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All sex offender data currently in our database from Massachusetts whose last name begins with the letter H are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Massachusetts sex offender information.

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Kevin Lawrence Habershaw (M: 40) Karl L Hackney (M: 47) Charles J Haddigan (M: 46)
Lawrence J Haight (M: 49) James M Haley (M: 58) Aaron Phillip Hall (M: 49)
Aaron P Hall (M: 49) Anthony Hall (M: 32) Charles Hall (M: 39)
Christopher Hall (M: 22) Darryl N Hall (M: 46) Edward T Hall (M: 51)
Eli Hall (M: 27) Henry Hall (M: 51) Herman J Hall (M: 50)
Paul B Hall (M: 56) Roy Hall (M: 54) Scott Allan Hall (M: 42)
Scott Hall (U: 37) Alexander Hall (M: 50) Scott A Halle (M: 41)
Hamid R Hallums (M: 47) Christian Thomas Halmi (M: 48) Robert C Halsey (M: 83)
James Hamilton (M: 47) Lee Hamilton (M: 68) Richard Shawn Hamilton (M: 38)
Robert E Hamilton (M: 51) Michael Hamilton (M: 29) Charles E Hamilton (M: 84)
Michael Lawrence Hamilton (M: 29) Daniel James Hamlett (M: 35) Edward Hamlett (M: 43)
Christopher J Hampton (M: 44) John Joseph Handy (M: 44) Robert J Handy (M: 44)
Stephen M Hanish (M: 34) Michael F Hankins (M: 58) Brian Hanley (M: 55)
Robert James Hanley (M: 27) Edward O Hanlon (M: 72) Edward J Hanlon (M: 50)
Wesley M Hannah (M: 39) Ralph Edward Hannan (M: 55) Eric D Hanserd (M: 51)
Calvin Hardin (M: 42) Karlheinz W Harding (M: 51) Calvin Julius Hardy (M: 37)
Edward Everett Hardy (M: 85) Edward E Hardy (M: 84) William Robert Hargraves (M: 80)
Joseph P Harlow (M: 46) Louise Mary Harlow (F: 50) Sean Harman (M: 47)
Leonard B Harmon (M: 55) Eric Harper (M: 46) Samuel Harper (M: 48)
Timothy A Harper (M: 38) Jeffrey Harrell (M: 52) Wayne D Harriman (M: 62)
Brian W Harrington (M: 52) Stephan Edward Harrington (M: 59) Daniel Harris (M: 28)
Jason M Harris (M: 29) Joseph P Harris (M: 37) Melvin Montrail Harris (M: 33)
Ronald B Harris (M: 69) Brian R Harrison (M: 46) Ronald C Harrison (M: 46)
Scott J Harrison (M: 45) Ronald E Harrop (M: 54) James T Harshani (M: 46)
Charles Jerome Hart (M: 69) Joel J Rego Aka Joel J Hart (M: 46) Phillip Francis Hart (M: 64)
Phillip Francis Hart (M: 64) David Hartford (M: 41) Terrance W Hartley (M: 46)
Eric Hartman (M: 45) Eric Hartman (M: 44) Robert S Hartman (M: 72)
James Roger Harty (M: 26) William T Hartzell (M: 55) Samuel Hartzog (M: 54)
Douglas M Harvey (M: 63) Gerald D Harvey (M: 42) John M Harvey (M: 61)
Kevin T Harvey (M: 55) Michael Harvey (M: 59) Nicholas S Harvey (M: 49)
William E Harvey (M: 47) Wayne R Haskell (M: 45) Richard S Haskins (M: 58)
James S Haskins (M: 23) Malik K Hassan (M: 47) Malik Khalid Hassan (M: 47)
Rudolph S Hastings (M: 56) Bruce Hatt (M: 42) Ronald William Hauptman (M: 61)
Melvin Carl Hawes (M: 49) Robert Hawes (M: 73) Marshall J Hawkins (M: 48)
Robert William Hawkins (M: 27) Jonathan Hawksley (M: 45) Paul Hawksley (M: 44)
Robert Hayden (M: 39) Chad Jeremy Hayes (M: 37) Joseph Michael Hayes (M: 41)
Shawn Michael Hayes (M: 36) Timothy P Hayes (M: 53) Loranzy J Head (M: 29)
Jeffrey Mathew Healey (M: 64) Douglas A Heath (M: 51) Ralph E Hebert (M: 39)
Mark Hedgecock (M: 41) Jadili Heedly (M: 32) Michael G Matias Heflin (M: 30)
Scott L Hefner (M: 46) William James Heil (M: 35) Richard Heisler (M: 49)
Stephen Michael Helberg (M: 47) Ernest G Henderson (M: 46) Michael Henderson (M: 39)
Michael Henderson (M: 35) Tony Henderson (M: 45) Tyrone Henderson (M: 57)
Damon L Hendricks (M: 38) Robert Wayne Hendrickson (M: 56) Mark Allison Hennessy (M: 51)
James F Henry (M: 54) James F Henry (M: 54) Bert R Henry (M: 57)
Mark Henry-Fletcher (M: 27) Michael A Hensey (M: 42) Angelo Joseph Hensley (M: 32)
Keon D Henson (M: 29) Marshall Michael Herbert (M: 43) Antonio Hernandez (M: 43)
