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All sex offender data currently in our database from Massachusetts whose last name begins with the letter D are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search Massachusetts sex offender information.

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George I. Daaboul (M: 44) Thomas R Dabriskis (M: 59) Norman Earl Daby (M: 46)
Russell Paul Daggett (M: 40) George B Dagraca (M: 39) Aaron M Dagwan (M: 20)
Steven Dailey (M: 41) Andre L Dale (M: 47) Rachard W Dale (M: 33)
John Francis Daley (M: 58) Paul Dalton (M: 33) Timothy Dalton (M: 52)
Brandon Albert Dalumba (M: 31) David Damico (M: 43) John Dancause (M: 46)
Harold C Danforth (M: 74) Hieu M Dang (M: 45) Tuan Van Dang (M: 38)
Johnathan Donald Daniell (M: 30) Donald Steven Daniels (M: 58) Eric Jonathan Daniels (M: 31)
Mark Allen Daniels (M: 48) Matthew A Dargon (M: 53) Joshua Dargon (M: 27)
Talvin Dark (M: 37) Ralph Darragh (M: 77) Edward A Darragh (M: 85)
Joaozinho Dasilva (M: 52) Michael G Dasilva (M: 58) Richard Dasilva (M: 35)
David A Dauphinais (M: 66) Ernest John Dauphinais (M: 44) Ernest John Dauphinais (M: 43)
Gary R Dausey (M: 63) Jeffery Alan Daviau (M: 46) Francis Roger David (M: 54)
Stephen Allen David (M: 60) Brian Davidson (M: 54) Caesar A Davila (M: 39)
Carlos L Davila (M: 33) Jose A Davila (M: 42) Victor Davilla (M: 47)
Brian J Davis (M: 40) Brian S Davis (M: 29) Brian K Davis (M: 37)
Darries Davis (M: 52) Edward D Davis (M: 47) George Davis (M: 71)
George S Davis (M: 65) Grayling Davis (M: 56) John Joseph Davis (M: 50)
John Davis (M: 63) John Henry Davis (M: 51) Larry A Davis (M: 58)
Paul Thomas Davis (M: 52) Richard W Davis (M: 61) William J Davis (M: 54)
Mark Steven Deamicis (M: 62) Gordon J Dean (M: 64) James Dean (M: 45)
Randy A Dean (M: 46) Frank E Deane (M: 43) James R Deane (M: 48)
Jeffrey A Dearborn (M: 44) Peter J Dearruda (M: 46) Roderick Deas (M: 43)
John Joseph Debello (M: 58) Fidelis Deberardinis (M: 85) Anthony T Debernardo (M: 51)
Eddie Deberry (M: 33) Thomas J Deblois (M: 50) Arthur H Debour (M: 68)
Peter J Decenzo (M: 58) Sherman B Deering (M: 55) Daniel A Defaria (M: 44)
Nicholas Defilippo (M: 21) Leroy Defreitas (M: 44) Michael L Degree (M: 39)
Angel Antonio Dejesus (M: 26) Israel Aponte Dejesus (M: 45) Jose Dejesus (M: 28)
Jose Juan Dejesus (M: 28) Luis Delacruz (M: 41) Roland Delage (M: 44)
Patrick D Delaney (M: 49) Confessor Roman Deleon (M: 46) Caesar J. Love Delgado (M: 46)
Carmelo Delgado (M: 49) Francisco Luis Delgado (M: 30) Gerardo Delgado (M: 47)
Nelson Delgado (M: 47) Steven Herbert Delisle (M: 53) Jonathan A Dell (M: 43)
Terence Deloney (M: 53) Robert A Delottinville (M: 66) Matthew P Delsolio (M: 44)
Anthony S Deluck (M: 48) Jason Demedeiros (M: 28) Todd Andrew Demello (M: 41)
Joseph Rene Demers (M: 59) Joseph F Deminico (M: 43) Edward J Demita (M: 50)
James F Demoranville (M: 41) William Gerard Dempsey (M: 51) Harvey Lee Dennie (M: 62)
Francis Dennis (M: 60) Daniel J Denoia (M: 25) Christopher J Dentch (M: 41)
Phillip A Depallo (M: 37) Joseph Depontes (M: 51) Wayne M Derby (M: 31)
Ismail M Derie (M: 40) Charles E Derome (M: 32) Daniel Derosia (M: 58)
Michael Arthur Descoteau (M: 47) Clarence Brian Deseignora (M: 46) Ronald Joseph Desmarais (M: 66)
Brian James Desmond (M: 38) Stephen W Desmond (M: 65) Jeff N Desrosiers (M: 31)
Robert Alfred Desrosiers (M: 49) Sandou Destine (M: 31) Mark S Destroismaisons (M: 55)
Edward J. Devincent (M: 49) Charles Richard Devins (M: 34) Justin Devlin (M: 28)
Byron Wallace Deweldon (M: 42) Bruce E Dewey (M: 71) Thomas W Dewey (M: 59)
