcos Antonio Reyes (M: 55)
Miguel Reyes (M: 35) Renaldo Reyes (M: 51) Rigoberto Reyes (M: 28)
Victor Reyes (M: 74) Joseph Reyes (M: 28) Anthony Reynolds (M: 34)
Robert J Reynolds (M: 50) Stephen T Reynolds (M: 57) Charles J Rhodenizer (M: 53)
George T Rhodes (M: 46) Gery Francis Rhodes (M: 50) Arthur J Ribeiro (M: 74)
Albert Riccio (M: 77) Wayne R Rice (M: 54) David A Richard (M: 53)
Paul Richard (M: 66) David L Richard (M: 57) Eric Richards (M: 37)
Tina M Richards (F: 43) Denard Richardson (M: 29) Frank Kenneth Richardson (M: 37)
James M Richardson (M: 52) Luray F Richardson (M: 80) Richard D Richlin (M: 48)
Brandon Normand Richmond (M: 28) Stephen E Richmond (M: 57) George W Richter (M: 66)
Ricky Ricker (M: 47) Javar Ricketts (M: 17) Ricky D Ricko (M: 58)
Robert L Ricks (M: 55) Scott F Riddle (M: 51) Spencer Sinclair Ridenhour (M: 27)
Walter A Rider (M: 60) Leo Barnard Riel (M: 73) Allen C Riffenburg (M: 48)
Charles J Riley (M: 53) Jerome Riley (M: 51) Michael Riley (M: 40)
Francis J Riordan (M: 59) Benjamin Rios (M: 55) Jose Rios (M: 26)
Juan Rios (M: 55) Manuel Rios (M: 66) Michael Rios (M: 43)
Victor Manuel Rios (M: 35) William Rios (M: 41) Sylvester S Rise (M: 70)
Paul J Risser (M: 49) Travis L Ritch (M: 43) Jason Matthew Rittenberg (M: 39)
Joseph John Rivard (M: 64) Michael E Rivard (M: 50) Carmelo Rivas (M: 47)
Alan Luis Rivera (M: 42) Angel L Rivera (M: 36) Antonio Rivera (M: 57)
Carlos Rivera (M: 29) Carlos Rivera (M: 43) Carlos Rivera (M: 34)
Eddie A Rivera (M: 36) George W Rivera (M: 28) Hector Rene Rivera (M: 46)
Ivan Rivera (M: 47) Javier Rivera (M: 34) Jesus B Rivera (M: 55)
Jose Armando Rivera (M: 43) Jose Rivera (M: 49) Joseph L Rivera (M: 58)
Miguel A Rivera (M: 52) Miguel Rivera (M: 30) Miguelito Rivera (M: 43)
Nicolas Rivera (M: 52) Noel Rivera (M: 41) Oswaldo Rivera (M: 31)
Raphael Rivera (M: 22) Waldemar Rivera (M: 48) Wilberto Rivera (M: 33)
William Rivera (M: 48) Moises Rivera-Caban (M: 44) Kevin Michael Rivers (M: 36)
Paul J Rivers (M: 31) John D Rives (M: 31) Gary M Robbins (M: 32)
Joel C Robbins (M: 47) Paul William Robbins (M: 52) Fitz Paul Robert (M: 39)
Aka Franklin Elliott Robert M Ellison (M: 50) Allan T Roberts (M: 51) Everett Roberts (M: 29)
Jeffrey Paul Roberts (M: 51) Wendell S Roberts (M: 90) Anthony Robertson (M: 30)
Anthony Robertson (M: 30) Steven W Robertson (M: 50) Joshua Robidoux (M: 30)
John J Robie (M: 47) Nicholas A Robillard (M: 33) Roland J Robillard (M: 76)
Christopher L Robinson (M: 53) Dean Edward Robinson (M: 49) Dean Robinson (M: 48)
Donnel Robinson (M: 31) James Francis Robinson (M: 49) Michael Robinson (M: 45)
Ramal Robinson (M: 36) Thomas O Robinson (M: 62) Willie C Robinson (M: 56)
Stephen George Robinson (M: 60) Dwan Robinson (M: 38) Danny William Robitaille (M: 49)
Hector Robles (M: 32) Jose Robles (M: 37) Ramon Robles (M: 48)
David Anthony Rocheleau (M: 38) Dwaine Rocheleau (M: 34) Andrew C Rochette (M: 47)