Cesar Hernandez (M: 42) Edan Hernandez (M: 49) Fernando F Hernandez (M: 47)
Jose M Hernandez (M: 37) Jose Elio Hernandez (M: 41) Mark H Hernandez (M: 53)
Adrian Hernandez (M: 41) Carlos Louis Hernandez (M: 36) Charles M Herrick (M: 49)
Donald William Herrington (M: 55) Steven M Hescock (M: 36) Nathan B Hess (M: 30)
Scott D Hesselton (M: 53) Keith Heughan (M: 44) Ronald Louis Hewitt (M: 68)
John W Heylin (M: 63) Stephen J Hibbard (M: 58) Robert J Hickey (M: 48)
Thomas William Hickey (M: 28) Vincent L Hickey (M: 52) James Nelson Hickey (M: 76)
Henry F Hicks (M: 49) Kelvin N Hicks (M: 44) Sean P Hicks (M: 39)
Todd E Hicks (M: 40) Robert Hickson (M: 61) Matthew J Higgins (M: 55)
Richard James Higgins (M: 49) Leonard Hileman (M: 34) Anthony Carlton Hill (M: 53)
Carl D Hill (M: 45) Darrell W Hill (M: 39) Daryl J Hill (M: 42)
Jeffrey R Hill (M: 46) John Arthur Hill (M: 72) Michael Joseph Hill (M: 37)
Tony C Hill (M: 40) Mark Vincent Hill (M: 47) Benjamin Hillery (M: 49)
Richard Mitchell Hilliard (M: 54) Steven Hilliard (M: 40) Ross S Hillson (M: 53)
Karl F Hilse Jr (M: 50) Albert J Hines (M: 44) Anthony J Hines (M: 47)
Samuel J Hinish (M: 70) Jacob J Hinterleitner (M: 45) Brent F Hitchcock (M: 36)
Chun Ho (M: 39) Ross H Hoag (M: 62) James W Hoag (M: 25)
Jackie J Hobbs (M: 59) Carlos Hochen (M: 27) Charles Hocker (M: 42)
Gary Hoffman (M: 76) Brian C Hohman (M: 45) Brian C Hohman (M: 48)
John Calvin Holcomb (M: 41) Dennis Lee Holden (M: 79) Charles Holland (M: 54)
Christopher Holland (M: 25) Robert J Holland (M: 60) Stephen Earl Holland (M: 30)
Thomas Holley (M: 64) Calvin Holley (M: 58) Robert L Hollins (M: 45)
Vincent B Hollins (M: 34) Kevin W Holman (M: 57) Lester L Holmes (M: 50)
Paul John Holmes (M: 32) Robert A Holmes (M: 48) John A Homan (M: 48)
Edward L Honeycutt (M: 46) Cory Justin Hood (M: 34) Dennis W Hood (M: 60)
Frank J Hook (M: 51) Brian D Hooke (M: 43) John R Hooper (M: 71)
Adam G Hopkins (M: 48) Alan B Hoppin (M: 64) James Matthew Horath (M: 39)
Bryan Horgan (M: 47) Frank Horn (M: 41) Richard P Horne (M: 82)
Charles Horton (M: 35) Gary Horton (M: 54) Joseph F Horton (M: 49)
Ernest Hosie (M: 52) Reed Douglas Hosten (M: 60) Ralph O Houghton (M: 65)
Christopher Houghton (M: 25) Michael J Houle (M: 32) William A Houle (M: 72)
James Houlihan (M: 49) Richard Houser (M: 49) Oc Houston (M: 45)
Christopher Howard (M: 30) Curtis Howard (M: 33) Hiawatha Howard (M: 51)
Paris Howard (M: 52) Walter Frederick Howard (M: 56) William M Howard (M: 42)
William E Howard (M: 56) Michael Frederick Howe (M: 37) James Wheller Howell (M: 65)
Rush Shan Howell (M: 42) Trevor W Howell (M: 45) Michael A Howie (M: 47)
Brad Howze (M: 46) William Jeffrey Hoyt (M: 39) Frank R Hrabak (M: 41)
Donald Leroy Hubbard (M: 51) Donald Hubbard (M: 51) Albert Hubert (M: 54)
Melvin Kenneth Hudman (M: 49) Al Hudson (M: 66) James Hudson (M: 39)
Kenneth Joseph Hudson (M: 59) Roseann Hudson (F: 39) Stephen R Hudson (M: 43)
Javier Huerta-Gonzalez (M: 24) Miguel Huertas (M: 21) Danny Huggler (M: 55)
Caleb Hughes (M: 27) Michael J Hughes (M: 65) Richard Foster Hughes (M: 44)
Michael Hulslander (M: 24) Albert T Hunt (M: 42) Christopher E Hunt (M: 28)
Michael A Hunt (M: 43) Roy L Hunt (M: 54) Andre S. Hunter (M: 45)
Andre S Hunter (M: 46) Jack A Hunter (M: 30) Jason Ramon Hunter (M: 36)
Noel C Hunter (M: 39) Stephen Hunter (M: 51) Anthony Joseph Hurley (M: 67)
Donald Allen Hurley (M: 48) Paul W Hurley (M: 69) David A Husband (M: 51)
Brian K Hussey (M: 50) James M Huston (M: 44) Richard Arthur Hutchings (M: 22)
Paul Edward Hutchins (M: 48) Tremaine Hutson (M: 26) Matthew William Hutton (M: 36)
Kenneth E Hyatt (M: 66) Dwayne Hyatt (M: 54) Donald John Hyland (M: 50)
Charles R Hynes (M: 53) James N Hyson (M: 40)

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