David Antonio Deya (M: 27) Daryl Z Diamond (M: 52) James W Diamond (M: 49)
Raymond Diamond (M: 51) Luis A Diana (M: 38) James Dias (M: 48)
Carlos Diaz (M: 60) Daniel A Diaz (M: 53) Hector Diaz (M: 52)
Jesus Diaz (M: 49) Jorge L Diaz (M: 56) Jose Diaz (M: 37)
Francis L. Dicecca (M: 46) Francis Louis Dicecca (M: 46) Steven Dichiara (M: 46)
Theodore Dickerson (M: 42) Robert Dillard (M: 46) Jason Richard Dillree (M: 31)
Joseph S Dimare (M: 30) Mark J Dimetres (M: 45) Francis P Dimo (M: 77)
Domenic Dimodica (M: 62) Johnson E Dimpka (M: 38) Charles Dinardo (M: 69)
Kevin M Dineen (M: 52) Robert S Dingle (M: 59) Stuart Chase Dingman (M: 49)
Gilberto Dinguis (M: 49) Darin Dinsmore (M: 47) Michael John Dinunzio (M: 32)
Wayne Dion (M: 59) Patrick W Dionne (M: 40) Mambaye Diouf (M: 35)
James Dirosa (M: 26) Christopher W Dirusso (M: 42) Michael Anthony Ditomasso (M: 40)
Jeffrey J Divoll (M: 60) Gary L Dixon (M: 47) Gary Jerome Dixon (M: 58)
David Doan (M: 41) Shawn M Dobson (M: 46) Dennis Dockham (M: 50)
Joseph E Dockham (M: 55) Timothy G Dodge (M: 54) Kevin John Doherty (M: 61)
James Michael Doiran (M: 56) Keith Doiron (M: 47) Michael Dolan (M: 50)
Donald R Dolinger (M: 49) George Warren Doll (M: 67) Timothy B Domina (M: 28)
Kim Oliver Domino (M: 43) Kim Domino (M: 43) Richard C Donaghy (M: 56)
Earl B Donahue (M: 66) Thomas A Donahue (M: 46) Caled M Donatiu (M: 29)
David P Donato (M: 25) Scott Brian Donavan (M: 41) Kevin R Dones (M: 37)
Pedro Juan Dones (M: 52) Richard Dones (M: 52) Richard A Donnelly (M: 59)
Michael Edward Donoghue (M: 46) Michael Edward Donoghue (M: 46) John Donovan (M: 66)
Michael P Donovan (M: 48) Shawn R Donovan (M: 51) Shawn R Donovan (M: 50)
Jeff Dorne (M: 32) Joao Fernandez Dossantos (M: 42) Terrence Dotson (M: 29)
Lawrence J Doucette (M: 63) Robert J Doucette Jr (M: 53) Mark E Douglas (M: 46)
Alfred Nason Dow (M: 65) Richard P Dow (M: 41) Jeffrey L Dowdell (M: 51)
Philip Dowling (M: 31) Douglas S Downham (M: 37) Reginald R Downs (M: 59)
James E Dozier (M: 64) Richard L Dozier (M: 48) Bryant Charles Draycott (M: 55)
Freddie L Drayton (M: 62) Brandon P Drenthe (M: 31) Kenneth Paul Dresser (M: 66)
Robert C Dresser (M: 61) Donald H Drew (M: 66) Donald H Drew (M: 66)
Bradford A Drew (M: 42) Arthur Drop (M: 48) Michael J Drosos (M: 39)
John A Droz (M: 46) Randy H Drury (M: 43) Donald R Dube (M: 52)
Paul Joseph Dube (M: 62) George W Dubois (M: 67) Mark Anthony Dubowski (M: 48)
Cecil Dudley (M: 50) Dwayne Lewis Dudley (M: 52) Douglas A Dufraine (M: 56)
Charles Roy Dufresne (M: 56) Ronald Duguay (M: 43) Richard H Duhamel (M: 60)
Douglas L Duhart (M: 48) Johnny Frank Duke (M: 37) Anthony Dumas (M: 53)
Peter Dumont (M: 26) Robert Victor Dumont (M: 68) David A Dunbar (M: 44)
Dwayne Dunbar (M: 32) Michael Dunbar (M: 29) Charles Duncan (M: 45)
Gerald A Dunlop (M: 39) Gerald Allan Dunlop (M: 39) Kevin M Dunn (M: 41)
Daniel J Dunne (M: 54) Anthony Bernard Dunston (M: 50) Douglas E Dunston (M: 56)
Beth Dunton (F: 45) Lewis Stephen Dunton (M: 62) Michael G Duplissa (M: 48)
Charles Dupont (M: 57) Frederick J Duprey (M: 42) Larry J Dupuis (M: 46)
Larry J Dupuis (M: 46) Steven Dupuis (M: 36) James A Duquette (M: 54)
Randy Durams (M: 47) Manuel D Durand (M: 54) Francis W Durfee (M: 57)
Antonio Ray Durham (M: 56) Brian Jay Durling (M: 54) Benjamin Franklin Dustin (M: 57)
Dana T Duteau (M: 54) David Dutil (M: 47) Stanley R Dutra (M: 51)
Norman D Dutra (M: 68) Richard Albert Duval (M: 44) Patrick M Dwyer (M: 47)
Felton Dyous (M: 70) Michael D Dyson (M: 33)

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