Stephen Charles Rochford (M: 58) Paul Joseph Rochon (M: 63) Kenneth Lawrence Rock (M: 57)
Michael G Roderick (M: 70) Leo J Roderigues (M: 46) Milton L Rodgers (M: 48)
John C Rodick (M: 35) Walas Rodrigues (M: 30) Abner Rodriguez (M: 30)
Alexander Rodriguez (M: 40) Bernardo Rodriguez (M: 37) Edgar Rodriguez (M: 45)
Edwin L Rodriguez (M: 27) Francisco Rodriguez (M: 53) Ismael Choco Rodriguez (M: 40)
Jaime Rodriguez (M: 47) Jose Rodriguez (M: 41) Luis Rodriguez (M: 45)
Luis A Rodriguez (M: 50) Miguel Rodriguez (M: 30) Ramon E Rodriguez (M: 53)
Ramon Rodriguez (M: 31) Richard Rodriguez (M: 33) Samuel Rodriguez (M: 59)
William Rodriguez (M: 63) Gregory Rodriguez (M: 35) Juan Carlos Rodriguez (M: 29)
Daniel Antonio Rodriguez (M: 33) Ladislao Rodriguez (M: 69) Hector Rodriguez (M: 38)
Medardo Rodriguez (M: 37) Angelo Rodriquez (M: 50) David Rodriquez (M: 44)
Edgardo Rodriquez (M: 39) Emiliano Rodriquez (M: 69) Gregory Rodriquez (M: 35)
Hector M Rodriquez (M: 44) Julio Rodriquez (M: 51) Charles Rodriquez (M: 40)
Christopher Cashis Rogers (M: 35) Christopher Rogers (M: 47) Roosevelt Rogers (M: 65)
Shawn Paul Rogers (M: 39) James Rogers (M: 48) Carlton Roies (M: 39)
Lisandro Rojas (M: 19) Rafael Rojas (M: 53) Rafael Rojas (M: 57)
Roberto Roldan (M: 51) John O Rolfe (M: 41) Carl S Romain (M: 50)
David Roman (M: 49) David Roman (M: 53) Rodolfo Roman (M: 58)
Peter Romanchenko (M: 40) Salvatore Romano (M: 58) Mark S Romanoff (M: 57)
Franky Romero (M: 28) Rodney Oliver Rondeau (M: 34) Edward Oscar Rood (M: 59)
Christopher Root (M: 37) John A Rosa (M: 59) John A Rosa (M: 58)
Noel Rosa-Pacheco (M: 31) Angelo M Rosado (M: 47) Hector Rosado (M: 64)
Marcial Rosado (M: 46) Margarito Rosado (M: 48) Wilfredo Rosado (M: 46)
Geraldo Rosario (M: 53) Jose A Rosario (M: 49) Junior Rosario (M: 42)
Luis Angel Diaz Rosario (M: 17) Miguel A Rosario (M: 48) Roberto Rosario (M: 27)
Emilfred Rosario (M: 50) Julio I Rosario (M: 44) Dennis J Rose (M: 52)
Douglas M Rose (M: 31) George Rose (M: 50) Manuel J Rose (M: 48)
Robert Louis Rose (M: 54) Thomas Rose (M: 60) Robert R Ross (M: 40)
Wayne Ross (M: 44) Scott Michael Rossetti (M: 45) David J Routhier (M: 51)
Daniel J Routier (M: 49) Wilfred A Rowe (M: 46) John Rowell (M: 57)
Alexander F Roy (M: 56) Chad J Roy (M: 31) George Jeff Roy (M: 54)
George J Roy (M: 64) Robert J Roy (M: 49) Ezra Rudolph (M: 48)
Bruce E Rudy (M: 61) Charles Matthew Rudy (M: 65) Michael G Rudy (M: 46)
Thomas William Ruff (M: 47) Nicholas J Rufo (M: 24) Ceasar Ivan Ruiz (M: 52)
David Ruiz (M: 44) Herman Medina Ruiz (M: 46) Jevardo Antonio Ruiz (M: 37)
Jevardo A Ruiz (M: 36) Luis A Ruiz (M: 55) Raul Melendez Ruiz (M: 57)
John Russ (M: 29) Arthur Russell (M: 54) Bryan Russell (M: 43)
Mark R Russell (M: 46) Ronald Allen Russin (M: 58) Austin F Ryan (M: 50)
Daniel Mark Ryan (M: 40) Dennis J Ryan (M: 38) Jeffrey A Ryan (M: 52)
Sean M Ryan (M: 40) David R Ryles (M: 69)

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